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Blowjob Tutorial

    Luiz's apartment looked nothing like Quin had expected. Since Luiz worked as a gogo boy, Quin expected to see thongs and jockstraps strewn all over the place, with posters of pornstars on the walls. Instead, the place looked tasteful and adult; boring, even. The bookshelves were stocked full of medical books, and the coffee table had a large photo book of Brazil's beaches on it.

    "So, are you guys like… boyfriends or something?" the teenager asked his uncle and their host as they all made themselves comfortable on the couch, trying to break the awkward silence.

    "No, we're just… friends with benefits, let's put it," Uncle Eddie answered.

    "Your uncle thinks he's too hot to commit to anyone," Luiz teased.

    "It's not that. I'm just having a lot of fun, that's all," said Eddie.

    "Well, it looks like your nephew is ready to start having fun of his own," Luiz said mischievously while making eye contact with Quin, who did his best not to look nervous. "So you've never done more than make out with anyone?"

    "No. I mean… Lamar and I have kinda, like… rubbed each other while kissing and stuff. But we've never held each other's dicks."

    "So you've never even jerked him off?" Uncle Eddie asked curiously. 

    "No. But I already know how to do that, I've got plenty of practice on myself," Quin tried to make a joke. "It's the sucking dick part that's kinda… foreign."

    "Ah, yes. Remember in the beginning, how new and exciting and nerve-wrecking everything was?" Eddie said to Luiz with an air of nostalgia, and they laughed. They'd both sucked so many dicks in their lives, that the days when they were naive and innocent seemed like a lifetime ago. "I was 15," Eddie shared, "with a guy from school a couple of years older."

    "Wow, that's young," Quin reacted.

    "Is it? Some of the girls started earlier. I remember overhearing them and feeling jealous. Besides, you're not much older now," the uncle patted his nephew on the knee. Of course, to a teen like Quin, a year's age difference felt like a lot.

    "What about you?" Eddie turned to Luiz. "First time you sucked a cock?"

    "Oh god, I don't even wanna tell you. I was 12. Visiting family in Brazil. A complete stranger in a cruisy public bathroom, through a gloryhole. I was so horny back then."

    "Wow. How did you even know what to do back then?" Quin asked. Thinking back, he definitely wouldn't have been ready at that age, not even close!

    "I'm telling you, once it's in front of you, you'll know what to do," said Luiz. "I invited you to watch so once it happens you wouldn't feel nervous. So you see it's no big deal."

    That was only partially true. The other side of the story was that Luiz found it insanely hot to suck off Eddie in front of his nephew, and knew this was an opportunity that didn't present itself often.

    Next thing, the gogo boy turned to Uncle Eddie, who was sitting in the middle of the couch, and started kissing him. 

    "You sure about this?" Uncle Eddie looked at Quin once again and asked, in between kissing with Luiz.

    "Yes," Quin nodded. "I wanna watch." He wouldn't say it out loud, but he was feeling butterflies in his stomach over what was about to happen.

    Uncle Eddie and Luiz made out on the couch. It was very hot, but nothing Quin hadn't seen already. As they kissed, Luiz put his hand on Eddie's crotch and started rubbing him, just like Quin did to Lamar while they made out. In Uncle Eddie's jeans, Quin could see that he was getting hard. In his own pants, the nephew was also popping a boner.

    After Luiz could feel a full boner in his hand, he dropped down on his knees, in between the coffee table and couch. He unbuckled Uncle Eddie's jeans and pulled them down to his ankles, happy to see that Eddie was freeballing today. The gogo boy struggled to get the jeans past Eddie's ankles and feet for a moment.

    "You want them all the way off?" Eddie asked, sitting next to his nephew, who attentively watched the show in silence. 

    "Yeah, that's best," answered Luiz, and with one final pull took the tight jeans off and threw them on the floor several feet away, wanting nothing to do with them.

    Uncle Eddie pulled the bottom of his T-shirt, hooking his thumb inside it, pulling it up so it wouldn't get in the way either. In doing so, he exposed his muscular belly that impressed his nephew. Of course, Quin didn't spend too much time looking at his uncle's abs, when just inches below was Uncle Eddie's rock-hard boner, starting to leak precum, looking eager to go inside Luiz's warm mouth.

    "Now, your uncle is cut," said Luiz while stroking Eddie's dick and looking at Quin, "unlike me. If the guy's got any foreskin, you're gonna need to pull it back first, or better yet have him do it the way it feels comfortable."

    Quin didn't know where to look: Luiz's eyes while he was talking to him; or the hand-on-cock action developing. His eyes darted back and forth, paying attention like he was in school, getting a practical lesson. 

    "See how hard he is? It doesn't get any harder than that," said Luiz devilishly, turned on to be having this kind of conversation with Eddie's nephew. "That means he's ready. So just open wide, cover your teeth with your lips like this," – he demonstrated – "and go in."

    The next second, all of Uncle Eddie's dick was invisible, buried in the gogo dancer's mouth. Quin was impressed that Luiz could take it all so easily! Eddie closed his eyes and tilted his head back, moaning out in pleasure as his cock hit Luiz's throat. Quin felt his own dick stirring in his pants, intensely turned on by this scene.

    Luiz sucked Eddie's dick for a few moments before pulling it out.

    "Now," Luiz said sloppily, wiping saliva and precum from his chin, "depending on his big this guy is, and how far you go, you might start to gag. That's not very pleasant, but you can learn to control it, it just takes time. In the beginning, just go as far as you feel comfortable, even if that's just the tip." 

    While narrating, Luiz continued stroking Eddie's cock, once again looking at his nephew.

    "But… doesn't it feel better if it's all the way in?" Quin asked his first question. 

    "Kinda, but not necessarily. Only if you know how to deep-throat properly – that's what it's called. But it's always better to ease into it and make sure you're comfortable, rather than force yourself, trying to impress someone and then end up throwing up all on their dick."

    "Oh my god, is that possible?" Quin asked in horror.

    "Oh no, I was just kidding," said Luiz. He was surprised himself how teacher-like he felt in this moment. He'd initiated this scene because he was horny, but now that he had an impressionable youth looking at him so attentively, he tried to give the best advice he could. "I mean, it is possible, but it's very, VERY unlikely. Unless you're super drunk, in which case you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."

    While teacher and student went back and forth, Uncle Eddie kicked back and allowed himself to be used like an object for the purposes of this demo. Luiz was an excellent cocksucker, as well as being very skilled with his hands, so even though he was interrupting the blowjob to share tips and tricks with Quin, it still felt amazing. In a way, it was even hotter.

    "Now, while you're sucking his dick, make sure you show his balls some love as well," Luiz continued, stroking Eddie's cock with his right hand while using his left to play with his ball sack. "Some guys like it rougher," – he squeezed and tugged on his balls, making Eddie squirm – "others prefer just gentle stroking and licking. Ask what he likes and give it to him."

    Again, Luiz dove in and started deep-throating Uncle Eddie's dick for several minutes, while Quin watched them from very close-by. 

    "Finally, you got this part here, the taint, or perineum if you wanna sound more medical… Spread your legs," Luiz said to Eddie, who spread his legs even wider, putting his feet up on the coffee table. "Come take a look," Luiz addressed Quin next.

    The teen knelt down on the floor next to his tutor, looking between his uncle's legs as Luiz lifted Eddie's balls to expose his taint. 

    "While you're sucking his dick, it feels really good if you press up on here, close to his asshole," Luiz said and demonstrated. "See how his dick bounces when I do that."

    Indeed, when Luiz pressed his finger on Uncle Eddie's taint, it made Eddie's cock pulse, like Luiz was pressing some sort of button that put it in motion. Luiz pressed the invisible button several times, on and off, making Quin laugh out loud.

    "Now, this might be somewhat advanced," Luiz said, even hesitating himself whether he should continue, "but if you know that the guy is clean," – he slid his finger down Eddie's taint and closer to his hole – "and if he's into it… you can slip a finger in."

    "MMM, fuck!" Eddie moaned out loud as Luiz's finger went inside his asshole. With his dick being teased for so long, this felt phenomenal.

    "Not every guy likes it, and it helps if you have lube, or even some spit," Luiz looked at Quin, who was closer now that they were both kneeling on the floor. "Some guys are really tight and they won't take to it so easily, but I know your uncle can handle much more," Luiz grinned.

    "Yeah, it does look kinda painful," Quin noted.

    "Oh it's not at all, not if you're used to it. Most men reeeally like it, both gay and straight. Have you ever had anything up your ass?"

    "N– No," Quin admitted. 

    "Okay. Well, that's a lesson for another time, cuz there is a LOT more to be said there. But for now, look how your uncle's cock is pulsating since I slipped my finger in. Look at all that precum. He's lovin' it! He can probably cum just from this."

    "Mmm, I'm close," Eddie moaned, pinching his nips, his whole body wiggling on the couch. His ass seemed to be eating Luiz's finger up, taking it as far as it would go.

    "And when you get him that horny, you go for your prize," Luiz said to Quin, and put his lips back around Uncle Eddie's dick, deep-throating it. Eddie shook and yelled out even more violently. "His whole body must feel so good," Quin realized. "This must feel so much better than just jerking myself off."

    With his mouth, Luiz milked Eddie's cock until the hot uncle was ready to cum. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he moaned out loud and started to unload inside the gogo boy's mouth, his toes curling, his fingers pinching his own nips, all in front of his nephew's watchful eye. Quin didn't know what to do! He was absolutely amazed. This was the first time he was seeing another man have an orgasm in real life; and it was his Uncle Eddie of all people. 

    Luiz drained every last drop of Eddie's load – and it was a big one! – but he didn't swallow as usual. Instead, after pulling Eddie's rock-hard cock out of his mouth carefully, Luiz turned to Quin and opened his mouth, showing the nephew the load that his uncle had just shot out. Then, with Quin's eyes on him, Luiz closed his mouth and swallowed, opening it again to show it was now empty.

    "How– How does it taste?" Quin stuttered. 

    "Tastes different every time, depends what the guy's had to eat, etc. But tell you what," Luiz suddenly got a crazy idea, and leaned in for a kiss with the teenager. Quin didn't object, and the two of them kissed, Quin's tongue in Luiz's mouth, exploring the subtle leftovers of his uncle's cum that were still there.

    "Can you taste it?" Luiz asked with a smirk.

    "Kinda. I can taste something salty," Quin blushed.

    "It'll taste much stronger when you get a full load."

    "Can– Can I go to the bathroom?" Quin asked, seemingly out of nowhere.

    "Sure. The door down the hall, on the right."

    Quin stood up – his hands covering his crotch – and rushed to the bathroom. Luiz got up as well and sat down next to Eddie on the couch, who was still coming down from his explosive orgasm.

    "Guess he needed to jerk off in the toilet," Luiz said, knowing all too well what Quin was up to.

    "You're fucking crazy. Can't believe you kissed him in the end," sighed Eddie, his cock still hard and only now starting to go down.

    "Well he wanted to know what it tastes like; how else could I describe it. Here, I'll show you," Luiz said, and leaned in to give Eddie a kiss as well. Their tongues went in and out of each other's mouths, as Luiz shared some of Quin's saliva that was still in his mouth with his uncle. Eddie put his hand on Luiz's bulge and quickly pulled out the gogo boy's hard dick. The two men continued to make out for a few minutes, all the while Eddie stroked Luiz's cock, which was already close to cumming after that blowjob tutorial.

    "Mmmm," Luiz moaned and started to shoot out a huge, pearly-white load all over the black T-shirt he was wearing. Just as his second and third spurts of cum were shooting out of his cock, Quin walked back into the room, just in time to witness Luiz's cock spraying cum, milked by his very own Uncle Eddie.

    "Sorry, couldn't hold it in after that," Luiz said to the teenager after he was done cumming. 

    "Quin, will you pass me my jeans, please?" Uncle Eddie asked, and started to get dressed. "Time to head home for dinner. Your father will be worried." 

    "Fuck, that's right! I said I'd be home by now," Quin freaked out.

    "Just tell him you had a lecture after school," Luiz suggested with a smirk. "You wouldn't be lying."

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