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A First Time for Everything

    The fact that his teenage son was spending more and more time away from home did not escape Del. Just a few weeks ago, he might assume that Quin had met a special girl, and he was taking her out to the movies or for ice cream (is that what kids did these days? Doubtful.) But now that he was aware of his son's sexuality, as well as Quin's affinity for extreme porn, Del was a lot more concerned.

    "I should talk to Quin about this," Del thought one Monday morning, heading down to the kitchen in his pajamas. There, he saw his son making breakfast and his younger brother Eddie sitting at the table, drinking coffee in his underwear. 

    "Good morning, sunshine," Eddie smiled at Del. Once again, Eddie was wearing nothing but a pair of his incredibly revealing briefs, basically showing off his entire bulge. By now, Del knew that this was some sort of trend among gay men, since he'd seen cam boy Eric wear underwear similar to Eddie's.

    "Morning, Dad," Quin smiled at his father. Quin was fully dressed and just finished putting the eggs on a plate for Del before saying, "I gotta go, I'm in a rush."

    "Wait! Aren't you gonna have breakfast?" Del asked his son, eager to talk to him.

    "I already ate. I gotta go to school. I'll see you tonight, but I might be in later," Quin waved at his dad and uncle and rushed out the door.

    "Teens and their busy schedules, huh?" Eddie noted, scrolling through his phone. 

    "Yeah, about that… Eddie, do you know if Quin is… seeing someone?" Del asked his younger brother, while helping himself to some coffee and eggs.

    "You mean, a boy? You should really ask Quin that," Eddie smirked, and Del could tell that his brother knew something.

    "Just tell me what you know, please," Del said. "Or do I need to remind you whose house you're living in rent-free?"

    "Okay, dayum, coming out with the threats and everything. Yes, he's been hanging out with this American kid that goes to U of T."

    "A university student?!" Del exclaimed. The title "college jock orgy" flashed through his mind – the first porn video he'd discovered on his son's computer.

    "Calm down, he's just a couple of years older."

    "And are they having… sexual relations?"

    To that, Eddie started to laugh out loud, which continued for almost a minute.

    "What're you, Bill Clinton?" Eddie slapped his knee, and started to calm down. "Listen, I don't know if they're having sex yet, but I doubt it. Quin just asked for some advice on how to give blowjobs, so I think that's as far as they've gone."

    "MY SON IS GIVING BLOWJOBS?!" Del roared in shock.

    "Okay, and? Plenty of kids his age give or receive blowjobs. How old were you the first time?"

    "That was different!" Del said defensively.

    "Why, cuz it was with a girl?"

    Quin's father had no answer to that. Honestly, he didn't know himself; it just felt different.

    "Listen," Eddie said in a serious tone, "Quin's alright. He's growing up. The fact that you treat him like a child is why he didn't tell you about his boyfriend in the first place."

    "B– Boyfriend?"

    "Yes. They've known each other a few weeks now, and things move fast when you're that age. If you're that concerned, why not invite the boy over for dinner? Better than trying to prevent Quin from seeing him, cuz I promise he's just gonna go behind your back."

    "Yeah, okay. Okay, I'll do that," Del started to calm down. "And you said… Quin came to you for tips?"

    "Yes. Which is a pretty responsible thing, if you ask me," said Eddie. Of course, he failed to mention the fact that he and Luiz had given Quin a live tutorial. "Besides, you can't blame him for not coming to you on this one. What was he gonna do, ask his straight father how to suck dick?" Eddie laughed. 

    Monday evenings at Q were quite calm, which gave Eddie and Luiz plenty of time to fuck in the back room. After Eddie had shot a load inside Luiz's guts, they got dressed and went out to smoke a blunt.

    "How's your nephew?" Luiz asked. He'd really grown fond of Quin after their little oral-sex lesson.

    "He's alright. He and that guy Lamar have started sucking each other's dicks," Eddie said, since he knew what Luiz really wanted to hear. "Just like you taught him."

    "Quin told you that?" 

    "Yeah, they've done it a few times, apparently. I was just talking to his dad about it this morning."

    "Oh, wow. And what did your brother have to say?"

    "I had to keep him from throwing a fit. He started freaking out about it, but he'll be alright."

    Luiz took a drag of the blunt and passed it back to Eddie.

    "Did you and your brother ever do anything growing up?" Luiz asked, interested to hear more about Eddie's family dynamics. 

    "Nah. I know what you wanna hear: that we took showers together, or that he taught me how to jerk off or stuff like that, but there was none of that. Del was always pretty shy. Fuck, I can count the times I even saw him in his underwear."

    "Sounds like he needs to relax."

    "Yeah well, it hasn't been easy for him. After his wife died, it only got worse. But that was more than ten years ago now, so I agree, he needs to let loose."

    "Maybe you can help him with that," Luiz suggested flirtily.

    "Oh what, you want me to bring him over so you can suck both our dicks?"

    "Now that you mention it…"

    "Dream on," Eddie laughed. He knew that his brother would never be down for something like that. But one thing was for certain: Del needed to let loose. And maybe Luiz wasn't wrong in suggesting that Eddie could help his brother do just that…

    That Friday evening, the Tremblays had Quin's boyfriend Lamar over for dinner. Leading up to it, Del started to feel nervous, even though it was he who initiated all of this. But after they were all at the dinner table, Del realized that Lamar was very easy to talk to. They talked about the delicious meal, which Quin had cooked; about Lamar's university which was also Del's alma mater; and about the American boy's impressions of Toronto. Del found it interesting that Lamar grew up close to Boston, which is where Del's favorite cam model Eric was from. Of course, he didn't mention that part; he'd never admit it out loud that he was now watching gay porn.

    After dinner, Del suggested they all watch a movie in the living room.

    "Umm, Dad, I think we're gonna go to my room instead," said Quin, making Del's head whirl. He knew that "go to my room" meant "go hook up." His paternal instinct was to say "No," or at the very least "Leave the door open." 

    Del looked at his brother Eddie, who just nodded his head.

    "Okay," Del said to Quin, granting him permission to disappear to his room with his boyfriend.

    "It was nice to meet you, Mr. Tremblay," said Lamar and followed Quin to the bedroom, holding hands.

    "Well, it's just you and me! What do you wanna watch?" Eddie said to his older brother as they moved from the dining room to the couch in front of the TV.

    "I don't care, you pick," Del said, letting his brother select a rom-com that he had no interest in. Before they started the movie, Eddie mixed them up a couple of cocktails. Del wasn't used to drinking much other than beer, and Eddie's strong cocktails definitely had a kick to them.

    With his stomach full, Eddie soon took off his jeans, making himself more comfortable. Once again, Del caught himself checking out his brother's package, which basically screamed "Look at me!" in the sexy briefs Eddie was wearing. Del found himself wondering what he might look like in a pair like that himself…

    Halfway through the movie, Quin reappeared in the living room. Del was surprised to see that his son had his shirt off, showing up in just his shorts to ask,

    "Hey Dad, umm, can… Is it okay for Lamar to spend the night?"

    Del took a deep breath, trying not to think what the boys were doing in his son's bedroom. He looked at his son's crotch, and even though Quin didn't have an erection, it looked like he might be at least half-hard. And now he wanted to have his boyfriend stay over?!

    Del looked at his brother before answering. "Be cool," Eddie's eyes told him.

    "Yeah, okay," Del said to his son, which brought a huge smile to Quin's face. 

    "Thanks, Dad!" the teen said and he went to the couch to give his father a hug. As he did, his bulge almost rubbed in Del's face, which revealed that indeed, Quin was partially hard.

    Quin ran off to his room like an excited child, leaving the two brothers alone on the couch.

    "Good on you, Dad," Eddie said, slapping Del's knee in support.

    That night, Del just could not get to sleep. He kept imagining his son and Lamar in bed, doing god knows what! Blowjobs were nothing new to them anymore, seemed like. Could they be doing more by now? Is tonight the night his son might have sex for the first time, right under Del's roof?

    Around 1 AM, Del got out of bed and turned on a light, as well as his computer. Once again, he went to Eric's page, a trusty distraction when Del needed to keep his mind off things. Eric usually shot videos by himself, but in the vid Del had queued for tonight, Eric was about to have sex with his boyfriend, a handsome young guy named Will, who rarely appeared on Eric's channel. Del had never seen them fuck before, and wondered if he was ready for this. He put on a pair of headphones, since there were other people in the house, and hit play.

    Eric and Will had excellent chemistry together, even on camera! Del always thought that watching two guys getting it on might feel off-putting, but this was... HOT! Del was surprised by his own reaction, as he pulled out his boner from his pajama pants and started jerking off to the video. On screen, the two performers were hard as well, and after fifteen minutes of kissing and foreplay, Eric got on the bed and Will placed his cock against Eric's ass, shoving it in a moment later.

    As Eric let out a loud moan right in Del's ears, Del imagined his son Quin's face. What was happening in Quin's room right now?? Were the two teenagers fucking? If so who was fucking whom, how did that even work? Del had so little experience with this; he'd only tried anal once with a woman, and it did not go well. He associated it with two things: pain and dirtiness. Yet, Eric seemed to be in absolute ecstasy on screen as he took Will's cock. So much so, that the whole thing was making Del's dick even harder, and he continued to jack off while watching the fuck fest. 

    What Del couldn't tell, with his headphones on and his eyes glued to the screen, was that at that very moment, his brother Eddie was standing in his doorway, taken aback by what he was seeing!

    Eddie was a night owl and he often walked around the house in the middle of the night, usually to go out and smoke a joint, like he'd done just now. When he saw the light on in Del's room, he'd decided to knock on his door to check up on him. With Quin and Lamar spending the night together, Eddie worried about how Del might feel. When there was no response to his knock, Eddie opened the door, and the last thing he expected to see was his older brother beating off to gay porn! The concept of Del jerking off in the first place was kinda hard to imagine, but doing it to two guys fucking?! This felt like some sorta alternate reality.

    Eddie stood in the doorway, still as a statue. He knew that the "normal" thing to do would be to leave, tiptoe out of the room and pretend this never happened. But there was something in him that made him want to talk to his brother about this. After all, it's not just the fact that Del was watching this type of video, but the huge boner in his hand was proof that Del was enjoying it as well! 

    Eddie stayed put, until his brother noticed him a few seconds later. Expectedly, Del jumped in surprise and yanked the headphones off his ears, at the same time trying to put his cock away as well as turn off the video.

    "What're you doing?!" Del barked at his younger brother.

    "I could ask you the same thing," Eddie smiled. "Don't worry, it's no biggie. I just found it interesting to see what you're looking at."

    There was a devilish spark in Eddie's eyes as he said this. Del had seen it there plenty of times, but never as strong as right now. Both brothers were tipsy after several cocktails, which made the whole situation even more surreal.

    "Yeah, w– well, it's no– nothing, just something I st– stumbled upon," Del stuttered, still struggling to hide his boner. 

    "Looks pretty hot to me," Eddie said, looking at the video that was paused on screen. In his briefs, Eddie's cock was rapidly growing, and since his underwear was so small, his erection was poking out past the waistband in no time. 

    "Mind if I join you?" Eddie shocked his brother, taking a seat on Del's bed next to the desk, so they could both look at the computer. Growing up, Eddie knew several sets of brothers who'd jerked off together or at least walked in on one another. Like he'd told Luiz, that sort of thing never even came close to happening between Eddie and Del. Maybe it's true what they say: there's a first time for everything.

    "C'mon, play the video," Eddie said, wrapping his right fist around his boner. "No big deal."

    Del looked at his brother's eyes for a moment, feeling his own cock stirring between his legs. Del hadn't lost his erection since Eddie walked in; quite the contrary, he felt harder than ever! He was leaking precum and needed to pull his cock back out before making a mess in his pajama bottoms.

    "Okay," Del agreed, and pressed play. He pulled his cock back out and the two brothers started to stroke, watching Eric and Will fucking on screen. Del looked down at himself, before stealing a glimpse of his brother on his right. They were both shirtless and their torsos looked similar, even though Eddie was significantly more muscular. What was damn-near identical, though, were their cocks! They looked more like twins than brothers, and Del admired the similarity for a second.

    "Pretty nice, ain't it!" Eddie wagged his dick proudly when he caught his brother looking. "We look alike."

    Up and down, up and down, both brothers stroked. There was a bottle of lube that Del kept on his desk, now that his jerking off to Eric's videos had become a routine. "Pass me the lube," Eddie asked his brother casually, as if asking "pass me the salad" at the dinner table. Eddie, then Del, both helped themselves to some lube, which made the stroking of their dicks sound wet.

    "That bottom's so hot," Eddie commented, looking at the screen.

    "What?" Del asked, confused.

    "The guy getting fucked, he's the bottom. The other guy's the top," Eddie explained.

    "Do you think… Do you think Quin's a top or a bottom?" Del surprised himself by asking. But now that they were on the subject and he knew the proper terms for it, he couldn't help himself.

    "I don't know, he doesn't have to stick to a role. But between you and me," Eddie smirked and leaned in closer until their shoulders were touching, "I think your son's a bottom."

    "Are… Are you a bottom?" Del asked his brother for the first time in his life.

    "I like to switch. But I'm usually a top. More than enough eager bottoms wherever you go."

    Del always knew that his brother lived in "another world," with its own terminology and roles and rules, as presented on Eddie's website. Del never used to pay too much attention to it, but now that his own son was a part of this world as well… maybe it was time to start paying attention.

    For now, Del's attention was divided between the fucking on screen, and his and his brother's cocks. Will – the top – started to announce that he would cum soon. 

    "Fuck yeah, breed that ass!" Eddie growled at the screen, once again taking Del by surprise, not the least with his choice of words.

    Eddie had watched a LOT of porn in his life, and met hundreds of porn stars in person. Yet, he had to admit there was something special about the two boys fucking on Del's computer. Yes, they were both good-looking, but more than that: they had excellent chemistry and they seemed to be having genuine fun, not just putting it on for the camera. As the top started to unload in the blond bottom's ass, Eddie almost shot his load right there. Surprisingly, he managed to hold it in, bolts of pleasure now traveling through his entire body.

    When the top was done breeding his partner's ass, he got down to his knees and took the blond boy's cock in his mouth. As he watched this, Eddie's own mouth felt unbearably empty. Maybe it was the alcohol he'd had or the joint he'd smoked, or the fact he was jacking off with his brother for the first time, but Eddie's head didn't feel clear. His inhibitions were even lower than normal! Eyeing his brother's cock, and craving a dick in his mouth, made Eddie do something that even he wasn't expecting: he leaned down and took Del's cock in his mouth, just like Will was doing to Eric on screen.

    "What the–?" Del said in surprise, but he couldn't finish his sentence. He was about to start cumming and he realized: he didn't want Eddie to stop! This felt too good. Just a bit longer, just a bit… Del was on the edge, but not quite off it yet… His brother's tongue licked his cockhead, giving Del a sensation he hadn't felt in years! Over a damn decade. He deserved this…

    Eddie took more of his big brother's dick in his mouth, until Del was all the way in. It was his first sexual contact with another person in so long, and Eddie was an expert cocksucker! He put his hand on his brother's balls, giving them a tug, making Del go…

    "AAAAH! ARGHH!! FUCK! Oh my god, I'm cumming. Fuck, I'm cumming!" the older brother announced, trying to control his voice so his son wouldn't hear him. He felt his nut spill all in Eddie's eager mouth, who didn't stop going until he'd slurped down every last drop of it. Just as Del was about to stop cumming, he noticed his little brother's jizz shoot out, which made Del bust out a few more loads, feeding his thirsty brother. 

    "Holy fuck, that was good!" Eric said on screen, and he seemed to be speaking for everyone, as Eddie swallowed down the last of his brother's thick sperm and left the room with a satisfied smile. There were no more words exchanged between the two; Eddie knew this was for the best.

    As soon as he got back to his room, Eddie reached for his phone. "I just swallowed my brother's babies 💦😈" he texted Luiz, smirking just like the devil emoji he'd selected.

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