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Brotherly Encouragement

    After staying with Del and Quin for a few months, Eddie was very comfortable in his new home. TOO comfortable by Del's standards. One Saturday morning, Del walked into the kitchen to find his younger brother butt naked and shouted,

    "Ah man, put some clothes on!"

    "What for?" Eddie asked. "Quin's out, and even if he wasn't. He's seen me naked; you've seen me naked. How long we gonna pretend?"

    Eddie was right, Del had to admit. All three of them had seen each other blow a load by this point; what was the point in being all modest now?? Still, this was new territory for Del, who wasn't used to men walking around with their dicks out. 

    "Where is Quin, anyway?" Del asked, helping himself to some coffee and trying to keep his eyes off his brother's junk.

    "Out with Lamar, probably sucking each other dry," Eddie quipped, watching Del squirm. He knew comments like this made his brother uncomfortable, which is why he reveled in them. 

    After taking active part in the gay community for over a decade now, Eddie knew that some of the most tight-lipped, conservative-looking people were often the biggest freaks behind closed doors! He should've known his brother might be one of them. All these years, Del kept to himself, yet he took to gay porn and blowjobs mighty quickly, didn't he? He even suggested going out to a gay bar with Quin and Eddie the other week, and if Luiz was to be trusted, Del popped a boner while the Brazilian gogo boy was giving him a lap dance. "What's next for my big brother?" Eddie wondered. 

    "What're you up to tonight?" Eddie asked, turning around and noticing his brother's eyes go straight for Eddie's half-hard dick. "I'm going to Q, the bar we went to last time. Wanna cum?"

    Eddie smirked as he said that last word, giving his dick a casual tug, and feeling it grow even more.

    "Um, uh, is Quin going?" Del asked.

    "I dunno. He and Lamar might come, if they're not too busy with each other. Either way, c'mon. I know you have nothing better going on."

    Del had to admit that was true. He'd even run out of videos by his favorite cam boy Eric, who had stopped uploading new content.

    "Alright. I'll join you for a drink," Del said to his brother, trying to look Eddie in the eyes and not focus on the drop of precum forming on the tip of Eddie's dick.

    "Great. I'm sure Luiz will be thrilled to see you," Eddie smirked again, and felt more blood rushing to his dick, giving him a full boner by now. "I need to take care of this," he noted, looking down.

    "I… I'll let you do that," Del stuttered, picked up his coffee mug, and headed out of the kitchen.

    "You ain't gotta leave. It's your house," the younger brother shouted after Del.

    "Nah, I got stuff to do," Del lied, and scampered nervously. 

    "I'll get you soon," Eddie said quietly while stroking his dick. He just knew there was a freak buried deep inside his older brother, and now that he had tasted his cum, he was determined to get that freak to come out.

    Quin spent that entire Saturday with Lamar. It was their "three-month anniversary," and like most teenage couples, they took milestones like this very seriously.

    "My dad and my uncle are going to Q tonight," Quin said, reading a text from Uncle Eddie before tossing his phone away. Quin and Lamar were lying naked in Lamar's bed, in the little apartment the American shared with fellow U of T students.

    "Wanna go?" Lamar asked his younger boyfriend, giving him a kiss.

    "I dunno. I wouldn't mind spending the whole day here, like this," Quin replied.

    "Me neither. Then again, it would be fun to hang out with Dad and Uncle Eddie," said Lamar. This was all a part of the roleplay the two boyfriends liked to do: pretend that they were brothers. It'd started off as a sexual kink but they'd been doing it so much recently that at times it really did start to feel like they were related! Neither of the boys had any siblings, and having a fraternal relationship made them so much closer to each other.

    "Tell me about the time you jerked off with Dad," Lamar asked of Quin. He'd heard the story of what happened between Quin and Del multiple times already, but his dick was growing hard now just thinking about it.

    "Well, it was that night that you had to study so you couldn't come with us," Quin said, wrapping his hand around his boyfriend's dick and stroking it. "So I went out with Dad and Uncle Eddie, and Dad and I got home by ourselves. We were both a bit tipsy and we started talking about everything…"

    "Yeah? What did you talk about, little bro?" Lamar moaned, bolts of pleasure shooting from his dick and traveling all through his body.

    "Well, I told him about the time Uncle Eddie let me watch him get his dick sucked by Luiz. I was telling Dad the whole story, and I was just in my underwear—"

    "You like showing off in front of Dad, don't you?" Lamar asked.

    "Haha, kinda," Quin admitted, still stroking his "big brother's" cock. "Since Uncle Eddie moved in his us, he always walks around in his underwear and he looks so hot in it. So I enjoy wearing it as well, ever since he gave me a few pairs."

    "Yeah, and you don't mind showing off in front of Dad either," Lamar noted.

    "Why should I?" Quin asked mischievously. "So there I was, talking to Dad about the blowjob I witnessed, and I started to get hard. Dad noticed it as well. Next thing we started to talk about jacking off, and he admitted he and Uncle Eddie jacked off together a few weeks ago."

    "Fuck. I still can't believe they did it!" Lamar panted.

    "They did, just like we're doing right now. Two brothers jacking off together," Quin flirted, licking Lamar's precum off his fingers and going back to stroking him.

    "And you said Uncle Eddie sucked Dad's dick that night as well?" Lamar asked a question he already knew the answer to.

    "Yes. Dad got his very first blowjob from a guy, and it was his own brother," said Quin. For Lamar, this whole thing might just be roleplay; but for Quin, this was his real family they were talking about. Still, it didn't stop him from getting hard, as he started stroking his own dick with his other hand.

    "Fuck. And then what did you do?" Lamar asked, getting close to the edge, thinking about Quin's family.

    "Dad got down to his underwear as well. He was also wearing one of Uncle Eddie's briefs. Fuck, bro, his dick looked huge in them! I almost started to drool at the fucking sight of it. We started to jerk off, sitting next to each other on the couch," – Quin said, accelerating his stroking of both their dicks – "and when Dad told me he'd blown his load in Uncle Eddie's mouth, that was it. I started to cum! I blew my load all over Dad's leg, and he started cumming too. He shot on my leg as well; it was fucking awesome!"

    "MMM, fuck!" Pushed over the edge by the story, Lamar started to bust his nut. His boyfriend quickly took his dick in his mouth and swallowed his load, feeling spurt after spurt of warm cum going down his gullet.

    "Fuck, little bro," Lamar moaned. "You swallowed that load. Just like Uncle Eddie swallowed Dad's cum."

    "It's what younger brothers do," Quin laughed after he took Lamar's dick out of his mouth, and he stroked himself for a few more seconds, until he blew his load as well. Then, the two boys fell in each other's arms, ready to take a nap.

    "Let's stay in tonight," Lamar suggested. "I wanna do this all night long."

    "Ffffffff. So how's your brother doing tonight?" Luiz asked Eddie after sniffing a long line of coke in the back room at Q.

    "Ffffff. He's alright. I got him to have a couple drinks before we left, relax a little bit. My nephew and that Lamar kid said they might show up tonight, but they're probably busy sucking each other off."

    The music at Q blasted loudly, but the back room was still quiet enough for the two men to talk comfortably. 

    "Speaking of sucking people off, have you sucked your brother's dick recently?" Luiz asked, giving Eddie a sloppy kiss. Eddie knew that conversations like this turned Luiz on, but his answer was still "No," since that was the truth. 

    "You think I got a chance with him?" Luiz asked. "I mean, I did give him a boner last time he was here."

    "Yes. Yes, I think you do," Eddie smiled. "Let's go play with him some more."

    Just like that, the two of them went back to the bar, where Luiz – dressed in a jockstrap, like always during his shifts – went straight to Del's table and started dancing in the older Tremblay brother's lap. The crowd wooed and cheered, oblivious to all of the thoughts going through Del's mind.

    "Should I hold back, or should I go for it?" Del wondered. Going for it would feel like some sort of confession, a coming-out moment. Can you even come out if you don't know what you're coming out as? Still, Luiz's ass was right in Del's face right now, and it looked oh so tempting…

    Before he really knew it, Del's hands were on the gogo boy's smooth asscheeks, kneading them like he used to do to women, a lifetime ago.

    "Woooo!!" Eddie cheered louder that anyone else in the crowd. "Seven tequila shots!" he flagged down a passing shot boy. A moment later, the two brothers were downing shots and sharing them with the people at their table – strangers to Del, but apparently friends of Eddie's. 

    The music got louder and faster. By itself Del wouldn't enjoy it, but Luiz's ass twerking in his face was a good distraction. Every time the boy's cheeks opened up, Del could even see his smooth hole for a split second. It turned him on how explicit they were being, right here in public. This was definitely nothing like the nights out Del had when he was younger and single.

    Soon enough, Del's cock reacted by getting hard again, something that didn't escape the lap dancer, who put his hand on Del's crotch and gave it a good squeeze. After a few minutes of that, the dancer moved on to Eddie's lap, and Del found himself jealous and upset to see him leave.

    If Del thought things were explicit thus far, it was nothing compared to what his brother and Luiz got up to just as soon as the dancer's ass was in Eddie's face. Eddie started spanking the boy, eliciting more cheers from the crowd. Soon, Del was beside himself when he saw his brother's face dive in and start eating the dancer's ass right there and then.

    "Holy shit!" Del thought. He looked around the bar, wondering how they could get away with this. The place was packed, but most people weren't even paying attention to them, and those who did were cheering them on. "Eat – his – ass! Eat – his – ass!" some people were chanting. 

    Eddie had both hands on the gogo boy's asscheeks, spreading them wide open. He stuck his tongue out before going in, showing the crowd what he was about to do. Next, he dove in and Del found himself watching along as his younger brother rimmed the dancer right there, right next to him at the table, surrounded by partiers. Del's dick got even bigger, to the point where it was painful to keep it contained in his pants.

    "Have you – mmm – have you checked out the back room here?" Luiz suddenly asked Del in between moans of pleasure caused by Eddie's tongue up his ass.

    "There's a back room?" Del shouted over the music.

    "Come along," the dancer offered one hand to Del, and took Eddie's with the other one. Eddie begrudgingly gave up the ass he was eating, and gave it a few more licks for good measure. Next thing, the three men were headed to the back, leaving spectators disappointed now that the show was over.

    "You enjoyed watching that, didn't you?" Luiz said to Del as soon as they were in the abandoned room where the staff kept their stuff. "Would you like to try rimming me?"

    "Wh– What?" Del asked.

    "Eating my ass, like your brother did. Wanna try?" the boy asked, the booze and coke lowering his already-low inhibitions.

    "I– I don't know. I've never done that," Del admitted.

    "Maybe we can give you a tutorial. We're kinda known for that," Luiz smirked, kissing Eddie and grabbing his crotch right in front of Del.

    Eddie shot his older brother just one furtive glance, before getting down on his knees and burying his face back between Luiz's cheeks. Here in the back room, Del could hear the thumping in his ears, more acutely aware of his heartbeat than ever before. 

    "Ahhhh. He's fucking good," Luiz moaned, looking Del in the eyes and complimenting his little brother's rimming skills. Throwing caution to the wind, Del was drawn to the floor and found himself crouching next to his brother.

    "Wanna give it a go?" Eddie asked when he noticed Del. The younger brother was still holding the dancer's cheeks spread wide open, showing off Luiz's hole to Del. Then, Eddie spit loudly, his saliva landing right above the boy's asshole and running down.

    "Go for it," Eddie smirked. Del stuck his tongue out, and heeded his brother's words. A moment later, Del's nose was between Luiz's asscheeks, and he was licking his own brother's spit off the gogo boy's hole.

    "Mmm, YES, there you go!" Luiz shouted, looking back at the two brothers and boning up at the fact that he had both of them taking turns eating his ass. From what he knew about Del, Luiz thought it was safe to assume this was the older brother's first time rimming an ass (at least, another man's ass), yet Del was doing an excellent job. It must run in the family.

    Back and forth, the two brothers shared Luiz's ass for ten minutes. He was fully hard by that point; his uncut dick poking out of his jockstrap and leaking precum all over the cotton fabric. As hot as this was, he knew they didn't have unlimited time in the back room. Sooner or later, some of the other dancers would take a break and come in to check their phones. Getting caught wouldn't be a problem for the likes of Eddie or Luiz, but Luiz didn't want Del getting freaked out and leaving, not just yet. 

    "Fuck me," Luiz said, looking back. He himself wasn't sure if he was talking to Eddie or Del, or both.

    "Gladly!" Without missing a beat, Eddie was up on his feet, pulling his dick out. It was almost completely hard, and Luiz decided to get it to a 100% by dropping to his knees and taking Eddie's dick in his mouth. Meanwhile, Del still couched on the floor, getting a very close view of his brother's meat getting sucked.

    "Mmm," Luiz moaned like the eager cocksucker that he was. He'd done this before so many times, and he moved quickly. His right hand on Eddie's shaft, stroking it at the same rhythm with which Eddie fucked the dancer's mouth; his left hand on Eddie's ball sack, tugging it until the younger Tremblay brother was rock hard. 

    "Gorgeous dick, ain't it?" Luiz said as he pulled Eddie out of his mouth, and showed off his dick to Del, who was staring at it in amazement, getting a closer view than ever from just inches away. 

    Quickly, Luiz got up and spit on his own hand, rubbing his asshole with it, even though there was enough saliva on it already; saliva which had come from both of the brothers. With his dick ready to fuck, Eddie positioned it next to the dancer's hole, and started going in. On the floor next to them, Del was still crouching down and watching the whole show, in awe at the ease with which Luiz managed to take his younger brother's large cock. "He must have a lot of practice," Del concluded. Moments ago, when he was eating Luiz's hole, it seemed so tight and smooth. Now, it was gaping open, taking Eddie without a problem, almost sucking him in.

    "Holy shit," Del spoke for the first time in a while. After watching gay porn online for months, this was his first time seeing two guys fucking in person. One of those guys just happened to be his little brother. 

    "Yeah, he can take it without a problem. I've shoved my whole fist in there," Eddie said, aware of what his brother was thinking. Back and forth, Eddie started thrusting to the beat of the music playing at the bar. 

    While fucking, Eddie payed more attention to his brother than to Luiz. The fact that Del was watching turned him on, and Eddie couldn't believe how quickly he started to near the edge. Just as well, since he wanted to bust a nut before they had to leave the room. He wanted to do it in front of his brother; he wanted Del to see him breed this hot boy's ass.

    "I'm gonna fucking dump a load inside of him," Eddie panted, addressing his brother and making eye contact with him just as he started cumming. Eddie usually closed his eyes while blowing a load, but this time he kept them open, making intense eye contact with his older bro, watching Del as he silently mouthed "Fuck."

    Del's hand was on his own bulge, rubbing it as he watched his brother bust his nut inside the gogo boy. The older brother was fully hard and had to be careful, or he would start cumming inside his pants soon if this went on much further.

    "You're up," Eddie suddenly said to Del, and it wasn't a question. Del watched his younger brother's dick slip out of Luiz's ass, a string of Eddie's cum still connecting his dick to Luiz's hole. 

    "Can I really do this?" Del wondered but he didn't say anything out loud. Quickly, before the chance passed him by, he got up and pulled down his zipper, releasing his dick, so similar to Eddie's. The younger brother stepped away, giving Del access to the dancer's ass almost ceremoniously.

    The first thing Del felt as he placed his boner against Luiz's hole was his own brother's cum which was on there. The boy's hole came pre-lubed with Eddie's jizz, making for an incredible sensation. Del pushed inwards, feeling Luiz's hole clench the head of his dick, and then the shaft, until he was finally in balls-deep. 

    "Ahhh, there you go. Add your cum in there," Luiz moaned, eager to get two brothers' loads in one night, just seconds apart.

    Del's hips thrusted back and forth, and his head turned to look at Eddie. Decades ago, the two brothers would go out to play and "explore" together, getting in all sorts of boyish trouble. Back then, Eddie would smile and look at his big brother just the way that he was doing now. 

    "Do what he asks, cum inside him," Eddie said to Del. "He wants both our cum mixing inside his guts, the perv."

    Del was shocked to hear his brother say this so matter-of-factly, but at the same time he was insanely turned on by it. It didn't take him long to near his peak. For some reason, he kept his eyes locked onto his younger brother, who smirked and added "Do it," offering brotherly encouragement.

    "I'm doing it. Fuck, I'm cumming inside him," Del narrated for Eddie, and started unloading inside the boy's already-loaded hole, adding his sperm and churning it together with Eddie's. Before he was even done, Del felt his brother's hand on his back, patting it and saying "Way to go!"

    A few moments later, Del was pulling out, looking down at his dick with all the the cum that was on it, both his and his brother's.

    "Fuck, I need to change," Luiz said. He'd blown his load as well, at the same time as Del, and it had ended up all over his jock. 

    Luiz stepped out of his underwear and got a fresh pair from his locker. He also handed a towel to the two brothers to wipe their dicks with.

    "Thank you," Eddie said and cleaned himself up first, before handing the towel to Del, who used it to do the same, feeling his little brother's jizz on the towel.

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