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You Owe Me a Blowjob

    One late Saturday morning in May, Eddie Tremblay was lying naked in bed with his laptop, trying to get some work done. With Pride season coming up, it was the busiest time of year for Eddie. It meant more traffic to his site from both locals and tourists alike, which meant more revenue, which meant he could finally get his shit together and move out of his brother's house. 

    His work was important, but it could also be very distracting. Today, he was writing about a hockey player's recent interview in which he'd come out, which had caused quite the stir. At first, the story had a more serious tone to it, but it was later followed up by a series of sexy photos; photos of the player in a makeshift locker room, wearing nothing but a helmet and a jockstrap, as well as photos of him on the ice, naked except for skates and gloves, covering his crotch with the hockey stick. 

    Eddie found it hard to focus on work while editing and uploading the pictures. He was used to working with pseudo-porn – his site was full of it – but some days he found it more difficult to remain professional while dealing with it than others. Today, his dick was rock hard under the sheets and just as Eddie's hands reached between his legs, his bedroom door swung open and his nephew barged into the door.

    "You got something in the mail," Quin said, holding a package with Eddie's name on it. The teen was wearing a pair of the briefs he's gotten from his uncle; an orange pair with a white waistband, which pushed up Quin's bulge and made his dick look huge. Then again, maybe this time of day his nephew was still sporting some morning wood, Eddie thought.

    "Can I open it?" Quin asked excitedly.

    "Sure, go for it," Eddie replied with disinterest. His own hands were busy anyway: busy tugging on his balls and stroking his boner under the cover. Eddie could already feel his precum dripping down his shaft, and he wasn't about to stop just because his nephew was in the room. It was probably just a promo pack from some company. Maybe more underwear.

    Quin ripped the package open enthusiastically, to find a dozen small bottles with colorful but confusing labels.

    "What're these?" he asked his uncle.

    "Oh. They're poppers," Eddie said, jacking as discreetly as he could. "They're technically illegal in Canada, but I've got someone in the States who sends them over to me every now and then."

    "What do they do?"

    "They're basically a sex drug, very popular with gay guys. You huff on them when you're fucking, especially if you're the bottom, and they help your muscles relax. They also give you a small high that lasts a few seconds. They're perfectly safe for the most part, you can get them in stores all over the world."

    "Oh, okay. Yeah, I remember seeing them in porn videos. But then why are they illegal here?" the teenager asked.

    "I dunno, don't get me started," Uncle Eddie said. This whole time, while explaining this to his nephew, he'd continued to jerk his dick under the sheet, only stroking faster and faster. But now, he stopped and lifted his hands to reach for one of the bottles of poppers. 

    "Here, give me," Eddie said and opened the bottle after some struggling to tear the plastic wrap off. He brought it right under his nose and held his other nostril closed while inhaling, and then he switched sides. They were strong poppers, and a fresh bottle at that, so the effect quickly raced through Eddie's brain and down his whole body. "Try it," he said to his nephew next.

    "What?" Quin replied apprehensively. "I'm going out for lunch with Dad soon. I can't be high." 

    "You're not gonna be high," Uncle Eddie laughed out loud. "It literally wears off after like five seconds."

    He offered the bottle to his nephew, who took it. Now, Eddie's hands were free to go back around his dick.

    "Ffffff," Quin inhaled and stood next to his uncle's bed for a few seconds, basking in what was a new experience for him. Eddie watched his nephew with a grin – from the amazed look on the teen's face, down his shirtless torso, to his well-stuffed underwear – all the while still jacking off under the cover. As the poppers hit, Quin's dick stirred in the tight briefs he had on, even leaking some precum and creating a wet patch. Quin probably didn't even notice it, but his uncle certainly did.

    "Whoa," Quin reacted, "that was kinda strong. But yeah, it's over now."

    "And there you have it," said Eddie, getting closer to cumming now that he'd taken a hit of poppers.

    "Can I… Can I have one of these, Uncle Eddie?" Quin suddenly asked. "They might come in handy, especially if they… if they help you relax."

    "You can have the whole bag if you want," his uncle replied. "I get more of them than I can use. I should start selling them on the black market."

    "Wow, thanks! But no, I'll only take a couple of them," the teen said, and he suddenly sat on his uncle's bed so he could dig through the bag and see which bottles he liked most. Meanwhile, this only made Eddie hornier. It felt so naughty, jerking himself off under the cover with his nephew sitting right next to him, oblivious to the whole thing. 

    "So, you and Lamar thinking of doing it?" Uncle Eddie asked Quin.

    "Ummm, we've talked about it. Lamar says he's versatile, so he's let me pick a side. I think I wanna try… I wanna try him fucking me first, but I also wanna wait a bit longer. Until the right time, so it's special."

    "Aww, that's cute," Eddie cooed. Ah, to be young and in love, waiting for that "special" time. Now, the majority of Eddie's special moments played out in front of urinals or in bathhouses, or in the back room over at Q. 

    "Let me know if you need anything else before then," Uncle Eddie added. "Do you know about douching?"

    "Yes, I've done my research," Quin blushed, picking out two small bottles and setting the rest of the bag of poppers aside. "Thanks, Uncle Eddie."

    Just then, the teen leaned over for a hug. It took Eddie by surprise, and he was so close to the edge, that when he received the hug he started to shoot his load under the cover, still stroking his dick and gripping it tighter.

    "Ahhh, fuck!" Eddie moaned, unable to control himself, while his nephew still hugged him firmly. 

    "What was that?" Quin asked, surprised by his uncle's reaction.

    Eddie needed a few seconds before he could answer his nephew's question. He continued stroking his dick until all his seed was out, and then he said "Can you pass me that cum rag there on the floor?"

    Surprised, Quin did as he was told. By now, he was growing hard as well, especially after touching Uncle Eddie's crusty cum rag which lay by his bed.

    Then, Eddie finally got rid of the cover and exposed his full naked body. He took the white rag from Quin and used it to wipe the fresh cum which was now all over his legs and belly.

    "I was looking at some hot pictures before you came in," he revealed to Quin, "and I was jerking off. Then I kept going and with the poppers and everything… well, I just blew my load, as you can see," he pointed down at his crotch, chuckling.

    "You're insane," Quin shook his head in amusement. "Okay, I gotta go, Dad's waiting for me. But I'll see you later. Maybe we'll do something tonight."

    With that, the teen left Uncle Eddie's room, heading straight to the bathroom to blow a load in the toilet while taking a hit of poppers, before taking a quick shower and heading out for lunch with his dad.

    That afternoon, while having lunch with his son, Del found himself making a suggestion even he didn't expect to make.

    Over the past few weeks, Del and Quin had been getting closer and closer, and there was nothing in the world that could make the single dad happier. Quin was now opening up about his relationship with Lamar, which seemed to be blossoming from a romantic fling to something more serious. But of course, there were obstacles in the way, the biggest of which was the looming end of the academic year, which might mean Lamar would have to return to the U.S. for the summer.

    "He really wants to stay in Toronto," Quin said, sitting with his father at the Chinese restaurant they'd picked for lunch, "but he can't stay in his apartment, it's only for full-time students. He's got an internship lined up here, but he needs to find an affordable place to stay first, and that's really not going easy."

    "Why don't you invite him to come stay with us?" Del suddenly said, taken aback by his own words.

    "REALLY?!!" Quin literally jumped off his seat, beaming.

    "Yeah, I mean, it's only for the summer, and you guys seem to spend every moment you can together. I'm already housing your uncle, what's one more person?"

    "Dad! That's amazing! Thank you so much. You're awesome," Quin came around the table to give his father a hug. Half an hour later, when they were done with their meal, Quin dashed off to Lamar's place to share the good news with him, and Del returned home alone.

    At the house, Del's younger brother was spending the day cooped up in his room, working. Del wasn't used to seeing Eddie work all day, especially on the weekend. He took care of some chores around the house until 6 PM, when Eddie finally came out of his room and announced he's making dinner for everyone tonight.

    "It's just us. Quin's over at Lamar's and they're having dinner there," Del said.

    "Okay, cool," replied Eddie. He was in the kitchen in one of his typically revealing pairs of underwear; and once again, Del found himself attempting to hide his interest and not stare at his younger brother's ass or his bulge. Just two weeks ago, the two of them had fucked that young gogo dancer together, and neither of them had ever mentioned it since. Del had no idea what to say or even think about all of this, so he did his best to ignore it, focusing on work and his son.

    "Quin's boyfriend might stay with us over the summer," Del said to his brother over dinner. They'd decided to eat on the couch while watching a movie, since setting the table for two felt too formal.

    "Oh, really?" asked Eddie.

    "Yeah. He needs a place to stay and it might as well be here. He seems like a nice guy, why not?"

    "Cool. I might be out by then. My plan is to move back downtown in July. So he could have my room."

    "Well, he needs a place starting in June, if not earlier," said Del. "But he'll probably just sleep in Quin's room anyway, regardless of whether you're here."

    "And you're okay with that, the two of them sleeping together? You know what that entails?"

    "I know what that entails, Eddie. I'm not dumb. I just figured… if they're gonna be having sex anyway, they might as well do it someplace where they're safe and comfortable."

    "As opposed to the back room at a bar?" Eddie teased his brother, bringing up the incident for the first time since it'd happened. Del didn't reply, other than roll his eyes.

    "They're not doing it yet, by the way," said Eddie next. "They're not fucking. Quin was just telling me this morning."

    "Oh. Well, I'm sure it's just a matter of time," Del noted.

    "I'm sure. And for what it's worth, bro, I think you're handing this all really well."

    "Handling what?"

    "Quin not being a kid anymore," Eddie explained. "Just a few months ago you were a lot more stuck-up when it comes to that."

    "Well, I don't think of myself as… stuck-up," Del added.

    "Ha. Certainly not anymore," Eddie laughed. "Luiz has been hassling me every day, asking me to bring you to the bar again. He wants to go for another round."

    "Is that so?" Del asked, staring at the television as not to make eye contact with his brother. Since he was done with his food, Del put the tray away and grabbed his bottle of beer.

    "Yeah. He just loved being fucked by two brothers. Shit, I'm sure plenty of people would. He won't stop talking about you, ever since I told him that I sucked your dick that night."

    "You… You told him that?" Del asked.

    "Of course. It's not a secret, is it? Cuz you told Quin, didn't you?"

    "Yes. Yes, I did," Del confessed. 

    "I know you did. Quin told me. He said he couldn't believe we did something like that," said Eddie, putting his own tray away and reaching for his drink.

    "Well, ahem, it was all in the spur of the moment," Del said, clearing his throat. 

    "Hey, you ain't gotta justify it to me, I was there. If anything, it was my initiative."

    "Yes. Yes, it was," Del agreed. 

    "You owe me one, you know?"

    "Owe you what?"

    "A blowjob," Eddie smirked.

    "No way," Del replied calmly, still looking at the TV.

    "What, you mean to tell me you've never been curious about sucking another man's dick?" the younger brother probed.

    "No!" Del answered immediately, but then added, "Not until recently, that is."

    "What changed recently?" Eddie asked, his hand on his crotch now, slowly rubbing his dick.

    "I don't know. I discovered some videos online and it made me curious. Besides, since you've been here… Well, maybe you're right and I have loosened up a bit."

    "Well why don't you loosen up a bit more?" Eddie suggested, pulling the back of his brother's collar. Even though it was the weekend, Del was wearing a tight button-up shirt, going all the way around his Adam's apple. When Eddie pulled on it, Del instinctively unbuttoned the top button so that he could breathe.

    Even though he was trying to ignore his brother's near-naked body sitting right next to him, Del couldn't pretend that Eddie's suggestion didn't entice him. He'd watched Luiz suck Eddie's dick, and it'd made Del's mouth water, craving a taste as well. And in some twisted way, Eddie was right: Del did owe him one.

    "C'mon, give it a go," Eddie egged his older brother on, a devilish grin on his face. He used to pull this same shit when they were kids as well; talking Del into doing something naughty and getting in trouble. Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around, the older brother egging the younger brother on?

    Tired of overanalyzing, Del licked his lips and decided to just go with the flow. He finally made eye contact with his brother, whose brown eyes said even more than his lips. "C'mon, give it a go."

    Del put his beer bottle down and leaned right into his younger brother's lap. He took a big whiff, inhaling a mixture of freshly-washed cotton and a grown man's dick. 

    "I already shot one load today," Eddie revealed as his brother's fingertips hooked the waistband of his underwear and started to pull it down. "With Quin in the room."

    "What?!" Del asked. He'd stopped his movement but didn't let go of Eddie's underwear.

    "Yeah. I was beating off in bed, under the covers, when he barged into my room. Before long, I was blowing my load. By the time I was done, Quin knew exactly what was going on."

    "How… How did he react?" Del wanted to know.

    "He just laughed it off. But I'm fairly sure he popped a boner over it. He probably went to jerk off right after."

    Eddie's casual relationship with his nephew fascinated Del. He looked back down at Eddie's crotch, which looked fuller with every passing second. Del went back to pulling down his brother's underwear and a few moments later, Eddie's semi-hard dick was free, bouncing in his big brother's face.

    "Take it in your mouth," Eddie instructed coolly. Del unbuttoned one more button on his shirt, licked his lips again, and finally went for it!

    The sensation of having a dick in your mouth felt… unfamiliar, yet very similar to how Del had imagined it. Obviously, he had a dick so he knew what he enjoyed in a blowjob, even if he hadn't been getting too many of those in recent years. Plus, Eddie was here to guide Del along the way.

    "Cover your teeth," Eddie said, putting his hands on the back of his big brother's head and guiding it up and down on his own dick. Del did what he was told, and the next piece of advice he got was, "Relax your throat."

    Del let go and relaxed. He wasn't sucking Eddie's dick as much as Eddie was fucking his face. A few minutes into it, they'd developed a good rhythm and Del was starting to get the hang of this. Eddie now let go of his brother's head and said "Now you go by yourself."

    Del continued to bob his head up and down unguided before licking the tip of his brother's dick. When he realized he was neglecting the shaft, Del wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke. 

    "Mmm, yeah. Good one," Eddie moaned in pleasure, letting Del know he was doing a good job. Feeling encouraged, he continued. Finally, he started to grow comfortable, and felt his own dick getting hard in his pants. With his lips around Eddie's dick, Del used both hands to unzip his pants and pull out his erection.

    "That's it, jerk yourself off while you blow me," Eddie said to his older brother. The movie playing on TV – which had been quite a good one – was completely neglected. All of Del's attention was on his and his brother's dicks, he had no eyes or ears for anything else… not even his son walking into the house and standing in the doorway of the living room, flabbergasted.

    "That's it, suck that dick!" Eddie continued speaking to his brother, not noticing Quin in the doorway either. The blowjob went on, the tip of Eddie's dick now deep in his brother's throat, making Del gag. "Breathe through your nose," Eddie said, before placing both hands back on Del's head and starting to fuck his face once again.

    Quin stood in the doorway, amazed by what he was seeing. It was one thing to find out Uncle Eddie had sucked his dad's dick… but for them to switch roles?! Quin's dad was sucking dick now?? 

    Quin had just blown his load down Lamar's throat less than an hour ago, but walking in on this scene made him bone right up. Unnoticed, he took out his teenage dick and started stroking, witnessing his father sucking his uncle's dick.

    The scene was so hot that Quin was quickly on the verge of an orgasm again. Lucky for him, Del and Eddie were right there with him. 

    "I'm gonna bust down your throat!" Eddie announced loudly to his brother. It wasn't a question, and Del just kept on sucking, going even deeper, getting used to breathing while doing this now, all the while jacking his own dick faster and faster. 

    "AH, FUCK!!!" Eddie grunted, blowing his brotherly seed in Del's mouth, granting it the taste of another man's sperm for the first time ever. As soon as he felt it, Del started cumming on the floor. Uncle Eddie groaned louder and louder, shooting down his brother's throat and letting him swallow his cum. Suddenly, Eddie's groans stopped. It was something that Quin, standing in the doorway, wasn't expecting, since he was in the midst of his own orgasm, blowing his load on the floor while trying to suppress his urge to grunt, but letting out an audible "Fuck."

    Startled, Del looked up from his brother's lap and noticed his kid standing in the room. Shit! He'd been caught red-handed and full-mouthed. There was no getting out of this one.

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