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Side by Side


    "Since when do you smoke indoors?" Sawyer asked.

    "Since your boyfriend brought the good weed and fucked me so good I can't get my ass up," I answered, taking a drag, looking up at the ceiling.

    I lay in my bed with Sawyer and Brock. My husband Owen had made a last-minute decision to fly to Minnesota to surprise his mom on her birthday. To keep our marital bed warm, I invited our friends Sawyer and Brock over that Saturday. We spent pretty much the entire day fucking, and we now lay in bed naked, covered in sweat and cum.

    "Is that your brother?" Sawyer asked, reacting to a noise out in the hall.

    "Nah, just the neighbors."

    "Where is Rory? Out with his baby mama?"

    "Yup, he said he's seeing her, then meeting a friend later."

    "So, like, how is he?"

    I wasn't surprised by Sawyer's interest in my brother. After all, the very first time they met, Rory ended up fucking Sawyer. My friends and I talked about it a few times, joking around, and debating just "how straight" my brother was if he was willing to fuck a guy. But, as a few months passed, we almost forgot it'd ever happened.

    "He's okay," I answered Sawyer's question, passing the blunt around. "He took the pregnancy news as well as can be expected. He's just getting stuff ready now."

    "Is he still gonna live here with you guys?" Brock chimed in.

    "I don't know," I rolled around. I could still feel Brock's cum in my ass. "I told him he can stay as long as he wants. He keeps saying he doesn't wanna intrude."

    "Seems like you all got pretty comfortable round here," Sawyer noted.

    "Ha, you can say that again," I laughed.

    My husband and I being the horndogs that we were, I thought there's no way we could have my little brother around all that. Turns out, Rory wasn't that "little" anymore. He had really matured in college, and hardly found our sexcapades that outrageous. Pretty soon, we were fucking in front of him without anyone blinking an eye. Hell, there's even that time we all shared a bed in Provincetown.

    "And what does Owen say?" Brock asked.

    I took a deep drag and exhaled, passing the blunt to him.

    "Owen's never said anything," I answered, "but he's always wanted to have a brother. I think he really likes having Rory here."

    "And you don't mind your brother seeing and hearing you get fucked by your husband?" Sawyer asked. I looked his way and noticed his dick had started going hard again.

    I smirked. Sawyer was obviously turned on by the idea.

    "I don't mind. Not like he didn't know Owen and I fuck. We're married, for fuck's sake. Besides, how do you know he's there to see it?" I teased.

    "Because I know you and Owen, and I know you can't keep it in your pants. Isn't that why you got fired last year, 'inappropriate behavior'? God only know the things your brother's seen around here."

    "Let's just say… He's seen a lot," I teased. I noticed a drop of precum leak out of Sawyer's dick and land on his pubes.

    "At first I thought it might be weird," I continued. "But Rory's seen Owen fuck me. He's seen him lock my cock in a cage. He's seen me down on my knees, serving my husband. He knows I like to worship him, submit to him. And I can tell Owen enjoys showing off this side of me. A dirty secret. Shared with a family member, nonetheless. My own brother."

    Sawyer's eyes were now closed. Lying next to me, he was stroking his dick while his husband and I watched, all of us high.

    "He doesn't care who sees," I whispered in Sawyer's ear. "He doesn't care that Rory and I grew up together. He wants to show me off no matter what. Show my baby brother just how big of a slut I am. How much my hole needs his dick. To fuck me. To cum inside me. More important to me than anything in the world."

    "Mmm," Sawyer moaned and started cumming all over himself. 

    I reached over and scooped up his cum to put in my mouth, before giving Sawyer a sloppy kiss, which Brock joined as well.



    "At the end of it all, today turned out my better than I feared," I thought, sneaking in the apartment quietly at 2 AM. I'd spent the first half of the day with Rory, sorting things out for the baby. Thankfully, as her pregnancy progressed, instead of becoming more nervous, she was getting more comfortable with the idea of being a parent, especially now I'd said I'm on board. Entering the third trimester, her attitude was, "Oh, hurry up and get him out of me so I can have a drink and a smoke already."

    I'd spent the evening with my best buddy Ian. He was the first person I went to when I found out I was going to be a dad; before I even told my brother. Admittedly, my initial reaction was panic, which led Ian to reassure me that things are gonna be okay, and that I can always count on him and on others for help. I was grateful, and felt much closer to him now after all this.

    I passed out on the couch, exhausted. The baby wasn't even here yet, and I felt like I barely had any time to myself. "What I need is a stiff drink and a blowjob," I thought, spreading my legs open and lying back. After a while, I figured I could get at least one of the two. I helped myself to some of Owen's scotch in the kitchen, and sat back down.

    I drank in silence, not looking at my phone, not looking at anything other than the view from the window. Six months in Hell's Kitchen with my brother and Owen now, almost to the day. Much longer than I'd planned. Funny how life works.

    Just then, I heard a door opening and someone going to the bathroom. I thought it was my brother, but when he came out I realized it was Sawyer.

    "Hey," he whispered, "you're back."

    "I am," I confirmed, taking a sip as Sawyer walked up to the couch.

    "Long day?" he asked. It was only two words, but I could tell he was trying to sound seductive. He was completely naked, walking slowly toward me. The light was on in the kitchen; that and the street lights outside were enough for me to be able to see Sawyer's body. The first man I'd ever fucked. And the only person I'd fucked roughly, feeling dominant and aggressive.

    "It was alright," I said with a deep voice. "Just tired."

    "Then why aren't you asleep?" He was standing next to the couch now, looking down at me.

    "I will in a minute. Just need to relax."

    He smiled.

    "Can I help you with that?" he used the cliché porn line.

    "You can get on your knees," I said sternly. Again, what was it about Sawyer that put me into dom mode? Or was it the fact he was a man that made me switch?

    Nonetheless, Sawyer was more than eager to do what I said. He got on his knees and reached for my jeans. He pulled them down keenly, and I took off my sweatshirt and the rest of my clothes. As Sawyer put my dick in his mouth, I kicked back, closed my eyes, and started to relax.

    "That's more like it," I thought. "An eager mouth serving my cock. And with my eyes closed like this, you can't even tell if it's a man or a woman."

    Sawyer sucked without a break until I was hard. At that point, he had to stop for air, taking my dick out of his mouth for a sec. Hard, it could barely fit in his mouth. But when it came to sucking dick, Sawyer was no quitter. He took a deep breath and went straight back to work.

    I lost myself in the blowjob, enjoying it for a few minutes, filling Sawyer's throat with precum, when my brother's voice woke me out of my trance.

    "You're back home."

    I opened my eyes and saw Taylor standing there naked, his metal cock cage the only thing he had on. By this point, I was used to seeing my big brother locked in his toy. I wondered if Owen even left him the key, or took it with him to Minnesota. 

    "Yes, I'm back," I said, smiling at Taylor as Sawyer dutifully slurped my dick.

    "How was your day? How's Rory?" Taylor continued, as if this was the right time for a casual chat.

    "She's alright. Better then expected, I guess."

    "And how are you?" he asked cheekily.

    "I'm not complaining," I pointed down at Sawyer's head bopping on my dick and smiled.

    "Is there a party going on here, and why wasn't I invited?" Sawyer's boyfriend Brock walked into the room sleepily. Apparently they were both here keeping my brother company while his husband was away.

    "Brock, hey!" I greeted him. "Good to see you."

    "Hey, Rory," he said, walking up to the couch, completely ignoring the fact his boyfriend was sucking my cock. Sawyer, meanwhile, kept going faster and harder on my dick, stroking it with one hand while sucking, and playing with my ball sack with the other.

    It felt interesting, being the one getting a blowjob while other people, including my brother, stood right there. Usually, Taylor was the one fucking in front of me. Over the past few months, I'd seen and heard him and his husband doing it so often, that I didn't even find it unusual anymore. I'd just grown to realize that sex isn't something we should be ashamed of, at least not amongst ourselves. For a second, I thought back to Taylor and me growing up, sharing a room. And now here he was, standing in front of me stark naked, with a cock cage on his dick, while one of his friends sucked my cock. Who'd have known.

    As they watched us, Brock put his hand on my brother's ass and started playing with it.

    "Fuck yeah," I looked back down at Sawyer. I was really starting to feel good now. He continued to suck me, and I wasn't paying attention to Taylor and Brock. Not until Taylor got on the couch next to me, his ass sticking out as he leaned against the backrest. Brock got behind him, his dick just as hard as mine was, and started to press it against my brother's hole.

    "Fuck!" I heard Taylor moan out. I turned to my left to look at him, and he turned his head to face me as well. We made eye contact, our faces just inches from each other. I looked my brother straight in the eyes as Brock's dick went inside him. I saw Taylor's pupils expand, and felt his breath on my face as he was getting penetrated. "It's okay," I tried to tell my brother with my eyes without making a sound. "I love you," it felt like he was trying to tell me.

    I tapped Sawyer on the shoulder, and got him to stop sucking my dick. He looked disappointed, but only until he realized he was in for an even bigger treat. I guided him to kneel on the couch, just like my brother was, next to him. I was preparing to fuck Sawyer again, just as Brock was fucking Taylor.

    We got in position. Even though it'd been half a year since I fucked Sawyer, my dick felt familiar with his hole. I slid right in and started to fuck him as he moaned out. Right next to me on my right, Brock was fucking my brother. The four of us looked like a mirror image, side by side.

    Pretty soon, it'd become a playful competition. Brock started to fuck my brother harder, which made me pick up speed as well. Meanwhile, the two bottoms moaned out louder and louder. Brock and I made eye contact; he flashed me a devilish grin as if to challenge me.

    "Oh, it's on," I said out loud, making Brock smile.

    I sped up and fucked his boyfriend with all the power my legs could muster.

    "Oh, yeah?" Brock dared me, picking up speed himself, making my brother scream and moan out.

    The race was on. Brock and I kept going, harder and harder, trying to outdo each other. It made my brother and Sawyer scream out so loud that if anyone heard them they'd think they were being tortured. We knew, however, those were screams of pleasure. My big brother was a greedy bottom, as was Sawyer.

    Growing up a high school jock, I was familiar with pissing contests between boys. That's exactly what this was. My legs were getting tired but I wasn't about to give up. Brock and I kept going faster. Sawyer tried playing with his hard dick while I fucked him, but it was difficult at this speed. I wondered what this might feel like for my brother, in his cage. I guess he liked the sensation of being fucked more. And Brock was giving him a damn good fucking.

    "I'm about to cum," I announced, to Brock more than anyone else.

    "You had a head start," he said, squeezing my brother's ass while fucking him.

    "Well catch up, bitch," I dared him, my cock sliding back in forth in his boyfriend's ass.

    "C'mon now, we can't let your little brother beat us," Brock said to Taylor, who turned back to look at me. I gave Taylor a wink and he smiled, sweat dripping down his face.

    "C'mon now," Taylor said, "you can do it."

    I wasn't sure if he was rooting for me or for Brock, but he was looking at me dead in the eyes as he said that. Suddenly, I felt it coming. I started to shoot my cum inside Sawyer's hole, all the while maintaining eye contact with my big brother. 

    "Attaboy," Taylor said as I shot my load, grimacing my face and grunting loudly.

    "Fuck," Brock yelled out, slowing down as he started to cum inside my brother. The connection between Taylor and me felt so intense in that moment; it was as if I could feel his guts being filled with Brock's jizz, solely by looking at his eyes.

    "Fuck," I said one last time, shooting my last spurt of cum, ready to pass the fuck out.

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