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For All that Matters


    My husband's brother was never supposed to become a permanent fixture in our lives. He was to crash with us for a month or two (at my suggestion) then find a place of his own somewhere. We would "get together every now and then," but city life being what it is, that would probably mean we'd hardly see each other after he moved out.

    Month after month, time flew by, and Rory's been here for almost a year. Well, at least his stuff has. In the past couple of months, we hardly got to see him. Ever since his "big announcement," he was far too busy to spend much time at home.

    It happened at the New Year's Eve party at my in-laws' house in Pennsylvania: Rory announced was about to be a father. The girl he was seeing in New York was pregnant, and even though they weren't together anymore, they'd agreed to co-parent. After the initial shock, everyone was thrilled for Rory! I joined in the clapping and smiled along, before excusing myself to go to the bathroom and just sit by myself with my thoughts for a minute.

    Truth is… if Rory left, I would miss him. More than I realized. More than a brother-in-law. In a weird way… he'd started to feel like a brother to me. 

    Ever since I'd moved to New York, I was mostly surrounded by gay people. Almost no one in my circles had kids; and if they did, they'd quickly start making fewer and fewer appearances until they faded away completely. I had little experience with this, and had no idea where it might lead… but I had a bad feeling it would change everything.

    I sat on the couch in the dark, in my underwear, looking out the window absentmindedly. Months and months ago, there was a cumstain there left behind by Rory. We all knew about it and just laughed and teased him, the way I imagined real brothers do. We didn't even bother to clean it up. But it was gone now. I didn't even notice when it had disappeared.

    I was jerked awake when the lights in the room suddenly came on. Standing over me, Rory was just as surprised to see someone there.

    "What you doing sitting in the dark like a weirdo?" he asked, putting his bag down. "Where's Taylor?"

    "He's bartending tonight."

    "Why aren't you there, don't you usually go?"
    "I don't feel like being in a crowd tonight," I answered, as my young brother-in-law took off his hoodie and stood next to me in a tight T-shirt.

    "Why, is something wrong?" he sat next to me on the couch and put his hand on my bare shoulder.

    "Everything's fine," I gave a faint smile and shook my head. "Let's talk about you. Where've you been all day?"

    "Rory's," he said his baby mama's name, identical to his own. "The crib arrived today so we've been putting it together. Fuck, it took all day!"

    I could hear the exhaustion in his voice.

    "C'mere," I said, and gently twisted his torso until his back was turned to me, and I started giving him a shoulder rub.

    "Ahhh, you have no idea how good that feels," he moaned in absolute pleasure. 

    "I didn't pay for personal trainer classes for nothing."

    I slipped my hand into the back of Rory's T-shirt and pulled it up, until he took it off completely. Then I continued with the shoulder rub, and let Rory in on something I thought might cheer him up.

    "I have a surprise for you," I announced. "I've been talking to an old friend of mine, and he might be able to help us get away for a couple of days."

    "Get away where?"

    "Somewhere warm. Get away from the city, just relax for a few days, before the baby is born."

    "Oooooh," Rory moaned in ecstasy as I squeezed his shoulders harder. "That would be great. There's so much to do before the baby's here."

    "Yeah? Like what?"

    Suddenly, his head tilted up.

    "I was gonna talk to you about that," the turned his head to the side so he could see me from the corner of his eye. "Taylor said you guys are okay with me staying here as long as I want, and honestly, that's so nice of you, but… I don't think I can do that."

    It took me a second to realize I'd stopped massaging Rory, so I quickly continued.

    "It's just… I'm gonna need a place big enough for a baby. I'm gonna need to put up a crib as well, for when he stays with me. Not to mention the whole place needs to be baby-proofed. This apartment is definitely not suitable for all of that. And fuck going up four flights of stairs with no elevator."

    "I see. You're right," I said calmly.

    "I've been looking at places, and I need to get my shit together and just go ahead and pick one, otherwise it's never gonna happen by itself."

    I didn't reply, and continued my massage in silence.

    "You alright?" Rory asked, probably feeling my hesitation.

    "Yeah, buddy," I tried to sound more cheerful than I felt. "I'll just miss you, that's all."

    "Aww. I'll miss you too," he turned around to give me a hug suddenly. I wasn't ready to have his weight on top of me, so it made me fall back, with Rory lying on top of me now.

    "It's just… I never had a brother," I said, trying to get myself comfortable in this position, putting my left hand under my head. "And I always really wanted one."

    "Aww, that's sweet," Rory's face looked up at me, nuzzled up in the nook of my hairy armpit.

    "And I really liked having you here. I wanted us to get closer, and I'm glad we did. Even if sometimes it felt weird."

    "Weird how?"

    "Well, you know, with me being gay, I…" I started, but I couldn't finish my thought.

    "Wait, what does you being gay have to do with anything?" Rory looked genuinely confused.

    I took a deep breath then exhaled before continuing. 

    "You know… Sometimes it's hard for gay men to approach straight guys, even as friends. I mean, I had a ton of straight friends in high school, but that was mostly before I was out. Now, it's like… I wanted you to like me, but I didn't want you to think like I was hitting on you or anything…"

    "Owen, buddy…" Rory said, lifting his head and resting his chin on my chest. He waited until I'd made eye contact with him, before continuing. "I love you. I really do. For all that matters, we ARE brothers."

    I smiled wider than I remember doing in a very long time.

    "I don't know about the gay aspect of it," Rory said, lying back on my chest, "but it's really fucked up that guys can't just be close to each other, you know. Like, look at the way girls comment on other girls' photos. 'Omg, you're gorgeous. Queen. I love you so much.' And it'll be someone they haven't seen in years. And guys can't even say 'I love you' to their best friend that they've known their entire life. Don't worry."

    I wrapped my arm tighter around him and continued smiling, looking up at the ceiling, as Rory continued .

    "When I started college I had this roommate, Big Mike, we called him.[1] At first I really missed living with Taylor, but then Mike got to be like a brother to me. Like, I literally called him 'big bro.' And he's as straight as they come! Married with two kids by now, doing the whole suburban shebang. It's funny, 'cause after he graduated, my next roommate, Aaron, he was younger than me, so I kinda felt like the big brother in that situation.[2] And then I moved to New York and I… missed all of that. I enjoyed being around you and Taylor but I never wanted to… intrude, and be a third wheel, or a cockblock or something."

    I laughed.

    "You have never been a cockblock," I said. "Your brother's been getting plenty since you moved in."

    "I know, I can hear," Rory laughed. "Too bad he's not here now."

    Then to my huge surprise, Rory reached for my cock and gave it a squeeze through the boxers I was wearing.

    Lying here, skin on skin, with Rory lying on top of me, had given me a semi. And now that he'd grabbed it and given it a shake, it was quickly becoming a full-on boner.

    "I know," I chuckled. I slipped my right hand in my boxers to adjust my dick, which was already poking out. "I could use some release."

    "Go for it," Rory said, not making the slightest effort to get up off of me.

    "What, here, now?" I wanted to ask, but I didn't. Why question it?

    Instead, I just poked my dick out through the fly of my boxers and let it stand up straight, like a rocket ready to launch.

    My husband's brother cuddled up on my left side. "Cuddling" was the right word – that's exactly what it was. It was sweet and casual, like a couple lying on the couch watching TV together. Except that we weren't a couple; I was married to his brother. And then there was the massive boner poking out of my underwear.

    I started to stroke my dick slowly, enjoying how good this felt! Sure, my dick felt good, but that's not what was important right now. What made me feel much happier was having Rory here, lying on top of me. Cuddled up and relaxed and closer than ever. "For all that matters, we are brothers."

    Minutes went by as I jerked myself off, and Rory's fingers gently stroked my body. Nuzzled up in my armpit, I knew he must get a good sense of my smell. Soon, he would get even more.

    "Mmm, yeah. Fuck yeah!!" I moaned, and surprised even myself when I shot my load. It sprayed out so strongly, that cum hit both Rory's and my face. And then, we started laughing. Laughing from the bottom of our stomachs; neither of us making any effort to wipe the cum off.

    That is, until, quite unexpectedly, Rory scooped as much cum as he could off my body, and put his fingers in my mouth for me to suck on as we made eye contact.

    "Are you guys ready?" I sat across from Taylor and Rory at the kitchen table two days later. 

    "Yeah?" both brothers said apprehensively.

    "We're going to Cancún!"

    "What?" they said in sync again.

    "Yup! Next week. I just booked the plane tickets. I have this friend from when I first moved to New York, Ben," I turned to my husband, who'd heard me talk about him before, "and he's going to Cancún for spring break.[3] He got a whole presidential suite, so he said there's room for more. So," I turned to Rory, "I decided I'm flying you there and throwing you a dadchelor party."

    "Whoa, okay. Hold up, you're throwing me a what?"

    "A dadchelor party. Like a baby shower, which is usually all about the mom and baby, but why do women get to have all the fun?"

    "And your friend's going to Cancún for spring break? What is he, like, 19?"

    "Nope, but his son is. My friend's a couple of years older than me. He booked the thing to surprise his son; I think the boy's name's Sam. And I guess he got the presidential suite 'cause he's loaded and has nothing better to spend his money on."

    "Well then," Rory looked around, running out of reasons to object. "¡Vamos a México!"

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[1] Big Mike and Rory room together in My Brother and His Husband: Closer than Brothers

[2] Aaron and Rory room together in Room 141

[3] Ben is the main character of Model Dad, Model Dad: Like Father, Like Son, and Model Dad: Trophy Boy

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