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    I scrambled around Ian's room looking for my clothes, a million things running through my mind at once. What's the fastest way to get to the hospital? Do I need to pick up anything on the way? Is everything going to be alright?!  

    Sensing my panic, Ian got up and, naked as he was and without saying a word, put his hands on my bare shoulders. I could still see the dried cum glistening on his chest. Making eye contact from so close by and feeling his skin on mine helped calm me down immediately. 

    "Breathe," he said softly. "Take a second. You'll be fine, buddy. Babies aren't born in five minutes."

    As he talked, his hands rubbed and squeezed my shoulders and neck, soothing my tension like a charm. 

    "Yeah," I said with my eyes closed. "I gotta get to the hospital. I'm sorry to leave like this, I'm –"

    "Are you kidding?!" he chuckled. "You don't need to apologize for anything. And don't think for a second you're leaving here alone." 

    He picked up his phone, still continuing to gently rub my shoulder with his other hand. 

    "I just called an Uber. It'll be here in five. In the meanwhile, go take a piss. I've got a bunch of cheap toothbrushes. Come, I'll get you one real quick."

    We squeezed in my buddy's small bathroom together and both took a long morning piss at the same time, side-by-side, crossing streams. We brushed our teeth and got dressed just as Ian's phone pinged to let us know the car is here.

    "Do you have everything you need?" he asked before we left.

    I made eye contact with him and examined his face. His smile and kind eyes reassured me. It felt good to have my best buddy by my side on my big day.

    "Yeah," I nodded. "Yes, I do."



    The elevator doors opened, and my husband and I rushed out. Looking around the hospital waiting room I felt lost, but Taylor spotted a familiar face and rushed toward him.

    "Ian, right?" 

    "Hey," a young man even taller than me who looked vaguely familiar stood up, and gave my husband a hug as if they were old friends.

    "This is my husband, Owen," Taylor introduced me to the boy. We hugged as well. Guess it's moments like this that make everyone feel like family.

    "Yeah, I've seen you around the gym," Ian said.

    "Yes, that's right!" I nodded. So that's where I knew him from.

    Taylor and I left for the hospital as soon as we got the text from Rory. Granted, it happened just as I was balls-deep inside his brother's ass, so it took us a few minutes to reach for whatever clothes we could grab first and rush out of the apartment.

    "How's Rory?!" Taylor asked, slightly panicked.

    "Both Rorys are fine," Ian reassured him. "He's in the delivery room with her, but last I heard there's still a while to go. Absolutely no complications so far."

    "Phew, that's good!" my husband exhaled and reached for his phone immediately. "Excuse me, I gotta go call Mom."

    He walked a few feet away and I heard him talk while pacing the room. Smiling, I turned back to Ian.

    "So, you and Taylor know each other?" I asked.

    "No, not really, actually. We've only seen each other at the sauna at the gym, the day I met Rory."

    "The sauna, ha! The best place to meet new people."

    "True," Ian laughed, and sat back down on his chair. Looking down, I noticed there was a bottle of water on it.

    "Where can I get one of those?" I asked. I hadn't had a chance to eat or even have a sip of water this morning.

    "There's a couple of vending machines down that hallway," Ian pointed me.

    "Thanks. You want anything?"

    "All good, man."

    I walked through the waiting room and down the hallway by myself. I didn't normally feel self-conscious about what I wore, but this was such a "family environment" that even I felt a bit awkward. The first thing I'd managed to grab off the floor this morning were my tiny gym shorts from the day before. I didn't put any underwear on and now I had to be careful; the shorts were so short that my dick might poke out.

    The vending machines were pretty bleak; a few types of soda and all the water sold out. I bent down, trying to decide which kind of soda is the least of all evils, when I heard a voice behind me.

    "The machines in the next hallway are better stocked. The good stuff's always gone from these."

    I turned and saw a gorgeous nurse in teal scrubs. He was smiling at me, and I wondered if it might have to do with the view he was getting while I was bending down in front of him.

    "Oh yeah?" I replied. "Thanks. Guess I'll trust the expert. Down this way?"

    I checked out the guy's bod while talking to him. Nice arms, almost too much for the short sleeves he had on. A bit of a tattoo peeking out on the left side. Trim, but he clearly worked out. The scrubs were just tight enough to show it all off.

    "Yeah," he said, noticing me eye him up and down, and clearly doing the same to me. "Come, I'll show you."

    "I appreciate that,"  I smirked, and started to follow him. The full rear view was as nice as I'd hoped. The scrubs clung to his ass perfectly and I was enjoying watching each side flex as he walked. After a moment, I looked up and his head was turned to look back at me. Uh-oh: busted! We both smiled in mutual acknowledgment, before he turned his head back and kept walking, with just a bit more pep in his step. 

    About halfway down the long hallway, he slowed down and took a quick look around. For a moment I wondered if he was lost or something, but he moved toward another short hallway and motioned for me to follow him. He used his keycard to open a door, and when I saw a small utility closet on the other side, I understood what was up. I quickly slipped in behind him.

    The small closet, stocked full of medical supplies, could barely fit one person, let alone two. The nurse flipped on the light and let the door close. We were now pretty much stuck face to face.

    He looked right up at me and whispered, "I hope this is okay?"

    I gave him a sly look and said, "I guess that depends on what you had in mind."

    His gaze didn't waver as he just replied: "This."

    With no inhibitions, the nurse put his right hand on my crotch and started rubbing my cock through the flimsy fabric. Looking down, the shorts really were doing a horrible job at concealing anything. I didn't get to cum this morning and I was still operating with a semi-chub.

    Trying to keep the noise down, we started to kiss. A couple of minutes later, the nurse started to crouch down. His hands reached around my body and slid my shorts lower as he kept going.

    "Oh fuck…" I heard him whisper, as my quickly hardening cock popped out once the waistband was low enough. It's nice to hear that reaction no matter how many times it happens. As far as reveals go, this was a great one: my cock almost hit him in the face when it popped out, and the head already had precum glistening on it.

    He got to work quick. Through the door, we heard people passing in the hallway. The guy didn't waste much time teasing or stroking me. As soon as my dick was hard, he took all of it in his mouth greedily.

    "Mmmm," I groaned quietly, enjoying how nice it felt. Less than an hour ago, my cock was up my husband's ass; so it was extra sensitive to the sudden warmth and wetness of this stud's mouth.

    One of his hands held my dick by the shaft, while the other went to my full balls. This dude was clearly a born cocksucker — his eyes had a look of pure satisfaction that I've seen on so many guy's faces while they swallowed me, including my own husband's.

    He got me to the edge fast, helped along by my horniness from the unfinished session with Taylor at home. I wondered if he could taste my man's ass on my cock. And if he even cared about that or not. Maybe it was a turn-on for him.

    His face fully pressed against my body, I was getting close. I made the motions and sounds to let him know I was about to give him his prize. He responded by working me even harder, which pushed me over the edge. No stranger to quietly cumming in public places, I breathed deeply as I let go and began releasing. He let out a muffled moan and kept my cock deep inside his throat. He was one of those guys that liked it way down inside. I always appreciate that in these public situations. No cleanup necessary.

    Getting a little lightheaded as my orgasm subsided, I was glad I was leaning against the shelves in this small space. I closed my eyes and savored the moment, as I felt the nurse slowly pull back. As he rose from his crouching position, he pulled my shorts up as fluidly as he'd slid them down. Once again, he and I were face to face.

    "Thank you," he said. "I'm in the middle of a double shift. I needed that."

    I smiled at him, and waited for him to turn around, slowly open the door, and peek out. He gave me the all clear, and we quickly left the supplies closet and headed in different directions down the hallway.

    Remembering my original mission, I headed toward the vending machine he'd pointed me to. While looking at it, I heard a familiar voice on the other side of the hall.

    "Excuse me, is there a bathroom around here?"

    "Right over there. Next to the vending machine that man is using."

    I turned around, and I saw Rory talking to the nurse that'd just sucked me off.

    "Rory!" I said cheerfully out loud. 

    My young brother-in-law rushed toward me, almost running like an excited child. It brought a smile to my face to see him this way.

    "How's it going?" I whispered in his ear as we got into a tight hug.

    "All good. We're still waiting. But everything seems to be fine."

    "How're you feeling? Excited?" I asked, squeezing his upper arms.

    "Kinda, yeah. More like nervous, honestly."

    Looking down, I noticed he was shivering, even though it was very warm in the hospital.

    "Hey," I rubbed his bare arms up and down. "It'll be okay. Really. You're not alone in any of this. You've got the three of us here, not to mention Girl Rory's entire family. We'll be here to help you guys figure shit out as it comes along. Right now, you just need to relax and think about how well everything's going."

    Rory and I had had a few heart-to-heart conversations in the past. But this right here was one of those moments that really brought people together. Rory sighed and rested his weight on me more, falling into another hug. I was happy to oblige. He was the closest thing I had to a brother of my own.

    In the quiet moment, I noticed we were just a few feet from the supply closet where I'd just blown a huge load. I smiled a little to myself. One day, I'll tell Rory the whole story and we'll laugh out loud about it together.

    After a minute, Rory pulled back and took a deep breath, seeming a little better.

    "Thank you. I needed that. But… I also really need to piss," he laughed.

    He turned to the restroom, but continued talking to me. 

    "Where's Taylor?" he asked as he stepped into the single-stall bathroom, holding the door open behind him for a second for me to follow.

    "Um, he's around. I left him in the waiting room a while ago," I replied, stepping into the restroom and closing the door behind me. This might be weird to some, but not Rory and me. After practically living on top of each other for months, there wasn't much mystery to anything, and seeing him take a piss would definitely not be the weirdest thing we've ever done.

    While I answered Rory's question, he stepped in front the toilet and started taking a long piss. When he was done, I noticed him stand at the toilet without putting his cock away just yet. He stood shaking the last drops off, but he also looked like he was starting to space out again. I didn't want to see him go back into the stress spiral.

    I approached him and turned him toward me, forcibly, but not rough. I got right up in his face and said, "Stay with me, Rory. Remember: Relax. Breathe. We're good. You're good."

    He put his face in my shoulder and we hugged once more.

    "Thank you", I heard him whisper. And I just held him tighter.

    I was mildly aware that his pants were still open and I could feel his cock against my bare thigh. As we pressed ourselves together, I thought I could even feel him slowly getting hard. Instinctively, my hand moved from his shoulders down to the small of his back, and I pulled us even closer. Just as instinctively, I felt my own cock reacting to the sensations, even though it had cum mere minutes ago.

    I pulled back a little and put a few inches between us. Looking down, I joked, "Well…seems like at least one part of you is feeling good."

    Rory laughed. I had a crazy idea and before I could second guess it, I went with it.    "Just relax," I said as I gently backed him up to the tiled wall behind him. The memory of the hunky nurse was vivid in my mind as I mirrored his earlier motion, crouching down. At the same time, I unbuttoned Rory's jeans.

My Brother and His Husband

    I wasn't sure how my brother-in-law was going to react. If he told me to stop, I would. But I also knew there was nothing to reset your mood like blowing a load. And what kind of almost-brother would I be if I didn't do whatever it took to help him out at a time like this?

    Rory didn't react at all. Once my intent was clear, he seemed to just rest back on the wall. He was almost fully hard by now, and I firmly took hold of his dick.

    As I leaned in to take it in my mouth, I realized I'd been wanting to do this for a while. It seemed… right. To have this kind of bond, after being so close in many ways. Now, right as he was about to move out. Maybe it was only a matter of time. But who would have guessed it would be today of all days??

    Rory breathed out slowly as his cockhead slid along my tongue. I looked up and noticed his eyes were closed. His head was tilted back and I felt his cock throb. My lips closed around his shaft and I could suddenly taste and smell him. It was fucking incredible, because I already knew his smell! From living with him, but also: because he smelled a lot like Taylor.

    With all of us walking around the apartment naked, I'd noticed my husband's dick was slightly larger than his brother's. Soft, that is. Now that he was hard, Rory could easily one-up his older sibling.

    As with my earlier tryst, I knew we needed to be quick. After all, we wouldn't want Rory to miss the birth of his firstborn because he was getting a blowjob in the hospital bathroom. I moved quickly, savoring his dick, wetting it with my saliva and taking it in my mouth at the same time as stroking it. The nurse who'd sucked me off never asked to be repaid, so this was my way of passing on the service to someone else. 

    After a few minutes, I could tell Rory was nearly there. I took him over the edge gently, with both my hands on his hips. I kept Rory's dick in my mouth as his cum started to pour out. Gliding on my tongue and down my throat, I swallowed all his sperm, the sperm that was just about to make him a father. All throughout, I kept thinking how much he tastes just like his brother.

    After swallowing all his baby-making seed, I stood up and pulled up his pants, tucking his softening cock back in. He hugged me again and we stayed that way for a minute. We didn't exchange words or make eye contact, but there wasn't any kind of awkwardness. Just the opposite. It felt comforting, like we were best friends. Like brothers.

    As we left the restroom, I noticed that Rory seemed a lot more relaxed. The reset button had worked.

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