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DILF Pride


    At first, the wait was excruciating. Both my brother and one of the nurses came out several times to assure us that "everything's okay, it's just taking some time." After a while, the waiting just got tedious more than anything. Until…

    We saw Rory come out of the delivery room. The dopey, ear-to-ear smile on his face was unmistakable. He was sweating so much, it was as if he was the one who'd just given birth. Although to be fair, some of that moisture on his face might've been tears.

    "He's here," Rory said, definitely shedding some tears now. "They're just cleaning him up, but he's here. It's all good."

    Being in public, we should've shown more decorum, but I'm sure this wing of the hospital was used to loud jubilation. My husband, Ian, and I all cheered out loud and jumped to give Rory a hug.

    As soon as he was free, Rory reached for his pocket and pulled out his phone. With his hands shaking, it took him several attempts to open the right app.

    "Guys," he did his best not to stutter, "I'd like you to meet Phoenix Johnston."

    He turned his phone to face us. On the screen was a photo of Rory holding a bundle of blankets. Wrapped in the bundle was his newborn baby boy.

    "Congratulations, buddy," Ian said.

    "Phoenix, that's what you decided to go with?" Owen asked, smiling by my side.

    "Yes. We settled on it earlier today. We didn't want to hyphenate our last names, so we literally tossed a coin," my brother chuckled before looking at me. "I won, so... he'll have our last name."

    "Oh, Rory," I stepped in for a hug and broke down in tears. I told myself I wasn't gonna cry. I don't even like babies! But seeing my baby brother with a baby of his own touched even my cynical heart.

    "Come," Rory patted my back, "they'll put him in the nursery soon so you can see him."


Few Weeks Later…



    I knocked on the door, before realizing I have a key now. I picked up the small package that was left outside the door, before letting myself in and bumping into a stranger who was coming to answer the door.

    "Oh, hi," she said. "You must be Rory. Phoenix's dad."

    "Yeees," I replied slowly, looking around the apartment. On the couch, I saw my son in his mom's arms, which immediately made me smile.

    "Oh, it's here!" Rory said when she saw me and noticed the package in my hand. She put Phoenix down and walked toward me. "Just in time. This is Laetitia, by the way."

    "Hi," I shook the new girl's hand. She had purple yarn string in her long braids and walked away soon thereafter to go play with Phoenix.

    "Is she a friend of yours?" I asked Rory while she opened the package.

    "Actually… She and I are kinda seeing each other."

    "Oh. Cool." 

    Great. My baby's mother beat me in getting a girlfriend.

    "Look at this! Isn't it cute?" Rory had finally opened the box and taken out a piece of fabric. Whatever it was, all I could tell was that is was rainbow-patterned.

    "What is it?" I asked.

    "It's a baby wrap," she said and put it against my chest. "I got it for you to wear at Pride today."

    "I'm not sure about this," I hesitated. "You know how I feel about taking Phoenix out. And taking him to such a crowded event…"

    "Which is why you won't be in the middle of the crowd. You'll stand aside. It's his first Pride, it'll be fun! We're just gonna meet up with a few friends for a bit and then I'll bring him back home. Don't worry, it won't even be that long."

    I wasn't convinced, but as soon as Rory brought our son and put him against my chest, I gave in.

    "Hey sweetie," I offered him my finger to squeeze. "Daddy's taking you to a party today."

    "There you are!" my brother and his husband broke out of the midst of the crowd and walked toward me on the sidewalk. Both of them were wearing as little as they could get away with: Owen a pair of denim shorts with the top button undone, my brother tiny cotton shorts and his large metal chain around his neck.

    "Hey, little one," they immediately went to say hi to Phoenix, strapped against my chest.

    "Don't touch him!" I barked protectively. "God knows where your hands have been."

    "This is a nice wrap," my brother-in-law complimented my rainbow accessory.

    "Thanks. Rory just got it. She's over there somewhere with her girlfriend."

    "Her girlfriend?" my brother raised his eyebrows. "Hear that, Phoenix? There's an evil stepmother in the picture already."

    "Very funny," I said sarcastically, rocking my baby. "I hope they get back soon. I think we've had enough of being out for one day."

    "Speaking of getting you stuff," Owen chimed in, handing me a paper carrier bag, "we got you something as well."

    I reached inside the bag and pulled out a white T-shirt. When I opened it, I saw that it said DILF Pride on the front.

    "Very cute," I said, and I wasn't being sarcastic this time. "I'll put it on later. No joke, this DILF thing is real! Do you know how many looks I've gotten standing around here with a baby wrapped around my chest, from both guys and girls?!"

    "Bet they wouldn't mind being wrapped around your chest next," my brother winked at me.

    Just then, Rory and Laetitia appeared from the crowd. Introductions were made all around, and I was relieved of daddy duty. Very carefully, we took Phoenix and wrapped him against his mother's chest, and they left to go back to her apartment.

    "Okay boys," I said, pulling my shirt off my sweaty chest and putting my arms around my brother's and Owen's bare shoulders, which were covered in sweat. "Time for Daddy to get drunk!"



    We all stumbled into the apartment, unsure of what time it was but also not caring too much. At some point after leaving the last bar, which was close to our place, we'd decided that Rory would crash at ours instead of going back home to Brooklyn on his own.

    My brother was still rocking his DILF Pride tee, though it had acquired a few stains from spilled drinks and other mishaps. Owen and I remarkably still had our shorts and briefs on. Both of us had had them pulled down repeatedly over the course of the day and evening, by one another as well as by assorted strangers. As frisky as many gay guys often were, they were on steroids for Pride. I had had a few fingers in my ass on crowded dance floors tonight, and of course everyone was always trying to cop a feel of my husband's huge cock. Meanwhile, my younger brother just danced next to us, unbothered by the action.

    Back at home, the three of us didn't speak much as we all downed some water and shucked our clothes off in preparation for passing out. I heard Owen do a wolf whistle and I turned to see Rory facing away from us with his shorts on the floor. And to my surprise: he was wearing a jock!

    "Are you a jock boy now, Rory?" I teased playfully as my brother laughed at Owen's whistling. He then wiggled his ass a couple of times jokingly. It did look really nice framed by the white straps.

    "Nah," Rory responded, looking back over his shoulder with a grin. "I was out of clean underwear so I raided Ian's drawer and all he had in there was jockstraps."

    "Maybe you should try that more often," my husband said, slurring his words a little. "That ass is worth showing off." He followed that remark by walking past my brother and smacking Rory's left ass cheek on his way to the bedroom. For a second I got a mental image of my husband, the high school athlete, doing that with his buddies in the locker room.

    "Hey!" Rory shouted, and immediately chased after Owen. I watched through the doorway as they both fell onto our bed in a faux wrestling match. It didn't last long and a few moments later they were both lying on their backs, laughing and catching their breath.

    They were quite a sight there on top of the duvet. My smooth, muscled hubby naked on one side, my hairy and lean brother in his jock on the other. And that empty spot in between them looked like a perfect fit for me! I walked up to the the bed, wearing my tight briefs, and slithered in there for some cuddles with my two favorite guys.

    "I'm not sure I can get up again... the room's kinda spinning," Rory said with a beleaguered groan. I couldn't blame him. We were all exhausted.

    "Don't get up," I responded, struggling to speak while yawning. "You can just sleep here with us." 

    No more was said after that, and unconsciousness quickly came over all of us.

    Over the next few hours, I got up a few times for the normal post-drinking cycle of pissing and having more water. I was vaguely aware of Owen and Rory doing the same. Every time someone returned to the bed, we all cuddled back up, cherishing the warmth and togetherness.

    At some point in the night I woke up again to another sensation— the enticing smell of my husband's body. My head was on Owen's upper arm and I was on my side with my back to Rory, my face right in Owen's armpit. As usual, my body reacted to the scent without my brain having any say in the matter. My cock got fully erect and I pushed it up against my husband's hip.

    My hand went to Owen's dick, which was still soft but started to harden as I slowly stroked it. His breathing didn't change and he continued to sleep as I tried to be gentle, but I was quickly getting extremely turned on. The combination of things was adding up perfectly for me – the naughtiness of playing with Owen while he slept, his intoxicating smell and the lingering drunkenness. My other arm was wedged between me and Owen and I tried to use that as leverage so I could grind my cock on him harder.

    I backed my ass up more and more and suddenly it ran up against something behind me. Rory. For a moment, I had forgotten he was in our bed too. Now that we were here, I didn't let that stop me. He was asleep, and we'd messed around plenty of times in front of him anyway. My ass bumped back on him more each time I was going to push up against Owen and I suddenly realized that Rory was on his side facing the same way I was, almost spooning me. And the part of him I was rubbing back against was the pouch of the jock he still had on.

    I kept going, closing my eyes again and picturing the three of us in my mind. Me in my underwear, wedged between these two gorgeous studs. Owen's thick cock in my hand. In my dazed state I could suddenly see us as if I were looking down from the ceiling, almost an out-of-body experience. It was a fucking hot image that got me even more worked up as I continued my slow rhythm.

    Whether it was from the contact with my ass, a good dream, or just the normal nightly blood flow, I realized after a while that Rory was also getting hard. There was no mistaking that sensation against my ass, with just two layers of cotton in between us. I felt my heart racing with excitement. This suddenly felt even more illicit and naughty. I was the only one awake and was getting both of my bedmates hard in their sleep. And one of them was my brother.

    "Fuck it," I thought. I doubled down on what I was doing. It felt too good to stop. So many hard cocks. Owen's filling my palm. Mine close by, pushing against my husband and starting to steadily ooze precum into my briefs. And my brother's, by now rock hard from having my firm ass rubbing on it.

    I was starting to wonder if I was going to be able to make myself cum without touching my cock. My head was spinning and I felt like I was getting close. This was so wild! Then I felt Owen stirring, and his cock throbbed in my hand. He grunted and then suddenly his arms were around me. I collapsed into his strength and as he turned me onto my other side with one motion.

    The next thing I felt was him pulling down the back of my briefs. He was awake now, and I knew what was coming next. I opened my eyes and realized I was now face to face with Rory, as I felt my husband's huge dick going inside my hole.



    I slowly felt myself coming awake for some reason, in that extremely gradual way where I was still half in a dream, but conscious of it. In the dream I was... humping someone. That was the word that came to my mind for whatever reason, juvenile as it sounded. In the haze of my mind, first it was Girl Rory, then it was Ian. Then my college ex, Mia, and then... Michael, my college roommate?[1] That was funny to me, and the chuckle I let out kicked me out of the dream state more fully.

    I felt the mattress moving in a slow rhythm, and I opened my eyes. Taylor's face was only a few inches from mine and I was suddenly staring at him. He was looking right back at me and we made intense eye contact. I inhaled sharply and felt myself get goosebumps all over without knowing why.

    My brother's mouth was a little bit open but half-smiling and he was breathing heavily. When I heard Owen breathing the same way, I realized what they were up to: fucking. Of course they were, I thought. That's practically their natural state. I smiled back at my brother, and in that moment I felt our bond so strongly. That was what the goosebumps were from, I realized. That connection we shared that was unlike anything else.

    I reached up with my hand and slowly stroked the side of Taylor's face. He closed his eyes as I did that and let out a contented sigh. He was happy, and that made me happy. I continued to move my fingers on his temple and jaw and he moved his head against my hand, almost nuzzling it.

    He opened his eyes again and we stared at one another. I'm not sure if I pulled him toward me, or if he moved that way, or if he was being pushed by Owen. My brother's head was now right next to mine and I could feel his breath on my ear. My hand moved down a little to his shoulder to pull him in more, and I could feel the heat of Owen's body behind him.

    "I love you," Taylor whispered to me.

    "I love you, too," I whispered back. With my hand on his skin, I could feel his goosebumps as well, just as intense as mine.

    His head pressed against mine more and moved lower, his face now against my neck. I was almost embracing him and the sweat on both our chests mixed together. I could feel his hardness press against my thigh, pushing against me in time with Owen's thrusts, which were picking up speed.

    Suddenly, my brother was breathing faster and I heard him moan softly. He was cumming. It was wild to feel the spasms from his cock through his briefs, right up against my leg. Those kept going as he came, until I could feel the warmth and wetness of his cum touching my skin through the fabric of his briefs.

    Owen followed with his own orgasm a moment later. Both of them had been on the quieter side, with soft moans and deep breaths. No shouting or crying out. This was a tender, loving fuck in the wee hours, not one of their usual wild poundings.

    I had seen and heard my brother and his husband have sex plenty of times in the past year. I was pretty sure at times they got off on me being there. But this was the first time I had ever felt like I was part of it. Even though it wasn't sexual for me, it was emotional and satisfying all the same. I realized I had also been breathing fast through both their orgasms, and as those tapered off we all pulled closer together and relaxed. My arm was around Taylor and my hand was pressed between his upper back and Owen's muscular chest. Taylor's arm went around my waist and pulled me in. And I felt Owen's arm go around both of us, his hand gripping my bicep tightly and tenderly before relaxing there. That is how we all fell asleep that night.

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[1] More on Rory's college experience and his roommate Michael in My Brother and His Husband: Closer than Brothers

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