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    I was woken in the morning by the sounds of a blender. I opened my eyes slowly and it took me a few seconds to realize I was in my brother's living room.

    I got up and stretched, before I realized I was sporting major morning wood in my boxers. 

    "Good morning," my brother's husband Owen came from the kitchen area. "Sorry for waking you up."

    "No, don't be," I said, yawning. "I went to bed early last night." There's no way he didn't notice my erection, but he didn't comment on it.

    "Just got back from a run and had to make a smoothie," he said, still panting. I looked him up and down. He was drenched in sweat and wearing nothing but sneakers and a pair a basketball shorts, sagging dangerously low.

    There were a ton of athletic guys at school (myself included, to a degree) but being a personal trainer, Owen's body was next level! It was impossible not to stare at his chiseled six-pack and broad shoulders, regardless if you were into guys or not. I admired his physique as he stretched in front of me. 

    "No worries," I said, "I gotta get used to getting up early anyway, before I start work next week."

    "I also got us some bagels for breakfast," my brother-in-law said, drinking his smoothie.

    "Great, thanks! I'm just gonna go for a piss real quick."

    I went to the bathroom, pissed (my erection mostly gone by this point) and brushed my teeth. When I went back to the kitchen, my brother Taylor was there as well. 

    "I'm gonna go grab a shower," Owen said and gave my brother a kiss. I took a seat at the table, while Taylor got everything ready for breakfast. The sun shining into the room felt warm and amazing. My brother and I were both in our underwear, and he had his padlocked chain on. From the dining table, I caught a quick peek of Owen coming out of their room and walking the few feet to the bathroom naked.

    "Any plans for the day?" Owen asked a few minutes later when we were all at the table, eating and drinking coffee.

    "Uh, I think I'll just walk around the neighborhood, see what's around. Maybe get on Tinder and meet some of your female neighbors," I smiled.

    "You stand a good chance now," Taylor said. "A few years ago, this neighborhood was all gay people. Then y'all had to come and, well..."

    "Ruin everything? On behalf of my people, I apologize," I joked. "I'll try to keep my heteronormativity at bay as much as possible."

    "Please do," Owen smiled. "This is very gay household."

    He reached for the chain around my brother's neck with his right arm and yanked it, pulling him in for a long kiss. 

    The rest of the time over breakfast, the two of them gave me tips of places to check out in the area, and how to get around. We talked a bit more about how living in a dorm compares to life right after college. Soon, it was time for Owen to head to the gym.

    "I'm working tonight," Taylor said, "and Owen's coming to hang out at the bar. You should come."

    "Sounds fun," I said. 

    "Great. See you then," Owen got up, patted my shoulder, then gave my brother another kiss before heading out.

    I went back to the bathroom to take a shower before going out. Just like my brother and Owen's bedroom, the bathroom was a mess. There were clothes lying around (mostly underwear, since that's all they wore for the most part), and a bunch of scattered toiletries. There was a huge amount of condoms and several bottles of lube. I was surprised they still used condoms, since they were married, but at least I knew where to get some when I needed them.



    Over breakfast, I was very happy to see how easygoing everyone was. I should've known better than to worry about Rory staying with us. He was a cool kid, and he and I were always chill round each other. We shared a room for years. I was the one who told him what masturbation was.

    He really seemed to have grown in college. At his age, I wasn't even out yet. But it seemed like every year, things were getting easier for gay kids, at least the ones who were lucky enough. My brother knew so many outspoken queer kids from school that I'm sure even I could learn a few things about it from him

    As we had breakfast and talked about the weather and the best places to get coffee round where we lived in Hell's Kitchen,  I was thrilled how "normal" everything felt. If Rory heard us fucking last night, he didn't say anything and didn't act awkward. I tried to keep it down as my husband was fucking me, but it was impossible to do. Plus, Rory was probably staying with us for a few months, and it was unrealistic to expect he'd never hear us at it. We liked to fuck daily, so he might as well get used to it.

    That evening, Rory and Owen were both still out as I started to get ready for work. I jumped in the shower, leaving the bathroom door open as always, so the tiny windowless bathroom doesn't turn into a steam room. 

    As usual, I paid special attention to my neck, which could get irritated from wearing a heavy chain nonstop; and my dick, locked in a steel cock cage.

    My husband not only had the key for the lock around my neck, he was also my key holder for my cage. I only got to cum with his permission. Last night, he fucked me with my cage on and never let me cum, which turned me on. I knew that when it finally happened, it would be so worth it. Besides, he was always a rough fucker, but last night I got the impression that he was going extra strong just to make me whimper and scream out loud enough to wake my brother up. I loved how his kinky mind worked. In the shower, I started to chub up thinking about it, until the bars of my cage prevented me from getting any bigger.

    I took my time toweling myself dry, when Rory burst into the bathroom.

    "Oops, sorry, didn't know you were here!" he said, lifting the toilet lid. "Gotta piss. Too much coffee."

    Throughout it all, he looked at me and I saw his eyes focus on my cock cage for a second or two. He continued to piss casually and didn't say anything, but I'm sure he noticed it. Do I say something, I thought, but decided to ignore it as well. 

    "So what time are we going out?" Rory asked, zipping up and washing his hands as I stood next to him naked, toweling myself dry.

    "I start work in half an hour. You and Owen can drop by later. The bar's only a couple of minutes from here."

    "Ah, cool. Well, have a nice shift. I'll see you soon," he smiled at me and left the bathroom.



    "Chilling with our new roommate," the text said. I opened it, and it was a photo of my husband and his brother nearly naked, in just their underwear, hugging each other in our living room.

    "Fuck," I thought and licked my lips.

    It was the first day of my husband's little brother coming to stay with us. Their mom had just dropped him off this morning. While I was at work, the two brothers seemed to be drinking beer and hanging out together. 

    I looked at the photo. They both looked so hot. I'd been training Taylor for a while now, and it was really starting to show. Rory was a bit smaller, but nonetheless very cute.

    I started to get hard in front of my client who was on the floor doing sit-ups, and I had to adjust my dick in my shorts. "My husband's in for one hell of a fuck when I get home," I thought.

    Growing up with two sisters, I was always jealous of my friends who had brothers. Especially the ones who were close with them, like my husband and his brother were. I knew they felt comfortable being naked in front of each other, and mentioning sex or jerking off wasn't taboo.

    To this day, I was still jealous of guys who got to grow up like that. Maybe that's why I suggested Rory come and stay with us, so I could see the two of them live together first-hand.

    The following evening, Rory and I were going out to the bar where Taylor worked.

    "So where is this place? Taylor said it's just a couple of minutes away," Rory asked as we left the apartment.

    "Oh yeah, it's literally just around the corner. That's how he got the job, we're there all the time, we're friends with the owner."

    We got to the bar in no time, a huge rainbow flag waving above the door. It was packed. In recent years, gay bars were shutting down left and right, leaving everyone to congregate at fewer places like this.

    I waved at my husband when I saw him behind the bar. He was bartending shirtless again tonight. As soon as he was done serving the two guys there before us, I pulled him by the chain I put around his neck, in for a kiss over the bar.

    "How's my boy doing tonight?" I yelled over the music. "Making good tips?"

    "Yeah, it's been a good night. What are you having, gin and tonics?"

    "Yeah. Rory would like that, right?"

    I got our drinks, gave Taylor another quick kiss and went back to Rory, who was standing next to a couple of bears making out.

    "Cheers. To lots of fun now that you're here," I said in his ear.

    "To lots of fun!"

    I knew everyone there thought Rory was gay and that I was trying to pick him up. Everybody who was a regular knew that even though Taylor and I were married, we liked to play with other guys as well.

    Over the next couple of hours, Rory and I talked (as much as the loud music allowed), danced (he wasn't bad for a straight boy) and got plenty of drinks at the bar. I saw guys flirt with my husband and stuff tips in his pants, which always made me proud.

    "That's why he does it shirtless!" Rory noted.

    Taylor had a couple of drinks while bartending, then joined us when his shift was over an hour before closing time. He wanted to catch up so he kept getting us shots until we were all wasted, and giggling at every little thing.

    My husband never put his shirt on while talking to us. I tucked my hand in the back of his pants, squeezing his ass, while talking to his little brother and holding my drink with my other hand. When Taylor and Rory started talking, I let my index finger find its way between my husband's cheeks, and to his hole. While he talked, I started pressing against his asshole, then slowly going in it. I loved listening to him talk and try to control his voice, as he chatted with his brother while being finger-fucked.

    We made our noisy way home when the bar closed, Taylor and I stopping every couple of feet to make out in the street.

    Three seconds after walking into the apartment, we were all in our underwear. Rory went to make his sofa bed, and my husband and I went to our room.

    "Come here," I said pulling him in.

    "Can I shower first?" he asked. "I feel a bit sticky."

    I pulled down his briefs, and turned Taylor around. I gave his bubble butt a few smacks, then sent him over to the shower. A short while later, I decided to join him there. I pulled down my own underwear and went to the bathroom.

    I got in the shower with my husband, leaving the door and shower curtain open behind me. We started making out until I was hard, the alcohol making us even more aggressive and sloppy than usual. He pinched my nipples gently and I gave his a tight pinch, making him squirm. 

    I was horny, and ready to fuck. I turned him around and fingered his ass for a bit, before thrusting my hard cock inside of it.

    "Aaah!" he yelled out in pleasure.

    We only fucked for a couple of minutes before his brother walked into the bathroom.

    "Don't mind me," he said casually. "Gotta brush my teeth."

    I smiled. Taylor, his eyes closed, didn't say anything.

    Rory started to brush his teeth, looking at the mirror over the sink, where he could also see us.

    I started to fuck his brother faster.

    "You got any plans for tomorrow?" I asked over the sound of the running water and my balls smacking against my husband's thighs.

    "Not really," Rory replied, his mouth full of toothpaste. He and I made eye contact in the mirror. "Just hang out again. Not much to do."

    "Why don't you drop by the gym? I can get you a free month if you want."

    He spit out the toothpaste and rinsed his mouth.

    "Really?" he turned around, how facing the two of us in the shower. I continued to fuck Taylor, clutching his chain like a rein, while talking to his brother, maintaining eye contact. "That'd be really cool," Rory said.

    "Yeah, no problem, man," I said, thrusting faster and faster, as Taylor started to moan softly. I felt my balls tighten, and my dick ready to shoot. "I'll text you the address. If you drop by between 9 and 10, I can get you settled and show you around."

    "Thanks bro, appreciate it. See you guys tomorrow. Good night."

    "Night," Taylor said, turning around, managing to moan out a single word as his brother left the bathroom.

    "Aaah! Aaaaah! AAAAH!!" I screamed out loudly a split second later as I filled up Taylor's hole with my cum.

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