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Cum, Sweat, and Tears


    By the time I woke up with a mild hangover in the morning, my husband Owen had already gone to work and my brother Rory had already prepared breakfast for us.

    "Thought you might be hungry when you wake up," he said with a discreet smile, "after last night."

    Oh shit, it was all coming back to me. All those drinks and shots at the bar. My husband teasing me and playing with my ass right there. And then we came home and we... fucked in the shower. And my little brother walked in and we just... kept going.

    I reached for a large cup of coffee, taking a gulp in silence.

    True, my brother and I were always close, and we never acted like sex and masturbation were something shameful, that's just not how we grew up. And true, I knew that him moving in with us meant he'd be exposed to some of the many kinky ways my husband and I liked to get down. But fuck, he was still my little brother. I never wanted to cross a line or make him feel uncomfortable.

    "About that," I said after clearing my throat, "I'm sorry if last night was weird or anything."

    "Oh, it was weird alright," he laughed, "but no need to be sorry."

    "I think I drank too much," I admitted, "it makes me.. frisky. And the whole thing in the bathroom..."

    "Taylor, I told you, it's fine. I said I want you guys to do whatever it is you'd do if I weren't here and I meant it."

    "I just don't want you to feel uncomfortable..."

    "I didn't. If I did, I wouldn't have walked into the bathroom."

    Good point. I took another large sip of coffee. Slowly, my head was starting to clear up.

    We sat in silence for a few minutes and ate the muffins Rory got for us downstairs.

    "There was something I wanted to ask you about," he said after a few minutes, "but it's not really appropriate breakfast conversation."

    "Oh, so now we're being all 'appropriate.' C'mon, out with it."

    "When I saw you come out the shower last night, before you went to work, you had something on your dick..."

    "My cock cage?" I said. I looked down. Rory and I were both sitting at the table in our underwear, but I was wearing a particularly tight pair that you could see the cage through.

    "Yeah. I know it's none of my business, but I was just wondering what that's all about."

    "Well," I said and then paused, trying hard to think of a way to explain this. "It's another thing Owen has the key for. And I'm not forced to wear it, I chose to, it was my idea. I know it sounds weird, but... I get off on the idea that he has that control. It's hard to explain..."

    "Listen, that's fine," he interrupted me. "You don't owe me an explanation. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, you know, that everything's fine."

    I smiled.

    "You know, I'm the big brother," I said, "I should be the one taking care of you."

    "I'm old enough for it to go both ways." 

    Rory looked at me with confidence in his eyes and for the first time ever, he didn't feel like my little brother, but another adult man sitting in front of me. I almost teared up.

    "Thanks, buddy," I said. "I just don't want you to think I'm some sorta freak."

    My brother put down his cup of coffee, and walked around the table to sit next to me.

    "Remember that kid that used to always pick on me when I was around nine?" he said out of nowhere. "The one that stopped after you confronted him?"

    "Vaguely," I answered.

    "And remember when I stole money from Mom's purse and you said it was you so I wouldn't get in trouble?"

    "That I do remember!" I laughed, "I was grounded for a week."

    "My point is," he reached for my hand and put it in his, "you're my big brother. That didn't stop when you came out as gay. You'll always be my brother, even if you murdered someone. So don't worry about me thinking you're a freak, I don't! I only asked about the... cock cage, because I wanted to make sure Owen's treating you right."

    Now I was tearing up, and smiling at the same time.

    "He is," I said softly.

    "Good," Rory said and patted my hand. "'Cause we both know I could take him if I wanted to." 

    We laughed. 

    "Speaking of Owen," I said, wiping my tears away. For some reason I felt more awkward crying in front of my brother than being fucked in front of him. "Are you meeting him at the gym today?"

    "Yeah, I need to leave any minute now. I see it's just a couple of minutes' walk from here. You guys like to keep things in the neighborhood."

    "We didn't move to the gayborhood for nothing," I said. "Listen, how 'bout I join you? Just give me a couple of minutes to pack a few things and I'll be ready."

    "Sounds good, bro," he shot me another confident smile.



    The sun shined brightly as Taylor and I walked to the gym. Owen met us out front and arranged for me to get a month's trial membership for free, after which the two of us went to change.

    From the moment we walked into the locker room I could tell that this was a "gay gym." It was in the weird little details. Like how so many of the guys were better-groomed than average. How so many of them seemed to know each other and chatted while changing, in a way that seemed not just friendly but flirty as well. How many of them took their time walking around naked or applying body lotion right in front of everyone.

    My own brother seemed very comfortable as well. He didn't seem self-conscious at all about wearing his big padlocked chain, or a steel cage on his dick. I admired his confidence as we changed next to each other.

    "Fuck, I didn't bring any underwear," I said, standing there naked and going through my bag.

    "You can always go commando," Taylor said with a smile, "or here. I usually have a couple pairs in my gym bag."

    He handed me a white jockstrap with a colorful waistband.

    "Just my style," I joked, but I accepted it and put it on.

    "Here," my brother said, and adjusted the straps in the back for me, letting go so they'd hit my asscheeks with a slap.

    "Asshole," I smiled.

    We put the rest of our clothes on and headed to the gym floor.

    "I just hope I've washed that jock since the last time I wore it," he said.

    "Now you tell me!"

    The workout area looked even gayer than the locker room. 95% of the clientele seemed to be men, most of them in great shape, donning colorful and expensive-looking gym clothes that left very little to the imagination.

    Owen was too busy to spend too much time with us while we worked out, but he popped by every now and then for a chat, to give us some pointers, and to kiss my brother and give his ass a squeeze. I was happy they felt free to be so affectionate in public. I knew that to this day, many gay people were made to feel scared to be that way.

    Even with all the other hunks around us, Owen really stood out. He wore the red T-shirt that was a part of his uniform, and a pair of black short shorts that really accentuated the thickness of his thighs. They were sagging low and revealed the waistband of the jockstrap he wore underneath and a hint of ass crack every time he bent down, which for some reason always attracted my attention.

    After an hour and a half, I was totally beat. My brother gave Owen a long goodbye kiss (attracting the attention of several interested guys around them) and then he and I headed back to the locker room. There, Taylor used two keys that Owen had given him to remove his chain and cage (I was surprised to see him do it right there, but there was no one around us) before he headed to the sauna with me.

    The sauna was adjacent to the locker room and men-only as well. When Taylor and I walked in, wearing nothing but white towels wrapped around our waists, there were two guys in there already, obviously playing with each other. When they saw us come in, they wrapped their towels back around their waists (which did nothing to hide their erections!) and walked out together.

    Taylor and I just laughed as we sat next to each other. 

    "Does that happen a lot round here?" I asked.

    "Oh, yeah! All the time."

    "Well now I feel bad for interrupting their fun."

    "I wouldn't worry about them. They're probably back at it in the showers."

    "They didn't have to move just because of us."

    My brother turned around so he was facing me, and raised his eyebrows.

    "You're telling me you wouldn't mind if those two guys jerked each other off in front of you?"

    "I mean, not really?"

    "Huh. You know, you seem really chill for a straight guy."

    I just raised my shoulders and smiled.

    "Have you ever had a guy jerk off in front of you?" Taylor asked me.

    "I have. Several," I said, teasingly.

    "Fuck outta here," he said and laughed. 

    Just then, the sauna door opened and a guy walked in, saying a quiet hello and nodding his head at us. He was tall, probably 6'6", and went to sit right across from us. His body was fit and muscular, but more of a swimmer's or runner's build than that of a bodybuilder. His face looked like he was my age, but his size made him seem older.

    As soon as the guy took a seat, I noticed my brother start to act differently. He sat with his legs spread wide open, his knee touching mine, and started rubbing his sweat all over his body. This got the other guy's attention, who kept looking at us. My brother then started to slip his hand into his own towel, grabbing his dick. This made the tall guy do the same.

    He and Taylor made eye contact. "Go ahead," Taylor told him quietly, and the guy licked his full lips, and whipped out his dick.

    I kept looking back and forth, unsure what was going on. It only took the guy a few seconds to get hard, and he started full-on stroking his cock in front of us, sweat dripping down his body. His dick was long, with a glistening mushroom head, and from what I could tell shaved balls and trimmed pubes. 

    My brother sat on my right, fully hard under his towel as well, but kept it tucked away. As I looked at him and then the masturbating guy, I realized I was starting to get hard as well.

    Taylor shot me a mischievous look and bit his lower lip. The other guy, meanwhile, kept making eye contact with both of us as he jerked off.

    My brother looked down at my towel and realized I was just as hard as he was by now.

    "I'm gonna go take a shower," he said suddenly, with a devilish grin, and got up.

    I was so confused. The heat was starting to get to me. I sat for a few seconds and got up to leave the sauna as well.

    "Wait!" the tall guy called after me. "Can I cum in front of you?"

    I looked him in the eyes and realized how beautiful they are.

    "Yes," I said and sat back down. 

    Now that we were alone and we'd exchanged a few words, the guy really started to go to town in front of me. He stroked his dick up and down faster and faster, holding it with his right hand and pulling on his balls with his left.

    Meanwhile, my own cock was getting painfully hard in my towel. 

    Oh fuck it, I figured and unwrapped my towel and started jerking off as well. 

    Oh my fucking god I've never been so horny, I thought, and spit on my hand before picking up speed. It was a combination of the heat, the sweat, the guy in front of me, and the fact that my own brother had instigated all this, that made me ready to cum in just a couple of minutes.

    Suddenly, the guy got up. It only took his long legs a couple steps to walk up to me. He stood right in front of me and looked me in the eye. I could tell, by the look on his face and how fast he was jerking off, that he was ready to cum as well. He kept looking at me, as if asking for permission to cum on me. I gave a faint nod. 

    Next thing I know, shots of white jizz exploded from both of our dicks all over my stomach and chest. The cum, mixed with my sweat from the sauna, ran down my torso. As soon as he was done busting several shots, the guy scooped up our mixed jizz with the long fingers on his right hand and put them in his mouth.

    "Fuck," I said out loud. I gave my dick a few more slow strokes, breathing deeply. I was getting dizzy, but felt too weak to get up just yet.

    The guy smiled, then sat on his towel next to me. 

    "Are you and that other guy together?" he asked me unexpectedly. 

    "No," I shook my head.

    He smiled at me, offered me his right hand, and said, "What's your name?"

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