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Summer 2017, Pt. II


    Growing up, I felt like the only boy in the world who didn't have a brother. Looking back, I now know how silly this was, but it just so happened that all of the other boys I was best friends with had at least one brother. My dad had a brother. I liked my sisters, but I felt excluded from some secret brotherhood... quite literally.

    When I first stepped into Rory's bedroom, which he used to share with my boyfriend Taylor when they were kids, I looked around it as if it were at a museum. Neither of them lived here full-time anymore; Rory was in college and it'd been years since Taylor moved to New York. Still, the room had plenty of remnants from when the two brothers were roommates; from the old posters on the walls to the old desktop computer they used to share.

    That very same room was where we would all be spending the night. I think Taylor's parents expected me to crash on the couch, but he insisted we could squeeze into his old bed, and Rory said he didn't mind. So after a VERY entertaining evening, watching a movie with the family (and fingering my boyfriend's ass until he came under the cover), Rory and Taylor's parents retired to their bedroom, and the three of us hung out in the living room for a little bit longer before heading to bed.

    "You guys go ahead, I'll be there in a minute," my boyfriend said from the couch. I knew exactly what the issue was: he had cum all over his shorts, so he wanted everyone to leave before he could get up. I winked at him, and followed Rory to the bedroom.

    "So what was it like growing up around here?" I asked him as we walked down the hall together.

    "I dunno, boring. What's it like growing up most places?"

    "Really, it was boring growing up with Taylor?"

    "Oh no, Taylor was great. And with the age difference between us, it worked pretty well. 'Cause he was here when I was growing up, so I could go to him if there was something I didn't wanna tell my parents. But then he moved out right before I hit high school, so I could finally get some privacy, you know what I mean?"

    "Haha, yeah," I chuckled, even though I could only imagine. We were in the bedroom now, and Rory left to go to the bathroom. I heard the tap running and assumed he was brushing his teeth. I looked around, wondering what to sleep in tonight. I always slept naked, for years now, but that was hardly appropriate in this case. Should I sleep in the sweatpants I had on, or would getting down to my underwear be okay?

    I heard someone walk in behind me. I assumed it was Taylor but I turned around to see Rory, who was now wearing nothing but his underwear: a pair of short green boxers with yellow stars on them. He had a toothbrush in his mouth and continued chatting with me while brushing his teeth.

    I looked his body up and down real fast, to notice he was in decent shape, before I quickly looked away. I didn't want to stare. But also, I caught myself smiling. This felt... really good. Not because I was seeing my boyfriend's brother nearly naked or anything sexual like that. But because Rory felt like we were cool enough that he could walk around like this in front of me. Encouraged by it, I took my shirt off and pulled down my sweats to get down to my white boxer-briefs. 

    "Holy shit," Rory mumbled, almost letting his toothbrush fall out of his mouth. "I knew you worked at a gym, but sheesh."

    Unable to hide my smile, I flexed my large pecs a couple of times (and noticed Rory looking at them). "One of the perks of the job," I added.

    "Yeah, well I can see why my brother ended up with you."

    Rory went back to the bathroom to spit out the toothpaste, leaving me grinning to myself in my tight white underwear. Looking down, I realized just how noticeable my bulge was in these. 

    I woke up a couple of times over the course of the night. Due to the bed being smaller than what Taylor and I had at home, we were smushed in closer together. Every time I woke up I had a raging boner, and had to fight back the temptation to slide down the underwear Taylor slept in and start fucking him right there.

    Finally, in the morning, I woke up with a hand stroking my boner from top to bottom. Fuck, this was the perfect way to wake up! I enjoyed the rubbing sensation all along my cock. Even with my eyes closed, I could recognize Taylor's technique.

    It took me a few moments to regain consciousness. I looked around, wondering where I was, before I remembered we were in Taylor's childhood bedroom. I looked at the other bed in the room and saw that his brother was gone; there was nothing on Rory's bed except the green boxers he'd worn last night. 

    "Mmm," I stretched in bed and enjoyed the handjob I was getting. I drifted into a state of half-sleep, where I was only aware of the hand on my cock. After a while, Taylor seemed to stop and my eyes slowly opened. I saw him stand up and yawn, and he said "I'm gonna go downstairs for some breakfast, babe. You can sleep in if you want."

    "I've got a better idea," I said, getting up, and surprising Taylor with a kiss. Unexpectedly, we both fell back onto Rory's bed. Taylor was laughing and had a big smile on his face. I'm sure he preferred this over sleeping in.

    After making out for a few minutes, which got Taylor's cock as hard as mine, I pulled back from our kiss, looked him in the eye, and flipped him over. Early on, I'd learned how much he loved being handled like this and that he got off on how I could lift him up so easily. He spread his legs and I moved mine in between them, leaning forward again and putting some of my weight on his back.

    Whispering into his ear, I asked a question that I knew, after last night, would get him worked up even more.

    "I'm gonna fuck that perfect ass of yours right now, babe," I said softly. "Right here on your brother's bed. And he could come in here any minute. You cool with that?"

    Taylor moaned a little and pushed his ass up at me more before he answered.

    "He's downstairs having breakfast... He won't... Mmm... He won't be up here for a while."

    Satisfied with the all-clear, I shifted my lower body into position. As I eased my cockhead up against Taylor's ass, I felt all the precum leaking out of my cock, lubing up my boyfriend's hole. Smiling, I pushed into him more forcefully than I would have otherwise, getting most of my cock in with one thrust. I knew it was a lot to take, and my cock throbbed inside him as I heard him moan more loudly than he probably meant to. His family was just downstairs, after all. But I loved the risk... and so did he.

    "You little slut," I said as I slid almost all the way out of him, leaving the swollen head of my cock just barely inside his hole. "Were you planning on fucking me awake again?" A few times at home, Taylor had woken me up similarly to this morning, but instead of his hand on my cock it had been his ass sliding down onto my morning boner. Before he could answer, I shoved my cock back into him quickly, this time giving him my full length.

    "Ugh!" my boyfriend moaned loudly. "Maybe..." he added playfully, squeezing his ass muscles around my cock. I started thrusting back and forth at a slow pace, and we didn't speak for a while, focusing on our mutual pleasure. After a few minutes we shifted position slightly, and rather than looking sideways I saw him shove his face right into the pillow. Rory's pillow. I reached with one hand and pushed the back of his head down gently.

    "Can you smell him?" I asked softly but with a commanding tone. "Do you smell your little brother while I'm nailing you on his bed?"

    Taylor replied with an affirmative moan, muffled by the pillow. I started fucking him a little harder and faster, still pushing his face down. I noticed Rory's worn boxers next to me on the bed, and some naughty inspiration hit me. Straightening up my back, I let go of Taylor's head and slid my hand down to the middle of his chest, pulling him up about a foot. His arms moved to brace himself if needed, but he relaxed and it felt hot to be holding the weight of his entire upper body for a moment. With my other hand, I grabbed Rory's boxers and tossed them onto the pillow where Taylor's face had been a moment before.

    I eased him back down and moved my hand back to his head, pushing him into the pillow again, this time with his brother's dirty underwear right in his face.

    "How about now?" I said, picking up the pace of my thrusting even more. Before Taylor managed to reply, I felt his cock throb from inside his ass.

    "Oh fuck..." he moaned. "Yes!"

    We kept going, and I eventually moved my hand from his head to better brace myself for harder fucking. He left his head pressed into Rory's boxers, however, as if I were still pushing him down. I was getting so turned on seeing how into this he was, and I wondered how much further I could push it. I grabbed his waist and pulled us back into a dog style position. He didn't resist and our rhythm immediately adjusted, but this time he was able to push his ass back onto me more. It changed how his ass slid up and down my cock and it felt amazing. I loved fucking this man so much.

    I reached forward with one hand and grabbed the boxers off the pillow.

    "Open your mouth," I said quickly, and I didn't have to look to know he would comply. I got the center front of the boxers placed perfectly on two extended fingers, and then I shoved the cotton-covered digits into his mouth.

    "Now you can taste your brother too, boy," I said, realizing I was close to unloading. I felt Taylor's lips close around my fingers and his tongue press into the fabric. I slowly withdrew my hand, leaving the boxers stuffed into his mouth as I grabbed him at the waist again.

    He was letting out low but steady moans, not holding back now that the sounds were muffled. I pulled him back into me aggressively, just as I slammed my pelvis forward again and again. I wasn't holding back either, and I could feel myself building to an intense climax. Suddenly, the sensations around my cock changed. Taylor's ass got tighter and I could feel the pressure along my entire shaft. That's all it took and I started shooting my load deep into his ass.

    After the first couple spurts, I realized what I had felt. Taylor was cumming as well. My boyfriend came from getting fucked pretty often, but usually to nut right at the same time, one of us had to hold back until the other was ready. It seemed like Rory's boxers in his mouth might have sent him over the edge, a thought that made my cock pulse a little harder as the last of my load filled him up.

    Finally, we both slowed down and let out a few deep breaths, and I slowly slid my cock out of him. I could see him trying to clench and hold my load in, but a drop oozed out and ran down the back of his balls, dripping onto the sheet below. Ordinarily I'd have tried to catch it with my finger, since this wasn't our bed. I probably would have fed it to Taylor who would have eagerly licked it up. But with my boyfriend's own load already soaking its way into the linens, a drop of my cum wasn't going to make things any worse.

    As I climbed off the bed, I was already thinking about how we'd need to change the sheets, and I was sure Rory would notice when he came back into the room. Would he ask what had happened? Would we tell him the truth? I'd definitely let Taylor take the lead on that one, I thought with a grin. It would be fun to watch both their reactions.

    But Taylor didn't seem to think any of that would be necessary. He still had Rory's boxers in his hand as he got off the bed, and he turned around and used them to wipe up his cum. Luckily, the sheets were white and so when he was done, I couldn't see any stains or dark spots. Taylor and I looked at each other and I loved the devilish grin I saw on his face. Without exchanging any words, I knew we were both thinking about how Rory would be sleeping on those sheets again tonight.

    Now that I'd emptied my balls, my thoughts began to stray to the food downstairs. I sniffed like a hungry dog, detecting the faint smell of waffles which was making my stomach rumble. I got dressed, went to the bathroom to take a piss and brush my teeth, and joined Rory and his parents at the breakfast table. A few minutes later, Taylor joined us, wearing a pair of loose basketball shorts and nothing else. No one reacted or said anything, so I guess they didn't mind Taylor having breakfast shirtless. Everyone asked us how we'd slept and how we felt this morning.

    "Really, really good," I said with a smile, shooting my boyfriend a conspiratorial wink.

    Shortly thereafter, Taylor got into an intense conversation with Rory and their dad, while I chatted with their mother. After a few minutes, I got a text on my phone and looked at it.

    "I can still feel your cum inside my ass as I sit here," said the text from Taylor, and I grinned as I watched him talking to his father and brother that way. 

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