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Angel and Devil


    It wasn't even 10 o'clock in the morning yet, and I already had five loads up my ass. I felt the various men's cum mix inside me as I walked through Chelsea. It was an uncharacteristically sunny morning for late October, and I walked slowly, take-away coffee in hand, looking at the Halloween decorations in store windows all around me.

    I'd spent the night with a random couple who lived here in the neighborhood. We'd known each other for years, yet I had trouble remembering their first names. They would text me whenever they felt like fucking a third guy, and more often than not, I'd comply. Last night my husband was working late again, and just as I was starting to go stir crazy at home, I received their sex invitation. Within minutes, I was on my way to the couple's apartment. 

    The fuck fest lasted longer than I'd anticipated, fueled by some party favors that they had. After they both shot their loads inside my ass, we all fell asleep on their bed, to be followed by two more loads inside me early this morning. The final, fifth load had come from a guy I made eye contact with in line at Starbucks right after leaving the couple's apartment. We got our coffees and locked ourselves in the bathroom, where he dumped a fresh load inside of me while pulling the padlocked chain around my neck.

    Staring at a grinning skeleton in a shop window, I felt my phone start to vibrate. My hosts last night had been gracious enough to charge my phone for the night. Now I kind of wished they hadn't.

    "Shit," I swore out loud when I saw my husband's name flash on screen. A phone call instead of a text was never a good sign.

    "Good morning," I answered, trying to sound cheerful and awake.

    "Hey," Owen said. His voice sounded sexiest in the morning, even deeper than usual. "You're alive."

    "I am. Sorry. I hooked up with these two guys last night and ended up crashing at their place. I didn't plan on it, but it just sorta happened."

    "Aha," he said, making it difficult to gauge his reaction through the phone. "And you didn't think to text?"

    "I was gonna, we just got carried away."

    "Are you still there?"

    "No, I just left their place," I replied.

    "And you STILL didn't get in touch this morning?"

    "Owen, I literally just left. What do you expect me to do?"

    I was getting impatient, feeling like I had to justify my behavior to my mother or something.

    "What do I expect you to do?!" my husband repeated, sounding equally ticked off. "Oh, I dunno, I expect you to take the literal THREE seconds it takes to send a text when I come home and you're not here."

    "Owen," I shouted, still looking at the grinning skeleton in the window, which seemed to be mocking me, "I'm on my way home right now. Let's just talk when I get there, okay?"

    "I can't, I've got a morning shift today. I'm about to head to the gym."

    "Okay," I said defeatedly. "I'll see you tonight, then."

    "Aha, yeah, whatever. We'll see," he said and hung up the phone.

    I stood on the sidewalk, surprised by this sort of catty behavior. "Fuck you!" I yelled at the skeleton (startling a woman that was passing by) and I continued walking.

    A couple more blocks, and I found myself in front of an art gallery. I looked in through the window and saw a familiar face inside, setting everything up for the day. He noticed me looking, and came to unlock the door. 

    "Hey there, Taylor."

    "Morning, Gill," I said to my brother's buddy as I walked into the gallery.

    "Did you come to say hi, or are you here for another blowjob?" asked Gill, who just a few weeks ago sucked my cock at this very place. I wasn't quite sure if he was joking or not. 

    "I was just passing by. Unfortunately, I can't quite go for a blowjob right now."

    "Oh. Why not?"

    I looked behind me to make sure no one in the street was looking in, and I pulled down the front of my sweatpants to flash Gill the cock cage which I had on.

    "Oh, I see. You're doing the whole Locktober thing?" he asked with a smile.

    "Not necessarily," I said, pulling my sweats back up. "I wear this quite often."

    "Listen, I still got ten minutes before I need to open," Gill changed the subject. "Let me grab a coffee and we can go for a walk outside."

    I waited for Gill to buy his coffee, and we walked together through Chelsea. Now that the weather was colder, sunny mornings like this felt extra special. 

    "How's Deacon?" I asked, and we both talked about our respective husbands for a couple of minutes. Then, the conversation circled back to my cock cage.

    "You know, I didn't really picture you as the type," Gill said. He didn't sound judgmental, just curious. "When I sucked your cock, you seemed pretty... assertive."

    "I guess there are... different sides to me," I tried to explain it the best way I could. Frankly, I wasn't sure myself. 

    "It shouldn't have been a surprise," Gill continued, "what with that chain around your neck. Which is very nice, by the way."

    "Thank you. Owen put it on me on our wedding day. I had a chain before this, a cheaper one, but this one's special."

    By now, we were back in front of Gill's gallery.

    "Listen, Deacon and I are throwing a Halloween party this weekend," he said. "Why don't you and your husband come along? Rory's gonna be there."

    "Yeah, thanks," I nodded. "We might just do that."



    After spending a few days with my son, I realized I never got the time to go costume shopping for Gill and Deacon's Halloween party. Luckily, my brother and his husband had a solution for me.

    "Don't worry, we have something for you. Just come over before the party," my brother-in-law texted early that Saturday evening.

    I waited a while for Phoenix's mom to come pick him up, and I headed over to Hell's Kitchen. There, Owen answered the door, wearing nothing but a tight white jockstrap and some sort of white glitter all over his muscular body.

    "Rory, hey," Owen shot me a smile just as white as his underwear, and gave me a welcoming hug. When he turned around to lead me into the apartment, I gave his bare asscheek a playful smack, locker-room-style. 

    "You're not thinking of going like that, are you?" I laughed.

    "Of course not. I got wings to go with it as well," Owen turned around to wink at me. As he walked in front of me, I saw a pink mark on his pale ass, shaped just like my hand. I rolled my eyes, unsure if he was joking or not.

    Owen led me to the bedroom, where I saw my brother, lying in bed and blowing his nose.

    "Oh. What's wrong with you?" I asked Taylor.

    "I feel like shit," he said with a nasal voice. "I can't come tonight."

    "You alright?" 

    "Yeah. It's just a bad cold. Started yesterday. I was hoping it'd be over by now, but no."

    "Shit," I swore, feeling sorry for him.

    "On the bright side," said Owen, standing next to me, "we now have a free costume."

    He pointed to the edge of the bed. There, laid out neatly, was a crimson-red jockstrap, identical to the one he had on except for the color. Next to it were two sets of faux-feather wings, one red and one white, attached to a red and white leather harness respectively. 

    "Oh, and there's this," Owen pulled out a red headband with horns on it. "We're going as an angel and a devil."

    "Yeah, I got that. Except... You plan on us wearing nothing but jocks?" 

    Owen just smiled at me.

    "Why not? 'Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything else about it.'"

    "Is that a reference I'm supposed to get?"

    "It'll be fine," my brother chimed in from the bed. "Gill said there'll only be adults at the party."

    It took me by surprise to hear my brother and Gill were even talking.

    "C'mon, drop 'em!" Owen said. "Let's see how your costume fits you."

    "Holy shit, you're serious, aren't you?" I said, but I couldn't help a grin that appeared on my face.

    Owen left and reappeared with a bottle of tequila and two shot glasses. 

    "Let's get you to loosen up first," he said, and he and I took a shot right there in the bedroom. I wasn't sure I could do this, but to be frank... I was kinda turned on by the idea. Besides, I'd have Owen by my side, and it was a couple's costume after all. I couldn't disappoint my brother-in-law.

    "Oh, what the hell!" I said and started unbuckling my belt. I took off my shirt and pulled down my jeans next, getting naked in front of my brother's and Owen's watchful eyes. 

    "Can't I wear a pair of red briefs instead?" I tried to haggle, standing there in my boxers. I'd seen my brother's underwear collection and I knew he had briefs in every color.

    "Nope, we have to match," Owen said with a devilish grin on his face. It was quite ironic that he'd be the one dressed as an angel. 

    I made eye contact with Owen, and then with my brother. Finally, I pulled down my underwear and left it on the floor. Even though I wasn't necessarily trying to impress anyone in the room, I still flexed my pecs a couple of times and tugged on my cock, fluffing myself up. 

    "Remember when we used to go trick-or-treating together?" I asked my brother. 

    "Oh, I remember," he smiled, as his husband handed me the red jock. I put it on, and adjusted my package. The material was quite thin, and I'd already noticed how visible Owen's bulge was. Did mine look the same? Holy shit.

    "Looking great, little bro!" Owen joked and patted my chest. "We got shoes and socks to go with it as well."

    He pulled out two pairs of sneakers and handed me the red ones. Luckily, my brother and I wore the same shoe size. Owen and I took another shot of tequila, and I put the socks and shoes on. 

    "How do I put this on?" I looked at the red leather harness, confused by all the buckles.

    "Let me do that for you," my brother-in-law stepped in front of me and put the winged harness on me, buckling it in the front. I was a bit chilly nearly naked like this, but feeling Owen's touch skin-on-skin made me immediately warmer. "The wings are detachable," he said, "so you can take 'em off and leave the harness on if you get sick of 'em."

    "You look amazing," my brother said, getting up from the bed, dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie. "Now just for a bit of makeup."

    Taylor took out some makeup which I didn't even know he had (maybe he'd bought it just for Halloween) and he put some on me, mostly around my eyes. Owen already had white glitter all over his body, and my brother took out a bottle of red glitter and applied some on his hands. Then, he started rubbing it on my torso, mostly focusing on my chest, shoulders, and upper arms. 

    Next, Taylor went down to apply the glitter on my stomach and my thighs. I stood still, my bulge wiggling right in his face. For a second, I felt my cock briefly brush against my brother's nose, the two separated only by the thin fabric of the jockstrap.

    "Turn around," Taylor said. He did my back next, and knelt down again. I was surprised to feel him rubbing my naked asscheeks, but I just stood still and smiled, making eye contact with Owen, who was observing the whole scene.

    "Stop flexing!" my brother said. I hadn't even realized I'd been flexing my glutes in his face.

    "Sorry," I said, as he went down my thighs and finished up with my calves.

    Owen and I took a couple more shots before he ordered us a car. I put on my horned headband, and we said our goodbyes to Taylor, who looked like he was about to pass out as soon as we were out the door.

    "How do I put my coat on over these wings?" I asked Owen just as we were about to leave the apartment.

    "No need. The car will drop us off at the doorstep. You won't be cold, c'mon."

    Feeling absolutely crazy that we were about to go out in public wearing nothing but jockstraps(!), I followed Owen closely. He looked like the kind of guy no one wanted to start a fight with so at least I knew we wouldn't get in trouble. "Only in New York, kids!" a voice echoed in my mind as we went out on the sidewalk practically naked, and I chuckled. 

    "Hey," Owen said to the driver as if there was nothing unusual about this at all. He reached for the back door and held it open for me like a gentleman.

    "Alright if we sit down like this?" I asked, feeling weird to be sitting down bare-assed in a stranger's car. 

    "Go for it," the driver replied, looking more amused than anything. He had green paint on most of his face, and I guess he was supposed to Frankenstein. Owen sat down next to me, and we were off.

    "Sucks that Taylor couldn't come," I said.

    "Oh well. It's his own fucking fault."

    Now that Taylor wasn't around, Owen sounded less-than-thrilled about how things had turned out.

    "How come?" I asked.

    "He's been going out a lot lately."

    "Going out as is clubbing?"

    "Going out as in cruising."

    "Oh." I'd learned what that word meant last year after moving to New York.

    "Going out in this weather and hooking up with strangers will do that to ya," Owen continued. "I mean, I've been working a lot, but still..."

    I didn't know what to say. Most couples, especially straight ones, would never be in a position where they talked about stuff like this so openly. What exactly was the code of conduct for being married yet openly having sex with random strangers? Was my brother breaking any rules? Was I supposed to take sides on this one?

    I kept quiet, and thankfully Owen changed the topic and started talking about the party. As we left the car, he gave the driver a hefty tip ("That's for getting the glitter off the backseat") and knocked on Gill and Deacon's door. Luckily, Gill was fast in answering it, before any passing trick-or-treaters were treated to the sight of our bare asses.

    "Come on in. Very nice," Gill said, eyeing us up and down and smiling. He was even taller than Owen, as he was dressed in drag and wearing insane 10-inch platform heels.

    "What're you supposed to be?" I asked, but I should've guessed based on the red cape he had on. Underneath the hooded cape, he wore a short dress that made me think of Oktoberfest. 

    Gill's husband Deacon appeared behind him. Deacon was shirtless, with patches of gray fur glued to his body, as well as a prosthetic snout on his face. The two of them were slutty versions of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.

    "Too bad that your brother couldn't make it," Deacon said to me, already serving me a drink. Next, I went to say hi to Payton and to meet his girlfriend for the first time. The two of them were dressed as pretty generic versions of the mom and dad from the Addams Family, and they both absolutely loved my costume. 

    "See, honey, that's what you should've worn instead," Payton's amused girlfriend said to him, and he agreed.

    "I'll let you borrow it next year," I said (ignoring the fact the outfit wasn't mine to lend out). The three of us chatted for a while, when Payton pointed out another couple in the room.

    "Those two have been inseparable lately," he said about my roommate Ian and his now-boyfriend, Cole.

    "Tell me about it," I raised my eyebrows. "I thought having a baby would keep me up at night. No: it's the sound of them fucking!"
    A few minutes later, the whole Dad Squad got together. We chatted about our kids for a while and I lost track of time (and of how many drinks I'd had). My friends asked me about Jordan, who was out at a party that only students from her school were apparently invited to. I told everyone she and I were seeing each other, but still not "going exclusive."

    I looked around the room to make sure Owen was alright. Gill and Deacon lived in a townhouse, large by Manhattan standards, and there were over fifty people at the party. I spotted Owen talking to some people I didn't know. He looked... bored. I wasn't sure if it was the conversation that was boring him, or if he just wasn't in a good mood. When I saw him heading to the bathroom, I quickly dashed after him.

    "It's me," I knocked on the door right after he closed it. I heard it unlock and he let me in.

    "Everything alright, man?" I asked, trying to sound casual.

    "I'm fine. Just... long day," he sighed. I wasn't used to seeing Owen so... defeated. He then continued, "Your brother and I had a fight earlier today."

    Suddenly, I realized that the entire time while I was in their apartment earlier, Taylor and Owen hadn't spoken to each other, just me.

    "I shouldn't have come," Owen said, looking tired. "I wanted to get out of the house. But I don't wanna spoil the party for you."

    "Hey, hey, man," I said, taking a step forward and putting my right hand on his shoulder. It felt tense so I started to massage it to help him relax. "You're not spoiling anything. We can stay right here and talk all night, for all I care."

    "What if someone needs to use the bathroom?" Owen chuckled. It was nice to finally see him smiling.

    "There's two more bathrooms in this house, they'll be fine."

    From there, quite spontaneously, we started talking about Gill and Deacon's house and how they could afford a place like this at such a young age. I told Owen they were both from wealthy families, and Deacon was a hot shot on Wall Street. Fortunately, I'd brought my drink to the bathroom, and it was a completely full gin and tonic. We both drank from the same glass, passing it back and forth as we talked.

    This was just what my brother-in-law needed: someone to talk to. After almost half an hour locked up in the bathroom together, I realized my hand was still on his body. It had moved from his shoulder down to his tricep, gently massaging it. Owen had also put his right hand around me, resting it on my lower back.

    "Does Taylor know about... you sucking me off?" I asked, almost whispering even though nobody else could hear us. Loud music blasted on the other side of the door.

    "Yes. I told him. He's never spoken to you about it?"

    "No," I said. "So I guess he's okay with it."

    "He's fine. There's... other things between him and me lately. Quite ironic, huh?" Owen chuckled, but he didn't look happy. He looked down at the floor, his fingers gently stroking the skin on my back, right above the waistband of the jock. I'd never seen him look so vulnerable. Suddenly he looked up, and we were staring right into each other's eyes. It was intense, and it felt like my heart skipped a beat. 

    I don't know what came over me – maybe the intimacy of this moment, maybe all the drinks I'd had, or maybe just the costume I was wearing – but I took a step forward. As I moved, I felt Owen's hand pressing onto my back. He wasn't pushing me toward him, just keeping his hand where he wanted it. I felt my cock press into something firm, and I didn't need to look down to see it was my brother-in-law's own bulge, his erection clearly visible under the thin white fabric of the jock. The intensity was strong for him as well, and I knew he was open to what was about to happen.

    Leaning in, I pressed my lips to Owen's. It was our first kiss. He'd sucked my cock twice, and we'd shared other intimate moments as well, but we'd never kissed before. His hand was still on my back, and when we parted our lips and allowed our tongues to meet, it was like a circuit completed. We both felt a surge of energy run through us, and our hands were suddenly all over one another. I was holding the back of his neck with one hand, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. My other hand was on his stomach, tracing the lines of his abdominals slowly and moving down toward the waistband of his jock.

    Owen's left hand had moved down to one side of my ass and he was kneading my glute tenderly. His other hand moved up to my head and he began to run his fingers through my long hair. He tugged on it a little too, making my scalp tingle and for a moment I thought my knees would give out. I hadn't been prepared for how this felt.

    Our hands swapped places, with his shifting to my lower abdomen and both of mine moving to his ass. I'd swatted Owen's muscular cheeks numerous times in a playful way, but I'd never had a chance to feel them up this way. Unlike girls' softer cheeks, Owen's were a strange mix of springy softness and dense firmness, and as he flexed them in my hands it was incredible how they changed their shape beneath my fingers. I squeezed his ass tighter and my hands slid further down and closer together. My fingertips found the straps of his jock on either side and traced them inward, and I felt my knuckles come together.

    I was hard now, too. This wasn't about being teased and titillated, it was raw sexual energy running through me, supercharged by the fact that this was someone who already knew me intimately in almost every other way. As Owen's hand slipped into the pouch of my jock and his fingers moved sensually up and down my shaft, I knew what I wanted. And somehow, I also knew it was just what my brother-in-law needed.

    There was a small basket on the bathroom counter with a few items in it, one of which was a bottle of lube. I reached out for it but just as my fingers made contact, Owen's hand moved on top of mine. Our fingers intertwined for a moment and then he grabbed the bottle. Our kissing never stopped. I heard the top pop open and though my eyes were closed, I felt how Owen's arm was moving behind him and I knew what he was doing. A few seconds later, I felt his hand on my cock again. It was slick and he coated my cock with lube and then pushed the material of the pouch to the side.

    Only then did he pull back from our kiss and we both opened our eyes, staring at each other again. There was a silent acknowledgment between us. Of his need to take me in, and of my desire to be there for him that way.

    Owen turned around but my hands stayed on him, my fingertips settling onto his shoulders. He leaned forward, arching his back, and I felt like I could see every strand of muscle between his neck and waist tense and flex. I was barely moving and I felt him slide the cleft of his ass up the length of my exposed, slicked-up cock. The sensation was incredible even before my erection made contact with the lubed area around Owen's hole. An almost animal desire came over me at that moment, and I grasped his shoulders even tighter. He had deftly moved himself into position, and with a gentle thrust of my hips, I was inside him.

    The pressure around my cock was intense, but not in the way I'd expected. It felt like the inside of his ass was just as firm and muscular as the outside. There was nothing I could compare it to. Owen moaned as I slid deeper inside after a second thrust. My hands began to roam his entire upper body in the front, caressing his pecs, teasing his nipples, tracing the lines of the muscles along his ribs.

    With a third push, my whole cock was now inside him. He let out a higher-pitched moan, almost a whimper, as my pelvis pressed against his ass. I'd never expected to hear my strong brother-in-law whimper. I felt him flexing his legs and shifting his stance so he could push back onto me with more strength. I braced myself similarly and we moved into a rhythm of fucking like two parts of the same machine. I'd never been able to lean into someone with my entire body weight before, and it felt unreal doing that and having the same amount of force pushing back. Owen was giving himself over to me, but without ceding control. It truly felt like we were fucking each other, with neither one in a passive role.

    I found myself compelled to slap Owen's ass as I pushed into him, and I smiled at the shout of affirmation he belted out after I did it. Another slap produced an even louder response. We could hear the music of the party through the walls, and I was starting to fuck my brother's husband in the same rhythm. 

    One of my hands was on Owen's chest, and I felt him reach up and intertwine his fingers with mine. He squeezed my hand tightly as I pulled us closer together, my chest pressing into his back. I leaned forward and placed my chin at the base of his neck. My nose and mouth were right behind his ear, and I teased that part of his neck with my tongue. He made the high whimpering sound again and I took that as encouragement. Feeling bold, I nibbled at the edge of his ear, right above the lobe.

    "Fuck!" Owen cried out, almost moaning like a girl. He began pushing back on me every harder. I had to adjust my stance again to stay balanced, and our hands stayed clutched together as we found a newer, faster rhythm. I was going to cum soon and it seemed like he knew that. I felt an urge in him and that got me even more turned on.

    Time was becoming fluid and I truly wasn't sure how long we'd been fucking. It felt like the moment was stretching on forever but also like I'd only taken a few breaths since we started. I felt the explosion building inside me and I know I said something to let him know what was coming, but I don't recall the words I spoke. My brother-in-law responded by somehow taking me even deeper inside him. That change in sensation was the last nudge I needed, and I cried out as the first spurts of my cum were forced deep into Owen.

    He squeezed my hand tightly and I did the same. Even as I continued to unload, I felt myself falling into him more. He bore my weight as my hips slowed their thrusting and I felt the power in his back as I relaxed my body onto him. That only lasted for a moment before I collected myself and shifted back to supporting myself. My cock slowly slid out of Owen's hole and I almost gasped at how it felt at the last moment, my sensitive cockhead passing back through the tightness of him.

    Owen turned around and we were in each other's arms again. His cock was still hard and I could feel it brushing against mine, which was beginning to soften. Our eyes met again and then I pulled him into a tight hug. I could feel just how much more relaxed his whole body was now. I just wanted him to know that no matter what, we'd figure it out. That's what brothers are for, after all. 

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