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    The first time I sucked my young brother-in-law's cock was right before his son was born. On days like that, reality feels shifted. I'd never intended it. To use the oldest excuse in the book: it just sorta happened.

    For the first time ever, I was a tad nervous to tell my husband about a sexual encounter of mine. Taylor and I were open, but this was his brother, after all. Then again, he and Rory didn't have the most "normal" relationship as brothers, either. Thankfully, Taylor didn't make a big deal out of it when I told him. With things being as hectic as they were right after Phoenix's birth, it all blew over quickly.

    So months later, when I sucked Rory off for the second time, I knew it would be alright. This time, I didn't even have to tell Taylor because he basically walked in on us right after it happened. He seemed intrigued, and maybe even a little... turned on by the whole scenario.

    But by the time Halloween rolled around, things were beginning to get more complicated between my husband and me. I was working more than ever and honestly, I felt great about it. I was on a roll. I was saving a lot of money, and networking with many people now that I had more clients. One of them was a broker, who gave me ideas about the types of loans I could take out if I wanted to open my own studio. Another client was a realtor, who knew of good spots around the city. All of a sudden, the impossible was starting to feel within reach.

    The downside to it all, of course, was the tow it was taking on my personal life. Taylor was not happy about my long hours. I could understand him; of course no one likes feeling abandoned. But couldn't he understand just how important this was?! I was in my mid-30s now; it was time to stop fucking around. As a personal trainer, I didn't have too many options, and it was now or never.

    Although my husband deserves some of the blame, it was also my fault for not understanding just how lonely he probably felt. Everyone deals with loneliness in a different way, and for Taylor it was sex. Sex with others, more specifically, since I was never around. That was all fine with me; I wasn't jealous. Rather, I was growing concerned about who Taylor was meeting and what he was doing with them. What kind of things he was taking to keep chasing the next high. I was no saint, so far be it from me to judge, but still... There had to be another way. 

    Our unequal power dynamic was also making things more complicated. Usually, my husband loved doing anything I told him, no matter how perverted. He felt most at ease when he was on his knees, following my every command. His pleasure came from pleasing ME. But what happens when there are genuine disagreements in the relationship? I couldn't tell him "No! Get on your knees and do what I tell you!!" now; it would feel like an abuse of power, and of the trust he'd placed in me. So I let him roam free instead.

    Obviously, with so many factors adding tension to things, it was all starting to weigh on me a bit too much. I was always supposed to be the strong one. Owen, the muscle bull. The dom top who had his shit together. "Rawr! Bow down and obey!" It was getting exhausting, to be quite fucking honest.

    So for one night, at that Halloween party, I let myself go. I opened up my heart (as well as my ass) to my brother-in-law. And Rory was amazing! Fuck, that was just what I needed. For those twenty minutes while his cock was up my ass, all the voices in my head stopped nagging me for the first time in weeks! Nothing else mattered but my hole being drilled, and finally feeling Rory's seed deep inside my guts.

    But, alas, all good things come to an end. All too soon, Rory was pulling out and dabbing his dick dry with toilet paper. The party on the other side of the door got louder. We would have to leave. Go back outside. Back to reality.

    "Listen," I said, wiping lube off my ass. "Things are really tense with Taylor and me right now. I wanna be the one who tells him about all this. But I can't do it right now."

    Rory just looked at me, and in the most neutral tone he could probably muster he said, "I don't like keeping things from my brother."

    "Neither do I, you know that. I told him about the two blowjobs, I told him about everything. But this, right now... It's just bad timing."

    "Okay. But for one reason only," Rory stepped closer and put his hands on my face. "Because you're my brother as well."

    I swallowed, almost letting out tears. Rory closed his eyes and came in to give me a kiss again, a tender one this time. I felt his tongue in my mouth for just a couple of seconds before he pulled out, sucking on my bottom lip and leaving the bathroom.

    I didn't see Rory again for exactly one month, right to the day. Halloween passed, as did Veterans Day. It was now two days before Thanksgiving, and it was also Taylor's 29th birthday. We were going to celebrate in New York before driving down to Taylor and Rory's parents on Wednesday afternoon. 

    I still hadn't told my husband about what happened between his brother and me at the Halloween party. It felt like it was never the right time. I was still working a lot. The time off that I spent with Taylor, we relaxed together and watched TV. Those moments were too few and too precious to bring up anything that might spoil the moment. So I waited. I had a whole week off coming up for the holiday, and I decided to do it then.

    Taylor's birthday was my first day off. I'd planned it that way because Taylor wanted a big "goodbye 20s" party. He'd booked several tables as the bar where he used to bartend and he invited all of our friends, and then some. There were quite a few people there that I didn't recognize, and I realized just how much my husband had been socializing without me lately.

    It felt good to be out and about again. It was only a Tuesday, but the bar was packed. Fuck, I hadn't even realized how much I missed this place! The loud music, the drinks, the sexy guys. I took my shirt off and started dancing. From the corner of my eye, I noticed Rory as he came in, holding hands with that girl he'd met in Hawaii. (Jordan?) I wasn't certain, but it looked like she was his girlfriend by now. He and I nodded at each other; this wasn't the right place for a conversation. I saw him and Jordan join our friends Sawyer and Brock at one of the tables.

    For the first time in a while, my husband and I were on the same page. We took shot after shot after shot. We had all eyes on us on the dance floor. We made out. I tucked my hand in his pants, squeezing his ass as he rubbed my bulge. It was a blast! And Taylor had plans to amp it up even more. 

    My husband dragged me toward the bathroom. We had to stop several times to say hi to people; everyone here seemed to know us, and especially Taylor. Finally, we got to the restroom and into one of the two stalls. The echo of the stall door slamming shut hadn't even faded before Taylor had me pushed up against one wall and shoved his tongue back in my mouth. I was drunk enough to give up control over where this was going, but not so drunk that I couldn't appreciate that feeling. Everything felt perfect.

    Before I knew it, Taylor's mouth had moved from my lips to my cock. I didn't even remember him undoing my pants. I loved looking down and seeing his beautiful green eyes staring back up at me, mouth full and yet still somehow smiling. Then my wet cock was next to his face and his smile now looked more conspiratorial. He kept stroking me with one hand, while in the other he held up a small plastic baggie full of white powder, and shook it up at me tantalizingly.

    "No way!" I exclaimed, laughing at the same time. "How long have you had that?" I asked him.

    "About twenty minutes," Taylor replied, delicately opening the bag. "The perks of being the birthday boy at the bar where you were known for making strong drinks." I was wondering if he had anything flat to do the coke off of (hoping he wasn't planning on using the toilet seat) when I saw my husband shift his grip on my cock and start to delicately pour out a line along my shaft. I laughed again, careful not to move around too much.

    Taylor looked up at me again and then snorted the line of coke off my dick. Then, he put it back in his mouth, licking the remainder off and sucking me. I was enjoying the sensation when his hand came up, passing the baggie to me.

    "I want mine the same way," I told him, and we went switching positions. I ended up stepping out of my pants altogether to avoid tripping on them, and kicked them to the side as I crouched down and grabbed hold of my husband's cock. His cock cage was off for the night and his dick was rock-hard after our action on the dance floor. As I snorted my own line off him, I heard a few guys come into the bathroom, talking loudly. I swear I felt Taylor's cock swell up more in my hand when that happened. He loved getting crazy in public places like this, and I loved that about him. I felt the rush, and the sudden surge of energy and focus, and then we were making out again, even more aggressively than before.

    Some time passed, maybe a few minutes or maybe more. Taylor had gone down on me again, then he'd snorted another line, and he was putting my cock back in his mouth when I heard a familiar voice from the other side of the stall door.

    "Taylor? Owen? Are you guys in here?" It was Brock.

    Taylor pushed open the door and we both watched Brock's eyes darting back and forth, trying to take it all in. I couldn't blame him. I was naked except for my shoes, Taylor was in his tight T-shirt and a black jock. I wasn't sure where his pants had gone. He continued sucking me while Brock watched us, and when our friend's face settled into a look of keen interest, Taylor quickly stood up and started kissing him. His hand stayed on my cock for a moment, but I grabbed it and moved it to Brock's crotch so I could stroke and watch them. They were getting hot and heavy fast, and it was sexy as fuck. No one had even closed the stall door, but none of us cared.

    Taylor's ass looked amazing in his jock so I reached out with my free hand and began kneading one of the cheeks. My husband pushed his ass out toward me, moaning while still kissing Brock deeply. Wasting no time, I slid two fingers into my partner's hole, prompting an even louder moan. He reached down and unbuttoned Brock's pants as I kept fingering him. Taylor paused for a moment to pull his sweat-soaked shirt off, looked over his shoulder at me with a grin, and then moved backward, which ended up pushing me against the back wall. Then he bent forward and took Brock's hard cock into his mouth. My husband's satisfied moans told me all I needed to know about what he wanted. I removed my fingers from his ass and slowly replaced them with my dick, which was still slick with Taylor's saliva.

    I knew Taylor was in heaven, moving himself back and forth slowly, alternatively taking both cocks balls-deep with each of his hungry holes. It had been quiet in the restroom since Brock entered, with only our sex sounds and the muffled music from the bar, but now a few guys were coming in and out again. Every dude who entered stopped to take in the whole scene for a moment before proceeding to the urinals or sinks. Some looked surprised, but tried to hide their shock. Most guys just looked amused, giving us a wink or a thumbs-up. Some of them were acquaintances who nodded "hello" to me and I returned their greeting. I could tell most people would've liked to stay and watch but they were too shy, so they only lingered for as long as it took them to wash their hands very thoroughly, being leaving. 

    The bathroom got quiet again. When the door opened the next time, it was Rory who entered. Almost immediately, Taylor pulled Brock out of his mouth.

    "Hey, Rory," my husband said gleefully. My brother-in-law's eyebrows both went up as he saw everything that was happening. He looked at me briefly and I just smiled, thrusting deeply into his brother's ass at the same time. Rory opened his mouth and it looked like he was about to say something, then he just rolled his eyes and walked over to the urinals. Taylor got back to sucking.

    After taking a piss, Rory reappeared at the sink. For some reason I was transfixed by watching him wash his hands and fix his long hair as he looked in the mirror. I was pushing my cock in and out of Taylor's ass at a steady pace, a little on drunken auto-pilot but still appreciating how good it felt. When Rory was done, he turned back toward us and I caught myself making a suggestion.

    "Hey, Rory, think you can take a video of this?" I asked. 

    "Sure. But only 'cause it's my brother's birthday," Rory agreed, acting like it was no different than taking our picture in front of a tourist attraction. He pulled out his phone and started recording.

    Being the exhibitionists that we were, the three of us got going even harder. Brock was starting to close his eyes for longer periods of time as he ran his fingers through Taylor's hair. I could see Rory moving the phone to get close-ups of various bits of the action. He knew what we'd want to see. As he pointed the lens toward his brother's jockstrapped ass, and my cock plunging in and out of it, Rory looked at me again and this time maintained the eye contact. It was intense, and I felt myself getting closer to cumming inside his brother's ass while looking at Rory's eyes. I knew Brock would be there soon too, and I wanted to try and time my load with his. I finally looked away from Rory, noticing the smile on his face as I did. I started fucking Taylor even more aggressively.

    Wondering if there was anything that would faze my brother-in-law by this point, I slapped my husband's ass, deciding to get verbal since I knew Taylor would love it.

    "Yeah, you slut, you like that?" I grunted loudly, moving my gaze back and forth between Taylor's face and the camera lens (thinking of how I'd be looking right at him when he watched this later). "Huh, you little whore? Getting both your holes filled right here?"

    Taylor responded by moaning "mhmm" in pleasure, nodding his head on Brock's dick while Brock pulled on Taylor's chain, increasing his own pace. Rory's only response to what I was saying was a slightest twitch of his eyebrow and a crack of a smile.

    I had been keeping an eye on Brock, knowing that I could get myself to cum pretty quickly whenever he was ready. When he breathlessly announced he was going to unload, I groaned in response and stopped holding back. Both Brock and I got loud as we filled Taylor's mouth and ass with cum. Rory was moving his phone, trying to capture it all. Brock was holding Taylor's head to one side to play to the camera, and a few rivulets of cum ran down my husband's chin and neck. When Rory leaned in to get a close-up of that, I could see him and Taylor looking into one another's eyes. They were both so hot, and I loved the moments like this where I could appreciate their brotherly resemblance.

    In one swift move, Taylor stood upright and both our cocks slid out of him. He took a deep breath as he adjusted the waistband of his jock and shifted his own hard cock that was filling the pouch. I saw him step past an exhausted-looking Brock and pull his brother into a hug.

    "Thanks, bro," he said tenderly. It was as if we were just done playing an exhausting game as a team, and we were all sweatily congratulating each other for our accomplishments and the excellent teamwork. 

    The first thing we did after leaving the restroom was to go back to Brock's boyfriend, who was waiting for us at the table.

    "Finally!" Sawyer said. "Where've you guys been? I'm dying for a smoke. Wanna come?"

    "I can't," Brock replied, slumping down on the couch. He hadn't had the little pick-me-up Taylor and I had earlier and he was looking tired. "Phew. I need to catch my breath."

    "I'll come," I told Sawyer.

    "Me too," said my husband, and the three of us left the bar to smoke in the alley next to it. Sawyer took out a joint and lit up.

    "Why are y'all so sweaty?" he asked, looking at Taylor and me. "What the hell happened in there?"

    We gave him the whole sordid story.

    "You fuckers!" he shouted in amusement. Here in this alley, we were a bit further from the rest of the crowd and the traffic in the street. "You could've sent for me! Assholes. You're lucky it's your birthday, otherwise I wouldn't forgive this," he smiled and said to Taylor.

    "You can always watch the video my brother took," my husband replied.

    The three of us smoked for a while and continued to talk. When we were done with the blunt, Sawyer said he was feeling cold and wanted to go back in. Too amped up to go in just yet, Taylor and I told him to go ahead and we'd be back in a few minutes.

    As soon as Sawyer left, I gave my husband a big kiss. This is the most fun he and I had had in ages! I could taste Brock's cum on his tongue, and I sucked on it for a few minutes.

    "I need to tell you something," I finally said, encouraged by all the alcohol I'd had. "Your brother and I... fucked at a party a while back. He fucked me."

    Taylor took a step back. He smiled, maybe expecting to hear this was a joke. In time, the smile faded from his lips.

    "What?!" he shouted, and I instantly regretted doing this here and now.

    "Yeah. It just... We were at a party and one thing led to another..."

    "What party?" Taylor shouted loudly, attracting the attention of people who were smoking on the sidewalk, even though they were several yards away.

    "Those two guys... what're their names... from Rory's daddy classes... Gill and Deacon. Their Halloween party."

    "THAT WAS A MONTH AGO!!!" Taylor was in full-on hysterics by now, possibly fueled by the coke he'd had. "YOU KEPT THIS FROM ME FOR A MONTH?!"

    "Taylor, calm down–"


    Suddenly, mid-thought, Taylor stopped and turned around, and started quickly walking away from me.

    "Where are you going? Taylor!"

    "Do not follow me!" he shouted back at me without turning around. I saw him walk past the bar and cross the street. There was a bodega there that we often went to to get some water if we wanted to cool down after too much drinking. I was hoping that was what he was about to do.

    I went back inside the bar, back to the birthday party, now without a birthday boy. I tried putting my best "normal" face on, but it was more difficult than I thought. I saw Rory making out with his girlfriend, and I didn't want to interrupt and give him any bad news. Soon, people were starting to ask about Taylor, and I had no choice but to say he wasn't feeling well and that he left to go home.

    "I should probably go check up on him," I said to our friends, even though I wasn't sure if Taylor was even there. "But you guys stay. Have fun!"

    I dashed out of the place, and went back to the apartment as fast as possible.

    "Taylor? Taylor?!" I shouted in the dark, flicking the lights on. In the silence, there seemed to be no one home.

    I walked into our bedroom, and saw a note laid out on the bed. It was a large piece of paper, with just two sentences on it: "Off to my parents'. Please don't come."

    Under the piece of paper, I noticed two metal objects: my husband's cock cage, and the chain he wore around his neck ever since our wedding day. He knew where I kept the key for it. And for the first time ever, he'd used it without my permission.

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