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3 AM


    The day before Thanksgiving, I spent most of the day asleep. I'd shown up at my parents' house at the crack of dawn, after taking a night train to Philly and a very expensive Uber from there to my hometown of Phoenixville. I insisted to my parents that I was alright and that I just wanted to get here early. When they asked about Owen, I told them he'd decided to go to Minnesota to see his family. Then, I excused myself and went straight to bed.

    I woke up that afternoon to see my brother in the room. He'd just arrived and he was getting naked, ready to go take a shower.

    "Taylor? You alright?" he asked as he slid down his underwear next to my bed.

    "Aha. I'm fine," I mumbled sleepily.

    "You disappeared from your birthday party."

    "Yeah. I got drunk and needed to take a break, and then I got the random idea to come here in the middle of the night."

    "Aha," my brother didn't sound too convinced, but thankfully he didn't push it. Instead, he said, "Why don't we have a chat later? It's been a while since we've talked."

    I felt him sit on my bed and rub my arm. I closed my eyes and mumbled, "Okay. Tomorrow," and went back to sleep.

    I'd finally sobered up by Thanksgiving Day. I didn't want to think about everything that had happened, but thankfully there were plenty of distractions. I helped my parents in the kitchen, and watched some of the same specials on TV that I remember watching since I was a kid. Then, just as we were about to start dinner, we heard a car pulling up in our driveway.

    "Now, who could that be?" my mother asked. I looked out the window to see an unknown Land Rover, but I had a pretty good feeling who was behind the wheel. Two seconds later, the driver came out and proved me right.

    "Excuse me for a minute," I said to my family and I went to the front door.

    I opened the door before Owen had the chance to knock. 

    "Hey," he said with his hands in his pockets.

    "I thought I asked you not to come."

    "You did. But I couldn't leave things off the way we did."

    I looked in his eyes for a moment of silence.

    "This puts me in an awkward position," I said. "I either have to let you in and pretend like everything's fine, or I need to ask you to leave and then explain it to my family."

    "I see. I'm sorry about that. But I feel like it wasn't fair for you to leave the way you did. Middle of the night, just a letter. After everything..."

    I looked around. There was no snow on the ground yet, but I could smell it in the air. I was starting to get cold, standing here without a jacket.

    "Let go in the car," I said, and followed Owen to the rental, which probably wasn't easy to get on a holiday. I stepped on the wet driveway in my socks, and regretted it immediately. 

    We got in the car and Owen turned on the heat.

    "So, who goes first?" he asked very matter-of-factly. Even though I wasn't thrilled that he was here, I was grateful for this systematic approach.

    "You go."

    "Okay." I could feel him taking a deep breath before starting. "I know I fucked up for waiting a whole month before telling you about the thing with Rory. A part of me just thought that – since you already knew about the blowjobs – that him fucking me wouldn't make that big of a difference. Plus, this past month hasn't been exactly normal for us. We haven't had a 'normal month' in... god knows how long. I was working, and every time I saw you we would both be exhausted. It was never supposed to be some 'secret' or anything. I was actually thrilled to tell you about it on your birthday! We'd had so much fun that night and then... it all went to shit."

    Done with his spiel, he awaited my response. 

    "I'm gonna need you to stop using work as an excuse for everything," I began. "I get it, you work a lot, but Owen, I have a job as well. Almost everyone we know has a job. That is not an excuse! And it's funny that you used the word 'secret' because that's exactly what it turned out to be. It doesn't matter if it was intended or not, but it was full-on a secret. And I know it's fucking ridiculous" – I chuckled – "that I'm not even upset about the fact you had sex with my brother. It's the fact you hid it from me! I know if my parents could hear me right now, they'd probably disown both Rory and me. This type of shit isn't normal for most people. But you and I, and Rory, we're... different. We're cool. And that's fine. But there are still rules. And you don't get to keep secrets like this."

    We both breathed in. It was time for round two.

    "I'm sorry I waited so long. I truly am. It wasn't easy to tell you. And it had always been so easy to tell you anything before. But when it comes to work, I feel like it's not fair for you to compare your job to mine right now," Owen continued. "Neither of us can remember the last time you worked more than 40 hours a week, 45 tops. I've been pulling, what, 70-80 hours a week at times? Taylor, that is not the same. You work in the corporate world. Even when you lost your job, you got a new one. You might be up for a promotion soon. You think anyone at my gym is gonna come and hand me the keys and say, 'Here, Mr. Morris, you're the manager now'? I didn't go to college, unlike you. This is as good as it gets for me, for now. And I'm one strained muscle from not being able to do what I do. So owning my own studio would make a world of difference. And you've lived in New York for what, almost eight years now; do I really need to teach you about real estate prices in the city? This is the way it is for now. And it fucking sucks, and I fucking hate it, but I gotta pull through it. And it would be really helpful if I had a partner that was supportive, rather than making me feel guilty all the time."

    It was my turn to go, but I had nothing to say. Instead, I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of my brother sitting in the dining room.

    "And one last thing," Owen added. "I don't know if you and Rory have talked. But please don't blame him for anything. I asked him to keep it from you until I had the chance to tell you. And he's been busy with his own shit; we haven't even talked lately."

    I looked at Rory through the window, eyeing the turkey like a hungry cat. They weren't starting without me. It's funny, with all this, the fact that my brother fucked my husband didn't even feel like the biggest hurdle. I smiled and let out a tear at the same time.

    "Are you hungry? Dinner's just ready. It's still hot," I said, still looking out the window.

    Suddenly, I felt Owen put his hand on mine. "I'm starving," he said.

    "Let's go," I said, opening the door. "I told my parents you went to Minnesota. So we can tell them you changed your mind last minute."

    The cold hit me as soon as I was out the car. As we walked up the driveway, my husband put his arm around me, and right away I felt much warmer.



    There is nothing like a Thanksgiving food coma. After binge eating all day, I went to bed around 9, which was the earliest I could remember in a very long time. I was out like a light as soon as my head hit the pillow.

    I woke up in the middle of the night. I checked my watch and saw that it was 3 AM. I felt wide awake, probably because I'd gone to bed so early. But that wasn't the only reason why I was up. From my brother's bed, just a few feet from mine, came the unmistakeable sounds of him and his husband having sex.

    Not that this was unusual anymore, certainly not after everything we've been through. It was just another part of my relationship with them. Owen was like another brother to me, and now we were... even more than brothers. The past few months had deepened our relationship, and helped us build a one-on-one connection that was separate from Taylor as well.

    As I listened to them stop jerking one another off and start getting ready to fuck, I also felt a sense of encouragement. Taylor and Owen had the kind of marriage that I wanted to have one day. No matter what, they always seemed to find their way to each other. I didn't know all the details of everything that happened between them these past couple of days since Taylor's birthday – there was definitely tension there – but whatever it was they seemed to have risen above it. They spent all of Thanksgiving dinner holding hands and kissing at the table. And now here they were, sharing a bed (and keeping me up in the process).

    "Shh. Don't wake up Rory," I heard Owen whisper, right after my brother had let out a barely-suppressed moan. It sounded like they'd just started fucking.

    "Oh please," Taylor whispered back. "I've been hearing him snore all my life. Once he's down, there's no waking him up."

    I rolled my eyes in the darkness. My brother loved to joke about my snoring (which I've been assured isn't as loud as he says). Taylor was aware it irritated me, so I thought of a way to pay him back. I kept quiet for a minute or so, just to make sure I would catch them off guard. Then, I slowly slid out from under my sheets, gently placing my bare feet on the floor in between the beds.

    Crouching like a cartoon villain, I watched them fucking for a second, illuminated by the moonlight shining in. My brother was lying on his back, his eyes closed, lost in sexual ecstasy. His husband was on top of him, 200 lbs of muscle thrusting back and forth from the hips. I crept in closer until I could see the sweat running down Owen's back. Then, I leapt forward, jumped on his back, and shouted "Gotcha!"

    My brother and his husband both shouted in surprise. It sounded like I'd scared them shitless. Owen threw me off his back and I landed on the mattress, laughing my ass off. Pretty soon they were laughing as well, and we all started a threesome wrestling match on Taylor's bed. It didn't even bother us that we were all naked, the two of them with raging boners swinging between their legs. 

    We play-wrestled until we were all out of breath, when we all slumped down on the bed. Thankfully, our parents' bedroom was on the other side of the house, away from all the ruckus we were making with our laughing and pinching and tickling. 

    It was a chilly night but we were all sweaty. The blankets were kicked off on the floor but our body heat kept us warm. I turned to my brother-in-law and hugged him from behind. As we all cuddled up, I noticed Owen's head was on my brother's chest. I caressed Owen's arm up and down with my fingertips, as he took his hand and wrapped it around Taylor's dick, stroking it.

    Pushing my lower body closer up against Owen, I realized my cock was now getting hard as well. Not unusual at this time of night. I smiled, and I knew I didn't need to move or feel uncomfortable. As it got fully hard, my dick found its way right between Owen's muscular asscheeks. The movements with which he was jerking my brother off got faster. All throughout, I continued to caress Owen's arm with my fingers, feeling his glutes squeeze my cock.

    "Fuck," I thought, "he's doing that so perfectly." I started doing some small up-and-down motions with my hips, basically dry-humping his ass – except it wasn't so dry anymore as I was leaking a good amount of precum by now.

    Suddenly, Owen started scooting himself lower in the bed. Not about to give up the amazing sensations I was experiencing, I grabbed onto him to go along for the ride. We only moved about a foot toward the end of the bed, and I peeked up over Owen's shoulder to see his mouth was now wrapped around Taylor's cock. From the wetness I noticed on Taylor's belly, it seemed like my big brother was leaking just as much precum as I was. 

    We remained like that for a few minutes, with Owen taking Taylor's cock in his mouth while putting pressure around mine with his ass cheeks. I ran my fingertips down Owen's spine now, before leaning in and pressing my lips between his shoulders, almost at the bottom of his neck. The salty taste of his skin somehow got me even more turned on. I could feel how slippery the cleft of Owen's ass was now as it moved along either side of my cock. My precum was flowing, feeling like a natural lubricant.

    Owen moved again, getting on his hands and knees in front of my brother, never letting Taylor's cock slip out of his mouth. Owen's ass was no longer rubbing against my cock now, but I saw him stick it out in the air, poking it out and wiggling it around, spreading his legs a little too. It made me think of the typical pose girls would do to get attention; except Owen's muscular thighs were the most masculine thing I've ever seen. Still, the message was the same.

    I climbed off the bed and slowly walked around to stand at the end, my hard cock wagging back and forth in the moonlight. I ran both my hands up and down Owen's back, briefly entranced by how I could see all the different muscles shift under his skin as he moved back and forth slowly. My eyes moved higher and met Taylor's eyes. My brother was staring right at me with a relaxed smile on his face. I was reminded of him teaching me how to kick a ball or ride a bike when we were kids. His eyes seemed to say "Go for it. You can do it!"

    I smiled back at my big brother, and I gently pushed down on Owen's hips to get him a little lower, lining us up just right. My fingers felt up his hole and I could tell he was ready. As I stepped forward slightly, the slick head of my cock pushed at his opening, and just like that I slid inside him.

    He was tight, like remembered from when I fucked him at the Halloween party, but like that night, there wasn't any feeling of resistance. I continued with that slow push, and a moment later my whole cock was buried deep in my brother-in-law's ass.

    "Oh, fuck!" I heard Owen shout loudly, as he removed Taylor's cock from his mouth and stroked it, bowing his head further forward. He was taking a moment to get used to my cock and find a rhythm that worked for both of us. I heard him taking a few deep breaths, groaning softly each time he pushed back and I thrust into him with equal force. When he went down on my brother again, it was all perfectly synced. I'd push into him as he moved his face down to the root of Taylor's cock, and Owen would thrust his hips back at the same time, tightening his internal muscles around my hard cock. I understood that he was maximizing his own pleasure this way, as well as making both my brother and me feel amazing.

    "You like that, baby?" my brother said in a voice I'd never quite heard from him before. "You like serving two brothers?"

    "Mhm," Owen nodded, choking on Taylor's dick.

    That's when it hit me: this was pretty much the same position in which I'd caught the two of them and Brock in that bathroom stall on Taylor's birthday. Except instead of the bottom, Taylor was one of the tops now. Even after everything, and I mean EVERYTHING my brother and I had been through, he still managed to surprise me.

    Our three naked bodies moved together as one. In our childhood bedroom, there were still several posters and toys left lying around. Just like when we were growing up; except now we were playing different kinds of games. And now, we had a third brother.

    Our body heat kept us warm and the only sounds were our soft moans, affirming to one another how amazing this felt. Whenever I'd open my eyes to look at Taylor, he was already looking back at me. A lot had changed on my big brother's face over the years, but those eyes... those green eyes always remained the same.

    I licked my lips as Taylor and I gazed at one another, and I could tell he was getting close as well. He smiled at me and grabbed the back of Owen's head, picking up the pace. Like waves rippling across the water, Owen's motions adjusted and then mine did as well; all of us now moving faster and more intensely. As I felt those first sensations deep inside, my eyes met Taylor's again. His mouth opened as if he was going to say something, but there was no need for words.

    I pushed my cock deeply into Owen one last time and began to let loose. His ass was still gripping me tightly, as if it was working hard to milk every drop out. From the expression on Taylor's face and the way he was gripping his husband's head, I knew Owen was getting a load down his throat right now as well. I loved that my brother and I had managed to cum at the same time. I'd shot six or seven times at this point, and I squeezed Owen's hips tightly as the last few surges erupted deep inside him.

    I could hear my brother-in-law moaning as he finished swallowing our loads from both ends. He started to move his head up and down my brother's cock again, and I knew he was making sure he got Taylor's entire load. I let myself fall forward a little and land onto Owen's broad shoulders, letting out a breath and putting my entire weight on him. My cock was still buried in him and I was in no hurry to pull it out. I felt hands on my shoulders – my brother's hands. He rubbed them gently and slid them up the back of my neck and through my hair. The sensation gave me goosebumps, which felt incredible in the post-orgasmic afterglow.

    I slowly pulled out of Owen, which elicited a moan from both of us. The three of us collapsed together on the bed again, and someone managed to pull the sheets back up over us. I was spooning Owen, who turned his head back over his shoulder and kissed me for a little while. I opened my eyes and I saw my brother watching us with a smile on his face. Owen slowly turned toward his husband, and I watched them kiss tenderly as well.

    "I love you," Taylor said. He was looking at Owen but then he turned to look at me, and I knew his profession was meant for both of us.

    "Love you too," Owen pulled both my brother and me in closer with one arm each.

    "Love you," I said without overthinking it. I wrapped my arms around my brother-in-law, as he wrapped his around my brother. My hand found Taylor's against one of Owen's pecs, and we interlaced our fingers. And that's how we fell asleep.

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