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Oh, He's Ready!


   "Finally!" my brother exclaimed as I showed up at the diner almost half an hour late for Sunday brunch. "Where have you been?"

   "Sorry. I had to make my way here from Long Island," I said, sitting down at the circular table in between Taylor and Owen. It was the last day of January, and this was my first time seeing my brother and his husband in the new year.

   "What the fuck is in Long Island?" asked Taylor.

   "Oh, just this couple's house where Jordan and I spent the night," I replied, taking my jacket off and flagging the waitress.

   "Wait, what?" Owen chuckled loudly. I made them wait until I'd gotten a cup of piping-hot, black coffee and ordered some eggs, before starting with my story.

   "Remember when we went to that event at Gill's gallery a few months ago?" I looked at my brother. "The one where he ended up blowing you in the bathroom?"

   "I do indeed," he nodded as I took a much-needed sip of my coffee. As I continued, I tried keeping my voice down, even though as usual, Taylor and Owen had picked a diner filled with 80% gay men, many of which would've probably enjoyed hearing the story.

   "Well, after I walked in on you guys in the bathroom, I went back out and told Jordan about it. She and I weren't full-on dating at that point, so I wasn't sure how she would react. But she was really cool with it, which I took as a great sign."

   "Aha," Owen listened intently. He took a bite of his toast, getting some jelly on his lips in the process. Spontaneously, I reached over and used my thumb to wipe it off, then stuck my thumb in Owen's mouth. The gesture made him smile, and he sucked on my finger for several seconds.

   "So, she and I started going steady shortly before your birthday in November," I said, once again looking at Taylor. "At your party, after I caught you guys and Brock fucking, I went back to the table and told her all about it as well."

   "Wait, how much did you tell her? Owen asked. "Does she know you stood there and took a video of the whole thing?"

   "Yup," I nodded, as the waitress showed up with my eggs, and then quickly left.

   "What did she say?!" my brother asked.

   "Well first, she said you must have a fetish for fucking in public bathrooms."

   "Guilty," Taylor laughed.

   "And then she said that the whole thing is making her think she and I should be more adventurous as well. Take a page out of you guys' book. That's the night when we decided we wanted to be together but keep an open relationship, and hook up with other people as well.

   "Whoa!" Owen reacted.

   "And then on New Year's Eve, she and I had our first threesome. You know how I went to that party with all of her friends from college? Well, we ended up fucking with one of the other girls. It was great, everyone had lots of fun. Next, Jordan wanted to try it out with another couple. So we got on this app for couples that wanna meet other couples. That's where we met the people from Long Island. They're married, so it took them a while to arrange for their kids to be out of the house. But we went there last night and we... had a great time," I grinned, then filled my mouth with food.

   "So tell us about this other couple," Owen prompted. Meanwhile, my brother just looked stunned by the whole story.

   "They're hot. Wife's in her early 30s, the husband's a few years older. We just fucked side-by-side, and then we exchanged partners."

   "Is it weird that I'm surprised to hear that straight people do stuff like this?" Taylor asked.

   "Yes," Owen and I answered simultaneously.

   "So, when you say you 'exchanged partners,' do you mean...?" my brother-in-law enquired.

   "I mean, I just fucked the wife. Don't worry, you're still the last man I've fucked," I said, relieved that we could finally talk about this in front of Taylor.

   "Aww, thanks bro," Owen pretended to blush. "Makes me feel special."

   Unfortunately, only 15 minutes later Owen had to get ready to leave.

   "I'm picking my dad up at the airport and then we're going to check out this empty space in Hell's Kitchen," he said. "It's close to home and it looks really promising so far, so keep your fingers crossed!"

   Over Christmas, Owen managed to borrow some money from his dad and another investor, so he was now closer than ever to opening his own fitness studio. He got dressed, gave Taylor a long kiss, then walked around the table to give me a kiss goodbye. I surprised him by parting my lips and letting his tongue enter my mouth for a couple of seconds before he left the diner.

   "So how are things going with you guys?" I asked my brother. "I haven't seen you in a while."

   "Things are good! Owen's still pretty busy, but he's making more of an effort to spend time together as well. So I'm happy."

   "I notice you're not wearing the chain and padlock anymore."

   "No. To be honest, Owen and I are... experimenting with some things, I guess. Like, we've been flip-fucking a lot more lately."

   It wasn't a term I'd heard before, but I could imagine it meant that my brother was both a top and a bottom now. I smiled, amused by the fact he was sharing all of this with me.

   "And the chain and the cock cage just didn't feel right anymore," Taylor continued. "I guess I'm just growing and changing sexually. I don't know if I might go back someday, but for now it feels good to try out some new things."

   "Hey, more power to ya, for being able to do it and still maintain a relationship," I said, talking a bit more earnestly. "I mean it, Taylor. I've actually learned a lot from you. It's helped me experiment and get to know myself better as well. Everything I do now... my whole life would be completely different if it weren't for you."

   "Aww, thanks, Rory," my brother reached across the table and took my left hand. We stayed this way until I'd finished my meal and invited Taylor to come hang out at my place for the afternoon.



   My roommate Rory was ALWAYS good for a surprise. I should've known this from the moment we met. It happened in the sauna at the gym, and just a few minutes later we were both jerking off and blowing our loads all over his hairy chest.

   Back then, I actually thought he and Taylor might be a couple because I saw them together, but Rory quickly corrected me and let me know they were brothers. "I'm straight," Rory had said, and I think that's how he identifies to this day. Even though his experiences with other guys seemed to be mounting by the month, I never felt like it was my place to question whatever label my buddy chose for himself.

   Now that we were living together, I could certainly say that I loved Rory! We were the best of friends, and confided our sexcapades to each other. I'd even met my boyfriend through him! Cole and Rory went to weekly Daddy-and-Me classes together, which is where my boyfriend was right now with his little daughter. I was home alone and horny as fuck, but one downside of dating a parent, I guess, was that I couldn't get dick every single time I wanted to.

   Not like Cole had a problem with me getting fucked by other guys, however. I looked for my phone and found it on the couch in the living room. I lay down on my stomach and fired up some apps, checking to see who else in the neighborhood was feeling frisky. I messaged a few guys but nothing looked too promising. And then, suddenly, a familiar face popped up on my grid.

   "What's Taylor doing here?" I asked myself. I tapped on his profile, which only said "Looking for a hole to unload in 🕳💦."

   "Is someone catfishing using Taylor's picture?" I wondered. This did NOT sound like him. The profile was getting nearer and nearer. Soon, it was on top of my list, just as I heard the door unlock. In walked Rory... together with Taylor.

   "Hey," the two brothers greeted me, completely ignoring the fact I was stark naked.

   "Hi, guys!" I smiled. So it really was Taylor. "Don't you have daddy classes today?" I asked my roommate.

   "Nah, Phoenix is with his mom this weekend. Plus, I was out last night."

   "I noticed! Where were you?"

   "Oh, just wait until he tells you the story," Taylor chimed in, taking off his coat.

   "I will. But first I gotta call Girl Rory and check up on Phoenix. I'll see you guys in a sec," my roommate said and retired to his room to make the call, leaving his brother and me all alone.

   "I haven't seen you in a while, Ian," Taylor said, sitting down on one of the armchairs in the living room. "How've you been?"

   "Oh, pretty good. Been keeping it low-key lately. Just staying at home, avoiding the cold. Eating like a pig all winter."

   "Well it suits you. That ass is really getting fat, in the best way possible."

   I smiled, still lying on my stomach right across from Taylor.

   "You think?" I said, reaching down behind my back and spreading my asscheeks open. They did feel thicker than usual in my hands.

   Taylor just answered by looking at me with a shit-stirring smirk on his face and licking his lips.

   "You still looking for a hole to unload in?" I decided to be direct. I'd never hooked up with my roommate's brother, but it seemed like Taylor and I were after the same thing this afternoon. Why let the opportunity go to waste?

   "How do you know about that?" Taylor asked, dropping his hand between his legs and giving his bulge a squeeze.

   "Let's just say I'm looking to take a load myself," I said, lifting my ass up in the air and spreading my cheeks open even wider.

   In his room, we could hear Rory talking into his phone in a baby voice. We weren't sure how long he might be on the phone for, and we didn't particularly care. I could see it in Taylor's eyes that he was just as horny as I was.

   "Well, come and work for that load, then," he said authoritatively, spreading his legs wide and sitting back on the chair like on a throne.

   "Glad to," I smiled and quickly crawled on my knees from the couch around the coffee table, until I was kneeling on the floor between Taylor's legs.

   "Take it out," he said, and I knew what he was referring to. His voice was deep and commanding. I immediately reached for his zipper and pulled it down, and a short moment later I was treated to a view of Taylor's semi-hard cock.

   In the past, whenever I'd see Taylor in the locker room at the gym, he was wearing a steel cock cage and chain with a heavy padlock around his neck. Now, his accessories were gone, replaced by a single thick metal cockring. Rory had told me stories of his brother's submissive tendencies, but the Taylor in front of me seemed like a different person. He licked his lips and almost growled at me as I started to stroke his cock.

   "Put it in your mouth!" he said, and I obeyed. I wrapped my lips around the shaft of Taylor's dick and started sucking on it until it was fully hard in my mouth. I looked up, trying to make eye contact as much as possible while this was going on.

   "You like that?" Taylor asked with a stoic, neutral expression on his face. I took his boner out of my mouth to answer.

   "Yes, Sir."

   It was my way of letting him know that I was cool with this little game we were playing; he didn't need to worry about me.

   "Well then fucking choke on it, slut!" Taylor suddenly grabbed me by my hair and pushed down my head forcefully. Before I knew it, his cockhead was hitting the back of my throat, making me gag while being fed his precum. He only held me down for a second or two, but it was enough to get his message across.

   "You like that?" Taylor checked in on me, still grunting.

   "Mhm," I nodded, keeping his cock in my mouth and sucked on it even faster now. Down on the floor, between my legs, my own cock was rock hard by now, but my focus was on the load I expected to get from my roommate's brother.

   Taylor pushed me back down, making me gag on his member over and over again. Somewhere along the line, Rory's phone call must've come to an end, but neither of us heard him when he walked back into the living room until he spoke.

   "I see you've been keeping busy while I was gone."

   By reflex, I turned around to look at my roommate. He and I made eye contact while I sucked on his older brother's hard cock, saliva and precum dripping down my chin.

   "Some of us weren't shagging up in Long Island last night," Taylor said while pushing my head back down with both hands, "so we need to unload now."

   "Hey, don't let me stop you," Rory said and I heard him walking to the kitchen and turning on the coffee machine.

   Meanwhile, I continued to slobber on Taylor's cock, which only got bigger and bigger in my mouth. When his coffee was done, Rory's footsteps headed to the living room, and he sat down on the couch behind me.

   "Show my brother that fat ass of yours," Taylor commanded, and I lifted my ass so it was facing the couch. "Nice, huh?" Taylor said and slapped one of my cheeks.

   "Mhm," I heard Rory's voice say.

   Taylor leaned forward and grabbed both of my cheeks with his hands, spreading them open and giving his little brother a view of my hole.

   "Fuck, I need to get in there," Taylor grunted and pulled me off the floor. He spun me around until I was leaning against the coffee table, facing my roommate just a few feet in front of me.

   "Open up!" Taylor said and I lifted my ass again, as he got on his knees behind me, ready to fuck.

   "You guys want some lube?" Rory offered casually.

   "I think I'm wet enough," his brother responded, and I could hear him stroking his cock. "Whaddaya think? Huh, how's that taste?" Taylor was now putting his fingers in my mouth, and I could taste his precum on them.

   "Tastes great, Sir!"

   "Oh, you're 'Sir' now?" Rory asked, visibly surprised, before taking another sip of coffee.

   "Damn right I am," Taylor grunted and started to push his cockhead against my hungry hole.

   "AH!" I moaned out in momentary pain as Taylor started to push inside of me. The pain was over quickly, however, and Taylor continued to push further, making me moan louder. "Ah, fuck! Yes. Ahhh, fucking hell, yes!"

   In front of me, Rory grinned and tried to hide his smirk behind his coffee mug.

   "You wanna take a load right in front of my brother?" Taylor asked me, two of his fingers still in my mouth. "Cuz I got a big one for you."

   "Yes, Sir. Fuck yes, please gimme your load."

   Taylor sped up, his balls slapping against my thighs while he fucked me. I closed my eyes and leaned against the coffee table, enjoying the sensation of being fucked for several minutes, until I heard Taylor speak up again.

   "Open your eyes," he ordered. "Look up."

   I looked up to make eye contact with Rory, who was still smiling, as if to encourage me.

   "Ready to get bred?" Taylor barked behind me.

   "Oh, he's ready," Rory answered on my behalf. It was as if my buddy could read my mind. "Thank you," I said to him with my eyes as his brother started to hump me faster.

   "AHHH, FUCK! Fuck!! ARGH," Taylor unloaded inside of me, breeding me with his DNA, so close to Rory's. "Fucking take that!"

   For a couple of minutes afterward, nobody said anything as Taylor's thrusts slowed down and he eventually pulled out of me. I squeezed my hole shut, wanting to preserve every last drop of cum inside my guts.

   "Anything good on TV?" Taylor asked while tucking his dick away. His voice was back to normal now, and he had a cheery, relaxed expression on his face.

   "I don't know, let's see," Rory answered and reached for the remote. The two brothers sat next to each other on the couch and I went to lie down next to Rory, putting my head in my buddy's lap.

    Just then, I heard Taylor say "Rory, can you take a picture for me? I wanna send one to Owen."

    "A picture of what?" my roommate asked.

    "A picture of your friend there with my babies dripping out of his hole."

    Taylor passed his phone to his brother, who chuckled. "You okay with that?" Rory asked me.

    "Sure," I smiled, and moved until I had my ass in Rory's lap, as if he was gonna give me a spanking.

    Before I had time to spread my cheeks open, I felt my roommate reaching in and doing the job himself. With the thumb and index finger on his left hand, Rory got as close as possible to my hole and spread my ass open, while taking a photo with his right hand. I pushed out, making Taylor's jizz leak out of my ass and onto his brother's fingers.

    "There you go," Rory handed the phone back to his brother and gave my ass a playful smack, as we all settled down to watch TV and relax for the afternoon.

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