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    Never underestimate the popularity of a couch large enough for someone to sleep on in New York City. It hadn't been long since my little brother got his own apartment, and we already had my father-in-law crashing on our couch now, with no departure date in sight.

    Owen's dad Kevin was fortunate enough to retire recently at the young age of 57. Since Owen's mom still went to work daily, I think Kevin was getting more bored around the house than he cared to admit, so he jumped at the opportunity to come to New York and help Owen set up his fitness studio. A couple of weeks passed. Owen officially quit his job as a personal trainer, and now he and his dad spent their days making trips from the bank to the realtor; from the investors to the mortgage broker. 

    I myself was quite busy at the office, so time went by quickly. I was happy that my husband and I were no longer fighting, even though our sex life wasn't quite what it used to be either. Our five-year anniversary was coming up this spring, and I was determined to come up with a fun trip that Owen and I could go on to get away from the city and rekindle things. Plus, Valentine's Day was coming up this weekend, and I had plans to wine-and-dine Owen, hopefully followed by a night of hot sex.

    Of course, having his dad on the couch put a cramp on things. Unlike my brother, who I was always friends with and I knew he could take overhearing Owen and me fuck, I wasn't that close to my father-in-law. Owen insisted that he was "cool," but I wanted to leave the best impression possible on my in-laws, especially since I hardly got to spend time with them.

    One Friday morning, I walked out in my underwear to find the couch empty, and my husband in the kitchen naked, making coffee.

    "Morning. Where's your dad?" I asked, yawning.

    "No idea, I woke up and he was out. Morning, honey," Owen gave me a kiss, and we ran our hands down each other's naked torsos. I looked down at Owen's beautiful, thick dick, which was bouncing in a state of half-hardness. 

    "Mmm, I love this," I moaned, wrapping my hand around his cock.

    "Just that?" my husband said softly, biting my bottom lip.

    "All of you. But especially this," I smiled and started to stroke his cock, feeling it getting bigger and harder with each stroke.

    "Why don't you get on your knees and show it some love then?" Owen asked and then kissed me again.

    "Should we go to the bedroom? What if your dad comes back in?"

    "No need. Just go for it," my husband, the eternal daredevil, suggested.

    Feeling hungry and horny, I licked my lips and got down on my knees. Owen hadn't taken a shower yet, but his groin smelled PERFECT, emitting just the right amount of musk. I took a few seconds just sniffing it, circling around his cock with my nose before burying it under his smooth ball sack and taking a whiff.

    Then, it was time to get to business. I had to go to work soon, but I craved my husband's load as breakfast first. I took his cock in my mouth, feeling the blood pumping through it, bringing it to full mast. His cockhead hit the back of my throat and I felt him leaking precum, which I dutifully swallowed, savoring its taste, as my cock got rock hard as well and left the confines of my boxer briefs.

    I pulled back and started sucking only the tip of Owen's cock, wrapping my lips around it and feeling it oozing more precum, while my husband moaned in pleasure. After a while, I went back to deep-throating him again, burying my nose in his shaved pubic region. I raised my hands and ran them up and down his abs and obliques, admiring my husband's muscles while feasting on his cock, feeling like the luckiest guy in the world to be married to a hunk like this.

    Just then, we heard the door open and someone walk in. My instinct was to pull out and stand up, but Owen put both hands on the back of my head, holding me firmly in place. It was his way of letting me know that even though his dad was about to walk in, we should keep going.

    This only turned me on even more! I reached down for my hard cock with one hand and started jacking myself off. "Morning, boys," my father-in-law yelled out from around the corner. He could hear that there was someone in the kitchen, but he had no idea what we were doing. One, two, three footsteps later, and...

    "Oh! Sorry about that," he said as he walked into the kitchen. I tried looking at my husband's father, but I couldn't see him from the corner of my eye. Owen was still holding my head with both hands, and he was now thrusting back-and-forth in my mouth, fucking my throat in front of his parent.

    "No problem, Dad. Where were you?" I heard him ask casually.

    "I thought I'd go get bagels for everyone. But I see you're... otherwise occupied," Kevin sounded amused rather than upset.

    "No, we'll be done in a sec. Then we can all have breakfast. That's really nice of you."

    I heard my father-in-law rummaging for plates and knives just a few feet from us, as Owen fucked my face faster and faster. I was about to cum, and I had a feeling my husband was also close to the edge.

    "Ummmpf," I gagged, starting to drool as Owen's massive cock filled my mouth and went down my throat. And then...

    "Aaaah, fuck!" Owen swore out loud and started to shoot his morning load in my mouth. The second I tasted it I started to cum all over the floor, struggling to breathe as Owen held my head right up against his crotch. I felt his jizz sliding down my throat and into my stomach for several seconds, after which we both started to calm down and breathe deeply. 

    "No better way to start the day, huh?" my father-in-law said, sitting down at the table. I finally got to look at Kevin, who had all his clothes on and looked overdressed next to his naked son and me.

    "Morning, Kevin," I said, finally able to speak, while tucking my still-hard cock in my underwear.

    "Good morning," he smiled at me. "Plain or sesame bagel?"

    "Sesame, please," I smiled back, reaching for the paper towels. "Just let me do this first," I said and got back down on my knees, wiping my cum off the floor before sitting down to have breakfast with my husband and his dad.



    Since this was my first Valentine's Day with Jordan and things were going quickly between us two, I wanted to get her something special. And who better to help me go shopping than... my baby's mother.

    I took the Friday off work and met Girl Rory and Phoenix for a walk and a shopping tour so I could get something for Jordan and Rory could get something for her own girlfriend. Luckily, it was a nice sunny day (a rarity this time of year) and it felt good to be out, all together like a family, albeit an unconventional one.

    When I said that I wanted to get Jordan something "sexy," Rory suggested we hit up a sex shop nearby that specializes in items for women. It wasn't until we got there and I saw the 18+ sign at the door, that I even realized getting in with Phoenix might be an issue.

    "He's a baby, it's not like he's gonna remember this," Rory said, and the women who worked at the shop seemed to agree. Once inside, Rory helped me pick out a vibrator for Jordan – something she'd told me she'd never had ("This is the Tesla of vibrators," the shop assistant told me). I ignored the hefty price tag and bought the toy, before treating Rory to lunch and saying goodbye to her. As part of our arrangement, I got Phoenix on Valentine's Day weekend, so he and I made our way to a nearby park, where I got to sit down and rest for a minute.

    It was still early in the afternoon, and I wondered if I knew anyone that would be free to hang out. I texted the Dad Squad group chat, but just like I expected, everyone was at work. I tried the group chat with my brother and his husband next.

    "My dad and I are just leaving the bank," Owen texted. "We're not far. We can come meet you there."

    "Perfect!" I responded, and only had to wait for ten minutes until their arrival.

    In the past year, I'd developed a radar for who liked babies and who didn't. As soon as I'd approach them with Phoenix, some people gave off a standoffish vibe, while others were thrilled to play with him. Owen's dad Kevin was in the latter category. I'd only met him once before, at Taylor and Owen's wedding; and he seemed like the kindest, sweetest man in the world as soon as he started playing and talking to my son.

    "Yaaaawn. Excuse me," I said, letting out a long yawn. After having a large lunch, I craved a nap.

    "Great, now you got me started. Yaaawn," Owen went next.

    "If you boys are tired, you can go up and take a nap," Kevin suggested, since we were close to Taylor and Owen's apartment. "I'll take care of this little one here."

    "I don't wanna inconvenience you," I said.

    "Nonsense. My grandkids are growing up, so it's been a while since I got to look after a little tyke," he cooed, bouncing Phoenix on his knees.

    "Okay. If you give me your phone, I'll save my number," I agreed. "I'll leave my phone on loud, so you can wake me up if you need anything." After quickly adding myself to Kevin's contacts, I headed into the building with Owen. Going up the stairs, I couldn't help but comment on my brother-in-law's formal appearance.

    "Looking pretty dapper there," I said with a teasing tone. "With the briefcase you almost look like a Wall Street guy. I'm starting to feel underdressed." Owen laughed and rolled his eyes.

    "This briefcase felt more like a prop when I got it," he said, holding it up. "But fuck, I've never had to sign so many papers in my life. Now I'm worried it's not big enough."

    "First time I've ever heard you say those words," I joked. Owen just smiled and seductively raised an eyebrow at me. We entered the apartment, a place that still felt like home to me in many ways. I let out a deep sigh. I treasured every second with Phoenix, but it was still nice to get a break in the middle of the day. While Owen went to file away some of the paperwork, I kicked off my shoes by the door and made a beeline for the bedroom.

    With a few quick motions, I had pulled my shirt up over my head and slid my jeans and briefs down to my ankles, and then I was tumbling naked onto my brother and Owen's bed. I'd pictured myself napping naked in here the moment Kevin had suggested that we take this siesta. In this apartment, even sleeping in underwear felt like being overdressed. I was lying on my back with my arms folded behind my head and my eyes closed when I heard Owen enter. I thought he might make a joke about me "getting comfortable," but I only heard the soft sounds of his dress shirt and slacks slipping off his body.

    I felt the mattress bouncing as he crawled up from the foot of the bed to be next to me, and I opened my eyes to see my brother-in-law staring into them. He had a contented smile on his face, expressing a mix of relaxation and mischievous possibility. I'd also been picturing Owen napping naked next to me, and figured we'd be getting some nice cuddles in, at the very least. But the look in his eye, and probably the one in my own, made it clear that more was on the table if we were both in the mood. We knew one another so well at this point, there wasn't much uncertainty.

    Both of us leaned toward one another at the same time and when our lips met, I felt an intensity that surprised me. I was instantly back in my childhood bedroom over Thanksgiving, and on the couch in the living room of this apartment, and in the bathroom at that Halloween party. There was a feeling that came over me when I was close with Owen like this. Different than I'd had with any other partner in my life. There was a depth of intimacy that I also had with Jordan, and that I'd felt with past girlfriends. But alongside that was a connection that felt masculine, fraternal and almost primal. A mix of desires — to please him, to be challenged by him, and to understand my brother's deep love for him.

    We enjoyed the kissing for a few minutes, both our hands on one another but moving slowly and gently. Owen played with my nipple for a quick moment, sending a jolt to my cock, which had already been half-hard and growing. Our tongues touched lightly just as our cockheads pressed into one another's hips. We both let out soft moans and were suddenly kissing much more vigorously.

    My brother-in-law's lips moved to my neck and then to my collarbone, sending a wave of shivers down my spine. I let out a long sigh as Owen continued his way down my torso, stopping to give my nipple some extra attention before moving on to my abs. I placed my palm on the back of his head, knowing that I didn't need to give it a push, but I did anyway. His hand and tongue touched my cock at the same time, and I let myself go after that, exhaling slowly as he got to work.

    Blowjobs from Owen were always amazing. Different from others I'd had. Like with everything in his life, he was fully committed and took pleasure at going all-in. Before long, it felt like there was no part of my cock that wasn't covered by Owen's hand, inside his mouth, or down his throat. It felt incredible. When I moved to stretch out my leg and felt my foot hang over the end of the bed, I realized Owen was half on the floor so that he'd be able to reach my cock while jerking himself off.

    After a few minutes, he might have been getting uncomfortable because he half-stood and got his whole body back on the bed, somehow doing it without ever fully removing my cock from his mouth. His knees were near my elbow now, his ample, sculpted ass looming above and to the side of me. Almost reflexively, I reached up and began to knead one firm cheek with my hand. He shifted his weight when I did that, and I knew he liked it. But the movement nearly made his other knee slip off the edge of the bed and he had to reposition himself again. This time he moved one leg to the other side of my head, so that he was straddling my chest, putting us in the full 69 position. 

    And suddenly, there it was in front of my face. Owen's cock, already starting to ooze precum from the tip. While I don't think he'd been expecting to present me with this opportunity, that's how things had ended up, and he had to be aware of how close his throbbing erection was to my face. I could feel the heat emanating from it, and I'm sure he could feel my breath on his engorged cockhead.

    I'd never sucked a cock before. The idea didn't disgust me, and I certainly enjoyed watching cocks get sucked. I'd just never been particularly motivated to try it out. But I felt a strong desire to experience it at this moment; not only because this was such a perfect cock, but because this perfect cock belonged to OWEN. The idea of his dick touching my lips turned me on, and I knew I was treating Owen to an ample amount of my own precum as I watched his collect and threaten to drip down onto my chin.

    Determined not to let that happen, I brought one hand to the base of his cock and directed the bulbous tip to my lips, lapping up the juices that waited. I easily got the head and the first inch or so into my mouth. Owen made a sound of pleasure that also made it clear he was genuinely surprised at what was happening. It made me happy to know I was treating him to something that was unexpected for both of us.

    What I had in my mouth was a lot, but not uncomfortable, and his precum tasted better than I had expected. Owen began to slide himself in and out of my mouth in a very slow and gentle way, not trying to go any deeper and really just rubbing his cockhead along my tongue. This allowed me to enjoy the salty fluid that was now oozing out steadily. We stayed like that for a few minutes as I relaxed a little more and got used to the mix of new sensations, while still enjoying the familiar feeling of Owen's throat around my cock.

    My gag reflex was starting to kick in as I allowed my brother-in-law's large cock further into my mouth. But I thought back to all the things Taylor had told me over the years about sucking cock, and the many times I had witnessed him with his face pushed firmly into a guy's crotch. "Once you figure out when to breathe," he'd said once, "the rest is easy." So I set my mind to the task, calming the instinctive response that was happening and letting myself get used to a new rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. When I felt like I was ready, I shifted my hands to Owen's ass in a way that let me pull him toward my face slowly.

    His girth was such that my lips struggled to stay covering my teeth, but I was able to do it. I think having to open my mouth that wide actually helped open up my throat as well. I'd seen Owen balls-deep in enough mouths to know it was possible to deep-throat him, no matter how well-endowed he was. "If they can do it so can I," I thought, my competitive side kicking in. The tightness of a throat was something I'd felt myself plenty of times, and it was wild being on the receiving end of that. I knew how incredible it felt and how tempting it was to push the rest in quickly once that was happening, but Owen was giving my virgin throat time to adjust, letting me set the pace.

    The sense of fullness was unreal, and I was thankful my brother-in-law wasn't any thicker. As the feeling gradually moved further into me, I could picture my throat bulging out as a result. Seeing that happen to someone was always a visual that got me hard, and I felt my dick swell and throb as Owen was comfortably giving me the same treatment. "This is a real 69," I thought to myself with some amusement. I pictured myself as part of a yin-yang, or a double ouroboros where two snakes swallowed one another's tails. The sense of symmetry and balance was surprisingly erotic, and it made we want to try to take all of Owen, just like he was currently doing to me.

    I gradually pushed myself further, and let out a contented moan when I felt my nose touch my brother-in-laws smooth crotch. I knew my brother would be proud of me in this moment, and part of me couldn't wait to tell Taylor about this. I felt a desire to brag to him about it, like I had when I'd leveled up in a video game as a kid. It was easy to get lost in everything I was experiencing, while Owen took control in some ways, slowly rocking himself so that both of us gently fucked each other's faces. I still had to focus on my breathing, which helped me stay grounded, and I moved my hands so that my fingers went deeper into the crevasse between Owen's massive glutes. I teased the area around his hole and felt the muscles there twitch in response.

    My sense of accomplishment at all his pleasure was also turning me on even more, and I found myself picking up the pace. I wanted us both to cum like this! I wanted the full experience and wouldn't settle for anything less. I felt Owen's cock swell up even more, truly testing the limits of my virgin throat's capacity. A brush of my fingertips onto his sack told me that his load was on its way shortly, and I knew mine wouldn't be far behind.

    I heard a few muffled moans and whimpers come from him, and then felt his orgasm happening. The pulse of each throb inside me was wild, and I could picture his thick cum firing deep into me, shot after shot. I was so pleased that I had been able to do this for Owen, and that feeling is what pushed me over into my own explosive climax. My hands gripped his ass tightly as I shot my load, which had the effect of pulling Owen a little further down into my throat for a few seconds. My nose was mashed into his pelvis and my air supply was totally cut off, so I knew it would only last for a few seconds. But it felt perfect, as we both swallowed one another's cum. It was only in that moment that I realized how much I had been wanting this. Not the act itself, but to have this with Owen, the man who was a second brother to me.

    The waves of pleasure receded, and my need for air prompted me to pull Owen's cock from my throat and mouth fairly quickly. Not quite gasping, I let his wet erection slide across my face and lips, and I even felt the last part of his load leak out onto my chin.

    "Holy shit!" was all I heard Owen say after releasing me from his own mouth and taking a moment to recover. Probably feeling a little exhausted, he let himself fall sideway to land next to me in the center of the bed. Owen inverted his position so that we were face-to-face, and I'm not sure whose smile was bigger as we stared into one another eyes for a little while, catching our breath.

    Owen quickly kissed me one more time, and then turned onto his side facing away from me. I could tell what he wanted and I scooted next to him, pressing my chest into his back and putting my arm over his side. I felt him grab my hand and pull me against him more. We drifted off into our well-earned nap, spooning, with my cock resting between my brother-in-law's glutes. 

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