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Talented Bottom


    Maybe a good fight is necessarily every now and then in every longterm relationship, to keep everyone on their toes. After the drama we went through a few months ago, my husband and I were both determined to make things better, even if it meant making some changes. 

    Tonight was Valentine's Day, and Taylor had booked a table at a very fancy and difficult-to-get-into restaurant downtown. Places like this weren't usually our style, but I have to admit it felt good to be taken out on a traditional date. Taylor insisted on paying for everything and acting like an old-fashioned gentleman for the night. He held doors open for me and made the wine selection. After all the stress that came with opening up the fitness studio, it felt wonderful to kick back for an evening and not worry about anything other than what to order for dinner.

    "So I can have anything I want?" I asked my husband, going down the menu and trying not to bring up the steep prices.

    "Anything you want, babe. As long as it doesn't get in the way of you bottoming a few hours from now," Taylor smirked.

    "Oh. So I'm bottoming a few hours from now, am I?"

    "Well, I'd at least like to keep the option open," he winked.

    I smiled, and took Taylor's hand in mine. Even though the restaurant had tried to keep the Valentine's Day decorations and music tasteful, some of it was still on the kitschy side, but I kind of liked that for tonight.

    "I'm enjoying this... change of dynamic between us," I admitted to my husband, squeezing his hand.

    "I do too, even if I'm not certain where we're going. I have no idea where we'll be five years from now, but maybe that's a good thing. Keeps things exciting, at least sexually."

    "I agree," I nodded just as the server showed up with our food. After it was all on the table, I changed the topic.

    "So Rory's got Phoenix for the weekend. No date night with Jordan tonight," I said.

    "Yeah. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll make up for it next weekend."

    "Do you think..." I paused for a second, "your brother is... bi, or something?"

    "After what happened between you guys on Friday? Not necessarily."

    I'd learned my lesson this time, and as soon as Taylor got off work on Friday, I'd told him about Rory and me and our 69 action. Taylor found the whole story hot, and sucked my cock just hours after his little brother had done the same thing.

    "Who knows what label Rory will end up with," Taylor said, "for now, it feels like that doesn't really matter. Besides, I find it hot that the first load my brother swallowed came from my husband," Taylor winked at me, making my cock stir under the table.



    At midnight, with the boys still out on their Valentine's date, I decided I would just turn in. I didn't know if they'd decided to go to a bar or maybe even a nightclub after dinner, and there was no point in waiting up for them. I just hoped they didn't feel the need to keep it down when they came in so they wouldn't wake me. This was their place after all.

    The couch was surprisingly comfortable, I'd found. I could understand how Taylor's brother Rory had been able to sleep well here for so many months. Usually I sprang for a hotel room when I came to visit Owen, at least ever since he and Taylor moved in together. But this trip was several weeks of helping my son finish up all the paperwork for the new gym, and he had insisted that I not spend a fortune when I could stay with them. I certainly didn't mind getting the extra time with Owen, and it had also been great to connect more with my son-in-law Taylor on his own turf. When they visited us in Minnesota, Taylor always seemed to be on his "best behavior" for the in-laws. Still genuine of course, but I could tell he was more relaxed in our interactions this past week. He walked around in his underwear, smoked weed, and told dirty jokes... not to mention sucked my son's cock right in front of me!

    Seeing the two of them together filled my heart with happiness, because I could see that Owen was really – finally – creating the life he wanted. With the new business venture, it seemed like he had everything going his way. "Maybe a two-bedroom apartment should be next on the list," I thought to myself with a chuckle, as I spread out the blankets I'd been using for bedding.

    I'd spoken to my wife by phone earlier in the evening, and I definitely missed being with her for our traditional Valentine's Day night out. We usually drank too much and ended up fucking our brains out when we finally stumbled back home. We'd sipped wine together as we talked tonight, but it certainly wasn't the same. She'd been up for some dirty talk, but not the full-on phone sex I'd secretly hoped for, even though I always knew that wasn't really her style.

    My cock had still been hard when we'd hung up, and even as I'd watched a movie and finished off the bottle of wine, my hand kept drifting back for a tug every now and then. It had been a long trip, and without much privacy my opportunities to jerk off had been few and far between. A few times in the past, my solo trips to New York to see Owen had ended up providing me with a chance to push my sexual boundaries, including one very memorable occasion when my son's old roommate had given me an incredible blowjob while Owen pounded his ass. Moments like that were hard to forget for any man, and I still associated visiting Owen with the potential for adventure.

    During this visit, my son had taken me out to a leather gay bar, where some patrons had minimal clothing and even fewer inhibitions. Owen, as usual, had attracted his share of admirers. He ended up getting jerked off under one of the tables by an older guy, just a few feet away from me. They probably thought they were being discreet, and I didn't mention to my son that I'd seen the whole thing clearly from where I had been standing. That same night, I'd been surprised to find myself with my own admirer, a guy around my age who had moved to the city from Wisconsin a few years before. After chatting for about an hour, he'd asked me if I wanted to go to his apartment a few blocks away.

    Feeling a little sex-starved, and admittedly curious, it had been a tempting offer. I didn't have any concerns about infidelity – my wife and I had long had an arrangement that allowed for occasional adventures on our own. But this fellow had clearly assumed I had some actual experience with gay sex, and I wasn't sure I wanted to burden him with being the one to educate and deflower me in that arena. Besides, this trip was about Owen and getting him set up for the next phase of his career. Even though I knew my son would have supported my exploration (hell, he probably would have encouraged it!) it seemed like a lot to take on at that moment. I'd had a few too many drinks that night and was already feeling tired. Still, the offer had been flattering, and the guy had given me his email address with a request to keep in touch.

    All these thoughts wandered through my somewhat drunk brain, and I gave some serious consideration to jerking off right there on the couch before going to sleep. Ultimately I decided I would just take care of it in the shower the next morning, where there wouldn't be any cleanup needed. So I pulled off my jeans and got comfortable under the blanket in my T-shirt and boxers. Within a few minutes, I was in dreamland.

    At some point later, the sound of the door unlocking stirred me from my slumber and I heard Owen and Taylor entering the apartment. They were noisy at first until they realized I was seemingly asleep on the couch, and then they shifted to what could only be described as drunken, giggly stage whispers as they stumbled around the apartment, getting ready for bed.

    I pretended I was still asleep and figured I wouldn't have to do that too long. Once they finished up in the bathroom and closed the bedroom door, things quieted down. But of course, it was Valentine's Day and these were two horny men. So pretty soon, I started to hear soft moans and other sex sounds coming through the wall. The volume increased slowly, as did the sound of the bedsprings and floorboards while my son and his husband got busy.

    All I could do was smile, really. I realized that while I'd heard Owen fuck plenty of guys over the years (and seen him do it a few times), this might be the first time I'd heard him with his own husband, and they'd been together for almost five years now. First time for everything, I guess.

    The moans got louder. I could make out who was who now, and hear the rhythm they had going. They sounded like a porno, frankly, and I felt my cock getting hard again. I imagined my muscular son fucking Taylor's ass, probably holding him in his big, Popeye-like arms.

    "Fuck yeah," I heard one of them say. "Take my cock! Fuck!" The request was followed by some louder moans, clearly from the one who was getting pounded. But the voices...

    With surprise, I realized that it was actually Taylor fucking Owen! I'm not sure why that seemed so unusual to me, but it did. I knew Owen had enjoyed getting fucked in the past – hell, I'd been right next to him in bed once when it happened. But that was long ago, and I assumed his preference had changed since then. Over the past few years, he'd often made offhanded comments to me, usually when we were drinking or smoking pot, about Taylor's talents as a "bottom" – the way he put it.

    Now, I couldn't help but imagine them on their bed, my son on all fours with his husband behind him. Or would they be facing one another? Or would Taylor be on his back with Owen astride him? While imagining all their possible configurations, I was amused to find myself fully boning up.

    "UH!" I heard my son cry out. Taylor must have... pounded him extra hard just then. They were pretty loud by this point, clearly not even trying to keep it down. Did they think I was asleep? Or did they even care? No reason they should, I realized. This was their apartment and they could be as loud as they wanted to be.

    The sound of fucking was hot, so much so that I didn't even mind that it was keeping me up. It didn't matter to me if it was coming from two men, or that one of them happened to be my son. Hearing someone taking a cock was always a turn on, and my own dick was responding. I gave in to my urges, sliding my hand into my boxers and starting to stroke. There had been a good amount of precum collecting at the tip, and pretty quick my whole shaft had a nice slickness to it.

    I could clearly sense the rhythm of their thrusts, from the sound of their breathing, the occasional moans and the faint sound of the bedsprings straining against the weight of the two men. My strokes fell into sync with them, and I subtly thrust my hips up to meet my fist as well, probably right at the same moment Taylor was shoving his cock deep into my son's ass.

    Owen's moans got higher in tone, almost sounding like whimpers. There was a needy sound to them. It was unlike any sound I'd ever heard Owen make. Maybe I would ask him a few questions about bottoming sometime. He'd always been willing to talk to me about these things, and I found that it helped me feel closer to him, to understand what he liked and wanted, in addition to learning something new myself.

    I could tell that Owen and Taylor were reaching a critical moment, where at least one of them would be cumming. "Does Owen cum while he gets fucked?" I wondered. "Does Taylor?" Something else I would have to ask about. Maybe I'd even talk to Taylor about it. He was like another son to me, and this trip was further cementing that. From the sounds that my son was making, it seemed like he also might be getting close. But then Taylor's vocalizations became the louder of the two, and there was no question that his cock was unloading deep inside my son's ass.

    Suddenly I felt my own climax surge, unexpectedly quick. A few spurts shot up onto my stomach before I pushed my cock back into my boxers so they could absorb the rest. I let out a quick groan, with no concern that the boys would hear me over their own sounds of pleasure that continued. Owen was now grunting louder than anyone, screaming out "Fuck yes!" and it was obvious he was shooting his own load. 

    A few moments later, all three of us quieted down, as our moans turned into deep breaths of exhaustion. I laughed as I sunk down into the couch, and took off my cum-stained boxers and dropped them on the floor. I didn't really care if either of the boys got up before me and saw them in the living room. Feeling content after my orgasm and the fact I'd shared this special moment with Owen and my son-in-law, I drifted back to sleep, looking forward to teasing the two of them about this at breakfast tomorrow.

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