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New Best Buddy


    The first week of living with my brother Taylor and his husband Owen went by really quickly. It turned out all the things I was worried about before moving in with them (how we can share an apartment so small, would I be in the way, would everyone be comfortable) were no big deal. Instead, I was busy with the small things: where to get the best coffee in the neighborhood, what's the best commute to work, how to get into a gym routine I can stick to. And then there was one big thing: how to make friends after college.

    As for Taylor and Owen, we were cool. Yes, I saw them naked around the apartment but that was no big deal, especially in summer; and yes, I heard them fucking every single night but that's to be expected of two newlywed guys their age. However, hearing them reminded me of how much more fun it is to have sex with a partner rather than just jerk off, and it made me wish I had someone as well.

    The Sunday before my first day at work, I woke up to Taylor and Owen already in the kitchen. Owen was sitting at the table in his underwear, drinking coffee and having his protein-rich breakfast. My brother was in a jockstrap, kneeling on the floor next to him.

    It took me a bit by surprise to see him this way, but I didn't say anything but "Good morning."

    "Good morning," Owen said back casually, scratching my brother's chin like he was a good puppy dog. "How'd you sleep?"

    "Pretty good, thanks. Just gotta make sure I have everything I need before tomorrow."

    After this, we started talking about work. Meanwhile, I helped myself to a cup of coffee, while Owen snapped his fingers and my brother bent down on his elbows, with his ass facing his husband. As he chatted with me, Owen held his coffee mug with his left hand, and started nonchalantly fingering Taylor's hole with his right. 

    I stood there, hiding my grin behind my cup as I sipped my coffee.

    "So what're your plans for the day?" my brother asked me while two, then three of his husband's fingers went inside his hole.

    "I'm hanging out with a new friend. You know him, actually. Remember the guy from the sauna, when we went to the gym the other day?"

    "Oh," Taylor said and turned to look as me. We made eye contact, as Owen's fourth finger went inside Taylor, making him squirm for a second.

    "His name's Ian," I continued talking about my new buddy. "We exchanged numbers when we got out of the sauna and we've been texting ever since. He's cool. He's 21 as well, and he's lived in the city his whole life. Thought it'd be cool to have a local guide."

    "Definitely. You guys should go... ahh... have fun." As my brother said that, Owen's hand turned and went deeper inside his hole. I saw both pleasure and pain on Taylor's face at that moment, but a second later the pain seemed to be gone and he looked to be in heaven.

    "Anyway, I gotta run," I said, finishing the last of my coffee. "I'm gonna grab a shower and then I'm off to Ian's. See you guys tonight!"

    When I came out of the bathroom, on my way out, I saw Owen still sitting at the table and my brother still on his knees. This time he was turned facing his husband, sucking his dick at the table.

    "Hey! Welcome!" Ian said when he answered the door, a huge smile on his face.

    He was naked head-to-toe. We gave each other a friendly hug and a pat on the back as I walked into his apartment.

    "Hey. Your roommates gone?" 

    I knew from all the texting back and forth that Ian lived with two roommates.

    "No, they're in their rooms. C'mon, I'll show you mine."

    He led me down the hallway to his room, ducking in every doorway so not to hit his head.

    His room was small and cramped, even though there wasn't much there other than a bed and a desk with a chair. He sat on his bed and I took the chair and sat across from him. 

    "Sorry, there's no living room," he said, "so we either gotta sit here or the kitchen."

    "That's okay. I'm currently crashing on my brother's sofa bed, so I know how it is."

    "City living, eh?" he smiled. (Damn, his eyes were gorgeous.) "Would you like something to drink?"

    "Sure. It's Sunday, so I guess it's not too early to have a beer."

    "Um," he said with some hesitation, "I don't drink so we don't really keep alcohol in the house. But if you want I can run downstairs and get you some?"

    "No no no, that's fine. Water's fine."

    I watched Ian's back (and his bubble butt) as he walked out of the room. When he walked back holding two glasses of water, his dick with its big mushroom head flopped around. He closed the door behind him and sat back down on the bed.

    "So your roommates don't mind you walking around naked?" I asked the obvious question, just because I didn't want to sit in silence and nudity seemed to be the easiest thing to talk about.

    "Nah, they're cool with it. Besides, shared space, you know what it's like."

    "I do. I lived in a dorm up until a few weeks ago and there was no hiding anything."

    "I never went to college, so I never got to live in a dorm. Must be fun."

    "It is. It's got its downsides, of course, but I found it incredibly easy to make friends and be social there. I gotta say, I feel a bit clueless now, 'in the real world.'"

    This was more personal than I would normally get with a person I hardly knew, but something about Ian made me feel safe to open up to him. Besides, as sad as it might sound, after saying goodbye to my boys from college who were like brothers to me, I was desperate for a new best buddy.

    "Yeah, it can be tough," Ian said, "especially if you're new somewhere. But don't worry, you'll meet people soon enough."

    Before long, the conversation had turned to my brother. Ian assumed he was my boyfriend when he saw us at the sauna together, but I'd corrected him over text that Taylor was my brother.

    "I've seen him around the gym," Ian said. "He's hard to miss in the locker room with his... accessories."

    "Oh, his cock cage?" I laughed.

    "Yeah. Wasn't sure if you knew so didn't wanna mention it."

    "I know. My brother and I are pretty close, always have been. And he and his husband seem to be in an... interesting relationship."

    "Like a Dom/sub thing?" Ian asked casually.

    "To be honest I don't know what that is."

    "Like his husband's the more dominant one, and your brother's submissive. Gets off on being told what to do." Ian sounded like he'd taken a class in this.

    "I don't know how to feel about that," I admitted.

    "It sounds weird if you've never been exposed to it, but it's perfectly fine if it's consensual, it's very common. Especially with us gay men, I think."

    "So is that... something you've done as well?" I asked, hopeful I wasn't prying too much.

    "Not really in that way. But like, I get a kick out of this," he said, pointing between us two.


    "Like, the clothed male naked male dynamic. I like that you're sitting there with all your clothes on and I'm here fully naked."

    "Like it as in it's turning you on?" I asked. Then, I instinctively looked down at his dick, which was now getting hard.

    "Yes, in a way. But I also like that we can sit and talk and it doesn't have to be sexual. It's like two buddies."

    I smiled when I heard that word. A few minutes later, I moved to sit next to him on the bed. Ian quickly got fully hard and remained that way most of the time, but ignored it as if it was no big deal.

    We talked that way for about half an hour, until we decided to go down and grab something for lunch.

    "Hey buddy, can I ask you something before we go?" he said, and I had a feeling where this was going.

    "Yes," I answered.

    "Can I jerk off before we go eat?" he said, leaning back on his bed. "I just really need to cum."

    "That's okay," I smiled.

    I watched Ian lean all the way back, as I sat on the foot of his bed. He put his left hand under his head, and used his right hand to start stroking his cock.

    "You can rub one off as well if you want," he offered.

    "No, that's fine," I said. By this point I was starting to get hard in my jeans as well, but for some reason I didn't want to whip it out.

    Instead, I watched Ian as he jerked himself off, starting slow then going faster, starting to moan, and occasionally using his free hand to pinch his nips or tug on his balls. The light coming in from the window shined directly on him.

    "Fuck, I like that," he said, pulling on his balls.     

    He shuffled his arms a few times, trying to jerk off while tugging on his ballsack. He seemed to be close to cumming, but he just couldn't get comfortable.

    Then, out of nowhere, I felt the urge to help him out. I reached for his sack and pulled it. It instantly made his eyes roll to the back of the head.

    "Fuuuuck, yeah," he screamed out, stroking his dick with both hands now, as I pulled on his balls. "Oh buddy, that feels so good! Thank you."

    I smiled and kept pulling. Less than a minute later, Ian started shooting his load all over his stomach, his hands, and my arm. I felt the warm cum hit my skin, but I never let go.

    "Ahhh," he leaned forward, trying to catch his breath. Next thing, he was sitting down and we were face-to-face. He moved closer to me until we were nose-to-nose. I felt his breath and saw the sweat dripping down his face. My hand was still clutching his nuts.

    "Thank you, buddy," he exhaled softly. "That felt so good. Thanks."

    I looked him in the eyes, the smell of his sweat taking me back to the sauna where we met. Then, he leaned forward and gave me a kiss. His balls were still in my hand, but instead of squeezing them I'd inadvertently started to stroke them.

    He kissed me for about 15 seconds, slowly but passionately, our tongues going in and out of each other's mouths. When he broke free, Ian smiled at me. 

    "Let's go get something to eat," he said.

    I spent the entire day with Ian. After grabbing a quick lunch, we walked around his neighborhood. A buddy of his worked as an usher at a movie theater, and let us sneak in to go see a movie. After that, Ian took me to an all-you-can-eat buffet he liked, where we both gorged until we couldn't move.

    By the time I got home, it was time to go to sleep if I was gonna get up on time for work tomorrow.

    Back at the apartment, the first thing I noticed was how hot and stuffy it was. Second thing, I noticed my brother and his husband were in their room fucking. The thing was, I had to get my stuff ready for tomorrow, and my clothes were in their room.

    "Ah, fuck! Fuck," I heard my brother's voice from inside the bedroom as I stood on the other side of the door and knocked.

    "Yes?" Owen's voice bellowed from inside. 

    I opened the door.

    "Sorry, I just need to get my clothes for tomorrow, so I don't wake you up in the morning," I said. 

    "Go ahead," Owen said with a smirk.

    Sure enough, I was right and the two were in the middle of sex. Taylor was lying on his back on the bed, his feet up on his husband's chest, as Owen's muscular body pounded him from up top.

    "While you're here," Owen said, "can you hand me the key that's in my jean pocket?"

    "Sure," I said, and reached for the jeans he was pointing at, on top of a messy pile on the floor. With the door and windows closed, the room reeked of sex.

    I took out the tiny little key that was in the pocket, and walked to the bed to hand it to Owen. As I did, I briefly made eye contact with each of them.

    "Thanks," Owen said and quickly used the key to unlock the cage that was on my brother's dick. Taylor's dick sprung out like a jack-in-the-box. Owen thrust deeper inside him, and in a mere second my brother's dick seemed to go fully hard, as if in fast motion. 

    I turned away and walked to the closet to get my clothes. As I looked for what I needed, I heard my brother scream out.

    "Ah, fuck. Fuck yes! Fuck yeah!!!" he shouted, unable to control himself now that his dick was free. 

    "Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah," he continued on loop. The sound of Owen's balls slapping my brother's ass was clearly distinguishable. The thrusting, the pounding, the moaning, all got faster and louder. 

    "Ahhhh, fuck!! Fuck yes, Daddy! FUUUCK!" I heard my brother yell out at the top of his lungs. He'd cum, just a couple of feet from me.

    I turned around without even planning to, drawn by the orgasmic noise. I saw Taylor breathe deeply, probably still feeling the aftereffects of his orgasm. He was clutching his husband's back, whose dick was still inside him. Owen looked up and saw me looking, a shit-eating grin on his face. Then he winked at me.

    "Fuuuck," he said, and his eyes started rolling.

    I stood there holding my clothes for work, and watched him shoot his load inside my brother's ass.

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