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Role Reversal


    Becoming a husband and a father meant restructuring my entire social life. Wild nights out were now sparse, replaced by evenings in front of the TV or catching up on sleep. However, it wasn't ALL that bad either. My son still lived with his mom for the most part, and my wife, who was still a college student, started spending a lot of time at the library as soon as the academic year started, which gave me some leeway to go out with the boys every now and then. If anything, the fact that I didn't go out that often anymore only made it more special when I finally got the chance to do so.

    One Friday evening after work, I texted everyone in the Dad Squad. Gill and Deacon's twins had chicken pox so they weren't going anywhere, but Payton and Cole agreed to come out. Cole brought his boyfriend Ian along and we all met at a bar in Manhattan, where we probably had like five or six drinks each. By that point, it was easy to lose count.

    Around midnight, Payton announced that he was going back home to his son and his girlfriend. We said goodbye, and I gave him a playful smack on the ass on his way out. As soon as he'd left the bar, Ian and Cole leaned across the table and Ian said to me,

    "So I heard it through the grapevine that you fucked Payton a few weeks ago."

    "How did you hear that?" I acted surprised. The rumors were of course true, but I tried to be at least somewhat coy when gossiping about sex when it included other people.

    "Payton told me," Cole chimed in. "He said the four of you got together, and one thing led to another and you ended up fucking him in front of your ladies."

    "Well in that case I can confirm it's true," I said.

    "So are you like bi now?" Ian enquired. "Cuz you've fucked multiple men by this point."

    "Honestly, I'm not really thinking about that," I admitted. "Like, I don't know if that's weird. I'm just having fun, going with the flow."

    "Mhm," Ian said in amusement, placing his hand on his boyfriend's crotch before adding, "You know, this place has single-stall bathrooms."

    "Hahaha. What's that supposed to mean?" I asked, making eye contact with my ex-roommate.

    "It means, if you wanted to have some fun, and go with the flow… the three of us could head there," Ian replied suggestively while still rubbing Cole's bulge, which seemed to be growing. I had a feeling this was something the two of them had discussed before coming out tonight.

    "Well, I do need to take a piss," I announced. "And if I leave the door unlocked and someone happens to walk in while I'm there… well, who knows what might happen?"

    I gave the couple a wink and got up and left the table. I was pleasantly tipsy and had no agenda about what might happen in the restroom. Like I'd said: I just went with the flow.

    No pun intended. I took a long piss in the bathroom and just as I was finishing up I heard the door swing open behind me. Of course, I'd left it unlocked like I'd hinted, so it was no surprise to hear two pairs of feet walking in, followed by the sound of the door being shut and bolted.

    With my dick still out, I turned around and started stroking it while watching my two friends making out and pulling on each other's zippers. A short moment later their cocks were out as well; Cole's already hard after the stimulation he'd received at the table. Ian was sporting a semi but quickly reaching full erection, just like I was. 

    The two of them continued to make out as they simultaneously dropped to their knees. As far as public bathrooms go, this place was exceptionally clean. With their tongues still in each other's mouths, Ian reached for my dick and placed it between their lips. All of a sudden I could feel two wet tongues and two sets of lips working on my dickhead, leading me to full hardness within seconds.

    As the evening got later, the crowd at the bar got louder and rowdier. We could hear the rest of the world on the other side of the door, which made this more exciting. There were two other bathroom stalls in this place, so I didn't feel too guilty for hogging this one. I looked down and moaned out as Ian sucked my dick while his boyfriend focused on my balls, which I'd just shaved earlier today as if anticipating something like this. 

    Ten minutes later, I was ready to blast. My grunts let the boys know what was coming, and they started to jack each other's cocks faster, at the same time as they both sucked on my dick, ready to be treated to my jizz. They wouldn't have to wait much longer. Soon, as Ian placed his hand on my shaft and pumped it a few times while licking my cockhead, my balls began to explode. I came all over my friends' tongues and lips and faces. They swallowed my spunk and licked it off each other's mugs. Then, Cole quickly got up and shoved his dick in his boyfriend's mouth, just as I was shooting out my last wad of cum. Our two cocks touched, and Cole blew his load as well.

    Finally, it was Ian's turn. He stood up, and Cole went back down on his knees to take his dick in his mouth. Ian and I looked at each other's eyes and smiled. As he bust his nut in his cocksucking boyfriend's mouth, I leaned in and gave Ian a kiss, tasting the cum that was on his lips, a mixture of my and Cole's loads. 

    After leaving the bar, rather than going home to Brooklyn, I decided to crash at my brother's place which was within walking distance. When I got to their building I noticed their lights were on, which meant Taylor and Owen were home and still awake.

    I rang their buzzer twice to no avail. Finally, I did what I probably should've done in the first place and texted them:

    "Open up. It's me."

    Seconds later, the front door buzzed open. I went up the stairs and was greeted by a naked Owen… with a metal cock cage on his dick.

    "Hey," I said, blinking a few times to make sure I wasn't drunk and seeing things. I walked up to my brother-in-law and gave him a hug, feeling the sweat that was dripping down his body. "What are you boys up to?"

    "Wanna venture a guess?" Owen said. By the smell on his breath, I'd say he'd smoked some weed.

    "Smoking and fucking?" I said as I walked into the apartment. In the living room, I saw my brother with his legs spread open on the couch, hard dick pointing up like a flag pole, while he drank some water and wiped sweat off his forehead.

    "Hey, little bro," Taylor said when he saw me walk in. By the glazed over look in his eyes I could tell he'd had something to smoke as well.

    "I hope I'm not interrupting anything," I said and I made myself comfortable on one of the armchairs. Interestingly enough, Owen followed me into the room but he dropped to his knees on the floor next to my brother.

    "Oh no, we're just unwinding a little bit before bed," said Taylor. "Ain't that right?"

    "Yes, Sir," Owen quickly responded and took my brother's foot in his hands, giving him a massage.

    "Do I… wanna know what's going on here?" I asked in amusement. 

    "Just a little role reversal, if you will," Taylor explained smugly. "I've done my fair share of kneeling in this house, now it was someone else's turn. Would you like a drink, by the way?"
   "Yeah, I could use some water to sober up, thanks," I said.

    Taylor snapped his fingers and almost comically fast, Owen got up and went to the kitchen to fetch me a bottle of water. He handed it to me without making eye contact, and expediently went back to the floor, rubbing my brother's feet.

    I chuckled and drank my water with my eyes darting from the TV to the scene paying out with my brother and Owen. When I first moved to New York, the revelation that my brother was in a dom-sub relationship with his husband (something I didn't even know the terminology for at the time) hit me as kind of a surprise. Just as I got used to the idea, their dynamic started to switch. Taylor found himself more and more rejecting the cock cage and collar, and Owen obviously never forced him to do anything he didn't want to. I'd never imagined Owen as being submissive, even the first time when I fucked him. He was just such a muscle mountain of a man, that it somehow didn't fit with the stereotype in my head. Just goes to prove, I guess, that there's different facets to everyone.

    Looking at him down on the floor, Owen looked to be in his element. As he bent down to take my brother's toes in his mouth, Owen flashed me his smooth-shaved asshole, tight like a hole that's never been fucked before. I doubted that this was a permanent arrangement between him and Taylor; maybe it was a one-time thing for tonight only. If that was the case, I'm glad I'd decided to drop by so I got a chance to witness it.

    "Nice hole, ain't it?" my brother said when he spotted me looking at his husband's ass.

    "Very nice," I agreed. "Especially all smooth like this."

    "Oh yeah," Taylor moaned, running his hand down Owen's spine all the way to his ass crack. Then, my brother commenced fingering Owen's pink hole, all the while Owen worshiped his feet.

    I began to get hard again while watching, but I didn't want to interrupt. I discreetly rubbed my bulge while my brother worked his submissive husband's hole. Whenever I caught a peek of Owen's dick, it looked like it was straining the cage that it was in, begging to get hard but to no avail. Meanwhile, Owen's hole dilated more and more with each movement of my brother's digits.

    "You ready to get fucked, huh whore?" Taylor grunted.

    "Yes, Sir. Please fuck me, Sir," Owen said in a voice that managed to still sound masculine.

    "Yeah? You wanna get fucked in front of Rory so he can see what a slut you are?" Taylor continued.

    "Whatever you tell me to, Sir, I'll do it," Owen whimpered obediently.

    "Spread that ass for my brother to see!" Taylor barked and retreated his fingers from Owen's hole. Next, Owen crawled backwards, closer to my armchair, and spread his meaty asscheeks open, winking at me with his hole.

    While my brother-in-law showed off for me, Taylor got up off the couch. With his rock-hard dick pointing the way, he walked up to Owen and took him by the throat, grabbing him so violently that I almost interfered and told him to ease up. The two of them probably had some sorta safeword, however, and they kept going. 

    I watched as my brother choked Owen out and spat in his face, acting even more aggressive than I'd seen Owen be to him. Then, Taylor savagely shoved his hard prick down Owen's throat. Owen let go of his asscheeks so he could balance himself against the floor. Now that he was being throat-fucked, he was gagging and drooling all over himself. My brother was barely giving him any room to breathe, going as deep as possible down Owen's gullet.

    Taylor was insanely horny, and I could feel it. After violating Owen's throat for ten minutes, Taylor smacked his husband's ass and pulled out of his mouth, moving around and getting on his knees behind Owen. They were about to start fucking doggy style! I rubbed my crotch, finally unzipping and pulling out my hard cock, openly stroking it now while watching my older brother shove his dick up Owen's perky asshole.

    "AHH!" Owen moaned, but my brother just slapped him and told him to shut up. He fucked Owen's ass like there was no tomorrow, but then suddenly he stopped and pulled out completely. I continued to jerk off as my brother walked around Owen again and put his cock, fresh out of Owen's ass, into Owen's mouth for him to choke on again.

    "Mmmpf!" Owen gagged, tasting his own ass juices on my brother's cock. Taylor did this three or four more times: violently fucking Owen's asshole before moving to the front and shoving his cock down Owen's throat. Finally, with his cock in Owen's mouth, my brother noticed me jerking off and said,

    "Well, what're you waiting for? Get back there and fuck him!"

    Owen's hole was yawning wider than ever, pulsing with a mix of saliva, precum, and sweat dripping out of it. I listened to my brother and got up, shoving my cock in my brother-in-law's ass in one swift move.

    Even though it was my second orgasm of the night, it didn't take me long. With my cockhead hitting Owen's prostate, I started breeding his hole. The muscle man moaned in pleasure – and probably some agony from not being able to shoot his own load. As I deposited my swimmers in Owen's ass, Taylor did the same to his husband's throat. Taylor's cock was so far in, that Owen had no choice whether to swallow or not. He took both of our brotherly cum at the same time, up two different ends as my brother called him "good boy" and slapped his face. Seeing as Owen was enjoying being treated like this, I made sure to give his ass a few smacks while cumming inside of his hole. My brother and I made eye contact and he winked at me, proud to see me abusing his hubby in this way. 

    "That's it, Rory! Treat him like the little cumdump bitch that he is," my brother said as Owen gagged on his cock.

    "Fuck yeah, bro," I grunted, marking Owen's insides with more of my potent jizz. 

    Afterwards, we were spent. Taylor and I barely walked to the bedroom, with Owen crawling behind us like a puppy dog. He got in the middle of the bed and got plenty of cuddles as we all drifted off to sleep. 

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