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A First Time for Everything


    As I approached the age of 30, things were changing in my life. Slowly but surely, I was getting the recognition I felt like I deserved at work. After some ups and downs, my husband and I were in a good place. Now that Owen ran his own business, he was still very busy with work but at least he was much happier. Things were changing between us sexually as well. I no longer enjoyed being a "full-time sub," which thankfully Owen accepted without complaint. I knew that being the "Dom" in a relationship could be exhausting, so in a way I was sure he was glad to have that load off his shoulders.

    Speaking of change, nobody was going through more of it than my little brother. With a new wife and a new baby on the way, I was amazed that he still found time to hang out with us, but I was always very happy when he did so. Today, my brother and I were out shopping, looking for a present for Dad's birthday next week.

    We decided on a bunch of grilling accessories, since Dad loved to barbecue. The shopping trip took us much less than anticipated, which was good because it was a Tuesday evening and we were both tired from work. 

    "Wanna come over for a drink?" I said to Rory. "Owen's at the gym working tonight."

    "Eh, why not? Jordan's in class," he said, and we walked to my apartment. There, we took our shoes and shirts off and plumped down on the couch with some drinks.

    "So, this whole role reversal between you and Owen…" Rory started. "Is it a permanent thing?"

    "No. I don't know. Maybe? Either way, we're not overthinking it," I replied, scratching my belly. "We're just having fun with it for now. Going with the flow."

    "Ha! That's funny."

    "What's funny?" I asked.

    "A few days ago someone asked me if I was bi. It was Ian, my old roommate. Anyway, that's precisely the answer I gave him. 'I dunno, not overthinking it, just going with the flow.'"

    "So… are you bi?" I asked, taking a swig of my drink.

    "Dude, I just answered that."

    "I know, I know. I just… I always saw you as straight," I said, "even after we… started having fun together. So it takes some getting used to."

    "Honestly…" Rory said, and then waited for a moment to verbalize his thoughts. "Even if I weren't married to Jordan, I couldn't see myself dating a guy. Like, I don't see myself having a boyfriend or a husband. And that's not cuz I would be afraid or ashamed to be in a relationship with a dude. It's just…" 

    "You don't see yourself romantically involved with a man?" I suggested, trying to help my brother find the right words.

    "I guess. Like, most of the guys I've fooled around with have been good buddies of mine, and I care for them. But like you said, that's more bromance than romance. And with you and Owen… well, it's hard, cuz I love you guys. But I also love you like a brother. And obviously things have gone much further between us, you'd have to agree."

    "Yes," I nodded, agreeing with the fact that Rory and I were well past the point of "just brothers."

    "I don't know, man," Rory continued. "By the time we're all 50… God knows where we'll be."

    I put my drink down and scooted closer to my brother on the couch. I smiled, put my arm around him, and said,

    "I have a feeling we'll be right here, cuddled up together."

    "Probably," Rory smiled. He put his drink down and placed his hand on my chest, rubbing my fur and then lying down on my lap. I played some music, which helped us relax even more. I closed my eyes, leaned my head back, and almost fell asleep due to how relaxed I felt.

    After a while, I actually DID doze off. I have no idea how long I was out for, but when I woke up I felt a big boner tenting my sweatpants and poking my brother in the face. I looked down and made eye contact with Rory, who was awake and smiled at me.

    We laughed out loud, like this was an embarrassing situation two brothers might find themselves in. But rather than pull away, Rory placed his hand on my hard-on and started rubbing it through my sweats.

    "Mmm, that feels nice," I moaned, closing my eyes again and relaxing. I was going commando, so there was only one layer of fabric between Rory's hand and my throbbing dick. The sweats would need to go in the laundry after this with all of the precum I started leaking. 

    Suddenly, Rory's hands were pulling down the waistband and extracting my boner from my pants. My brother tucked the sweats under my balls, and the next thing I felt was the touch of his hand making skin-on-skin contact with my meat. I exhaled deeply. I felt high, even though I was sober. This felt lovely, and I let my brother know by moaning in pleasure.

    Rory's hands worked my dick as well as my balls, taking turns on them and using the precum I was producing as lube. This felt like heaven, and the fact that it was my little brother working my dick like this only made it hotter. 

    And then, suddenly, I felt something wet touching the crown of my dick. I could tell that it wasn't a finger. It was… It was a tongue! Next thing I know, what felt like a pair of lips joined the tongue in gently kissing my cockhead and sucking off the precum oozing out of my piss slit. 

    I fought the urge to open my eyes. Blind, my other senses were heightened. I felt as the lips slid down my shaft slowly, reaching the midpoint and then going back up and focusing on my cockhead. My dick throbbed, letting out more precum which was dutifully swallowed. Back down my shaft, this time while several fingers tickled my balls and lightly tugged on them. Soon, my entire cock was in a welcomingly warm mouth. My brother's mouth. I opened my eyes and looked down to see Rory, his nose pressed against my pubic region; my dick balls-deep in his mouth for the first time.

    "Ahhh, Rory…" I moaned and I combed my fingers through his long hair. I left my hand on the back of his head, not pressing or pulling, just resting there and stroking Rory's skull. My brother's lips started to slide up again, reaching the ridge of my cockhead and nursing on it for a couple of seconds before letting it plop out. 

    My baby brother looked up and made eye contact with me. He smiled and then asked, "How does that feel?"

    "It feels wonderful. You have no idea," I assured him. "How you doing, you okay?"

    "Yes, I'm fine," he nodded and licked his lips, which had my precum coating them like lipgloss. I knew Rory had sucked Owen's dick before, but this was my brother's first time doing it to me. Without hesitation, my little brother went back to blowing me, taking my dick in his mouth confidently, like this was something he was well-used to.

    "Don't overthink it," I told myself, reminding myself of the conversation Rory and I had earlier. He was obviously enjoying this, and oh my fucking god, so was I! My hand remained in Rory's hair, stroking it. Every now and then, when his teeth would scrape against my shaft, I reminded him to cover them. He was a quick learner, and pretty soon I was lifting my hips off the couch, thrusting back-and-forth inside my brother's receptive mouth.

    "Get on your knees on the floor," I said to Rory. I didn't want to sound authoritative or dominant, but I did want to show Rory that as his more experienced older brother, he should follow my direction. And he did. In just a few seconds, he was kneeling on the floor with his lips parted, since he knew that's where my dick was going.

    I pulled my sweatpants all the way off and stood in front of my little brother, brandishing my boner in his face. Holding it like a bat, I smacked Rory's cheeks with my dick a few times, splattering my precum all over them. Rory stuck out his tongue like a dog awaiting a treat, and I gave it to him. I placed my hand back on his head and simultaneously thrust my rod inside his mouth, shoving it all the way in. The swift move made Rory gag, but he continued to suck me.

    I placed my other hand on the back of Rory's head as well, interlacing my fingers. Now, I could really go to town and fuck Rory's face! I didn't want to be quite as violent as I was with Owen, but I was getting horny and it was taking over me, clouding my judgement. Even though I knew my brother wasn't all that used to sucking cock yet, I started to fuck his throat like there was no tomorrow. Occasionally, I looked down and asked "You okay?" and waited for Rory to give me a "Mhm" and a nod before continuing. 

    I'd swallowed Rory's sperm before, and the thought of him tasting mine drove me WILD. As I got closer and closer to the edge, I imagined my babies sliding down Rory's throat and gathering in their uncle's stomach. It made me thrust harder and harder, ignoring Rory's grunts and gasps for air. I was at that point where nothing else mattered anymore except shooting my load. Holding on to my brother's long hair like a reign, I fucked his face and hit the soft back of his throat with the tip of my dick until I…

    "Aaaaaaaah, I'm cumming!!!" I shouted and started to spill my load down my brother's gullet. My spunk blasted straight down Rory's throat. With his hands holding on to my hips, he swallowed my kids and grunted, ingesting my DNA. 

    "Fuck. Fuck!" I shouted, shooting several more ropes of cum to feed my brother with. My fingers now combed through his hair as if to say "good boy."

    "Mmm," Rory finally moaned as he took my cock out of his mouth and got back up on his feet with my help. We fell into a brotherly hug, and then he leaned in and gave me a big kiss, allowing me to taste whatever was left of my spooge in his mouth.

    "That was amazing. I love you," I said to my baby brother, and went back to kissing him until we couldn't stand any longer. 

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