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Dad's Birthday


    Well, I've finally gone ahead and done it. The thing most of my New York friends would judge me over: I bought a car. With the gym now open for business, there was always something that needed to be carried there, whether it was stacks of energy drinks or boxes of protein bars, and I got sick of lugging it on the subway or paying for car services. Plus, this week, it also came in handy when we needed to drive to Pennsylvania for my father-in-law's birthday.

    Instead of riding shotgun, my husband decided to sit in the back with his younger brother. At first I was kinda confused by Taylor's decision, but I definitely approved of it when I looked in the rearview mirror and spotted his and his brother's hands on each other's thighs.

    "How much longer until Phoenixville?" Taylor asked me for the distance to his hometown as we drove through New Jersey.

    "About an hour," I replied, already sensing what Taylor might have on his mind.

    True enough, my husband said "Plenty of time," leaned to his right, and gave his brother a big kiss. From what I could tell, Rory was definitely kissing back, and the sound of their passionate making out filled the car. I wished it was one of those self-driving vehicles so I could turn around and join them.

    Taylor's and Rory's hands crept on up from their thighs and onto each other's bulges. Even though it was almost fall, it was a hot day and all three of us were wearing tank tops and athletic shorts. Before long, it became obvious both brothers were beginning to sport sizable boners. I licked my lips, paying more attention to the rearview mirror than the highway ahead of me.

    "Keep your eyes on the road," my husband teased as he went to kiss his younger brother, simultaneously reaching inside one of the legholes of Rory's shorts and pulling out his rock-hard dick. 

    "Fuck," I muttered as I watched Taylor kissing and slowly stroking his baby bro. Recently, the two of them had broken every taboo. Rory fucked Taylor in the shower room at my gym – a scene straight out one of my perviest fantasies. I often got off on other men fucking my husband, but his brother – HIS BROTHER! – sticking that big dick of his in Taylor's ass was something I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see in my life. 

    Even though I was there to witness the public gym fucking, something happened soon thereafter that unfortunately I wasn't there to see: Rory sucking his big brother's cock for the first time. When I returned home that evening, Taylor told me all about Rory dropping to his knees in our living room and taking Taylor's dick in his mouth until my husband busted his babies down his brother's throat. Rory had already sucked my dick before, so I knew he wasn't completely new to the art of cocksucking. That night, as I fucked my husband, I imagined the taste of his sperm as it slid down his younger brother's throat, which made me bust a nut and fill up Taylor's bowels with my semen in no time.

    Now, the two naughty brothers were christening my new car with their first hookup in it. I was half-driver, half-voyeur as my husband's hand pumped up and down on Rory's hard-on, getting it fully erect and leaking precum. Taylor rubbed his palm on Rory's cockhead, getting it nice and wet with prejizz before wrapping it back around the shaft and continuing the handjob. Rory laid back and grunted like the stud that he was, resting his hands on the back of his head and exposing his hairy pits. 

    Seeing my brother-in-law's hairy armpits made me want to bury my face in them. My husband seemed to have a similar idea. He began sniffing at his brother's pits like a hound, taking in his musk before nose-diving all the way in. I could see Taylor's tongue working Rory's pit, licking it bottom-to-top like a popsicle. Soon, Rory placed his hand on the back of his brother's head and pushed his face further in, making Taylor gag on the beautiful, manly musk he was inhaling. 

    "I overslept and didn't take a shower this morning," Rory said, making eye contact with me in the mirror and giving me a smirk. I smirked back and placed one hand on my rock-hard dick, wagging it around behind the wheel and hoping Rory could see the effect he and his brother were having on me.

    After worshiping Rory's left armpit, Taylor moved on to his right. All the while, he kept stroking his brother's dick, using two hands now on Rory's extra-long shaft. Finally, my husband's face pulled away from Rory's pit and dove right in for his cock, unable to abstain any longer. I watched in the rearview as my brother-in-law's dick disappeared down Taylor's throat without as much as a single gag from my hubby. Up and down, Taylor slurped as his head bobbed in his brother's lap. It only took a few moments for Rory to place his hands on the back of Taylor's head and to start humping, lifting his ass off the seat and fucking his big brother's face.

    "Make sure you swallow everything, honey. Don't make a mess in my new car," I teased.

    Soon, Rory announced his orgasm by shouting out a loud "FUCK!" I could hear my husband gulping as his gullet was being filled with Rory's fertile seed. Taylor quickly pulled his own dick out of his shorts and gave it just a couple of tugs before spraying his cum all over the floor. "So much for not making a mess in my car," I thought.

    After shooting his load and swallowing all his little nieces and nephews, Taylor lifted his head and went back up to kiss his younger brother. Tasting his own jizz on Taylor's lips was no taboo for Rory, and the two brothers made out passionately for a while as we crossed the state border into Pennsylvania.

    "Want me to take care of you while you're driving, babe?" my hubby offered.

    "No thanks, honey. I think I'll save it for later," I winked at Rory and Taylor in the rearview. We were staying in their old bedroom once again, all three of us, and somehow I had a feeling we'd be doing more than just sleeping in it tonight.

    My father-in-law Stephen's 54th birthday wasn't a huge affair, but there was still a decent number of people gathered for it. The Johnstons' backyard was pretty much full, and Stephen was in charge of the grill, constantly offering me more meat when he saw me. 

    That evening, some of the guests stayed extra late. Most of them lived on the same cul-de-sac, so they weren't worried about driving back drunk or anything. I was eager to go to the bedroom and have some fun with my husband and brother-in-law, but we knew we couldn't leave the party early so we just had more and more drinks. Finally, around 1 AM, the party was officially over. I gave Taylor's parents a final hug, and I followed Taylor and Rory up the stairs to their old room.

    Within ten minutes, the three of us were on Rory's old bed, tongues going in and out of each other's mouths as we engaged in a threesome kiss. Shirts were discarded and left strewn on the floor. Six hands roamed all over one another's torsos, pinching nips and feeling up abs. Noses were buried in one another's armpits and lips started to suck on each other's nipples. Three dicks were standing at full attention. 

    "I couldn't wait to do this again with the two of you here," Rory whispered in the semi-darkness of his childhood bedroom. The last time we were all here was for Thanksgiving, almost a year ago. At 3 AM that night, I got spit-roasted by the two brothers for the first time, allowing Rory to cum up my ass just as his brother filled my throat. Now, I was in the mood for another spit-roast, this time with someone else in the middle.

    "How would you like to get fucked from both ends tonight, huh, babe?" I asked my husband and gave him a sloppy kiss with my hand on his throat. Taylor smiled and opened his mouth, allowing me to spit in it. Even though he was no longer a full-time sub, my hubby still enjoyed being roughhoused every now and then. 

    "Fuck yeah, babe," Taylor muttered. "Fuck yeah. Stuff both my holes with your dicks."

    Then, Taylor fell to his knees on the floor. He took Rory's and my hands and pulled us up so we were standing in front of him. With one swift move on Taylor's behalf, Rory's and my shorts were on the ground and our dicks were being pressed together before going into Taylor's wide-open maw.

    The sensation of my hard cock being rubbed against Rory's boner was something I could never bore of. Our two cockheads stimulated each other as Taylor did his best to suck on both of them at the same time. We were leaking our precum in my husband's mouth, and Rory and I started kissing. Even though he was "just" my brother-in-law, Rory felt so much closer by this point. Like a brother of mine, but even more! Almost like we were partners as well, like we were all some sort of throuple. Yes, we had sex occasionally, but the intimacy and love between the three of us was just as important. When marrying Taylor, I could never imagine that we would one day develop this kind of relationship with his brother as well. We felt like the luckiest people on Earth!

    As Rory and I wrestled with our tongues, Taylor got our pricks nice and excited for the main event. Then, my husband got on all fours on the floor between their beds, poking his ass out in the air at the same time as holding his mouth open and ready for penetration.

    I walked behind Taylor and got on my knees, spitting on his well-used hole and diving in for a quick rim job. Meanwhile, Rory stood in front of his big brother and slipped his dick all the way in Taylor's mouth. It made Taylor's asshole open up even wider with excitement, allowing my tongue to dig further in. As Rory began to fuck Taylor's throat, Taylor's ass lips opened up more and more. I couldn't hold back anymore so I got up and grabbed my throbber, pushing it into my spouse's hole to the hilt.

    "Mmmmpf!" Taylor moaned with a mouthful of fraternal cock. Rory looked at me and he did something that made me laugh: he gave me a high five, as if to say "good job on fucking my brother."

    "Yeah, he needs it," I said out loud, maintaining eye contact with Rory.

    "Fucking yes, he does. He was made for this shit. Look at him take both our dicks," Rory looked down at his cocksucking slutty sibling. "Yeah, you love this, bro, don't ya?" Rory asked, thrusting back and forth in Taylor's throat.

    "Mhm," my husband nodded, admitting he was born for taking his brother's dick as well as my own.

    After fucking in this position for around fifteen minutes, I told Rory "Time to switch." I pulled my cock out of my husband's ass, leaving it gaping and admiring the wide-open orifice. I held Taylor's cheeks spread as I waited for Rory to kneel next to me, brandishing his boner like a sword and shoving it inside Taylor's gap. 

    "Ahhhhh!" my husband moaned loudly as he got his hole refilled. With Taylor's mouth now empty, I walked in front of him and put my prick in it, letting him taste his own ass juices. 

    With every passing minute, Rory and I thrusted faster and faster, making Taylor's body bounce back and forth between us. I held my husband's head with both of my hands, letting him gag on my dick as I piston-fucked his face. Rory was being even rougher on Taylor's hole, and by the rate at which he was going I could tell that my brother-in-law was close to cumming.

    "Hold on just a little bit longer," I told Rory, eager to have our cumshots at the same time. He looked up at me and nodded, fucking his brother's ass just a little bit slower.

    "Hurry up, man, cuz I don't think I can hold on much longer," Rory said to me. "His ass is soooo amazing."

    "I know, isn't it? I definitely married a keeper," I said, getting ready to watch my husband get bred by his baby brother in the very bedroom they grew up in. 

    "Ah, fuck bro, I'm gonna cum," Rory started to pant, unable to hold back any longer. "I'm gonna cum inside his ass."

    "Do it! Breed his ass. Fucking cum inside my husband's ass, bro," I barked. "Fucking breed your brother's hole, man!"

    "Ahhhhh, fuuuuck!!!" Rory yelled and finally let go. He shot his spunk inside Taylor, breeding his brother like he'd done to the two women he'd already knocked up. Watching Rory unload inside my husband made me lose my nut as well, and I flooded Taylor's throat with my jizz, forcing him to swallow every last drop since I didn't wanna make a mess on the carpet. But it was too late for that. Taylor was losing his own nut, cumming handsfree all over the floor, making a mess just like he'd done in my car earlier. 

    After about a minute, we started to calm down. Rory and I were still thrusting inside Taylor, but we were going slower after filling him up with our DNA. It was late at night and I was looking forward to jumping into bed with the two brothers and cuddling until we were asleep. We were beat; Rory and Taylor already had their eyes closed as our thrusting continued. And then, I looked at the door in front of me. It had been closed, I was certain of it. But now, it was cracked open… and through the gap, I made eye contact with Rory and Taylor's father Stephen, standing and looking inside the room. 

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