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Backseat Blowjob


    "Rory? Rory!" the barista yelled. 

    I reached for the paper cup, when I felt someone's fingers on mine. A girl was holding it as well.

    "This one's mine," she and I both said at the same time.

    "Almond-milk caramel latte?" the barista read off the cup.

    "Oh. Sorry. It's yours after all," I smiled and forfeited the cup to the girl.

    "Rory, four-shot americano?" the barista passed the next cup.

    "And that must be yours," the girl next to me smiled as I took the coffee. "Wow, four shots. You're serious about your caffeine." 

    "I am." The person behind me bumped into me as the line moved forward, pushing me closer to the girl.

    "I'm Rory," she said. "Short for Aurora."

    "I'm Rory. Just... Rory."

    "Well, Just Rory, nice to meet you," she said and looked at me before heading to her table. I noticed a twinkle in her eyes. They were the color of caramel latte.

    I stood in place until someone else bumped into me. I realized I needed to get out of people's way, and looked around for a free table. 

    Sure enough, during lunch hour in this office-laden district, the place was packed. Strangers were sharing tables, and it was the perfect opportunity for me to sit next to Rory.

    "Mind if I sit here?" I asked, pulling out the empty chair at her table.

    "Course not," she said politely.

    "I won't disturb you if you're busy." She was reading a book. The History of Stonewall, I read on the cover.

    "Not at all," she said, carefully putting a bookmark in the book and putting it away. "So, Just Rory, you live or work around here?"

    "Work. I just started last week."

    "Mazel. So how's it going so far?"

    "Pretty good, actually. People are nice enough. For once I actually feel like I know what I'm doing."

    "Can't relate," she chuckled. "Does that mean you just moved here as well?"

    "Yup. Still staying with my brother until I get my own place."

    "Yikes, living with family. That can be rough."

    "Yes, it can. But not my brother and me. We're cool."

    "That's nice to hear."

    "So what do you do?" I asked, taking a sip of coffee.

    "I'm a writer."

    "Ooh, that's cool. Anything I might've read?"

    "Not unless you like reading gay porn."

    At first I thought she was joking, but when I realized she wasn't I smiled wide.

    "Ha! Can't say I have, then. But I'll check with my brother and his husband, maybe they know of you."

    We both took a simultaneous sip, looking at each other and flirting with our eyes. At least I could swear that's what we were doing.

    "So, if you don't mind me being candid," I asked, "are you into guys or girls or...?"

    "I'm into whoever can show me a good time," she said, playing with her curly hair.

    We spent the rest of my lunch break getting to know each other. Aurora had moved to New York six months ago, so we had a lot to talk about when it came to shared experiences, especially how hard it was to meet people sometimes.

    "I know what you mean," I said. "I met a buddy at the gym that I've been hanging out with. Other than that I mostly hang out with my brother. Everyone at my office is like twenty years older."

    "Some people I know are throwing a party for the Fourth of July next week. Wanna come?" 

    "I'd love to," I answered truthfully. "But my brother and his husband are going to the Catskills with a couple of friends of theirs, and I said I'd join them. But maybe it's not too late to cancel..."

    "Nonsense. Go, have fun. We'll get together when you come back."

    "Promise?" I asked her eagerly, and stuck out my right pinkie finger.

    "I promise," she smiled, and we shook fingers.



    "Brock and Sawyer are on their way," my husband checked his phone and tossed it aside.

    "Mmm. Good thing we packed last night." I yawned loudly and stretched my arms over my head.

    It was Thursday morning, the Fourth of July. We all had the next four days off. Our friend Sawyer's parents owned a cabin in the Catskills, where they usually spent holidays like this. This year though, they were off visiting family, so Sawyer invited his boyfriend Brock and us to come spend a long weekend at the cabin.

    "I'm glad they had no problem with Rory tagging along," Taylor said. We lay in bed naked on opposite ends, and he was massaging my size-12 feet.

    "Of course they didn't," I said. "The more the merrier. It reminds me of the trips I'd take with my dad and his buddies, growing up. Those were always fun." My dick stirred, and I gave it a tug.

    "How're your parents?"

    "They're okay. Going to my sister's today. They asked if they can come visit here some time."

    "They should. Your dad's become quite the dilf. Has he been hitting the gym?"

    "He has," I said teasingly. "You hungry for some daddy dick?"

    I started stroking my cock with my right hand, quickly getting hard. I reached down with my left hand and pulled Taylor's face up by his chin, until it was buried in my crotch.

    "Mmm, yeah," I moaned, as he licked and sniffed my nuts. I spread my knees open wide. My husband licked my perineum down to my asshole, then went back up and struggled to fit my whole ballsack in his mouth. I jerked myself off while he sucked on my balls, until he finally got up to my dick and started licking the sensitive tip when... his phone pinged.

    "Brock and Sawyer are downstairs," he said, glimpsing at his phone and stroking my dick. "Want me to finish you off real quick?"

    "No, leave it for later. Let's get Rory and go down."

    I got up, put on a pair of basketball shorts, and grabbed my duffle bag.

    "Here," I went up to my husband, "before we leave."

    I took out the small key for the cage on his cock, and unlocked it. I took it off and put it away. 

    "You're free this weekend," I said.

    We started kissing, my hands squeezing his naked ass cheeks and his slipping into my shorts and teasing my dick for a few minutes, before we went out to get Rory and headed downstairs to Brock's car.

    I hadn't put on anything else but my shorts, so I headed to the car shirtless and barefoot. It was gonna be a long ride and I wanted to be comfortable. With nothing but basketball shorts and a full erection, it was extremely obvious I was hard but I didn't care. Going down the stairs, I flopped left to right, giving an eyeful to the neighbors we bumped into on their way up.

    "C'mon, get in," Brock said impatiently from behind the wheel, parked on the curb. Sawyer was sitting next to him, leaving the backseat to the three of us. Luckily it was a large car.

    I got in and sat in the middle, with Taylor on my right and his brother on my left.

    "What took you guys so long?" Brock asked, looking back.

    "We were busy, okay?" I smiled mischievously. He noticed my hardon and smiled as well. 

    "I bet you were," he said, and put the car in drive.

    Brock and Sawyer were our buddies that we often played with. We'd met them at Taylor's bar before he even started working there. As such, we were anything but shy in front of them.

    The weather was scorching hot, even with the A/C on. It was a good idea not to wear much. A less good idea was sitting in the middle, though, as the tallest person there. I tried to get comfortable, manspreading my long legs and pushing Rory and Taylor into opposite ends of the car, backed up against the doors. They looked less comfortable, but neither of them said anything.

    "So Rory, it's nice to finally meet you," Sawyer said from the passenger seat. He turned around to smile at Rory, then smiled and winked at me. Brock and Sawyer were both super cute. In their late 20s, their transition from cute twinks to handsome men was going wonderfully.

    "Nice to meet you too," my young brother-in-law said from my left as my knee bumped into his. "And thanks for inviting me."

    As everyone in the car chatted, I started to absentmindedly play with my balls. It's something I tended to do a lot, especially when wearing basketball shorts or sweatpants. That, combined with the rocking of the car, made sure my dick remained fully hard the entire time. Pretty soon, there was a visible precum stain on my shorts, one that my husband noticed and took my dick to give it a squeeze over the light material.

    "No need to thank us," Sawyer said, looking at the road straight ahead. "We're happy to have you. Did you have any other plans?"

    "Well I got invited to this party, by this girl," Rory said, while his brother started to stroke my cock.

    "Ooh, there's a girl," Sawyer oohed.

    "You didn't tell me about it. What's her name?" Taylor asked, still stroking me, looking at Rory.

    "Actually, her name's Rory as well. Crazy, right?"

    "I've always wanted to fuck another Sawyer," Sawyer said. "Get to scream my own name during sex. 'Ooh, Sawyer! Oh fuck yes, fuck me Sawyer!!" he made irritatingly exaggerated porn noises.

    "I'm sure you scream out your own name during sex anyway," I joked, as my husband pulled out my dick and tucked the waistband of my shorts under my balls, then leaned over and put my dick in his mouth just as we merged onto the main road.

    Brock looked at the rearview mirror and caught my eye there, and smiled.

    Sawyer and Brock continued to interrogate Rory for the next twenty minutes. During this entire time, Taylor kept sucking and stroking my dick. At first he did it gently and slowly, then started to go faster and faster, making audible slurping noises. As he moved around to get more comfortable, I moved as well, pushing my leg even further into Rory. 

    While this was happening, Rory chatted with our friends from his corner and barely moved until he felt his phone vibrate. "It's Mom," he announced, and picked up.

    "Hey Mom," he said, and talked to his parents for a few minutes while his brother sucked my dick.

    "They wanna talk to you guys," Rory said. Seeing as Taylor's mouth was occupied, I took the phone.

    "Hey, Angela! Happy Fourth!" I said, grabbing her oldest son by the hair and thrusting my dick deep in his throat until he gagged and drooled. "How are you guys doing?"

    I exchanged pleasantries with my mother-in-law for a couple of minutes, until she asked to talk to Taylor.

    "Hi– Hi Mom," he said, swallowing and wiping saliva and precum off his chin. "How are you doing?"

    During this, I got and idea. I took Taylor by the waist and tried to guide him to my lap. It wasn't easy, sitting in the backseat of a car, but with some contorting we made it happen. 

    Then, I pulled the back of his shorts down, licked my fingers, and put them on my husband's hole, slowly pushing in.

    "We're okay, Mom. Just driving to the cabin right, ahhhh– now."

    Brock and Sawyer looked at me in the rearview, smiling. I gave them a wink.

    I spread my legs even further, basically at 180º, trying to get my dick inside Taylor's hole while he talked on the phone to his mom and then his dad. Rory was still next to me, on his side of the backseat.

    After some wiggling around, I finally got my cock inside my husband's ass. Taylor started bouncing up and down on it as much as the space allowed, leaning forward between the front seats.

    "No, Dad, we didn't bring any fireworks. I'll send you a picture if we see any."

    "Oh, you'll be seeing fireworks, alright," Brock joked from the driver's seat.

    A couple more minutes and I was ready to blow. Taylor had started working on my dick in bed this morning, and this was the culmination of all that effort. I started to grunt, and thrust up and down and much as I could, making the whole car shake.

    "Okay, Dad. Yes, we'll be safe. Love you too, Dad."

    As Taylor said that, my orgasm began and I started shooting cum deep inside his hole. One spurt after the other after the other.

    "HOLY SHIT!" Taylor yelled out as soon as he ended the call. He passed the phone back to his brother. I was still shooting cum inside his ass.

    "Holy fucking shit!" he repeated, his eyes rolling back in pleasure in the rearview.

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