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The Muscle Man & the Cock Cage


    "I'm home! Hello?" I said loudly as I entered the apartment and flicked the lights on. No response – Taylor and Owen were still out. I walked to the kitchen, poured myself a drink, and went to stand in front of the window overlooking the neighborhood. For a place named Hell's Kitchen, I reckoned it wasn't that bad.

    Home. That's how I'd begun to feel about my elder son and his husband's apartment after crashing here for a couple of weeks. It was time to get back to work, however, so I was returning to Pennsylvania in a couple of days. I really was not looking forward to leaving New York, especially not now that I was bonding and becoming closer to both my sons than ever before.

    In addition to being the father of two boys, I was now also the grandfather of two. Rory's second son was here, and we were all pleased to hear that he was healthy. His mother picked his name – Pharaoh – which to someone my age still sounds a bit too out there, but I guess it's what parents do with their babies' names these days.

    As the hours rolled by, I found myself wishing Taylor and Owen would get here. I was tempted to text Taylor and ask "what time are you coming home?" but I didn't want to treat him like a kid. The two were probably out having fun at a bar or a club somewhere. I wondered what kind of club they might be at. Of course, I knew all about NYC's infamous club scene and my son and his husband struck me as just the type to frequent some of those places. I had a vague understanding of words like "fetish" or "BDSM," but after staying with Taylor and Owen for a couple of weeks I knew they were into that sort of stuff. We often saw each other naked so I got to see them wearing cockrings, and I heard them using terms like "Daddy" or "Sir" to address each other. It definitely took some getting used to; I was raised much more conservatively than this, and after all this was my son we were talking about! But also, I envied Taylor and Owen's freedom and openness to be themselves, even in front of me. I was happy for them and did my best to appear comfortable with their lifestyle.

    After a few drinks on my own, I went to sleep on the couch where my son Rory used to crash when he first moved to the city. I was asleep shortly after midnight, and a couple of hours later I heard Taylor and Owen fumbling into the apartment. They tried to keep the noise down, but I could clearly hear them kissing and taking their clothes off as they walked to their room. Once there, Owen began to fuck my son, and I got to listen to the whole thing through the thin wall. I realized this was probably how things got started between the two of them and Rory – Rory probably witnessed all their shenanigans while he was living here, listening in on the two horny husbands fucking every night.

    As things got steamier in the bedroom, my son and Owen only got louder. The sounds they were emitting made my cock hard, so I began jacking off under the comforter. About ten minutes later, my son and I were cumming at the same time, and I fell asleep with my jizz drying on my chest and belly.

    The following morning, I woke up to Owen fumbling around in the living room.

    "Sorry, I left my charger here," he said when he realized he'd woken me up. 

    "That's okay, it's late anyway," I said, judging by the bright sunshine coming in through the window. "I slept in."

    "Well, it looks like you shot a nice load to help you sleep," Owen chucked, pointing at the crusty sperm glistening on my chest.

    "Can't believe you're able to see that," I laughed, rubbing my eyes.

    "I have a trained eye when it comes to cum," my son-in-law winked at me. That's when I looked at his body and noticed something unusual. He was fully naked (which of course, wasn't the unusual part by now) but he did have something on. A metal device on his dick. Something I knew from the internet as a "cock cage."

    "You… wear that?" I asked, surprised. 

    "Yup, for the next week. Your son just put it on me this morning," Owen replied with a proud smile.

    "I… I thought the point of it is to keep you from getting hard."

    "It is," he nodded.

    "I heard you… well, I heard you fucking Taylor just a few hours ago," I noted.

    "Sorry we woke you up," Owen said, but he didn't seem sorry at all. He then took a seat next to me on the couch and continued. "It used to be your son wore this cage pretty much the entire time. I cannot count the number of times we were over at your house, sitting across from you and he had this on. He was really into it. Being controlled. Being dominated."

    With his imposing stature and hard muscles, "dominating" is exactly how I would describe Owen.

Taylor's Cock Cage

    "Then… then what happened?" I asked. Under the comforter, my cock was throbbing in all its morning glory, but I decided to hide that from my son-in-law for now.

    "Then… he started exploring a bit more, and so did I. Now, we take turns. We switch positions, reverse roles. Last night, we were both domming this hot 19-year-old. He loved being smacked around and called 'faggot.' He took both our dicks at the same time, both ends."

    I was speechless. I looked down between Owen's legs and saw his flaccid dick throbbing and spilling over the bars of the cock cage. If he didn't have the contraption on, I'm sure he would be sporting a boner as well.

    "Taylor asked me to fuck him after we got home last night," Owen continued. "But then this morning he woke up in a more dominant mood and told me to put this on."

    My son-in-law pointed down at his locked tool, and I still had no idea what to say next. Just then, Taylor walked into the room.

    "Morning. What're you guys talking about?" he said, strolling into the living room naked, with a semi-hard cock that pointed forward.

    "You," Owen smiled. "And this," he added, pointing at the cage.

    "Yeah. I control your dick for the week, don't I?" my son said in a sultry voice I'd never quite heard from him.

    "Yes, Sir!" Owen said loudly, and with military speed he went down on his knees in front of my son. Taylor stood at the opposite end of the couch from where I was, and I had a clear view of my nude son and his increasingly hard cock. Owen was looking up at Taylor and seemed like he was waiting for something.

    "My balls need some attention, boy," Taylor said in an intense voice. He was looking down into his husband's eyes and I could almost feel the charge of their connection, like electricity in the air. Owen leaned in and took one of my son's hairy balls into his mouth gently. I could see his tongue extending out and continuously pulling Taylor's nutsack back into his mouth as he moved his lips around it. Soon, he switched to the other side.

    "That's right," Taylor said, placing his hand on the back of Owen's head. "Get them all nice and clean. I was sweating all night while we used that horny little twink, and then even more when you fucked my ass after. Can you taste all that on me?"

    "Mhm," Owen muttered as a reply. His mouth was now at the back of Taylor's scrotum, and I could see my son's full-looking sack resting on Owen's cheek. His nose was pressing into Taylor's inner thigh and I figured that his tongue was inching close to my son's hole. The hole Owen had just left a load in last night while I listened to them.

    I realized my hand had started moving toward my cock only after I felt my fingertips sliding through the hole in my boxers. I was hard and the only thing hiding that was the blanket over my lower body. Even though it wasn't the first time, it was still wild to be getting turned on watching Taylor and Owen play around in front of me. My son and I made eye contact occasionally, but there was no awkwardness or discomfort. He just smiled at me, his expression softening for a moment. Then, Taylor would return his attention to the man whose head was in his crotch, and the intent look of lust returned to my son's face.

    "Suck my cock now!" Taylor commanded authoritatively, and with a swift motion he slid his rock-hard dick down Owen's throat. My son-in-law moaned as his mouth was filled, and he almost sounded relieved, like he'd been wanting to do this but knew he had to wait for Taylor to give him the go-ahead. I was beginning to understand the thrill of shifting the power dynamic back and forth. These guys had a lot of sex, with one another and with other men. "Including Rory," I reminded myself with some amusement. So it was about exploring all the variations and combinations possible. The excitement of the unexpected, even though they were seasoned pros.

    I continued stroking my cock slowly while I watched the two of them, and it got to the point where it was obvious what I was doing. I caught Taylor's eyes darting toward the motion under the blanket a few times. When he did it again, I decided to push the covering aside and expose my hard-on jutting out from the fly of my boxers. I'd pulled out my nuts as well, and my other hand moved to them. I gave my heavy sack a tug while my son watched.

    We all stayed like that for a bit longer, Owen feasting on Taylor's dick and me stroking mine while I watched them. But soon, my son wanted to take things to the next level, which didn't really shock me anymore. That was something he'd always loved doing, even as a kid; seeing just how far something could be pushed.

    Taylor reached down with both hands and grabbed Owen's head, pulling his cock out of his husband's mouth as he did it. My son-in-law gasped and I saw some spit drip from his lower lip as he looked up at Taylor. My son grabbed hold of Owen's muscular shoulders and slowly guided him until he was now facing me. For the first time today, Owen was able to see that I was jerking off, and his hungry eyes seemed to lock onto the sight of my prick. Taylor's hands returned to the back of Owen's head, this time pushing him forward, even closer to me.

    "Suck my father's dick!" Taylor said in his dominant tone, forcing Owen's head lower and getting his face right in front of my throbbing erection. Owen looked up at me as he opened his mouth submissively. I held his gaze for a second, and then he closed his eyes as my cockhead moved past his lips. He took it all down his throat quickly, not even stopping until his nose was mashed into my pubes. Fuck, this felt amazing! It amused me to think that there was once a time when I wondered if Owen even sucked Taylor's cock at all. My naive understanding of gay sex at the time had led me to assume that my son, who for so long was clearly the submissive one in their relationship, was the partner doing all the servicing.

    Owen moaned again, which I not only heard but also felt, since his throat squeezed my dick when he made the sound. I glanced up at my son and saw the reason why Owen was moaning so strongly: my son had just shoved his own cock up Owen's ass! When he caught me looking, Taylor shot me a satisfied, almost smug look. I found myself looking back at him in very much the same way; like we were frat buddies or something, double-teaming our latest conquest. I felt so close to my son in this moment, in a way that I'd never known was possible. Rather than feeling weird, the fact that we were family – all three of us – made this even more meaningful and hot. I realized how things must have felt for Rory and Taylor once some of the boundaries had been broken down between them. 

    My firstborn son and I continued to use both of the bodybuilder's holes, though it was Owen who was doing the most work out of the three of us. I was still relaxed back into the couch I'd slept on, my dried load from the night before crusted on my chest, while Owen moved his upper body back and forth, jerking me off with his throat. The same motion was how he pushed back onto Taylor's cock, and so he worked us both that way, making sure we both felt as much pleasure as we could.

    Owen's hard work was about to earn him his reward, at least from me. I didn't know Taylor's signs very well, but from his face it seemed like he might be getting close too. We'd managed to cum at the same time in the hospital bathroom, that day my new grandson was born, filling Owen's mouth with our family seed. Now it seemed like we might do it again. The muscle man was working our cocks even faster now, probably sensing that he was about to get flooded at both ends.

    "Fuck, Dad," Taylor said, sounding almost out of breath. "I'm so glad we can do stuff like this together. I didn't know how much I wanted it until it happened. I love you..." He trailed off as he got lost in the pleasure of his husband's hole.

    "I love you too, Taylor," I responded, smiling at my boy across Owen's broad back. "Now, let's give your man what he's been craving."
   "Mmm, fuck, Daddd..." my son said with a growl as he suddenly stopped thrusting into Owen and pulled himself tightly up against his husband's ass. Taylor's eyes were closed and his face was scrunched up as the climax made his body quiver. Seeing my son busting his nut deep inside his husband was what sent me over the edge. I felt my cock begin to throb, and it started delivering the cumload bound for my son-in-law's stomach. Owen eagerly swallowed it, all while he took my son's load up his ass. I wondered how uncomfortable it might be for Owen with cock cage on right now – if he wasn't locked, I'm sure he would've busted a nut with us. Although I didn't fully understand it, I also knew this only heightened Owen's experience and made it more pleasurable for him.

    The throbbing of my cock began to subside. I felt like I'd just shot the biggest load of my life, despite having cum less than six hours earlier. Owen slid his head back slowly, and my shaft slipped out of his mouth, making a wet sound as it slapped back against my belly. 

    My son-in-law took a long deep breath. I found myself reaching out to rub the side of his head like a puppy, feeling his cropped hair with my fingertips as I gently moved them around his scalp. Owen just closed his eyes and nuzzled my softening cock with his nose and lips, sighing with contentment. Taylor smiled as he pulled out of Owen's ass and slapped it with one hand.

    "Don't I have a good boy here, Dad?" he asked rhetorically. I certainly had to agree he did.

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