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Rory's Plan


    Having Dad crash on our couch was a nice little throwback to the days when Rory used to live with us. After he left, Owen and I were both sad to see Dad go. We told him he was welcome to come back anytime… but we had no idea just how soon that would be! Only a few weeks later, Dad called me asking if he could come to New York for St. Patrick's Day.

    "It's been a while since I've been to a proper St. Patrick's Day parade," he said. "We need to show our Irish pride!"

    "Umm, sure," I said. We were part-Irish and we never made a particularly big deal out of it, but I had a feeling Dad was just looking for an excuse to come back to the city.

    Owen had to work that Thursday, which was St. Patrick's Day, but Rory and I both took the day off work. I'd hardly seen my younger brother since his baby was born, so I was glad we all got to take some time and spend the day together.

    Rory and I took our dad to the parade. It was alright, but I was happy to leave and go someplace where we could actually talk. We had lunch at a nearby pub before deciding we were sick of the crowd and we'd be better off just drinking at my place.

    "I'm so fucking sweaty. I'm gonna take a quick shower," our father said when we arrived at the apartment. In the meanwhile, my brother and I mixed up drinks for everyone, using food coloring to dye them green in honor of the holiday. When our father returned from the bathroom, he was naked except for a pair of boxer briefs, which made Rory laugh out loud.

    "Hey, Taylor, remember those boxer briefs?" he asked me. It took me a while but I finally said,

    "Oooooh, yes. Yes, I do."

    "Why, what's wrong with these?" our father said, turning around and giving us a view of both his ass and bulge. 

    "Nothing's wrong with them," Rory continued to chuckle. "We just…"

    "You just what?" Dad wondered loudly.

    "Remember when Owen opened his gym, and you and Mom came to New York and stayed at a hotel?" I asked Dad.

    "Yes," he nodded.

    "Remember how Rory forgot his phone in your room, so we asked you for your room key?" I smirked.

    "Yes," Dad nodded once again.

    "Well, I lied," said my brother. "I didn't forget my phone. Taylor and I were both really horny that day and we wanted to go someplace more private so we could… hook up."

    "And when we got to your hotel room, we found your worn underwear on the bed. That underwear," I pointed at Dad's crotch. 

    "Um. Did you… do anything with it?" Dad asked, his thumb hooked into the waistband.

    "Why don't you see for yourself?" smirked Rory. "I have the whole thing on video."

    "Wow. Um, okay," Dad said. My brother was already unlocking his phone and swiping through his camera roll to find the video. Then, he handed the phone to Dad and hit play before pulling his hand away so our stunned father could watch his two sons messing around.

    I'd watched the video a few times in the past, so I knew how it went even without looking at the screen. It started off with Rory and me kissing; our dad's boxers pressed in between our noses. At the time, I'd been completely unaware that Rory's phone was set to record our fraternal sexcapade.

    "Oh... wow," our father said, looking a little shocked by what he was seeing. Even though he knew Rory and I had had sex, this was the first time he was seeing us at it alone, without Owen as a buffer. And as if that wasn't mind-blowing enough, we also had his underwear in our faces, audibly sniffing it like the pervs that we were.

    Rory had taken a bit of a risk showing Dad this video. The day it was shot, I never could have imagined this moment would ever happen. My parents were pretty much the LAST people we'd wanted to know about our inappropriate brotherly games. But now, things with Dad were completely different, after all the recent fun between him and Owen and me.

    Of course, I'd kept Rory up to speed and told him all about it. He initially reacted with mild shock, followed quickly by a lament that he hadn't been there to see any of it. He'd had his hands full with the new baby of course, but I wondered if his boldness today was driven by his envy of what Owen and I had already shared with our father in Rory's absence.

    On the phone screen, Rory and I were now jerking each other off as we continued to make out. Most of our bodies were visible on the screen, and things were moving from playful to intense pretty quickly. Watching this video always got me hard, especially watching it together with Rory, which we'd done a couple of times. And now here we were, watching it with our dad! My cock was practically bursting through my pants, and I could see Rory's was in a similar state. Our father was holding the phone over his lap, so I couldn't yet see if he was becoming turned on by watching his sons get it on… but I had a pretty strong hunch. 

    "I wanna suck your dick," the video-me said, and I heard my dad inhale a little more deeply than he had been. The three of us watched closely as my face moved closer to Rory's cock and looked at it hungrily. It was such a raw and carnal moment; my heart had been racing at the time and it was starting to do the same just from seeing the recording. As the Taylor-on-screen took Rory's cock in his mouth, I felt my brother's hand on my lower back right now. Dad's eyes were locked on the phone and he had no idea Rory was currently untucking my shirt and sliding his hand down the back of my jeans. I subtly reached my own hand down and undid the button at my waist, loosening my pants so that my baby brother could get further inside.

    On the screen, I was now sucking Rory's cock. I absolutely loved that we had video of the first time that ever happened. I don't think Dad looked away from the phone for a single second since the video started playing. I realized that for someone his age, even just seeing people from his own life in "a porn video" was probably a novel thing – not to mention the fact that the actors were his two sons!

    I giggled slightly as Rory's finger slipped into my hole, followed quickly by a second one. Here was our dad, so blown away by this video of us messing around that he didn't even notice we were doing it in real time right behind him. I suddenly remembered that I'd been fingered in my father's presence before, the first time I'd ever brought Owen home to meet my family. My then-boyfriend had worked my hole on the living room couch while we watched a movie with my parents and Rory. Owen had even made me cum right there, with everyone in the room, though no one had been the wiser.

    It really made me wonder how much we could get away with this time around, with Dad in the room. I reached behind and started playing with Rory's crotch, noticing that he was already mostly hard. Suddenly feeling incredibly horny, I unzipped Rory's fly and used my hand to get out his cock. It wasn't easy since the craziness of what was happening had my brother just as turned on as I was. I began jacking him off as we watched our father. It wasn't long before the motions caught my dad's eye and he finally pulled his gaze away from the phone screen.

    Though he should have known us well enough by now, he still seemed surprised to catch us with my brother's boner in my hand. Dad gasped but managed to get it together after a few seconds of looking absolutely astonished. Without missing a beat, I continued stroking Rory's cock while maintaining eye contact with our father.

    Dad slowly set the phone down, clearly more interested in the action happening here in person. My cock got even harder when I saw the massive tent in his boxer briefs. No longer worried about his potential reaction, I didn't want to waste any more time. Sliding down onto my knees, I locked eyes with our dad and then – looking right at him – I leaned over and slurped his younger son's cock into my mouth. 

    My little brother let out a long, loud moan. I'm sure my warm, wet mouth felt great on his dick; and the horniness of this whole situation already had Rory rapidly  heading toward blowing his load. 

    "Boys, I..." Dad began, but then he looked at both of us and was at a loss for words. His hand was less confused though, and it knew exactly what to do. I got excited as I saw Dad reach down to grab his own cock, which was positively stretching out his underwear by now. I sucked Rory off while our father watched us and jerked off.

    Although I could revel in the perviness of this scene for hours, unfortunately it lasted far shorter. Dad suddenly started breathing fast and I glanced down to see a dark, wet patch quickly forming on the fabric stretched across the tip of his cock. He was cumming! He was jizzing his underwear as he watched his firstborn sucking off his other son! A second later, Dad's thick load made the stain grow ten times in size as the thick, white fluid began spewing out through the cotton. It was incredible, watching the same cum that made Rory and me gushing out onto my Dad's open hand.

    "Oh shit..." I heard Rory whisper. With my hand and mouth, I could feel his cock throbbing even harder than it had been a few seconds ago. I knew he was going to be treating me to his own creamy load very soon, and I picked up the pace of my sucking a little to get him over the edge.

    Rory's balls began to tighten just as our dad's climax reached its end. But then suddenly, Rory's hands grasped my shoulders firmly and pushed me away from him.

    "Stop," my brother said assertively. I immediately complied, though I was wondering what was up. I was hungry for his cum and he was just about to blow; why stop now?!

    Rory climbed off the couch with his dripping cock still sticking out, and he moved to get right behind me. I looked at Dad's face, which looked just as confused as I felt. Turning my head around, I noticed my brother was sliding his jeans all the way off with one hand, and using his other hand to pull down the back of my pants and expose my ass. Rory's hard cock was now pointing right in the direction of my crack! I turned around to make eye contact with Dad again, as we realized what was about to happen.

    My brother was going to feed me his cum after all – but he wasn't going to do it orally. Rory planned on fucking me right in front of our father.

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