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Rory's Plan, Pt. II: Dad's Second Load


    Being out at the St. Patrick's Day parade with Dad and Taylor was even more fun than I'd expected. I'd been really horny lately since I hadn't had time to have sex with Jordan or even jerk off, what with my new son and the constant flow of guests and well-wishers. With my libido sky-high, my father and I enjoyed looking at all the hot girls at the parade, many of whom wore some very skimpy clothing. Not to be outdone, my brother Taylor took his shirt off, making sure to show off his shredded, hairy torso.

    As much as I enjoyed spending time with both Dad and Taylor, a part of me was secretly wishing I could get a little alone time with my brother, so I could get some much-needed sexual release. But then I realized… maybe Taylor and I didn't need to be alone. Dad and I had recently jerked off together, and he now knew all about Taylor and me having sex. Not to mention the fun my father had had with Taylor and Owen while I was busy with my newborn baby.

    As the three of us headed back to my brother's place for some drinks, I wondered if there was a way to take things in a more sexual direction without being too overt about it. I was given the perfect opportunity when our father came out of the shower wearing nothing but boxer briefs. THOSE boxer briefs! The same ones Taylor and I used when he gave me a blowjob in our parents' hotel room – an event which I had on video.

    Things just fell into place after that. I could tell that Taylor was surprised when I whipped out my phone to play the video for Dad. Surprised, but definitely on board. It wasn't long before I was sliding my hand down the back of my brother's pants, with our father watching us without objecting, even when Taylor began to suck my cock. A month ago, I would have never imagined anything like this happening with our father. Now, it was time to see how far we could push it.

    Dad joined in on the fun by rubbing his own rock-hard cock. (Watching his son sucking his other son's cock clearly had an effect on him!) Merely a moment later, Dad was already shooting out the cum that gave life to Taylor and me. Seeing his load burst through the fabric of those boxer briefs was hotter than I ever expected! It made me so horny that I almost blew my nut in my big brother's mouth… but thankfully, I didn't. I had another plan, for something even bigger.

    "Stop," I told my cocksucking sibling. Taylor pulled his head back, looking a little disappointed but also curious about what my plan might be. Once he saw me getting up off the couch and getting into position behind him, his eyes lit up in realization. I was about to fuck his ass; and I was about to do it right in front of our father!

    My brother and I both pulled our pants down in a flash, and two seconds later I was pressing my slick cockhead up against his tight pucker. I was always amazed that my brother could take so much dick, so often, and still have such a perfectly snug hole that massaged my shaft better than anything else. I went ahead and pushed in, all while my father and brother stared at one another. Dad's mouth was open and it seemed like he was in awe of what he was witnessing. Understandably, it wasn't every day a guy was treated to a live fuck show put on by his two sons! There was only one more thing that needed to fall into place to make this even better...

    "That was a huge load you blew just now, Dad," Taylor said, in as casual a tone as he could muster while taking my long cock up his asshole. He tried to sound nonchalant, like it was no big deal to chat with our father while getting fucked by me. "I bet you had that pent up for a while. Feel like you've got another one in you?"

    I smiled, both at my Dad's reaction – his eyes got big but he laughed a little too – and because Taylor had taken this in the precise direction I knew he would. He hadn't actually said anything about it to me directly, but I knew that ever since the moment my brother saw our father's cock in that hospital bathroom, he'd been imagining himself sucking it.

    "I... uh... yeah, probably," Dad stammered, catching on to what was about to happen. He'd already seen Taylor getting spit-roasted before, so he knew it was a position my pervy brother enjoyed.

    Dad reached down to the wet crotch of his boxer briefs, and groped his still-hard cock a few times. As I fucked Taylor's ass, I gently nudged him forward, bringing his face just inches away from Dad's hard-on. I'd been close to cumming earlier and I still was, but right now all my attention was on the scene playing out in front of me. This was taking things to such a naughty taboo place, that I could've never imagined before. Here my brother was, about to suck his own father's dick!

    At the same instant, both of them reached to pull down the front of Dad's boxer briefs. I heard them chuckle slightly as their hands got in each other's way before they each found a spot to tug downward. Our father's cock sprung out, hard as ever and looking absolutely amazing. There was some mostly-dried cum on his cockhead, and I knew that would be cleaned up very shortly by an eager tongue.

    Dad had an expression of sheer awe on his face as he looked down… and saw his cock slide into his firstborn son's mouth. I couldn't see Taylor's face but I was certain his eyes were open and he was looking back up at our father. There was no way he'd miss the chance at eye contact in this incredible moment.

    Maybe Dad expected Taylor to stop halfway, or to slowly work up to taking the whole thing. However, my brother's throat was already stretched open from the intense pounding I'd just given it, so Dad's dick just slid all the way in without facing any resistance. They both moaned at precisely the same time, with my brother's moans muffled by a full throat, and my father's sounding like he was in heaven.

    "Isn't he an amazing cocksucker, Dad?" I said, testing out to see how open our father was to getting verbal."How does your son's throat feel around your cock?"

    "Fuck, I... now I see what's kept Owen happy all these years," Dad said as he exhaled deeply. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, relaxing more and letting himself enjoy the moment. I watched Taylor start to play with our father's balls while he pushed his nose firmly into Dad's pubes. He wanted as much of that cock inside him as possible. I pushed myself deep inside my brother's ass, making sure he was filled to the max at both ends, which I knew he loved.

    "Do you know how much of a slut for cock Taylor is, Dad?" I asked, knowing that my brother was getting off big time on the two of us talking about him like this. "And he's not shy about it! He was letting me watch him get fucked practically from the first day I moved in here."

    "Oh fuck, I can't believe you guys have –" Dad paused for a moment to moan again, probably due to something Taylor was doing with his tongue, "– you guys have gotten so close," he continued. "It shocked me at first, but now it just makes me happy you were – uffff – you were able to get so close and have all that fun." 

    Dad moved his hand to the back of Taylor's head, a sight which somehow made my cock even harder. Given how easy it had been for both Taylor and me to expand our sexual horizons, maybe I should't have been so surprised that our father was open to doing the same. Maybe being a perv just ran in our family's genes.

    Feeling bold and more-than-a-little naughty, I reached over to grab my phone from the armrest of the couch. I started recording a video, and set it down in a spot that would capture all three of us. I was quick, making sure I did it all while Dad's eyes were closed. I didn't want to spoil the moment for him by freaking him out and possibly making him camera shy. As for Taylor… I knew he wouldn't mind.

    "You love fucking your son's face, don't you Dad?" I continued, no longer caring about how far I would go with the verbal play. My father was clearly getting off on it. "Your firstborn son sucking your cock. Bet that feels great! Am I right, Daddy?" I hadn't called him that name in years but this seemed like a good moment to bring it back.

    The choice of words wasn't lost on my father. He opened his eyes right after I said it and looked at me with an intensity I'd never experienced from him – the kind that only happens in shared moments of sexual heat. He wasn't holding back anymore, he was letting all the walls come down.

    "Yes," he grunted loudly, and I felt Taylor's ass muscles squeeze my cock half a second later. "Yes, I fucking love it!!" 

    Next, Dad moved his other hand to the back of Taylor's head and his eyes shifted downward toward my brother, making intense eye contact with him now.

    "Then let him have your load, Daddy," I said, grabbing my brother's hips firmly and starting to pound as hard as I could. This forced Taylor all the way down on our father's cock, and I could see Dad pulling Taylor's head in to keep it there as I thrusted back and forth. "This cock-loving slut deserves to taste the cum that made him."

    "Oh fuck..." was all Dad said as he closed his eyes again,

    "Let's fill him up at the same time!" I said, suddenly overtaken by the need to unload. My own raunchy talk was affecting me as much as it was my father. "I'm almost there, Daddy!"

    The next thirty seconds were filled with desperate moans from all three of us. As my balls tightened and slapped against Taylor's, I could feel his sack doing the same. Frankly, I was surprised he hadn't cum already. This had to be the most perverted moment of my brother's life. I was too bad that Owen was missing it, which was one of the reasons I wanted to record it.

    My father starting groaning like a beast, and I knew Taylor was about to swallow a load he'd never imagined getting. This moment was so powerful for all of us, and I felt myself let go.

    "Fuck, Dad!" I shouted. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming in Taylor's ass!"

    My father was beyond words, and just kept moaning as he held my brother's head close to him. Taylor's ass began spasming around my cock, which felt amazing, and I knew he was having just as intense an orgasm as Dad and me.

    None of us wanted it to end, so the three of us took a long time to catch our breath. Taylor was reluctant to let our Dad's cock slip out of his throat, but the need for oxygen forced him to pull back. Still, he nursed on the head for a bit, eager to get every last drop of paternal jizz. For my part, I was happy to stay inside my brother's hole as long as I could. I settled back into a kneeling position and felt Taylor sit back on me as he relaxed his own legs. He wanted to keep me inside too.

    At long last, my brother sat up, still impaled on my cock. I finally pulled it out, which made some of my fresh cum dribble onto the floor, just inches away from my dad's bare feet. Then, Taylor turned around and I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him to my chest. Be began making out, and as soon as my mouth opened I felt some warm and wet inside of it. Taylor had kept some of our father's sperm in his mouth, and he was now feeding it to me!

    Like that, for several minutes, my brother and I kissed and swallowed the seed that had given us life. As we made out in front of our father, I heard him say,

    "You know, boys, your mother's going away for a weekend next month. You boys should take a short break from life in the city, and come stay with your old man."

    "Oh, we'll cum, all right," I laughed, sucking the last drops of Dad's jizz off my big brother's tongue. 

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