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Another Johnston Load


    I always enjoyed staying at my in-laws' house. Sleeping in Rory and Taylor's childhood bedroom made me feel more connected to them; and the three of us had had some of our hottest sex in that very room. Now, we would be headed back there for the first time since their dad Stephen had learned about our incestual sexploits.

    It was the Fourth of July, a long weekend. Unfortunately, this time the sleeping arrangements would be different, since Rory's wife Jordan and their baby were coming with us. Rory's parents insisted that Rory and Jordan take the main bedroom, and Rory's parents would sleep in the living room. That left my husband and me alone in the second bedroom. Normally, most couples would cherish the privacy; but I wished my young brother-in-law could join us for yet another spit-roast in that room.

    Since it was baby Pharaoh's first time in Rory's hometown, all of the Johnstons' friends and neighbors flocked around him at the Fourth of July party. With no one paying attention to us, Taylor and I felt free to make out and occasionally grab at each other's bulges right there in the crowded backyard. I sported a semi throughout most of the day, especially after I took my shirt off, giving my husband easy access to my nipples, which he flicked and pinched and even licked a couple of times. 

    The copious amounts of beer that Stephen kept serving us only made Taylor and me act even more brazenly. When my cock went from semi to a full-on erection in my tight shorts, I knew it was time to take it inside. I was all for playing in public, but this was an extremely family-friendly barbecue, filled with people who knew my husband since he was Pharaoh's age. With my hand resting on Taylor's behind, I guided him indoors, up the stairs, and into his old bedroom.

    "Mmm. Feel like fucking some ass?" my husband teased me. Merely three seconds after the bedroom door was shut, Taylor was on his knees in front of me, pulling out my aroused prick.

    "Actually," I smirked, "I kinda feel like taking it up the ass today. You game?"
   With my dick in his mouth, my husband just looked up at me nodded (although, the up-and-down movement of his head might just have been a part of the blowjob). I let my shorts drop to the floor, stepping out of them and the flip flops I'd been wearing. Now completely naked, I admired my body in the full-length mirror on the wall, watching my fully-clothed husband act as the seasoned cocksucker that he was. 

    I began flexing my muscles, turning myself on with how hot I looked. Since opening up my own gym, I was now packing more muscle than ever before in my life. I also had at least two dozen guys approach me daily at the gym, hoping to score some dick after their workout. Some of them didn't even bother working out – they only came to the gym for its well-deserved cruisy reputation.

    Although I indulged some of those hungry bottoms, the number of guys that I fucked had actually gone down exponentially in recent months. Partially, it was because I was overworked and mentally drained now that I was my own boss. A large part of it was also that I was more selective. Nothing felt as good as sex with my own husband and his younger brother, so strangers didn't really stand a chance. 

    Thirdly, and most interestingly: I really enjoyed being the one on the bottom recently. Ever since my husband fucked me in front of his father, I got off not only on taking dick, but also being called a pussy or faggot – a complete 180 from the dominant side that I usually flaunted.

    As I admired my muscles in the mirror, fucking the depths of my hubby's throat… I noticed another figure standing by the door. It was my father-in-law Stephen, watching his firstborn son deepthroat my cock with a smirk on his face. 

    "Hey," I said to Taylor's dad. "We really need to start locking that door, huh?"

    "Here, let me do that for ya," Stephen offered, locking the door from the inside.

    "Now you're trapped here with us," I told the older man. 

    "Oh my, whatever shall I do?" he gasped mockingly, putting on his best damsel-in-distress act.

    "Judging by that growing bulge in your pants," I pointed at Stephen's crotch, "you can start by freeing that dick of yours and stepping closer."

    My father-in-law smirked even wider… and then did exactly what I'd told him to do. All throughout our exchange, Taylor had never stopped sucking my cock. Now, he slowed down so he could glimpse in his dad's direction, watching eagerly as Stephen came closer and closer. 

    I knew my husband had sucked his own dad's dick on one occasion, and it killed me that I wasn't there to witness it. Now, as soon as Stephen was close enough to me, I put my left arm around him and I pulled him in, just as he was taking his hard cock out of his jeans. I shoved my tongue in Stephen's mouth, tasting the beer and barbecue we'd both had. I actually heard a soft thwack: the sound of my father-in-law's boner hitting Taylor's face.

    "Mmm," Stephen moaned while my tongue roamed deeper in his mouth. I used my right hand to locate Taylor's head as he took my dick out of his mouth and began orally pleasing his father instead. I pulled tightly on a strand of my husband's hair, pulling his head back-and-forth ruthlessly, making him gag on his creator's cock.

    "Holy shit, man," Stephen groaned in my face, enjoying the blowjob he was getting from his elder son.

    "Enjoy it, Dad" I smirked. "As a matter of fact, you know what's better than one mouth? Two."

    Crouching down, I got face-to-face with my husband and gave him a kiss, all while keeping Stephen's cockhead between our lips. Taylor and I sucked on it like a shared pacifier, swallowing each other's saliva as well as the precum Taylor's dad dripped down our throats.

    After we worked my father-in-law's cock to its maximum hardness, I reluctantly removed my lips and tongue from his member and looked up to find Stephen gazing down at us. 

    "Would you like to fuck me?" I asked almost pleadingly.

    My father-in-law shifted his gaze from me to his son, as if he was non-verbally asking Taylor for permission. 

    "Do it, Dad. Fuck him," my husband said without hesitation, while still holding and slowly stroking his father's turgid rod.

    Then, Taylor got up to his feet, dropped his shorts, and peeled off his tank top, before sitting on the edge of Rory's bed and slowly stroking his own hard cock. He watched as I moved to his old bed and got on all fours, giving my father-in-law a view of my muscular glutes and winking hole. Stephen and his bobbing daddy dick took the few strides needed to position himself right behind me. My husband and I made intense eye contact just as his father lined up for entry into my hole.

    Between his own precum and our saliva on his dick, Stephen didn't need any additional lube. He slapped his hardness against my mounds of granite with an audible thwack several times, before he inserted his cockhead in my tight but inviting pucker. We both gasped in pleasure loudly, which made Taylor's cock twitch and leak so much precum that I could clearly see it from several feet away.

    "Fuuuuuucck," my father-in-law hissed as he pushed the length of his dick up my ass, until it was completely enveloped in the heat of my tunnel.

    My husband remained on his younger brother's bed and jacked off more vehemently than I'd ever seen him. I was majorly turned on by taking my father-in-law's cock and seeing the effect it had on his firstborn son. The look on Taylor's face was one of devilish delight.

    "Give it to him, Dad," Taylor coached from across the room. 

    Stephen heeded his son's words as he accelerated his pace. 

    "He can take it," my husband continued. "Pound that hole and show him who's boss!" 

    "Fuck yeah, slam my hole, Dad," I begged my father-in-law.

    Stephen held his hands on my hips, and I felt him tighten his grip and dig his fingers in as he slammed in and out of my asshole.

    "Goddamn, that feels incredible!" my father-in-law exclaimed. 

    "Doesn't it?" my husband said with a smirk. "He sure knows how to tighten that hole and milk a cock."

    Between taking Stephen's dick up my ass, watching Taylor pleasure himself, and being objectified by them, my own cock felt harder than ever. Even with the windows closed, we could hear the festivities outside: kids running around, music playing, and fireworks going off in the distance. Here in the room, it felt like fireworks were going off as well, about to explode right in my ass. 

    "C'mon, Dad, fuck that tight hole! He's a pussy. He loves taking hard cock, don't ya baby?" my husband barked. 

    "Fuck yeah!" I replied breathlessly. 

    "See?" Taylor continued. "Fuck that faggot's ass, Dad!"

    I looked over my shoulder at Stephen, whose face was covered in a layer of sweat. He looked taken aback by his son's choice of words, but he only picked up the pace and began to piston-fuck me harder.

    "Slam my fuckin' ass, Dad! Fuck me!" I requested, gasping for air in between words.

    "You want my daddy dick, don't ya boy?" my father-in-law asked. 

    "Fuck yeah! Give it to me! I need that cock!" I begged.

    "Take it!" Stephen grunted and he bottomed out inside my ass. 

    I looked between my legs to find a string of precum stretching from my piss slit to the bed cover. My father-in-law was tapping my prostate every time he went in, which caused me to leak like a broken spigot.

    Next, I glanced over to my husband, who was still pumping his own cock while watching me take his father's cock – the cock that made both Rory and Taylor – up my ass. My hubby and I made eye contact and smiled, knowing how turned on each of us was. 

    "Can you believe this, Dad? This big, muscular, alpha top taking your bareback cock like a pro?" Taylor asked his dad.

    "Doesn't look like much of a top to me right now," my father-in-law replied breathlessly. "In fact, he's looking like a born bottom slut."

    I never heard Stephen talk like this and from the look on Taylor's face, neither did he. Hearing it just turned me on even more. I don't know if it was because it was coming from my father-in-law, or because the three of us were experiencing this horny moment together, but it worked.

    "Fuck the cum out of him, Dad. Breed his ass!" my husband retorted, sensing that all of us were approaching the edge. 

    "Fuck yeah… Breed me," I panted. 

    Our dirty talk caused Stephen to pick up the pace. His balls slapped violently against me each time he pumped his member inside my guts. His breathing turned into grunts as he approached the edge. I looked across at my husband, who was rapidly stroking his cock as he watched me get my hole slammed, about to get it filled with his father's sperm. I could tell Taylor was also getting close to busting his own load. 

    To my surprise, my father-in-law reached underneath me and wrapped his fist around my own throbbing rod. He quickly spread my precum up and down the length of my meat, which brought me even closer to an orgasm. 

    "Fuck, I'm getting close," Stephen suddenly announced while jacking me off. 

    "Give it to him, Dad. Breed his hole!" Taylor replied, furiously stroking his own prod. 

    I felt my balls tighten as my father-in-law continued to simultaneously stroke and pound me. Taylor rose from his brother's bed without missing a stroke and quickly made his way towards me.

    "Oh, fuck… OH FUUUCKK!!" Stephen yelled as he shot rope after rope of his daddy jizz up my gaping asshole.

    Taylor stopped in front of my face. While my father-in-law was still unloading in me and pumping my cock, my husband emitted a guttural groan and shot all over my face, completely covering me with his spunk. Finally, with Stephen's still-hard cock buried in my hole and his fist pumping my rock-hard tool, I reached my own climax. 

    "Aaaahhhhh!" I yelled as I stained the bed cover with my juices. My hole constricted with each rope I shot, further milking the last of my husband's siblings from his father's cock. 

    My husband took his hard penis and used it as a giant paintbrush to smear his own jizz all over my face. I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around his cum-soaked tool and savored the taste of his seed. 

    Finally, my father-in-law's breathing began to return to normal, but his cock was still buried up my hole. I flexed my hole in an attempt to milk every last drop from him. Before we could move, there was a knock at the door.

    "Guys? It's me," came Rory's voice from the other side. "You in there? Open up, I'm by myself.

    With a smirk on his face, my husband walked over, unlocked the door, and let his brother in while still sporting a wet, hard prick. 

    My brother-in-law quickly entered his childhood bedroom before Taylor locked the door again. Seeing me on my hands and knees with his father's cock up my ass, Rory laughed and just shook his head. 

    "So, this is where you guys went," he said. "I guess the fireworks are over?" he asked as his dad withdrew his now-spent cock from my hole with an audible plop.

    "Sorry, bro. This was all kind of unplanned," my husband told his younger brother with a smirk on his face. "But I'm sure Owen would love to get another Johnston load before we get dressed," Taylor continued with a shit-eating grin.

    "Go for it, bro," I told my brother-in-law, who smiled, pulled out his dick, and blasted a load in me five minutes later, lubricated by his own father's cum in my ass.

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