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Family Heirloom


    I never saw myself as having two kids by the time I was 25, I always sorta assumed that's something I might do later in life. Yet here I was, about to turn 25, and father of the two best boys I could imagine. My firstborn Phoenix was already talking more than the average 2-year-old, and displaying all of his mom's sassiness. I felt bad that I wasn't around him 24/7, but I was grateful that I had an excellent co-parenting relationship with his mother, with virtually no disagreements over custody or visitations.

    Since my brother Taylor was always on the lookout for an excuse to throw a big party, he decided to dub my upcoming birthday my "quarter-centennial," and invite all of our friends, as well as our parents. The celebration began with a dozen of us going out for dinner in Hell's Kitchen, followed by a bigger group gathering at the bar where Taylor used to bartend. Unfortunately, my wife left to go home after the dinner, since she was tired and taking care of the baby. My mother decided to join her, so it was just us boys once again.

    At the bar, I tried pacing myself and only finished like half of the drinks that people bought me. Since I was the center of attention, I found myself talking to people non-stop, mingling until my social battery was almost depleted. When I needed a little break, I leaned against the wall next to my brother, who was also taking a rest from dancing and socializing.

    "How you doing?" I asked Taylor, who had his shirt off and sweat dripping all down his hairy torso.

    "Good, just tryna keep up with everyone. I just took some coke in the bathroom; want some?" he offered.

    "Nah man," I declined. "I'm too old for that shit."

    "Oh, okay," my brother chuckled.

    "Quarter of a century, remember?" I poked him with my elbow.

    "God, when I was that age I'd barely come out the closet. Can you imagine? Do you even remember me in the closet? Fuck. So much has changed since," Taylor said, finishing a bottle of water bottoms-up.

    "What I remember is when I first moved to New York, you wearing that big-ass padlocked chain around your neck and a cage on your dick," I smiled. Then, after a moment, I added, "So, was that just a phase for you? Being Owen's sub?"

    "I mean, that's exactly what it was, but calling it 'just a phase' makes it sound negative somehow, and I don't like that. I mean, it was a phase in the evolution of our relationship. But it could've gone either way from there. At the time, I thought I'd feel submissive for life, and that's not the case anymore. And so, we'll see where things go in the future," Taylor explained.

    "Yeah. Life's so fucking unpredictable," I said, absentmindedly stroking my brother's sweaty back while facing our dad and Owen, who were laughing together at one of the tables. "I mean, growing up, could you ever imagine DAD doing some of the things he's doing now?!" I laughed.

    "Haha, not really," my brother agreed. "You know, when I was like 15 he confronted me with this porn magazine he'd found under your bed, and he wanted to know if I'd given it to you."

    "Hahaha, I remember going through your porn back then. To be fair, you didn't do a good job hiding it," I patted my brother on the ass playfully.

    "Wow, print porn, man. What a relic," he shook his head nostalgically.

    "You know… it was about that time I found these REALLY old porn mags in the computer room," I suddenly remembered. "We're talking like, older than Dad. He might've even swiped them from Grandpa. I think he left them there on purpose for me to find. I guess he figured I might as well inherit them. Believe it or not, I still have them."

    "So are you gonna pass 'em on to Phoenix and Pharaoh someday?" Taylor asked with a grin.

    "You know what, no joke: yes I will. They're family heirlooms, after all," I laughed, still stroking my brother's back while looking at Dad and Owen. "The two of them are getting along," I noted, nodding my head toward my father and brother-in-law.

    "Oh, you should've seen just how well they were getting along on the Fourth," Taylor added.

    "Yeah," I chuckled. I still wished I'd walked in on my father and Owen just a few minutes earlier that day, before they were done fucking. "I'm getting sick of this bar. What do you say we head to you guys' apartment?" I asked my brother. A second later, we were both sporting identical smirks on our faces.

    While most of my friends stayed at the bar and continued to party, Taylor and I said our goodbyes before dragging Dad and Owen out and pretty much pushing them into a cab.

    "Where are we going?" Dad asked from the passenger seat, turning around to face the three of us in the back.

    "Our place," Taylor replied, giving the driver the address. It was a short drive, but none of us felt like walking. Five minutes later, we were already at Taylor and Owen's, and the two of them immediately walked off to their bedroom, leaving Dad and me alone in the living room. 

    "Is there a surprise coming up or something?" Dad asked me as we sat down on the couch together.

    "No. We just thought we'd hang out here for a while. That bar was getting too loud," I said. But as it turned out, there WAS a surprise coming up. When Taylor and Owen came back into the living room, my brother-in-law was fully nude.

    "Thought I'd get more comfortable," he said with a smirk, his cock swinging between his legs and we walked toward us. When he reached the couch, he looked at the small empty spot between Dad and me and asked, "Mind if I squeeze in?"

    "Sure," I said in amusement, scooting over to my left and making room for Owen's muscular ass that barely fit in the middle. With a grin on his face, my brother went to sit in one of the armchairs… but not for long. 

    The TV was on, but none of us were paying attention to it. Feeling my brother-in-law's body heat, I placed my hand on his left knee. A moment later, Taylor was on his knees in front of the couch, wedging himself between his husband's thighs, and commenced sucking Owen's dick. Working his lips and tongue up and down his husband's rapidly-growing cock, Taylor bathed it in his saliva. We watched Owen's tool grow to its full hardness in a matter of seconds before it started leaking precum. Taylor wasted no time and swirled his tongue around Owen's cockhead before he stuck the tip of his tongue into his piss slit while his hand was wrapped around the base of the shaft. 

    "Mmmm," my brother-in-law moaned contentedly. "Fuck yeah, suck that dick, baby," he continued. 

    My own cock was rock hard and strained against my shorts, creating a visible and obscene bulge. I placed my left hand on my hard-on and gently squeezed, which sent waves of pleasure through my body. I looked over at my dad, who appeared to be doing the same.

    This was progressing faster than I imagined it would. I raised my hips and pushed my shorts and underwear down. My hard cock slapped against my abs when it was released from its confines. I continued to push them down until they reached my ankles. I slid my feet from my shoes, making myself totally naked from the waist down. I wrapped my fist around my bone and gently squeezed out a small drop of precum from my own piss slit.

    Dad decided to follow suit. He required a bit more work, since he needed to unbuckle his belt and pull down the zipper on his jeans before he was able to push them and his underwear to his feet. He didn't even bother untying his sneakers but just kicked them off, dropping his jeans on the floor and speaking his legs wide. My father's hard dick visibly throbbed before he wrapped his hand around it and slowly stroked.

    Taylor didn't miss a beat. He continued the oral massage on his husband's massive rod while he watched our father and me make ourselves more comfortable at our private birthday party. 

    My dad and I stroked ourselves while watching my brother work his magic on his husband's cock. My brother-in-law leaned back and spread his legs even wider, allowing his husband better access. His massive, muscular thighs pressed against both mine and Dad's. Owen spread his arms across the back of the sofa and rested his hands on my father's and my shoulders.

    "That's it, baby. Suck my cock," Owen growled while he pushed himself deeper into my brother's throat every time Taylor went down. "This boy of yours knows how to make a man feel good," he said as he looked at my father. 

    "I can see that," Dad replied while he stroked his own bone without looking away from his first-born deep-throating Owen. 

    I placed my right hand on my brother-in-law's thigh and slowly stroked it while my brother loudly slurped away. Taylor glanced up at me and gave me the best smile he could with a mouth full of penis. Next, I moved my hand up Owen's abs to his left, erect nipple and gave it a squeeze. 

    "Fuuuck," he hissed and closed his eyes in pleasure.

    Dad moved his left hand to his son-in-law's other thigh, and squeezed Owen's quadriceps. Taylor concentrated on his cock and balls while Dad and I alternated between his thighs and nipples. The strings of precum were visible each time my brother removed his mouth from his husband's cock.

    The small apartment reeked of sweat and sex. Dad and I pumped out our own ample amounts of precum and used it as lube to stroke ourselves closer to the edge. The sound of my brother's oral efforts, our stroking, and my brother-in-law's breathing echoed throughout the room.

    "Fuck, baby. You're going to make me bust," Owen announced after moving his hands to the back of his husband's head. He bucked his hips up and down as he started piston-fucking my brother's mouth.

    "Mmmmm," Taylor moaned with a mouth full of cock in response. 

    Owen's breathing increased and his eyes squeezed shut. 

    "I'm gonna cum!" my brother-in-law suddenly announced.

    Taylor buried his nose in his husband's trimmed bush and remained still while Owen took two minutes to unload in his mouth. 

    "Fuuuccck!!!" Owen shouted.

    My father and I watched and stroked ourselves as Taylor kept his husband's cock buried down his throat and didn't pull off until my brother-in-law's breathing returned to normal. Finally, Taylor made his way up Owen's body, until they were face-to-face and kissing. Their tongues explored each other's mouths as they snowballed Owen's load between them. When they finally broke their kiss, my brother instructed his husband to turn around. 

    Owen wobbly stood up, still recovering from his orgasm, and knelt on the sofa with his arms on the backrest. Taylor pushed his shorts down and kicked them off. His cock was rock hard and glistened with precum. He spit into his palm and stroked his tool for a few seconds before leaning down and burying his face up his husband's ass. 

    "Mmmmm," Owen responded. 

    My brother's tongue darted in and out of his husband's smooth pucker. Meanwhile, I saw a glob of precum ooze from my father's hard cock while he slowly stroked. A minute later, Taylor stood up behind my brother-in-law and lined his cock for entry. With his left hand on his husband's asscheek and his right wrapped around his own rod, my brother entered Owen's tunnel with one steady push, until he was balls-deep. My brother-in-law didn't even flinch as his husband penetrated him. 

    I decided I wanted in on the action, so I stood up and walked behind the sofa, where I wagged my turgid tool in my brother-in-law's face. Owen eagerly wrapped his mouth around it and deep-throated my rod. All the while, my father watched and stroked himself as his two sons worked over his son-in-law.

    I didn't think Taylor would last long. He was already turned on by sucking off Owen to completion and now he was furiously pumping his husband's chute and smacking his beefy asscheeks. He was managing to tap Owen's prostate, based on the amount of precum my brother-in-law was leaking onto the sofa. 

    "You like that cock, don't ya baby?" Taylor breathlessly asked Owen. 

    Unable to answer with my cock buried down his throat, all my brother-in-law could do was moan and nod in agreement. 

    "Fuck yeah, take it," Taylor continued as sweat dripped from his face and body. 

    As I thought, my brother was quickly approaching his orgasm. He threw his head back and picked up the pace of his ass-pumping. While Owen worked his tongue and lips on my dick, Taylor loudly announced,

    "Fuck, I'm gonna nut!"

    "Breed him, bro. Fill him up," I encouraged my brother. 

    "Bust that nut, Son," my father spoke. 

    "Fuuuccck!!!" my brother yelled as he unloaded inside his husband's ass. After about three minutes, Taylor finally pulled out of Owen's cummy hole, staggering backwards and collapsing into the armchair with his still-erect dick pointing straight up. 

    "Fuck his hole, Dad. He's primed and ready," Taylor suddenly told our father.

    Dad didn't need to be told twice. He stood up and positioned himself behind his son-in-law. Without a word, he slid his stiff daddy dick in his son-in-law's used hole without any resistance, as he used his firstborn son's jizz as lubricant.

    "Goddamn, that feels good," Dad said when his balls pressed up against Owen's asscheeks. 

    "Give it to him," came Taylor's voice from the armchair. 

    "Fuck him, Dad," I chimed in. 

    Dad extracted his cock until just the head remained, and then punched it back in, making Owen moan around my prick. The vibration felt incredible. Next, my brother-in-law moved down to my nuts and took them both in his mouth while my cock left trails of precum on his face. 

    "Fuck yeah, bro, suck those nuts," I encouraged my brother's husband. 

    Owen eagerly lapped at my smooth balls and then worked his tongue to my taint. I put my hands on the back of his shaved head and held him in place. My piss slit leaked like a broken spigot. I watched streams of precum dribble down my shaft onto Owen's face. He ran his tongue up my shaft and licked the viscous liquid until he reached the summit and enveloped my prick with his lips again.

    "Damn, he can suck a cock, can't he?" my dad commented while pumping his son-in-law's ass. 

    "Fuck yeah," Taylor chimed in from the chair. 

    "You wanna switch, Dad?" I asked. 

    "Abso-fuckin'-lutely," my father retorted. 

    Dad withdrew from Owen's hole and looked down at it for a moment before slapping his ass and walking away. Dad and I passed each other as we walked around the couch and we exchanged a high-five, our two boners swinging as we moved. My father took a swat at my bare ass real quick, making me laugh. A moment later, we were in position: I was sliding my cock up Owen's asshole, while Dad was taking advantage of the muscle jock's throat.

    "Damn, that feels so fucking good," my father exclaimed. 

    "His hole ain't bad either," I replied. 

    "Work over my slut of a husband," Taylor added from his chair. I looked over to see him stroke his cock which was still standing at attention, despite the fact Taylor had shot his load just moments ago, in the very same hole I was currently fucking.

    Owen's quads and calves flexed as he bounced back-and-forth between my father and me. His cock leaked precum onto the very same couch that used to be my bed when I first moved to New York. 

    My father put his hands on each side of his son-in-law's head, held it stationary, and pumped his cock down Owen's throat as far as it would go. 

    "Suck my cock, boy," Dad told his son's husband aggressively. My brother-in-law had no choice but to oblige, not that he minded. 

    "Fuck his mouth, Dad," I encouraged my father. 

    We were all sweating profusely. The smell of sex was even stronger than before. I sensed my father was getting close to blowing his load from his accelerated breathing. Mine was matching his. I looked over at Taylor, who rose from his chair and walked over to us while stroking his own boner, coming to stand right next to me.

    I felt myself getting dangerously close to the point of no return. As hot as this was, and as much as I wanted it to last, I couldn't hold the edge much longer. 

    "Fuck, I'm getting really close," I announced to my brother, who leaned in and out his left arm around me.

    "Shoot your load," Taylor said loudly while pulling in for a hug and jacking his own cock with his right hand.

    "I'm gonna shoot too," our father chimed in, thrusting back and forth in Owen's mouth even faster.

    "Do it! Load him up from both ends!" my brother encouraged us while he furiously pumped his cock. 

    "Oh fuck! "Aaaahhh!!" I yelled as I released my sperm in my brother-in-law's hole. At the same time, my dad and Taylor shot their own loads; Dad's sliding down Owen's gullet, while Taylor's rained down all over Owen's broad back.

    Absolutely exhausted, none of us moved for several moments. I realized I was still gently thrusting inside Owen's asshole, even though my dick was starting to go soft. I pulled out and – with his arm still around me – my brother immediately squatted down and sucked the cum out of his husband's ass. 

    "Fuck," our father said, pulling his cock out of Owen's throat and watching in awe as Taylor gargled both his load as well as my own, fresh out of Owen's ass. Then, my brother pulled me in closer and stood up, planting a kiss on my lips and spitting out half of the cum cocktail in my mouth.

    "Happy birthday, bro," Taylor told me with a smile. 

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