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Cum with Daddy


    Two weeks after the foursome fuck that took place on my son Rory's 25th birthday, I was spending a quiet Saturday morning at home, enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the news on my tablet. Suddenly, there was a knock on the front door. Assuming it might be one of the neighbors, I was surprised to open the door and see…    

    "Taylor?! What are you doing here? Is everything okay?" I asked my elder son. It was my parental instinct to worry, even though Taylor had a broad smile on his face.

    "Good morning to you too, Dad," he said, letting himself in the house with a backpack over his shoulder. "Everything's fine, I just thought I'd drop by for a visit. You don't look too happy to see me."

    "Of course I'm happy to see you! Come over here," I said, pulling Taylor in for a hug. "Just surprised, that's all. Is Owen with you?"

    "No. I'll fill you in in a second, but first: Can I have some of that coffee I smell?"

    A few minutes later, Taylor was sitting at the kitchen table with me, where we could have some caffeine and catch up more comfortably.

    "You know Owen's been working super hard at the gym," my son told me, "and it's been going really well for now, knock on wood. But he barely takes any time off. Now, it's his birthday on Tuesday so I finally convinced him to take a few days off. I basically had to blackmail him into it, threatening no sex until he goes on vacation."

    "Ha! I think that might hit you harder than him, Son," I winked, all too acquainted with my firstborn son's sexual appetite.

    "Well, it worked," Taylor continued. "He's in Minnesota for a few days to see his parents. So I was sitting on my own last night and I felt kinda… lonely, to be honest. I don't know if you remember Sawyer and Brock – they were two of my best friends, and they just recently moved out of New York. I called Rory, but he's understandably busy with daddy duties. I was scrolling through my phone, and I realized everyone on my contact list is either a fuck buddy or a drinking buddy. And that whole party hookup scene… it can be fun, but I just needed a break from it. So I just went to sleep early, woke up early this morning, hopped in Owen's car and decided to drive here."

    "Son, you know you're always welcome here," I reminded him, squeezing his hand comfortingly. "Listen, your mother's still asleep, so what do you say we go wake her up and we can all go for breakfast at The Hungry Stag, huh?"

    "Sounds like a plan, Dad," Taylor said with a smile.

    In a town the size of Phoenixville, going out to your favorite diner meant that you would inevitably bump into a slew of friends and acquaintances. My wife met a group of girlfriends, who invited her to come shopping with them after our meal. My son and I drove back to the house, feeling full and content, and in Taylor's case: sleepy.

    "Yaaaaaawn," he yawned as we walked up the driveway. "I got up at 6 this morning, and I'm kinda regretting that now. I think I need to go take a nap."

    "I might do the same," I replied. I wasn't particularly tired, but I could definitely use a lie-down after all that food.

    "Wanna nap together, Daddy?" my son asked me teasingly.

    "Suuure," I said, putting my arm around him as we walked into the house.

    A couple of minutes later, I was in my room, taking my shoes off and waiting for Taylor to come out of the bathroom. When he did, he surprised me by walking into the bedroom stark naked. 

    "We're gonna have some explaining to do if your mom comes home," I noted.

    "Oh please, she'll be out all day and you know it," Taylor replied, already getting under the sheets in my marital bed.

    "Okay," I acquiesced with a shrug, taking all of my clothes off as well and lying down next to my naked son.

    Within a few minutes, Taylor was already snoozing, but I felt a burst of restlessness. My son's body heat made the bed feel like a sauna. I peeled the cover off of me, and in doing so I also uncovered Taylor's ass, which was poking out in my direction, merely a couple of inches from my right leg.

    Feeling the urge to touch my son's glutes, I gently – without waking him up – grazed Taylor's asscheek. I smiled, proud of the way my son's body looked, but even prouder of the man he'd become. Now in his 30s, it seemed like Taylor was outgrowing the party scene he was so fond of in New York. I'd read somewhere that some gay people go through a "second adolescence" after coming out, and Taylor and Owen's alcohol- and drug-fueled lifestyle seemed to fit the mold. Recently, though, it seemed like their priorities were shifting. Now that Owen was making decent money, they were thinking about buying their first home. Seeing this more mature side of them only made me fall in love with them even more, if that was even possible. Rory, Taylor, and my son-in-law Owen were my three sons, and the love I felt for them was stronger than I could've ever imagined before becoming a parent.

    "Mmm," Taylor moaned softly as I rubbed one of his asscheeks before moving on to the other. I couldn't tell if he was awake or not – he seemed to be sleeping – but even in his sleep he enjoyed the ass massage he was getting from his daddy.

    So I kept going. I turned to face him so I could use both of my hands to knead his thick ass. My cock rose in the process, becoming fully hard within a couple of minutes of massaging my son's glutes. I squeezed harder and harder, fueled by the passion I felt in me. Taylor made it easier by sticking his ass out even more in my direction, granting me unfettered access. I still had no idea if he was asleep or not, until I heard him softly murmur,

    "Fuck me, Dad."

    A mysterious feeling unlike anything I'd felt before spread from my groin and all throughout my body, head to toe. It felt horny, it felt warm, it felt hungry. I was tempted to take my prick and shove it immediately up Taylor's ass, granting him his wish. But could I really do this?? I'd already gotten my dick sucked by Taylor. I'd already fucked Owen, who was like a son to me. But this was Taylor; this was my real, biological son. Could I really do what he asked and fuck him?!

    The answer to that seemed to come from my penis. My cock throbbed and pulsed, blood rushing to it and making it larger than ever. With my hands still on Taylor's asscheeks, I spread them apart so I could get a view of his hairy hole. It was pulsing as well, just as intensely as my cock was. The two seemed to be a perfect match, drawn together by the forbidden lust my firstborn son and I shared in this moment.

    Throwing caution to the wind, I moved forward, pointing my hard cock right at Taylor's hole. With a thrust of my hips, I suddenly felt his ass lips enveloping my cockhead. I was fucking my son!

    "Ahhhhhh yeah, Dad. Just what I needed," Taylor moaned with obvious satisfaction. He relaxed his ass and allowed my dick to go deeper, inch by inch. I took it slowly at first. As I got closer to my son, both of us lying on our right side, his manly musk became overpowering. Suddenly, I couldn't control myself anymore and I pushed forward with all the power I could muster. "FUCK YEAH, DAD! Go for it!!"

    What my boy wanted, my boy got. I picked up the pace and fucked him both faster and deeper, going all the way in, letting my balls smack against Taylor's thighs while I fucked him. His hole felt different than Owen's; and the fact that it belonged to my very own son drove me nuts. 

    "Take it, Son!" I grunted, not that Taylor needed any additional encouragement. He was taking my entire rod without a problem, sucking me in and not letting me go. I pushed my son's body so he was lying on his stomach, with me on top of him. In this position, I had more freedom of movement and I could REALLY go to town on my son's insatiable hole. Like an eager teenager fucking for the first time, I thrusted back and forth, feeling high while I was stone-cold sober. "Now I know what Rory felt like when he fucked your ass," I growled loudly.

    "Ahhh. He's such a good fucker, Dad. Just like you," my firstborn moaned, his face now buried in his mother's pillow.

    "Just like their old man. You two boys sure are special," I said, all the while stretching my son's ass.

    "I love you, Dad," Taylor grunted. "Fuck, I love getting fucked by you and Rory."

    "You love taking family dick, huh? You perv," I smirked, only fucking harder.

    "Fuck yeah. I can't wait to take your load," my son continued. "I've already tasted it, now I want it up my ass. Are you gonna breed me, Dad?"

    "If that's what you want, my boy," I replied, sweat running down my body like a waterfall.

    "Fuck yes, that's what I want. I love taking Rory's loads. I'd love to take yours as well."

    "You want my seed inside your ass, baby? You want the sperm that made you?" 

    "Fuuuuuck, Dad. Fuck yes," Taylor's muffled voice moaned. 

    Hearing myself becoming so verbally perverse was a surprise to me, but it turned me on even more. I thrusted ball-deep inside my son's ass, when I suddenly felt the incomparable release of releasing a pent-up load.

    "Arrrgghhhh fuuuuck. There you go, Son! All yours! Take that cum!" I grunted while filling my firstborn's ass with my jizz.

    "Ah, Dad! Fuck, gimme your load!" Taylor commanded, squeezing my dick with his sphincter. He slipped both hands underneath his stomach, probably reaching for his own dick. "Ahhh, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" my son moaned, and I could tell he was blowing a load at the same time as his old man.

    "Attaboy! Cum with Daddy, Son!" I told Taylor, patting his ass, and releasing the rest of my nut in his hungry hole.

    Two minutes later, I was lying on top of Taylor, who was thankfully strong enough to withhold my weight. I needed to catch my breath, but I didn't want to roll off and pull my dick out of my son's warm ass. For now, I remained hard, and Taylor continued to hold me inside of him while my seed seeped into his guts.

    Finally, I pulled away. As I did, Taylor lifted his right hand and showed me the pearly load that he was holding.

    "I didn't wanna mess up your sheets," he said with a smile while holding on to his own jizz.

    "Give me that," I said, leaning forward and lapping up my boy's sperm from his hand.

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