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Two Dads + Two Sons


    As I strolled through Stag Meadow Lane – the street I had grown up on – I waved and chatted with familiar faces in pretty much every front yard. After a hot summer's day, the temperature was finally dropping, and this was the time of day when everyone went out to walk their dogs and do some gardening. It was a lovely Sunday, and I felt a mighty pang of nostalgia, which didn't happen to me too often. As much as I loved NYC's cruisy gyms and parks, its cool bars and music venues, and its unlimited supply of cock; I guess now that I was in my 30s I was finally learning to appreciate the safety and slower pace of life on streets like Stag Meadow Lane. 

    Obviously, my emotions this weekend were also intensified by what had happened between my father and me. For a while now, I'd been having naughty fun with my brother Rory. But what happened yesterday – getting fucked by my dad – was on a whole 'nother level! This wasn't just my brother we were talking about, this was MY DAD, which somehow felt even more extreme. I couldn't wait to go through every detail of it with my husband, but I didn't want to convey something so monumental to him over the phone. As if he could sense I was thinking about him, Owen picked that precise moment to give me a call.

    "Hey baby," I said into my cell as I turned around and started walking back toward my parents' house. "I was just thinking about ya. How's everything in Minnesota?"

    "It's cool. And I got some news for you," he blurted excitedly.

    "Ooh, what is it?" I asked.

    "Well, get this. Now that he's retired, my dad's decided to adopt a few dogs to take care of."

    "Aww, that's nice," I said.

    "And there's this dog at a shelter in Philly. They're trying desperately to find a home for him but he's really old and no one wants him. My dad saw the pictures and it hit a soft spot, so he's thinking of flying to Philadelphia to rescue him."

    "Awww. Now I like your dad even more than before," I gushed.

    "So anyway, I know that you're not far from Philly right now. I was thinking if you can take a couple of days off work, we can all meet there and celebrate my birthday. Then Dad can get his dog and fly back home, and you and I can drive to New York."

    I wasn't crazy about taking time off work on such a short notice, but I knew that if I called in sick they wouldn't ask any questions. The opportunity to spontaneously celebrate Owen's birthday in Philly was something I didn't want to miss out on.

    "That sounds great, honey," I said. Then, an idea suddenly came to mind and I added, "Would you mind if my dad joined us as well?"

    "Of course not!" was my husband's response. "The more the merrier."

    Owen's 36th birthday was on a Tuesday. The four of us spent Monday night eating out and then going to a sports bar, before retreating to our two hotel rooms (my husband and I shared a room, with our dads in the room next door). The following day, determined to do something "gayer," we went to the theater and then a gay bar, where my husband and I had to listen to our two dads making fun of us and the loud sex noise we had made the night before.

    "It was the eve of my husband's birthday, and I do not apologize for giving him a treat," I defended myself cheekily.

    "From the sounds of it, he wasn't the only one gettin' a treat," my father-in-law said teasingly, elbowing my dad as the two of them burst out laughing. He was probably referring to the fact Owen and I were flip-fucking, something our dads could apparently hear while sharing a bed on the other side of the wall.

    Since it was Owen's birthday, we stayed at the gay bar until closing time. At 2 AM, the four of us stumbled into our hotel drunkenly, and Kevin invited us to their room for "the afterparty."

    When we got to the room that my dad and my father-in-law shared, we saw they had several bottles of top-shelf booze they'd purchased. We played some music on the TV and popped a bottle, toasting to Owen's birthday before he and I made ourselves comfortable on the bed, with our dads sitting on chairs across from us.

    My husband and I enjoyed (and continued with) our mutual drunkenness while making out on the bed. Owen had lost his shirt at the bar at some point, and I'd pulled mine off shortly after arriving back at the room. So naturally our hands found their way to one another's waistbands as our kissing got less playful and more passionate. And soon, we were pushing each other's pants off while our fathers sat a few feet away, watching us.

    I was wasted enough that I kept forgetting we weren't alone, but that made it even hotter every time I remembered that my dad was sitting there watching me get busy with Owen. And Kevin was there too! I hoped my husband was as turned on by this scene as I was. This was our fathers' hotel room and they certainly could have asked us to leave at any time. I was half-expecting a corny dad joke about how we should "get a room" that would serve as a nudge for us to leave. But one never came.

    Instead, I occasionally overheard the two of them talking... about us. Not about what we were doing at the moment, though. My dad made quite a few comments about how impressed he was that Owen had made the gym such a success so quickly. Kevin mentioned some recent professional accomplishments of mine that I didn't even know he was aware of. I felt a rush of love knowing that Owen must have bragged about me to his father, and a surge of pride at hearing Kevin tell my dad he was impressed. In one of my more lucid moments I found it both goofy and cool that this was what the two of them were doing while drunk – trading compliments about one another's sons.

    As Owen pushed down my pants and jockstrap, and I pulled off his jeans (he was freeballing, unsurprisingly), it probably became more difficult for our fathers to ignore what was happening on the bed in front of them. Hell, maybe they'd been watching closely the whole time even as they bantered about their sons' lives. But now the conversation I was hearing turned more to the moment at hand.

    "Damn, they're two horny fuckers, aren't they?" Kevin said with a chuckle, and I heard the ice in his glass clink as he took another swig. My dad responded with a full-on laugh.

    "That's gotta be the understatement of the year," he said afterward. "These two... shit, I bet they blow more loads in a week than I do all year."

    "Nah, I'm sure that's not true," Kevin said teasingly. "I bet your boys must get their sex drive from you." I smiled even as I started sucking on one of Owen's nipples as his fingers worked their way toward my hole. Kevin seemed to know that Rory was as much a horndog as Owen and me, and I wondered just how much my husband had shared with his father about those adventures. My own dad knew everything of course, and getting spit-roasted by him and my brother remained another one of my all-time favorite sexual experiences.

    "They both... are pretty insatiable," I heard my father agree. "I don't know about you but... I usually end up having a lot of fun when I go to New York to visit."

    "Heh, now THAT's an understatement!" Kev agreed, audibly smiling. "Fuck, I had all kinds of wild times with my buddies when I was younger, but I gotta say I think some of the stuff I've done when staying with Owen has been... well, it certainly rivals the exploits of my younger days."

    "Oh yeah?" my father said with curiosity in his voice. Right then, two of Owen's fingers slid into my ass and I couldn't help but moan loudly. He grabbed my leg and pulled it up toward his hip, and I immediately knew he was doing that to give both our fathers a clear view of my hole being spread open. A second later, I felt a third finger go in and I felt a gush of precum pour out of my cock, which they also hopefully saw. Though I'd been pretty sure this was going to happen the moment we got started on the bed, I still felt a rush knowing that we were going to fuck right in front of both our dads. We always managed to make our birthdays pretty memorable.

    "Yeah I mean... Owen's old roommate was a total cockhound and sucked me off the first time I ever stayed with them," Kevin said, recalling a story I'd always loved hearing about. "And that was WHILE my boy was balls-deep in his ass," my father-in-law added, sounding proud.

    "Oh shit!," my dad said. "That's some pretty nice hospitality. Do you get that kind of treatment every time you visit?" I opened my eyes for the first time in a while and glanced over at the two older men. I was surprised to find that they had both gotten shirtless at some point, and each was sporting a huge bulge in their pants that was currently being idly massaged by its owner, their other hands holding their drinks.

    "Uh...," I heard Kevin begin, and he turned his head slightly to look at me. I smiled at him and I knew my eyes communicated the green light he was looking for from me. When he grinned back and looked back at my dad, I closed my eyes and started to kiss my way down Owen's abs as his fingers continued opening up my hole more and more.

    "Yeah in fact, last time I visited..." my father-in-law continued, "I got to experience Taylor's oral skills firsthand." Right after he said that, I took Owen's cock into my mouth. I was looking both of the older men in the eye, one after the other, as I took the majority of my husband's meat down my throat in one gulp. Satisfied that they had the best possible view of everything, I closed my eyes and settled into a sixty-nine with Owen as he started to eat my ass. 

    "Oh fuck yeah," I heard my dad say, and I could make out the sound of a zipper being pulled. Dad was getting his dick out! And so was Kevin! I opened my eyes again and was pleased to see that both fatherly cocks were being freed from their confines. And funnily, at least for the moment, our dads weren't looking at us.

    "My boy's had that monster down his throat, huh?" my father continued, openly admiring Kevin's endowment.

    "Damn right he did," Kevin confirmed. "And then Owen and I both blasted our loads into his mouth at the same time."

    "Fuck," my dad replied, adding "I wish I could have seen that. Taylor's got a very talented mouth." 

    "Oh my god," I thought, and smiled. "Kevin's not going to let that comment slide…"

    "Sounds like you might be speaking from experience, Stephen," Kevin said with a teasing and somewhat curious tone. "Has your slut of a son tasted his own daddy's cock?" I nearly came hearing Kevin talk about me like that to my dad, and I felt that happen again when my father answered back.

    "Damn right he has," Dad said with a low tone that I'd never heard from him before. I deep-throated Owen's cock again and started to play with my husband's ass. I could see Kevin's eyes darting from my father's cock to Owen's backside as I slipped two fingers into his smooth hole. "Your boy's tasted it too, you know," my father added, now mirroring Kevin's teasing tone.

    "Oh I'm not surprised to hear that," Kevin said, sounding amused. "He's always had a thing for older guys' cocks. I know from some of my buddies that he sucks a mean one. Been a while since I've seen him do that though." I wasn't at all surprised to feel my husband's warm mouth envelop my dick after his father had said that. It's such a rush to hear your father say you're a good cocksucker.

    "His ass felt amazing around my cock too," my father said, then quickly asked "Have you ever seen him get fucked?"

    Kevin passed for a moment. With their bantering back and forth so quickly, I think it was a moment before he processed that my father had just said he'd fucked Owen. But he recovered quickly and answered my dad's question.

    "Mmm, I haven't seen that since he was a teenager," Kevin said, sounding a little wistful. I made Owen yelp around my cock as I quickly forced a third finger into his hole, making sure his dad saw me do it. "Maybe I'll get to see that tonight..." he added, trailing off.

    "Well I can tell Taylor needs a good fuck right now," Dad said, and I noticed he was stroking his cock with more vigor than he had been a moment before. "Your boy's opened him up real good for us." I felt Owen's fingers spread apart inside me, stretching my hole open obscenely, just a few feet away from my father. "Fuck..." I heard Dad whisper softly.

    "You gonna watch me fuck your son?" Kevin said confidently. He stood up from his chair and started working his shaft with one hand.

    "Actually I'd rather watch you fuck yours," my father replied in an equally manly tone. 

    "Go Dad!" I screamed to myself. Holy shit, my own dad was helping to push Kevin right into the deep end of our increasingly incestuous family dynamic. And I could tell he was getting off on it, big time.

    Kevin took a little longer to recover from that, but his hand never stopped stroking his cock. His expression was priceless. Mostly a mix of lust and excitement, but I also saw some concern in there. There was one thing he still needed to hear, and his son knew what that was. Owen released my cock from his mouth, and I knew it was time for us to change position.

    "Fuck me, Dad," Owen said in a growling and desperate-sounding voice. There was no question about what he wanted to happen next. We both got on our hands and knees.

    "Holy shit," I thought. "This is really happening." My hand found Owen's and we interlaced our fingers as we both pushed our torsos into the bed and spread our legs wide. We presented our quivering fuckholes to our horned-up dads, whose rock-hard cocks wagged back and forth as they shucked their pants and climbed up behind us on the bed.

    My dad was dripping so much precum, I actually felt it splash across my ass cheek when he slapped his cock across my hole. It only took a second of him rubbing the tip around my sphincter to get me ready. From what I'd been able to see of Kevin's swollen dick as he'd stepped toward us, he was leaking just as much and had likely gotten Owen's hole just as lubed. I knew my dad wanted to push into me right as Kevin did the same to Owen. But I also realized he was waiting, letting the other two men savor the anticipation of this incredibly charged moment.

    When Owen began to let out a low moan, I knew Kevin's head had pushed into him. My dad was doing the same, and my voice joined my husband's in a chorus of perverse satisfaction. We were side-by-side, hand in hand, getting fucked by our dads. And we fucking loved it.

    A steady stream of moans, gasps, and cries of pleasure filled the room for a long while. This feeling was beyond anything I could have imagined. Two dads and two sons, connected in so many profound and carnal ways. It felt like we were the only four people in the universe; like everything was about this moment, right now.

    "Kev," I heard my father say as he started to fuck me harder, "did you... mmm... did you ever think that you'd be...?"

    "Never," my father-in-law replied, not waiting for my dad to finish the question. "Never in a million years, even after all the other shit we've done together. But now?" Kevin paused to let out a long moan, and I felt Owen squeeze my hand tighter as he let out a few quiet sounds of his own. I realized his dad was bottoming out in his ass right at that moment.

    "Now..." Kevin continued, sounding like he was taking the first step into heaven, "now, I'm kinda pissed I waited so long."

    "Oh fuck," I heard Owen whisper, then getting louder, he added, "Fuck me, Dad. Fuck me as hard as you fucking can!"

    In that moment, I might have been more perved up and turned on than I'd ever been in my life. Not only because of what I was experiencing, but knowing that the love of my life was feeling what I'd felt that first time I'd had my own father inside me. The overwhelming intensity and electricity that ran through me as the man who raised me worked his way toward flooding me with the seed that gave me life.

    "This feels so fucking right, doesn't it?" my dad said, sounding like his head was in the same place Kevin's was.

    "Absolutely, buddy," Owen's dad replied, now sounding a little more aggressive as he got going harder. "Fuck... we MADE these asses after all, right?"

    "Fuck, yes!" was all my dad managed to utter in response. A second later, his grip on my hips tightened and he pushed deep into me and didn't pull out again. He was cumming, and I felt his cock pulsing inside me as he emptied his balls into his elder son's guts.

    "Oh damn, Stephen..." Kevin said, his deep voice cracking a little. "That looks hot as fuck, you're fucking cumming in... unnh!" His words cut off suddenly and I felt Owen squeeze my hand again and gasp deeply. I knew he'd been on the verge of blowing his own load but had been holding back, waiting for this moment. He'd wanted to cum right as his dad was breeding him, and that's what was happening.

    I knew what the inside of Owen's ass felt like when he was nutting, and I envied Kevin, getting to feel that intense pleasure the very first time he was fucking his son. My husband and I were both quickly becoming writhing messes, loads dripping from our cocks without us even touching them, while our fathers finished depositing loads of cum right where they belonged.

    When I opened my eyes, I smiled to find myself staring into my husband's eyes, his face mashed into the bedsheets just a few inches from my own.

    "Happy birthday, babe," I whispered to him.

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