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Cumming Home


    After two blissful years of peacefully co-parenting our son, Aurora "Girl Rory" and I were facing our biggest challenge yet. She had recently gotten engaged to her girlfriend Laetitia and I was happy for them; but their upcoming marriage was only the beginning of the changes headed our way.

    "So you know Laetitia's going back to school, and that she got accepted to Temple," Girl Rory said to me over coffee. The two of us were sitting in the same coffee shop where we'd met – the same place where I'd found out she was pregnant.

    "Aha," I nodded, curious where this was going. Rory had insisted the two of us talk in private, without even our son here.

    "Well, she starts in the fall and it's a two-year program, so at first we were thinking about doing long distance until she graduates. But then… she just got offered a really good job through the university as well."

    "A job in… Philadelphia?" I asked.

    "Yes," Rory nodded. "So we'd like to… move there. But of course, I can't move Phoenix out of state without your permission. Or… without going through the court system, which is the last thing I wanna do."

    "Oh, wow. Okay," I said, trying to wrap my mind around all the news.

    "Rory… Have you ever considered moving back to your hometown?" Aurora asked me out of the blue. "Or anywhere in the area? I'm asking because I know how much you liked growing up there."

    "No, you're asking because YOU want to move to Pennsylvania," I corrected her. It bothered me that she would try to gloss over that.

    "Yes, that's true as well," she conceded. "But when I found out that my fiancée got offered a great job so close to the place where you grew up, I just knew that I had to bring it up to you."

    "Oh, okay then, lemme go pack my bags and move my entire family, then," I protested sarcastically.

    "Rory, I'm not telling you to move. But I gotta do what's best for MY family as well. I wanna have more kids someday, and I simply can't afford that. I can barely afford the one I have. Having a spouse that's financially secure would be a big help."

    "And what about me and my job, huh?" I asked, feeling frustrated. "Am I just supposed to leave?"

    "Of course I want you to keep your job if that's what's best for you," she continued calmly. "But this is by far what's best for my family and our future. And if I have to go to court to fight for it, so be it. I'm confident I'll be allowed to take Phoenix with me, as long as I let him stay with you over the summer."

    "That sounds like a threat," I said bitterly. "I bet you already have a lawyer lined up."

    Calmly, Girl Rory put down her drink and took my hands in hers. 

    "No Rory, I haven't spoken to a lawyer yet, even though I'd be perfectly within my rights to do so. Believe it or not, it's not my goal to threaten you, or to spite you, or to tell you what to do. We've had an excellent co-parenting relationship so far and I appreciate that. But with or without your blessing, I am moving to Pennsylvania. And you know courts are reluctant to separate moms from their kids, especially considering I've been the primary custodian all this time, and I'm not moving on a whim, I have good reason to go. All I'm asking is: talk to Jordan. Talk to your parents and see what they think. Look at some jobs and see if there's anything you like down there. If we all end up moving together… well, that would be the perfect-case scenario. Otherwise, we'll have to find a way to work it out."

    After my loaded meeting with Aurora, the first person I talked to was my wife, and the second person: a lawyer. He refused to make any predictions of how the case might turn out if it got to court. By the time he was done talking, I was exhausted, and I just wanted this drama to end, when it'd barely begun.

    "Your anger at Aurora aside: how DO you feel about moving?" Jordan asked me. "I mean, I just graduated and I haven't gotten a stable job yet. So to me, it doesn't make a difference. Honestly, when I came to New York, I came here to study. I never intended to stay and start a family here. I grew up in a more suburban area, and I wouldn't mind raising our son someplace like that."

    "You know what's funny?" I chuckled. "You know my friend Emmett?"

    "Yeah, you guys were best friends when you were kids. You grew up on the same street, right?"

    "Yeah. Well, his husband just got sent to prison, and they're getting a divorce. Long story short: Emmett's been trying to sell their house, but he hasn't found any buyers. So now he's thinking of renting it out," I said.

    "Wait, isn't that house on the same street where you grew up?" Jordan concluded excitedly. 

    "Yup, Stag Meadow Lane. Five doors away from my parents' house," I nodded.

    "Rory… What if this is a sign? If we can afford to rent Emmett's house for now, maybe one day soon we'll have money to buy it."

    "I mean, I'm sure he'll give us a fair price. He's just looking to get the fuck out of there," I said.

    "And that way we'll be close to Philly and Aurora and Phoenix… As long as we're able to find jobs in the area, everything else seems too good to miss out on."

    "Hey, bro! Whoa, what's with the long face?" Taylor asked as soon as he opened the door to his apartment and saw me. He was shirtless, only wearing a pair of shorts, and was probably surprised to see me without texting first.

    "Can I come in? Is Owen here?" I asked, stepping past the threshold before I'd even gotten an affirmative answer.

    "He's not home, he's still at the gym," my brother replied. "Is everything okay?"

    "Yeah, you know, everything's fine. Just one little thing: I'm thinking of moving from New York."

    "WHAT?!" Taylor literally yelled out. "Moving where?"

    "Back home," I said. "To Stag Meadow Lane. In Emmett's house, to be exact."

    "Where the FUCK did this come from?" Taylor asked as we moved to the living room and sat down on the couch. 

    Over the next hour, I filled my brother in on all of my potential plans, while he continually brought beers for us, which helped ease my tension. Emotionally, it had been a very intense day, filled with overthinking on my behalf, and I just wanted to relinquish control and relax.

    "C'mere," my brother said, sensing my tension. He put his beer down and began kneading my shoulders, giving me a wonderful massage while whispering in my ear "it's gonna be okay." He even dimmed the lights and played some relaxing music, before telling me to take my shirt off and lie on the couch while he went to retrieve some massage oil.

    With my eyes closed, it almost felt like I was at a spa. Without hesitation, I took my T-shirt off and lay down on my stomach, letting my older brother get on top of me, straddling me and continuing the shoulder massage. Taylor worked my upper back and then moved downward. When he got to the waistband of my basketball shorts, he just pulled them off in one swift move, probably unsurprised to see that I was freeballing. I breathed in deeply. After a hellish day, I was finally able to relax everything except my cock, which began to grow rigid, stimulated by my brother's kneading of my thighs. 

    While massaging my hips, Taylor's hands slipped around to my stomach a few minutes later, and then moved lower until he found what he was looking for: my now-hard, leaking cock. It only took a few strokes from one hand to get my shaft slicked up, and the warm oil felt as amazing on my dick's skin as it did everywhere else.

    He made sure that my balls were getting the same treatment as he massaged my glutes and his fingers worked their way down my inner thighs and into my crack. My brother's slippery fingers teased at my hole too, but only for a moment as he continued his way down my legs.

    After spending a good while on my calves and even my feet, which didn't tickle as much as I expected, Taylor began to work his way back up my body. I wasn't surprised when he began to work my glutes again, and I wondered if he might lean in and start rimming me. I certainly wouldn't have minded that, it would likely relax me even more. But when I felt a freshly oiled finger pushing against my hole, I knew I was in for another kind of treat.

    My brother had leveled me up recently in the realm of prostate stimulation, usually while sucking me off. I was no stranger to it, by any means. But Taylor was a master, and I knew he took special pleasure in making his little brother whimper and writhe with his finger deep inside me. I was so relaxed at the moment that there wasn't any of the usual tightness he usually encountered, and the oil was certainly helping him slide in easily to press that special spot inside me. I knew I was leaking precum all over the place because I could feel my abs getting sticky, and I let out a few soft moans to make sure my brother knew how good he was making me feel.

    It was a bit of a shock when I felt Taylor slip a second finger into me, but after a second of clenching down on his digits, my muscles relaxed fully again and I just felt so... full. It was a total rush, and I felt like I really understood, maybe for the first time, why my big brother loved being fucked as much as he did. I'd never felt anything quite like this, and heard my own moans become higher-pitched and a little more breathless than before. Taylor was working my prostate over really good; I was starting to feel the buildup happening and could tell my nuts were getting ready to unleash the load that had been building up slowly during the massage.

    But Taylor wasn't ready to send me over the edge quite yet. He removed his fingers from my ass and got back to working my glutes and lower back. The sudden feeling of emptiness was a different kind of rush, and a shiver went up my spine. It was quickly followed by my brother's hands as he got back to my deltoids and slid his own body up further to work my shoulders again.

    This time, rather than straddle my hips, he used his legs to push mine apart and was kneeling in between them as he leaned forward. It was at that time I realized my brother was fully nude as well; probably having gotten rid of his shorts at the same time as he pulled mine off. Every time he pushed forward with his hands, his whole body followed and I could feel his hard cock between my ass cheeks. Whether it was intentional or not (and I strongly suspected it was), his dickhead was occasionally pressing right up against my hole and then slipping past it, his shaft sliding up my oily crack.

    The oil made my skin more sensitive and I could feel that my brother's dripping dickhead was leaving a sticky trail of precum wherever it touched me. I felt the shiver up my spine again and sighed deeply. If there was ever a moment to give this a try, this was it.

    "Will you fuck me, Taylor?" I said softly, and I heard my brother let out a long, deep breath.

    "Are you sure?" he asked me in the sexy and eager tone that I knew well.  

    "After a day like today… fuck, I need it, bro," was my only response. I needed a reset and this would absolutely do the trick. Plus, I knew my brother would love being the one to pop my cherry. So many of my other firsts had been with Owen or one of our buddies. Taylor being the one to take me past this milestone felt like it was meant to be.

    My brother pushed in gently, kneading my shoulders with his hands at the same time his cockhead was spreading my sphincter open. I moaned slowly and found it wasn't any effort at all to stay relaxed and receptive to Taylor's cock. He was going at just the right speed, letting me get used to this new level of fullness within me before he pushed deeper. I didn't have to signal when I felt ready to take more of him, he seemed to just know when it was time.

    Taylor's hand massaged the back of my neck firmly as I felt the last inch of his manhood slide inside me. I let out a long breath that I didn't realize I had been holding, and we just stayed like that for a minute, enjoying the incredible connection between us. I knew he felt it, too. Here, on the same couch that I crashed on for all those months when I first moved to New York. In this apartment where the two men I loved most in the world had helped me broaden my horizons in so many ways. Today had already felt like another huge moment in my life, and doing this with Taylor right now somehow seemed to bring things full circle for me. And it also reminded me that what he and I had was forever, no matter what else happened.

    There was so much emotion flowing through both of us as my brother began to really fuck me. He started slow but once he sensed I could take more, Taylor got a strong and steady rhythm going. His cock felt huge, and always right on the cusp of being too much to handle. And I realized that was the hottest place to be. I felt every inch of his shaft as it slid in and out of me, and after a little while I found I could squeeze him a little bit with those muscles, gently and without feeling like I was pushing him out.

    "Oh fuck yeah, Rory," Taylor moaned once I started doing that. "Goddamn your ass feels so tight and warm and... fuck..."

    "Fill me up, okay?" I whispered to my brother, getting even more turned on thinking about his thick load being deposited deep inside me. My cock throbbed, tapped between my body and the couch cushion. It happened right as Taylor's cock pressed hard into that magic spot: I was suddenly blasting a load of my own all over the couch. I knew I was crying out in ecstasy but my head was swimming so much, it sounded like someone else's voice.

    And maybe it was Taylor's voice too. Because at that same moment, I could feel my brother's cock throbbing within me, seeming to swell up even bigger as a warm sensation spread deep inside. His load emptied into my guts, right where it belonged, and our moans and gasps seemed as wrapped up together as our bodies were.

    It took both of us almost a minute to come down from the intense high of the mutual orgasm, and I smiled as the weight of my brother settled onto my back. One of his arms wrapped around my chest, and the other hand found one of mine as our fingers intertwined. I felt Taylor's breathing slowing and I noticed mine was as well. I knew we would both drift off to sleep in a moment, his cock still inside me as we succumbed to a much-needed and well-earned nap. A few months from now, I might be in New York or I might be on Stag Meadow Lane. But for now, I was here on this couch with my big brother, and his seed swimming inside of me. And there was no place I'd rather be.

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