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you up bro?


    Hearing about Rory's plans to potentially leave NYC was devastating. After almost fifteen years in the city, I'd seen plenty of people come and go, many of them opting out once they'd begun having children. As happy as I tried to be for him, I felt like Rory and I hadn't had enough time together. Just recently we'd started to feel like brothers – actual brothers, not just barely-acquainted brothers-in-law! After a lifetime of yearning for a brother of my own, I'd finally gotten one. I felt like his big bro watching him grow up… and he was growing way too fast.

    I'm ashamed to admit a part of me hoped Rory wouldn't be able to find a good job in Pennsylvania and he'd just abandon the idea of moving. He had a couple of promising prospects, and even went down for an interview. As summer neared its end, I dreaded the arrival of yet another New York winter, this time without my brother here.

    My husband noticed the change in my mood as well. Taylor was surprisingly nonchalant about Rory leaving. I assumed it was because Rory was going back to their hometown, which still felt like "home" to Taylor. My husband focused on the bright side, and said we can easily go back and forth as much as we want to; "It's not like he's moving all the way across the country or something."

    Thankfully, I had the gym to distract me. Business was going better than ever. I had a waiting list of over a hundred people, and that was after I'd increased the membership fee. Its reputation as a place where you can both work out and cruise spread in all the right circles, to the point where people were re-selling their memberships at a premium. I found forum threads dedicated to it on gay message boards. People on Twitter were talking about it using a codename, so outsiders wouldn't find out about it and get me in trouble. I knew then that I was never leaving New York – you can't get shit like this anywhere else!

    Early one Friday morning, I received a surprise message from Rory that consisted of three words: "you up bro?"

    It was 5:40 AM and the only reason I was awake was because I was opening up the gym today. "Yeah, what's up?" I texted back.

    "baby woke me up and i can't fall back asleep. wanna get breakfast or something?"

    "I gotta be at the gym at 6," I typed. "Come see me there. I'll bring food."

    Twenty minutes later, just as the sun was rising, Rory walked into my gym. We were the only people there and we had some breakfast and two very large coffees. A few minutes later, the first clients began pouring in, always the same crowd this time of day.

    "I should've brought clothes to work out in," Rory said. Now that he'd had some caffeine, he felt more energetic.

    "You can have some of mine," I said. "I always keep extra jocks and shorts here."

    "Washed or dirty?" Rory replied playfully.

    "All washed, unfortunately," I winked at him. "But I'm sure you'll get them dirty for me."

    For the next hour, I watched my brother-in-law lift weights while I manned the desk. Whenever I got a chance I went over to spot him, making sure to put my nuts right over his face and tea-bag him. He just laughed it off, and I don't think he had a clue how fucking adorable his smile was at that moment.

    At 7:30, as rush hour started, one of my employees came in. (I now had five of them, working different shifts.) I told him to keep an eye out on things, and I followed Rory into the locker room. There, my brother-in-law and I got naked before heading to the empty sauna.

    "So how's the move going?" I asked the obvious question.

    "Good," Rory nodded. "It's like… 99% happening. My friend Emmett agreed to rent us his house, and it's only a few doors down from my parents, so they can watch the kids and spend time with them. I got a job offer. It doesn't pay as much as the one here, but when you take cost of living into account I'd be better off there."

    "When do you need to make up your mind by?" I asked.

    "By the end of the workday today," Rory said. "Aaand… I think I'm gonna take it."

    I chuckled.

    "That sounds like a 100% to me, bro, not 99," I noted.

    "I know. It's just… there's a part of me that doesn't wanna leave New York," Rory said. "My whole life changed here, in large degree thanks to you and my brother. I'll miss it, man."

    "You gotta do what you gotta do," I said, unable to offer less hackneyed feedback. I looked down between my legs, a waterfall of sweat already running down my body.

    Just then, Rory came to sit right next to me and put his arm around me. It made both of us even hotter, but I enjoyed having us together like this. As if he could sense my fears, Rory said,

    "You know you'll always be my brother, right?"

    I looked up and made eye contact before planting a big kiss on my brother's lips.

    "I know," I whispered after passionately making out with Rory for a couple of minutes. "I'll just miss you."

    "I'll miss you too," he said, placing his hand of my chest and feeling my insanely fast heartbeat. Sure, the heat from the sauna had a lot to do with it, but the kiss also played a big part in getting me so excited. Within two seconds, my dick was growing hard. Rory's hand slid down my belly, combing through my pubes and wrapping itself around my stalk. "Come. Let's take a shower," he suggested.

    As we emerged from the small, hot room, Rory more or less led me to the showers by my cock. There were a few other guys in the locker area getting dressed and shooting the shit with one another, but no one else had been here long enough to be showering yet, so we had the tiled space all to ourselves.

    We continued to make out, more passionately than I had with anyone aside from Taylor. I knew the intensity of our connection was as hot for Rory as it was for me, but it was amazing to really feel it in this moment. He needed me. We needed one another.

    "Please fuck me," I said to him when I managed to catch a breath. My cock swelled even larger as I felt Rory grab me by the shoulders and turn me around to face the wall. I braced myself and had barely relaxed the muscles of my ass when he slammed into me, causing me to yelp loud enough for it to echo around the cavernous space. I noticed a few guys pork their heads in through the doorway to the locker area, and one of them complimented us with a dog whistle. I never minded an audience when I was getting fucked, but having eyes on me while Rory was inside me felt especially hot.

    My brother – I realized I'd stopped thinking of him as my "brother-in-law" – started pounding my ass good and hard. I didn't want it to end, but I was also craving the feeling of his load shooting deep inside me. I knew Rory's body well and could feel the signs of an impending climax from him. His cock was extra hard, and he was breathing in that way that let me know it was coming.

    But suddenly, he slowed down and actually pulled out of me entirely. Rory leaned forward and pressed his chest into my back, whispering into my ear, the words barely loud enough to hear over the sound of the shower.

    "I wanna cum while you fuck me," he said.

    His words shocked me. I knew Rory had recently bottomed for Taylor, his first time ever in that position. I'd been balls-deep in my husband's ass while hearing about it, and the mental images had certainly hastened the load I'd filled Taylor with. But things had been so busy since then, I honestly hadn't given Rory's no-longer-virgin ass much more thought. Frankly, I had figured it might just be a one-time thing, or maybe an occasional occurrence between him and Taylor. But now, apparently it was MY turn, and I don't think I could have been more excited.

    Rory's smile told me that my own enthusiasm was obvious, and we made out a little more before he reluctantly broke the kiss to turn round and push his perfect ass toward me.

    The soap dispensers were filled with an especially viscous brand that I'd picked purposefully, and I was glad because we were going to need all the lubrication we could get. Rory was an eager recipient and I'd plowed plenty of tight holes in my day. But taking my cock, on what was only going to be his second time getting fucked, would still be a lot for him. To his credit, he never once seemed ready to quit and he never even asked me to slow down (though I was taking my time to work myself in).

    Rory was moaning more and more with each inch, and I noticed the stares from patrons in the locker area were getting longer and longer. Most of the guys knew Rory, and knew that he was both my brother-in-law and straight. Now that he was leaving New York, Rory wasn't too concerned about his reputation (not that he ever was). Neither of us cared who was watching or how many onlookers there were. This moment was all about us and our bond. This new and intense way of connecting was what I needed to remind me that I would always have Rory as a brother, and as so much more.

    "Fuck yesss..." he hissed as I finally bottomed out in his ass, and I reached up to grab his long hair in my fist. Gently at first, I started pulling on it and forcing his head backward as I began to pick up the pace of the our fucking. Rory loved it and just muttered "harder," so I turned everything up another notch.

    A few times, I could tell his ass was being pushed to the limit as it twitched and contracted around my invading cock. But he kept pushing back against me, and I could see he's started to find that "fuckhole" state of mind that I remembered discovering so long ago. I smiled to myself, unable to help feeling a slight sense of competition with my husband. Maybe Taylor had taken our brother's cherry, but I was the one training his ass now.

    Picturing Taylor's dirty grin was actually what pushed me over the edge and kicked off the flood of cum into Rory's insides. He moaned louder than he had been before, the moment he felt me unloading. Everyone in the locker room must have heard him, and probably some even some of the guys out on the gym floor. I didn't care. I was breeding my little bro and I wanted everyone to know it. Just as he'd wanted, Rory was cumming too, spraying his seed on the wall of the shower while mine seeped deep within him. He might be leaving soon… but he'd be taking a part of me with him.

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