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Family Spit-Roast

   I received a text revealing that Rory had handed in his notice at work on Friday evening. By Saturday morning, my brother was already sending photos of his furniture and other items he was leaving behind, offering us first dibs before he donated it or put it up for sale. On Sunday in the group chat with Owen and me, Rory was asking us if we would come down to Pennsylvania with him and help him paint and set up the baby's room.

    "Wow, he ain't wasting no time," Owen noted, sitting across from me at the kitchen table, both of us scrolling through our phones.

    "Guess not," I shrugged. I didn't blame my brother for moving quickly. One thing he and I had in common was: once we made up our minds on something, we wanted to see it through as soon as possible. Rory was already saying goodbye to all of his New York friends, including his old roommate Ian and the buddies he met at Daddy & Me classes. He made them a promise that he would "come visit all the time"… but everyone knew that wouldn't turn out to be true.

    "I'm surprised he needs our help painting the nursery," Owen said. "With your dad there, you'd think they have it covered. I mean, how big is this room?"
   "I don't know. Maybe he doesn't NEED us there, he just wants to show us his new house and hang out with us," I speculated.

    Two weeks later, my husband and I found ourselves in my parents' house again, sleeping in my old bed. This time, my brother was five houses away, at the end of the cul-de-sac, in his new home. The following morning, with Owen and Dad in tow, I walked to Rory's house, where we were welcomed by coffee and loud music. My brother showed us around the house, pointing out little (and not so little) changes he and his wife would like to make to it someday. He certainly made it sound like this was more than just a rental to them; they seemed to have their hearts set on buying this house and truly making it their own as soon as they could afford it.

    Painting the baby's room and doing some other smaller fixes around the house took us the entire afternoon, since we were working at quite a relaxed pace. With the temperature still in the 80s, we all had our shirts off; and after having pizza at lunch time, we stopped drinking coffee and switched to beer instead. 

    By the time we were done with work in the evening, we all had a pleasant buzz going. Our final project had been moving the bed in the master bedroom from one side of the room to another. It actually took all four of us to do it, and by the time it was done, we were all exhausted and just plopped down onto the mattress.

    We had the windows open and there was a very slight breeze blowing across me as I stared up at the ceiling. The chill made my nipples hard even as my chest was still sweaty, and then of course my dick responded in kind. It was crazy how quickly I could go from exhausted to horny sometimes... and how little it actually took to make that happen. Nothing more than a little breeze, I thought to myself, and drunkenly giggled a little bit.

    There was laughter coming from elsewhere on the bed too, and then we all started getting bounced around as Rory and Owen pushed their shoulders up against one another. It started off as some bro-ish playfulness, sort of half wrestling, half trying to push one another off the bed. The ultimate effect it had was placing their faces in close proximity to each other, and before long the two of them were kissing and rubbing one another's glistening pecs.

    I watched the show for a moment before turning to look at my dad and finding him to be equally transfixed. Sights like this – his son and his other son's husband making out – were no longer new to him, but he certainly didn't seem to be any less interested in watching than he had been those first times he jerked his dick, spying on us in my old bedroom.

    "Whatcha think about that?" Dad asked, looking at me with a silly grin.

    "I think it's beautiful," was my honest reply. I smiled back at my father and then flipped over onto my stomach so that I could crawl across the few inches that separated me from Rory and Owen. I joined in on the kiss, and they warmly welcomed me with their tongues and lips. My head was upside down in relation to theirs, and for a minute I felt like we were reenacting a gay porn version of the iconic Spider-Man kiss. I started to laugh a little (I realized I might be more drunk than I thought) and to cover it up I pulled back and slid off the bed, climbing back on in a spot that put me between the two men's legs.

    I looked up to see that Dad had flipped onto his stomach to give himself a better view of everything that was going on. Smiling at him, I reached out with both my hands, one grabbing Rory's crotch and the other gripping Owen's. After some over-the-fabric stroking and groping, I easily pulled off both pairs of shorts and then my palms were filled with two hard cocks.

    Dad's eyes moved back and forth between the two dicks while their owners continued their makeout session. Feeling both cock-hungry and eager to turn my father on even more, I leaned in and started sucking on Owen, while at the same time stroking my younger brother. After spending a good amount of time shining my husband's knob and moistening up his shaft, I released it from my lips and turned my attention to Roy's throbbing member.

    One thing I loved was seeing our father react to one of his sons sucking on the other's cock. It never got old, not since that first day when we showed him the video of the two of us. It was hot to see him now, so turned on by the sight that he was standing up and shucking his own shorts so that he could jerk off watching his boys play.

    I worked on Rory for a while, keeping a close eye on Dad as he got more and more into working his cock in time with the bobbing of my head. 

    "You like what you're seeing, Dad?" I asked, taking a break from sucking.

    "Fuck, yes," he replied, doing a long, slow stroke down his shaft, as if to show me how turned on he was.

    "Wait till you see this," I said in a teasing tone. "Rory and I… have a new hobby." My brother had been lying on his side before, with his waist turned to allow me full access to his cock. But I grabbed Rory's hips to indicate that he should move to lie flat on his stomach. He complied, never breaking his deep kiss with Owen as he moved.

    As soon as Rory's legs were spread, I dove in and started tonguing his hole deeply. My brother stopped kissing my husband long enough to moan deeply.

    "Oh fuck yeah," I heard my father say, and realized he'd never seen me eat Rory's ass before. "Dad thinks this is what I wanted to show him," I thought to myself. "He doesn't even know what we're about to do."

    I used my hands to spread Rory's cheeks further apart, allowing me to both get in deeper and then show my father his younger son's hole during the moments that I pulled my face out of Rory's crack. When I started fingering my brother in between the bouts of tonguing, I heard Dad react in surprise at the same time that Rory moaned even louder than he had before.

    My father, who was still stroking himself while he stood next to the bed, gasped again when I sat back on my knees and grabbed Rory's hips to pull him up so that he was on all fours. It was suddenly clear to my father what I was going to do, and I could tell he was in awe of how far we'd taken things since the last time we'd all played around.

    Owen had shifted position along with Rory so that they could keep kissing even as my dick began to prod my brother's other hole. I took a few seconds to watch them make out, since the sight turned me on enough to trigger another surge of precum from my piss slit. I used my dickhead to smear it right into the center of my brother's pucker, lubing it up to make things just a little easier as I pushed forward and began to penetrate him.

    "Oh fuck...," Rory moaned, breaking the kiss with Owen as he clutched my husband's shoulders and buried his face at the base of his muscular neck.

    "That's right, little bro..." Owen said softly, though definite loud enough for Dad to hear. "You take your big brother's cock like a good boy now."
   "Holy shit," I heard Dad whisper as more than half my cock disappeared into Rory's hole. He'd gotten good at taking cock faster than I'd expected. Since that first time my brother bottomed for me a couple of weeks ago, I'd fucked him several times at our apartment, usually with Owen there to fuck my brother right after me. It was getting easier and easier to push deep into Rory on the first try, and I figured it wouldn't be too long before I'd be able to go balls-deep on the first thrust. It was a special pleasure, turning my straight little brother into a slut for my cock. Dad remained transfixed, and I was about to suggest something when Rory beat me to it.

    When he recovered from my initial invasion of his insides, my brother lowered the front part of his body down so that his hands were on the mattress, and he leaned in to start sucking Owen. Rory was getting spit-roasted right in front of our father, and we were all loving every fucking second of it. I remember Dad describing how hot and mind-blowing it was when he spied on me getting it from Rory and Owen at both ends. It was wild to repeat that experience now, except with his other son in the middle position. Dad looked on at Rory with what seemed like envy, which made me wonder: Would my dad ever bottom? Not long ago I might have laughed out loud at the suggestion, but right now I wasn't sure I would put anything past him, not after everything I'd experienced with my "straight brother."

    Owen and I were in sync with our thrusts almost from the first moment, and we got going at a steady increasing pace, working up to a point where I wondered if it would be too rough for my little brother. But Rory was a trooper and he was doing his best to squeeze my cock with his ass muscles at just the right moment. I knew first hand that the only thing hotter than being fucked in front of Dad was getting bred in front of him. And I was beyond excited to provide Rory with that same thrill.

    Just when I was getting close, I heard Owen start to let loose down Rory's throat, and then I felt my brother's hole twitch and tighten around my dick. Fuck! Rory was cumming right now as well, without any kind of hand or mouth stimulating his cock. He was so turned on by all this, and the knowledge of that was enough to send me over the edge.

    As I started cumming, I saw Dad step around the side of the bed so that his cock was about a foot away from where Owen's was buried between Rory's lips.

    "Fuck! Oh fuck!" Dad shouted, and I was treated to the sight of my father's load being blasted across my brother's cheek and temple, right as Owen was depositing his seed down Rory's throat. A wave of ecstasy rippled through my body, and it almost felt like I was having another orgasm before the first one was even finished. 

    As we emptied our balls, all four of us filled the room with our cusses and moans. Finally, we began to calm down and catch our breath. Owen and I pulled out of my brother and we passed out on the bed, cuddling with one another. My father came to lie down next to Rory, both of them drenched in sweat – and in Rory's case: cum.

    "I didn't know… you were into that," I heard my father say to Rory.

    "Oh, it's amazing. You have no idea," my brother chuckled in response.

    "Can't say that I do. At least, not yet," my father said teasingly, putting one sweaty arm around each of his sons.

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