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Family Doesn't Get Any Closer than This


    Words can't express how happy I was to have my son Rory move back to the street where he grew up, just a few doors down from our house. In the past year or so I'd grown closer to him than I'd ever expected, in a way that included Taylor and Owen… and a whole lotta sex.

    With the three of them living in New York, I felt excluded from their little clique. Of course, I never complained – it didn't seem befitting a father – but a part of me wished I had a chance to have more fun and experiment in life, the way they were. Now, at least one of my sons would be closer to me; geographically, emotionally, and maybe even… sexually.

    On his first weekend as a full-time resident back on Stag Meadow Lane, Rory and I took his two sons to a nearby park. While Phoenix ran around and played, Pharaoh was strapped around his father's shirtless chest. Rory and I talked about Phoenix's mom "Girl Rory," who was now living just a few towns over and in the process of furnishing her new house.

    "You're all settling down," I noted to my son.

    "I know. It happened kinda sudden, but I think it's for the best," Rory said, rocking his torso lightly for the baby's sake.

    "No more New York," I stated.

    "Oh, I'm sure I'll be back," Rory replied. "Obviously, I have other priorities now. But once the boys are a bit older and I have some money saved up, I can travel more freely. Speaking of travel: I'm going to Provincetown for a couple of days in September, and Taylor and Owen are gonna be there. My friends Eric and Will – they just had a baby as well – they're organizing the whole thing. We're calling it a 'daddy getaway.' So if you wanna get away with us for a few days…" my son shot me a suggestive wink.

    "Sounds like fun," I smiled and nodded. It made me feel so warm inside to be invited and included, and I couldn't help but give my son a big hug.

    "Dad, I love you too, but you're fucking sweaty," Rory pushed me away playfully. "C'mon, let's go back home. It's too hot out here. I think we could all use a shower."

    Back at Rory's house, Phoenix was the first in the shower, followed by him running to his new room and jumping in bed for a nap. With my other grandson asleep as well, Rory and I enjoyed a moment of peace and silence. Then, my son said,

    "I'm gonna hop in the shower as well. I took one this morning but I feel icky after being out in the sun.

    "Yeah, me too," I said.

    "You gonna go back to your house or do you wanna take one here?" Rory asked me casually. And that gave me an idea.

    "Why don't we take one together?" I suggested with a mischievous smirk.

    The owners of this house (Rory's friend Emmett and his now-ex-husband Vince) had installed a huge shower in the main bathroom, which was large enough to comfortably accommodate at least two people. My son and I got naked and we hopped in, washing each other's backs and chests. Slowly, our soapy fingers slid downward, until we were fondling one another's crotches.

    "It's really important to wash down there," I said to my son facetiously while I washed his balls and felt his cock slowly growing larger.

    "Jeez, Daddy, thanks for showing me how to do it," Rory joked in a high-pitched voice, rubbing my hairy sack in return. The manual stimulation had me popping a boner even before my son did – something which at my age was a source of pride for me.

    "So, you take it up the ass these days?" I said in what came out as a grunt, as my fingertips traveled from my son's balls onto his taint.

    "Only from family," Rory smirked.

    "Well Son, family doesn't get any closer than your own dad," I said, making contact with my son's asshole. It was tricky to do while he and I stood facing each other, so I grabbed him by the shoulders and I spun him around in the shower until his ass was pointing my way. My hard cock immediately wedged itself in between Rory's asscheeks, as if it knew that's where it belonged. I thrusted back-and-forth gently, driving my tool up and down my son's crack. By now the water had gotten rid of the soap on his body, so I squatted down, spread Rory's cheeks open, and stuck out my tongue.



    I moaned loudly as my dad's tongue made contact with my hole. Fuck! Even though I'd been hoping that things would head this way when I suggested that he could shower here, I still couldn't quite believe this was really happening. My father was rimming me, and he was doing an amazing job. Like me, he'd been trained at Taylor and Owen's Assplay Academy, and he'd clearly learned a lot.

    The shower was truly spacious, and we had plenty of room to position ourselves so that Dad had the best possible access to my hole. The warm spray of water was hitting my upper back as I leaned against one of the tile walls, and I thought back to when Owen had fucked me in the showers at his gym. That had been truly incredible, different than getting fucked by Taylor but just as intense. With them it was more than just the physical act; the deep emotional connection enhanced the sensation of having these men I loved inside me.

    In the weeks since we began exploring it all, the three of us had tried out more positions and configurations than I could count. Most of them had been with me as the bottom, and some of the most intense ones had been with me in the middle, fucking and getting fucked at the same time. It was easy to get lost in the heat and pleasure while pressed between those two.

    All of that practice had helped me learn quickly how to relax and receive a cock fairly easily. A little coaching from Taylor had gone a long way, and I wasn't sure whether it was because our brotherly bodies worked in similar ways, or if he'd just been fucked so much in his life that he could literally teach a class.

    Even so, taking a dick with no lube was still something that gave me pause. But here I was, with nothing more than warm water and my father's probing tongue to get me ready. I knew I could do it, and I was confident Dad would be patient enough if it took me a minute. 

    "Stick it in me, Dad," I grunted, my voice echoing off the tile and glass. "Fuck me."

    "Mmmm," I heard my father moan softly as he stood up again, and I got goosebumps on my neck when I felt his hands grab onto my hips. His cock was sliding up and down my crack like before, and then I felt the head pressing right onto my pucker. He was gentle at first, teasing out what was needed. I found myself wishing I could just open up like Taylor seemed to do, and let my father slide all the way in with one push. "We'll get there," I told myself. Now that I was just a few doors down from Dad, we'd have plenty of opportunities to practice.

    After only a few minutes of inching his way in, Dad finally worked the last of his cock up inside me, and I felt him pull my hips toward his to get as deep as he could.

    "Rory... Son... this feels incredible," I heard him say, his voice barely audible over the sound of the shower. I reached back and grabbed one of his hands from my hips and held it in mine. He brought both our arms to wrap around my stomach and pulled our bodies close together. Dad was hairrier than either Taylor or Owen, and it was a new sensation feeling all that fur brush against my back as we writhed together under the spray.

    "How about we move this to the bedroom?" Dad asked, and I agreed, though I found that I was craving him inside me again by the time we'd dried off and quietly made our way to the bedroom, our hard cocks pointing forward and leading the way. We stepped carefully, wanting to interrupt neither my sons' sleep nor this experience we were both enjoying immensely.

    When we'd reached my bed, I climbed on and then flipped over onto my back, spreading my legs up in the air. Dad was right there and he grinned wide as he grabbed my calves, gently stroking them with his fingers.

    "I wanna be face-to-face for this," I said softly.

    "That works for me, Son," he replied, and I again felt his dickhead pressing down and inward. This time he did slide in much more easily and soon we were back to him thrusting his whole length through my sphincter, his balls slapping against my tailbone. Dad started to get really into it, and I felt my legs bending back toward my body more and more as he leaned into me. I was able to grab his shoulders and pull him toward me even more, making the pressure even more arousing.

    Dad looked like an animal, and I'd never found him sexier than in that moment. He was a beast, waiting to be released in the right moment, just like Taylor and I. His face was close enough that I could feel his breath, and we were caught in some intense eye contact. It felt like my brain was close to short-circuiting and it seemed like my eyes were starting to roll back in my head. But I focused back on Dad, letting myself get lost in his eyes.

    "Rory... can I... can we..." he whispered haltingly, but the emotional exchange was already making it clear what he wanted. I reached a hand up to his neck and pulled his face into mine, and our lips met. The sudden scent of him was overwhelming, along with the sensation of his mustache gently scratching across my upper lip. Our lips parted at the same time and then his tongue was in my mouth, bringing a more intense passion to the moment. I was making out with my own father, while he was fucking me. Even with all of the boundaries I'd crossed in recent years, there was nothing else like this!

    I let myself go, giving everything over to my dad as he ground his pelvis into mine, over and over. He seemed to know just how I needed to be fucked, better than I ever could have instructed him. Eventually he was barely pulling out, and I could feel his swollen cockhead in a specific place deep within me. I knew he was going to start flooding that spot with his load soon, and I couldn't wait for it to start.

    Once Dad cried out and let me know he was about to breed my ass, I never wanted it to stop. I could feel the heat of his seed in me, right where I'd needed it.  Where it belonged. I didn't know if any other men would ever fuck me. I wasn't opposed to it, but I also knew that I would be totally satisfied if my father, brother, and Owen were the only guys to ever put their loads in me.

    My brother and his husband had shown me – and our father – the depths of intimacy that were possible with other men, and nothing compared to experiencing that with family. As the last drops of cum emptied from my father's cock deep within me, I felt him relax at long last, and we stayed entangled as he let himself fall onto the bed next to me.

    "Daddy?" I suddenly heard a soft voice say. Thankfully, my father and I had shut the bedroom door, as Phoenix was now standing on the other side of it.

    "I'll be right there, honey," I said, giving my dad a kiss before quickly taking out a pair of basketball shorts from a drawer and pulling them on, tucking my still-semi-hard cock the best I could. Dad pulled the cover over his lower body before I opened the door.

    "Can I sweep here with you?" my firstborn son asked.

    "Sure, sweetie," I smiled, ruffling his hair and letting him into the room.

This is the end of My Brother and His Husband, but Rory will return in other stories


Stephen is the main character of The Men of Stag Meadow Lane, Book 5: Submissive Stephen

You can read more about Stag Meadow Lane here ≫

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