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Not as Straight as You Think


    I'd never been up to the Catskills before. The couple of hours' drive there from the city was... interesting, to say the least. Sure, my older brother Taylor and I were close and I'd already walked in on him being fucked by his husband a couple of times (kinda hard to avoid with all of us sharing a tiny New Your City apartment) but this time they fucked right next to me, there on the backseat of the car, with their two buddies sitting in the front and joking about the whole ordeal.

    Seeing their friends just laugh about it made me laugh as well (though I had to do it silently, as my brother was talking to our parents on the phone while being fucked). I mean, what was this if not fucking funny? Okay, maybe it was kinda hot as well.

    Yes, my brother was a freak, but I got a feeling the real freak here was his husband Owen. He seemed to be the one to always push the envelope, take it to the limit and then a step further. While fucking Taylor in the backseat, he kept spreading his legs, bumping into me, too caught up in the moment to give a fuck.

    I know he might come off as an asshole or whatever, but I gotta say I kinda admired his balls. He sees what he likes and he goes for it! It made me want to get to know him more, get closer to him, maybe even emulate him.

    As we drove past a sign that said Phoenicia, my brother's friend Sawyer announced that we're almost there. We drove past a small town, and soon thereafter got to Sawyer's parents' cabin. It was small and rustic but very charming, and completely detached from any other sign of civilization around.

    "The kitchen and guest bedroom are downstairs," Sawyer showed us around. "Rory, I hope the couch is big enough."

    "No problem," I nodded. As I was the only single person, I'd be crashing on the couch, just like at my brother's. "I've forgotten what a real bed feels like by now, anyway."

    "The bathroom's upstairs, next to the main bedroom," Sawyer added, as his boyfriend Brock took their bags upstairs. "It's not a lot but I hope you guys like it."

    "Are you kidding, it's great. Thanks for having us, man. Now, I need to take a piss," Owen headed straight upstairs, beating me to the toilet. After a long car ride, we all seemed to be thinking the same thing.

    Owen was already in nothing but a pair of basketball shorts, and pretty soon that became the crew's uniform. I saw everyone else take their shirts and shoes off, and I followed suit. After pissing and asking for the wifi password, we all grabbed some drinks and went to the living room. I sat on the couch next to Taylor and Owen, and Brock made himself comfortable on the armchair, with Sawyer sitting in his lap.

    "Happy Fourth!" Brock exclaimed and we all got up to cheer. 

    "And cheers to meeting new people," Sawyer winked at me.

    "Cheers to that!" I smiled and took a sip. "No, but seriously, thanks for having me over, guys."

    After a few weeks as a lonely college grad, I was finally starting to feel like I was making some friends.

    "No worries," Sawyer said. "You're pretty cool... for a straight guy."

    "Thank you? I think there was a compliment there," I laughed.

    "Give it some time. Maybe he's not as straight as you think he is," Brock teased, bouncing his boyfriend on his leg.

    I smiled and drank, watching the two couples hugging, kissing, and running their hands over each other's shirtless bodies.

    "I mean, I don't look at it as being 'gay or straight,'" I said (remembering what that cute girl at the coffeeshop told me last week: "I'm into whoever can show me a good time").

    "Like, that girl I just met," I added. "Let's say we end up dating, and we're really into each other, and like three months down the line she tells me she's trans and she has a dick. I wouldn't break up with her over it, that's such an asshole thing to do."

    "And if she wanted to fuck you, you'd take a dick?" Sawyer asked. 

    "I mean, you look like you do, so how hard can it be?" I teased, making everyone laugh.

    "You bitch," Sawyer grabbed his crotch, smiling. "Come over here and I'll show you just how hard."

    "Calm down, Mary. You're not showing anyone anything except what a power bottom you are."

    Everyone laughed even harder, Taylor and Brock snapping their fingers as a form of applause.

    "He's been hanging around you too much," Sawyer told Taylor and Owen, "you've taught him too much."

    We sat in the cozy living room for almost an hour, just drinking and shooting the shit. It felt great, just like being back at the dorms, only we didn't need to sneak in the booze. I was used to giving each other shit with my bros in college and turns out gay guys do the same exact thing, only with slightly different terminology. 

    As time went by, both couples got friskier. Everyone was doing more kissing than talking now, and I could see their hands reaching in each other's shorts every now and then for a tease.

    "Maybe we should go up for a nap before tonight?" Brock asked, his hand tucked into the back of his boyfriend's pants, giving his ass a squeeze.

    "A nap would be good," my brother moaned next to me, as his husband was kissing the back of his neck. I could tell Taylor had a hardon in his shorts; he probably needed release more so than a nap.

    "Okay, a nap and then we'll go out for a walk and see the fireworks," Brock said as he and Sawyer got up, both spotting erections as well. 

    The couples retreated to their bedrooms and I lay back on the couch. I wasn't tired at all. I was tempted to go out for a hike myself, but reception here was pretty spotty and I didn't want to risk not being able to get in touch with the others.

     After a couple of minutes of trying to find something fun to do on my phone with no success, I could hear my brother and Owen going at it in the other room. From my brother's loud moans of "Fuck yeah" and "Fuck me," I could tell Owen was fucking him again. 

    "Two times already today," I thought. "Not bad."

    As per usual, the two seemed to give no fucks about how loud they were being. I was already unable to fall asleep, and this was even more distracting. I looked down and realized my dick had gotten hard, hearing someone else's wild sex noises.

    "I need a cold shower," I thought, and pulled my shorts down and headed to the bathroom naked.

    I was pretty sure the coast was clear and I wouldn't bump into anybody on the way. What I didn't know was Sawyer was already in the bathroom, and the door wasn't locked.

    "Well hello there," he said as I opened the door, my hard dick pointing upwards.



    Taylor and Owen were some of my favorite people to hang out with. Brock and I weren't friends with any other gay couples at the time when we met them at the local gay bar. The intention was to be "just friends," but it didn't take us long to see just how sexual Taylor and Owen were and we loved it! We started playing together, fucking side by side and exchanging partners every now and then.

    When I found out the cabin would be free this weekend, my plan was for the four of us to have lots of naughty fun together. Taylor inviting his little brother seemed to thwart that plan, but I didn't want to say no. Luckily, it turned out Rory was just as cool as his brother, so I didn't mind having him around.

    He claimed to be straight, but apparently for kids today that meant "I'm straight, but I'll take a dick if I want to." If that's how the future's shaping up to be, sign me the fuck up!

    When my boyfriend suggested we all take a nap that afternoon, I could tell exactly what he was after. I could feel his hard dick under my ass as I bounced in his lap, talking to the guys in the living room. I was just as horny, after that stunt Owen and Taylor pulled in the car. If Rory weren't there, I'm sure we would've just started fucking in the living room, but with him around I didn't wanna push it. Then again, he did seem to be extremely openminded... 

    As Brock and I went upstairs, I went to the bathroom to douche real quick. For some stupid fucking reason, I forgot to lock the door. I would've been mortified if someone walked in on me (I have many kinks, but that's not one of them). Luckily, Rory walked in just after I was done. And even luckier, he was naked and hard as a rock.

    "Well hello there," I greeted him, not trying to hide my own nudity. "Can't sleep?"

    "Nah, not at all. Thought I'd take a shower."

    "Taylor and Owen keeping you up?" I laughed. I could hear them fucking like maniacs even from upstairs. They seemed to be getting louder by the minute.

    "Yeah, but what else is new?" he smiled, ignoring the fact he was standing in front of me stark naked and erect. I have to say, this was one cool kid.

    "Why don't you hang out with Brock and me in the bedroom? We're just watching some TV," I lied.

    "What're you watching, Monster Dicks, Part 2?" he joked.

    "Fucking My Friend's Little Brother, Part 1," I teased back, looking him in the eyes.

    "Aight man, let me grab that shower and I'll be right there."

    I was disappointed to give him a chance to lose the erection and put on some clothes, but there wasn't much I could do. I went to the room and jumped in bed next to Brock, who was also naked.

    "Change of plans," I told him. "Rory can't sleep so he's coming to watch TV with us."

    "I thought you wanted to get fucked?" my boyfriend said, kissing me and pressing his middle finger against my hole.

    "Maybe I still will."

    When we heard the shower stop, Brock reached for his underwear on the floor but I stopped him. "Let's stay naked," I said, and he gave me a devilish grin.

    Rory knocked, and came into our room. His erection had gone down, but I was surprised to see he was still naked. His long hair, which had been in a man bun earlier, was now hanging down to his shoulders, dripping wet. It was chestnut brown, just like his bushy pubes. 

    "What're we watching?" he asked, jumping in bed next to me.

    "There's a Marvel movie marathon on," Brock noted.


    I pretended to pay attention to the explosions on screen, as I cuddled up next to my boyfriend and gently ran my fingertips up and down his torso and his arms. "This is nice," I thought. Sure, the dirty side of me had invited Rory hoping something more sexual would happen, but lying here, in between the two, felt so relaxing. I hadn't even noticed when Rory started stroking my arm.

    "What?" he asked when I looked at him. "I've been third-wheeling all day. I need some cuddles too."

    "C'mere," I pulled him in closer and put my left arm around him. I continued to gently stroke my boyfriend on one side and Rory on the other.

    The bed wasn't quite big enough for three men. We kept squeezing in closer and closer, although I have the feeling we'd be doing that no matter how large the bed. As we made more and more body contact, our leg hair brushing each other's legs, I could feel the manly, sexual energy radiating from their two bodies. I closed my eyes, soaked it in, took a deep breath, and when I opened my eyes again I was fully hard.

    The cuddling continued, no one saying a word. Brock slowly caressed my body with his left hand, until he got to my dick and gave it a squeeze. He started slowly stroking it, up and down. When I started leaking precum, he brought his thumb to his lips and licked it off.

    The sounds of Owen and Taylor fucking downstairs were getting louder and louder, audible even with the TV on. Maybe they'd realized Rory wasn't downstairs, or maybe they didn't give a fuck. After a particularly loud explosion on screen, Brock turned the TV volume down. "Oh fuck yeah, wreck my hole!" we could hear Rory's brother begging downstairs.

    All my senses were heightened, filling me with pleasure. The sound of the boys fucking downstairs. The sight of the two gorgeous men lying on each side of me. The way their skin felt under my fingertips. The smell of the shampoo Rory had used on his long hair. The taste of... I liked my lips. I wondered what he tastes like.

    I leaned over to my left, going in for a kiss with Rory. I moved slowly, giving him time to push me away if he wanted to, but he didn't. We both closed our eyes and moved our tongues in and out of each other's mouths, sucking on each other's lips. 

    It felt wonderful! I'd kissed plenty of men, but this one felt special. Maybe because he was straight, or maybe because he was my friend's younger brother, or maybe just because he was so fucking cute. I smiled when we were done kissing, and I was very pleased to see the kiss had given him a hardon.

    I looked at Brock, who smiled at me encouragingly. Maybe Rory will let me suck his cock while Brock fucks me. I went to the right to kiss my boyfriend, and Rory continued to stroke my back.

    I pointed to the bottle of lube on the nightstand next to Brock, and he passed it to me. No one said a word. There was a silent contract there'd be no verbal communication. I squirted a little lube on my hand, and massaged my hole.

    I moved to get closer to Brock, when I felt Rory's arm around my waist. He was gently pulling me in with his right arm, while stroking his cock with his left. I looked at him and he looked down at his dick, as if to say "Take it."

    I lay down on my stomach in the middle of the bed and stuck my ass in the air. Rory seemed to get the message. He got on top of me, pushing my boyfriend to the side a bit, and gave his cock and few more strokes before starting to shove it in me.

    "Auch!" I said, breaking the non-verbal contract.

    "Have you fucked an ass before?" Brock whispered, turned to the side to look at us.

    "No," Rory whispered back. 

    "You need to go a bit slower," my boyfriend instructed him, still whispering, as if we were trying to hide from someone. Brock rubbed my back, as I felt Rory's dick go deeper and deeper in my ass, this time moving slower.

     "Ah!" I moaned when I felt it all the way in. 

    "There ya go," Brock patted Rory on the back.

    From there, Rory started to pump up and down, starting off slow and gradually going faster. He may not have had the most impressive dick when soft, but fuck was he huge when hard! Luckily, he was right about me being a power bottom.

    I got on my knees, and once Rory started fucking me doggy style that's when things really kicked off. He picked up speed and confidence, really giving my hole a good workout.

    "Fuck yeah!" I said softly. 

    "He's relaxed now, you can go hard," Brock mentored Rory. "Don't worry about him, he can take it."

    Rory didn't need telling twice.


    He slapped my ass and started fucking me harder.

    "Fuck yeah!" I said louder.

    "Yeah, you like that?" Rory grunted.

    "Fuck yeah."


    "You like that?" he grabbed my hair.

    "Fuck year!" I kept repeating myself, louder and louder, when we heard Taylor yell out downstairs as well. "Fuck yeah!"

    I wondered if they could hear us like we could hear them.

    "Yeah, you fucking like that, course you do," Rory pulled my hair harder.


    He slapped my ass and picked up speed again, fucking me more aggressively. You wouldn't expect it from a guy as young and cute as he was, but I'm sure living with Taylor and Owen has taught him a few tricks.

    Brock was done coaching from the sideline. He kneeled in front of me and put his dick in my mouth.

    "Fuck yeah, bro," Rory grunted, digging his nails in my ass. "Fuck his mouth."

    All the noise we were making was finally loud enough to drown out the noise from downstairs and from the TV.

    "Yeah, you like being fucked from both ends, don't you, you slut?" Rory yelled confidently.

    "Mhm," I tried to nod my head with my boyfriend's dick in my throat and my nose buried in his pubes.

    "Yeah you do, you greedy cunt," Rory continued to call me names while fucking harder and harder.

    "I'm close," Brock said after a while.

    "Fuck yeah, bro, I'm close too. Let's cum at the same time, man."

    They started to fuck me faster on both ends. As hard as Rory was, the real challenge was taking my boyfriend's dick in my throat without choking or gagging. I closed my eyes as they started to water, and started stroking my dick, which had stayed hard this whole time.

    "I'm bout to cum, man. I'm bout to shoot in his ass!"

    "Yeah, go for it, dude. I'm fucking close as... Fuck. Fuck, yeah. FUUUCK!!"

    "Oh yeah, bro, feed him you cum. Fuck. Oh yeah. I'm cumming! FUCK!"

    As my ass and my throat were being filled with cum simultaneously, I shot my load all over my parents' fancy bedlinen. 

    Mere seconds later, fireworks started to go off outside. We couldn't help but start laughing as we slumped onto a cuddle pile on the bed.

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