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Please, Sir


    "Fuck!" I sighed out loud, kicking the thin cover off me and letting it fall off the couch. My boner popped up from under it like a jack-in-the-box, unrestrained by the loose boxers I was wearing. I checked the time: almost 3 AM. I need to be up in four hours. 

    The late-July New York City heat was too much for me, but that wasn't what was keeping me up. As per usual, the sounds coming from my brother and his husband's room echoed through the whole apartment, unconcerned with the time.

    "Fuck, yeah," I heard my brother Taylor moan through the thin wall.

    "Yeah, you like that?" Owen grunted and followed it up by a loud slap.

    "Is this what I sound like when I'm having sex?" I wondered. After hearing them so many times, their lines were getting so clichéd.

    "Ahhhh, yes!" Taylor screamed loudly, sounding like his ass was getting a good drilling. Precum dripped off my dick as it pulsed.

    I got off the couch and put my glasses on to look out the window. There wasn't much to see except for the building across the street. I was surprised by how many people still had their lights on this late on a Sunday night. Or this early on a Monday morning, rather.

    "Yeah, course you do. Take that fucking dick, you slut! Take all that dick!!" my brother-in-law said so loudly it felt like he was right next to me. My dick pulsed again, precum dripping on the floor.

    I fought back the urge to start stroking it. I remembered the time up in the Catskills over the Fourth of July. Did I sound like Owen when I was fucking Sawyer? For some reason, I'd gotten much more aggressive and dominant than any time when I was fucking a girl.

    "Maybe you think girls are more delicate and you treat them that way," Aurora "Rory" had told me yesterday. I took two trains to Bushwick to spend all Saturday with her. We'd fucked a couple of times, but we weren't putting a label on it so I guess I couldn't really call her my girlfriend.

    "I don't know, I don't think you're particularly delicate," I said, pinching her nipple, both of us squeezed together naked on her small bed.

    That wasn't a lie. Rory was much wilder than the girls I was used to. 

    "You ain't seen nothing yet," she said, getting up and strutting to the open window to light up a blunt. "I'm still taking it easy on you. YOU seem like the delicate one."

    "Oh really? So there's more to come?" I flirted, getting off to bed and stepping slowly toward her.

    "I don't know," she leaned back facing me, taking a puff and blowing smoke in my face.

    "'Still,'" I said and kissed her, caressing her brown skin with my fingertips. "You said you're 'still' taking it easy on me. Meaning there's more to come."

    I took her by her hips and turned her around. I was hard, even though I'd cum not that long ago. Rory stuck her head and her breasts out the window, still smoking. The sun was finally starting to set. Down in the street, people were leaving their houses as the temperature was starting to cool down.

    I positioned my dick next to her asshole. I went slowly, giving her a chance to ask me to stop, but she didn't even flinch. So I started fucking her right there in the window.

    "Fuck, yeah," Taylor screamed. "Fuuuuck me!" His screams brought me back to reality, in his living room, looking out the window. My dick was now in my right hand.

    More grunts and moans and screams from Taylor and Owen, as I started jacking off. The accelerated pace meant they were getting close. I started to stroke faster.

    I closed my eyes, and the sounds seemed even louder. I remembered cumming in Rory's ass yesterday just as Owen's grunts let me know he was currently cumming in my brother's. I shot a big cumshot on the window, and left it there.

    "Okay, time for bed."

    "Hey," my buddy Ian said, answering the door with a big smile, naked as usual. I wasn't short, but I felt that way next to his 6'6".

    "Happy Monday," he said, giving me a hug. "How was work?"

    "Work was fine, but I'm fucking exhausted," I said as he shut the door behind me and we went to his room.

    "Your brother again?" he laughed. He'd heard me complain about their nighttime romps multiple times.

    "They're fucking insatiable!" I said, lying down on Ian's bed. 

    "What do you expect from newlyweds?" he said, sitting down next to me. Except for one chair, the bed was the only piece of furniture to sit on in the tiny room.

    "Are you looking to move to your own place soon?" he asked, lifting my legs in his lap and taking my office shoes off, giving me a foot rub. This was all done casually as if it's the most normal thing among friends.

    "Ahh, that feels good," I leaned my head back and closed my eyes for a second. "My own place, ha! With what money? Plus, I thought it'd be majorly cramped at Taylor and Owen's with me there, and it is; but after seeing yours and Rory's apartments, seems like everyone here lives like that."

    "Ah yeah, Girl Rory from the coffee shop. How is she?" he asked, his thumbs digging into my soles through my socks.

    "She's fine. Went to her place on Saturday. We're fuck buddies now, I guess. She's... something, alright. Very kinky."

    "Hardly surprising from a porn writer."

    "Yeah but she mostly writes gay male porn, for some reason."

    "Have you read any of it?"

    "Not yet."

    "Well, if you ever need a change of career," Ian said, "you can start doing the same, with all the experience with gay sex you now have."

    "One guy!" I laughed, kicking Ian in the balls softly. "I fucked one guy."

    "Yeah, yeah."

    "What, you jealous that it wasn't you?" I teased.

    Ian stopped massaging and started tickling my feet.

    "What makes you think I'm a bottom, huh?" he said devilishly, as I laughed and squirmed. I was very ticklish. "What makes you think I won't be the one fucking you?"



    "How's Rory?" Sawyer yelled, trying to make himself heard through the loud music.

    "Why, does your ass miss him?" I winked at him and his boyfriend Brock.

    We were all at Q, the bar where Taylor bartended. While he was busy at work on a Friday night, we were talking about his baby brother.

    Sawyer and Brock told us they had a threesome with Rory the day after it happened. Somehow, they'd gotten him to fuck Sawyer on the Fourth of July. Taylor seemed amused to hear this about his brother, but not majorly surprised.

    "Let's not bring it up to Rory unless he does first," Taylor had asked me. 

    "Sure. But what do you think it means? Do you think he might be gay as well?"

    "I dunno. Just look at all our friends that don't identify as just 'gay' or 'straight' anymore." He was right. "And Rory's like what, 11 years younger than you? His generation gives even less of a shit."

    I woke up the morning after meeting Sawyer and Brock at the bar with a slight headache. My husband was sleeping next to me, naked except for the cock cage he had on.

    I looked around the floor of our messy bedroom and found a pair of basketball shorts. The waistband on these was particularly loose so they always sagged a few inches lower than they should, but I pulled them down and adjusted them even lower. I left the room and went to the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth.

    "Good morning," my young brother-in-law said as soon as I walked into the living room. 

    "Hey," I said, blinded by the sunlight for a second. 

    "You guys were out late last night. Did you have fun?"

    "Yaaawn. Yeah, we did," I mumbled, stretching.

    I noticed Rory checking out my body as I stretched. The light from the window was hitting me perfectly. My shorts slid down even lower. Under my rock-hard abs and defined obliques, my pubes were literally all out. Even if he tried, I wasn't surprised Rory couldn't keep his eyes off it.

    "Gorgeous day," I said, turning around to look out the window, and give Rory a view of the several inches of asscrack I was now showing. I stretched again, and yawned loudly like a tiger.

    "Can I get you something to eat?" Rory asked. "There's no food in the house but I was gonna go down and get something."

    "Ah, that's nice," I said and turned back around. I put my right hand in my shorts to adjust my balls. Rory's eyes kept switching up and down between my face and my crotch.

    "But no healthy shit," I said, scratching my balls and continuing to casually play with them with my hand in my shorts. "Go to McDonald's and get me an Egg McMuffin or some shit."

    "But what about your muscle-man diet?" Rory got off the couch and walked up to me, giving one of my pecs a gentle smack with the back of his hand. I was amused by this close body contact while I was still fondling my balls.

    "That includes junk food occasionally," I winked. "You need some cash?"

    "Nah, I'm good."

    "Wait," I stopped him before he was about to turn around. "You got some eye crust on your cheek."

    I pulled my hand out of my shorts and gently stroked his cheek with it. As I did so, I got a whiff of my own ball sack.

    "Thanks," Rory smiled. "See you in a sec."

    I heard Rory leave the apartment as I sat down on the couch. I looked at the window in front of me. About a week ago, I noticed something I was certain was dry cum running down it, and since no one had bothered to clean it since, it was still there.

    The noise Rory and I made must've woken up Taylor, cuz I heard him get up and go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he walked into the living room still naked, and sat on my lap straddling me.

    "Good morning, Daddy," he said sleepily and gave me a toothpaste-flavored kiss.

    "Where's Rory?" he asked as we continued to kiss.

    "Getting us breakfast," I said, squeezing his ass and leading my fingers to his hole.


    We continued to make out in the sunny room. After a few minutes I pulled down my shorts to reveal my throbbing erection.

    My husband turned around and started to sit on my dick.

    "Is that your cum, by the way?" I said, pointing at the window. "It's been there for days."

    "No," Taylor laughed. "Must be my brother's."

    Hearing him say that made me start to fuck him more vigorously. 

    "You like that, boy?" I said, biting his ear as he rode my dick.

    "Yes, Sir. Ahhh. Thank you, Sir."

    We kept going, fucking until we heard the door open.

    "I'm back," I heard Rory shout. 

    I didn't stop fucking Taylor, and neither did he. Now that we were in the zone it wasn't his decision to make: he needed Sir's permission.

    Rory walked in and saw us on the couch, which was also his unmade bed. The boxers he slept in were under my bare ass as I fucked his brother.

    "Thanks," I said, looking at Rory. "I'll pick up the pace so we're done before the food gets cold."

    He chortled.

    I heard footsteps as he walked to the kitchen.

    I gave Taylor all of my dick, making him scream out loud. I looked down and saw his dick strain the cock cage it was in.

    "Hey Rory!" I yelled out, and waited for him to come over.


    "Can you please get me the small key that's on my nightstand?" I asked, making eye contact with him. "The one that opens your brother's cock cage."

    That last part may not have been necessary, but I enjoyed adding it.

    "Sure," Rory said with a relaxed smile.

    He came back a few seconds later and stood in front of Taylor and me, trying to pass me the key. But instead of taking it right away, I started speaking in Taylor's ear again.

    "You want it?" I growled. "Do you want to be allowed to cum as well?"

    "Ahh yes, Sir," Taylor moaned, his eyes closed, bouncing on my dick.

    "You want your dick to be let out so it can shoot cum as I'm fucking you."

    "Yes, please Sir. I need to cum."

    "Then open your eyes, and beg for it."

    Taylor opened his eyes and turned his head to look at me.

    "Please, can I have the key so I can cum, Sir?"

    "I'm not the one who has it," I smirked. "It's not me you should be begging."

    Taylor turned around and looked at his brother dead in the eyes.

    "Please, can I have the key so I can cum... Sir?"

    Rory looked at me, a barely-visible smirk on his face.

    I gave a small nod, and Rory handed Taylor the key.

    Taylor unlocked his cage, and got hard in a matter of seconds. As soon as Rory's work was done, he walked away to the kitchen. A part of me was disappointed he didn't stay to watch us both cum, but a few minutes later he definitely heard us, our moans and "fuck yeahs" loud enough to be heard from across the street.

    "Thanks for breakfast," I said, shoving greasy food in my mouth ten minutes later. The three of us were sitting at the table as if nothing unusual had just happened.

    "What're you up to today?" Taylor asked his brother. "Seeing your girlfriend again?"

    "She's not my girlfriend, but yes. I'm going to hers just like last weekend. Then probably hanging out with my buddy Ian."

    "Hey Rory," I said, swallowing the last bite of my food. "Your brother and I are going to Provincetown at the end of August for a few days. If you can get away from work, wanna come with us?"

    "Sure, if you guys don't mind. I've never been to the Cape."

    "What do you think, honey?" I turned to my husband.

    "Fine by me."

    "Then it's all settled then," I smiled.

    What I hadn't mentioned is that the room we'd booked only had one bed. And during peak season in P-town, there was no way there'd be any more rooms available. 

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