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Shower, Pt. II


    "Mmm, that felt good," Rory said, lying naked next to me as I ran my fingertips down his body.

    "I know. Feels a bit weird, doing it here for a change."
    I looked around my dorm room, full of girly stuff belonging to my roommate and me. Rory and I usually had sex in his room, Room 141. It started almost a year ago, when he and I met at a party at the beginning of our junior year. It was our first day as seniors now; we were slowly approaching our graduation. We had no idea what was gonna happen to our relationship after that, but so far we both seemed happy to procrastinate having that conversation. 

    "I think it's nice for a change," Rory looked around my room, lifting his arm to rest it under his head, exposing his hairy armpit. "Aaron deserves it, after all the times we've sexiled him."

    Aaron was Rory's roommate. We'd just walked in on him having sex with a girl in Room 141. I didn't get to see much, standing behind Rory as he opened the door, but I recognized the girl as one of my friends, Hannah.

    "I'll need to ask Hannah how he was tomorrow," I teased.

    "Oh c'mon, leave the kid alone," Rory said protectively. Aaron was a sophomore and a couple of years younger than us.

    "You guys are close, aren't you?"

    "We are, yes. I was close to Mike as well, my roommate before him. If you're gonna be sharing a room and stuff... I dunno, it's better to get along. We're like brothers, really."

    "Yeah... It's funny how that works with boys."

    As a girly girl, and a Latina, I was always very touchy-feely with my girlfriends. I gave them a kiss to say hello, linked arms when we were walking, touched their hair or their face all the time. But things were very different for guys, I knew.

    "Speaking of boys," Rory said, "I wanna tell you something, but don't go telling anyone. I'm telling you cuz I want to hear your opinion on it."

    "Go ahead."

    "So this morning, Aaron told me he had sex with a guy a few months ago."[1]

    "Oh really? Was it someone from school?"

    Rory thought about it awkwardly for a few seconds, then said "No."

    "And get this. It was the other guy fucking Aaron."

    "Go, Aaron," I laughed. "You don't think he's gay, right?"

    "I mean, we just saw him fucking Hannah, so doesn't look like it."

    "Yeah, but it would suck if he's using her as a cover-up. That's unfair to both of them."

    "True. But I don't think that's what it is. He's probably bi or something."

    "Well, good for him. Best of both worlds, if you ask me."

    "You think?!" Rory sat up, looking genuinely curious.

    "I mean, sure. I totally wish I were into girls."

    We lay in silence for a couple of seconds, my fingertips still stroking Rory's chest.

    "What about you, you wish you were into guys?"

    "I mean, I feel like that's a weird thing to say," Rory said. "I don't know. I'm close to a lot of my buddies. And like, I love them, but I'm not in love with them, you know? I've never met a guy who made me feel that way. But I'm capable of looking at a handsome guy and admitting "Fuck, he's gorgeous," you know?"

    "But would that wanna make you have sex with him?"

    "I don't think so. Not just like that, no. Like, if I looked at a beautiful girl... and if I were single," he corrected himself just in time, smiling, "I could go like 'Yes, I wanna have sex with her.' It wouldn't be like that with a guy. But I'm not saying I would never ever do it."

    "Good on you. You're more open-minded than most straight guys, then."

    "You think? I don't know, maybe. Maybe it's just that I grew up with my brother, and I'm so used to being around guys and being close with them."

    "Your brother's gay, right?" I asked.


    "Something we have in common. Three of my four brothers are gay."

    "No way!" Rory seemed amused.

    "Yup. Have I never told you that?"

    "I knew you had four older brothers, but not about the gay thing."

    "Yup. Miguel's the oldest, he and his husband live in Chicago. Manuel's got a wife and kids. My mom insisted on having babies until they had a girl. Then she had twins, Mario and Mateo, and they're both boys and both gay. And then they finally had me."[2]

    "And now I have you!" Rory jumped on top of me and started tickling and kissing me as I giggled. I felt his dick get hard against my bare leg again. Fuck, he has a big dick.



    "Fuck, he has a big ass," I thought, eyeing my buddy Rory in the shower discreetly. 

    He and I met just a couple of months ago, right here at the gym. In that short amount of time, we'd gotten to be quite close. It was like that with people in New York; you either saw them once a year, or all the fucking time till you become inseparable. 

    Growing up in the city, I was in sort of a bubble. My close friends were always queer and very sex-positive, so much so that it was easy to forget that not everyone out there's like that. 

    "You know, you're my first best friend that's straight," I told him, the two of us the only ones in the gang showers.

    "Aww. I'm your 'best friend'?" Rory cooed. 

    I thought he was mocking me so I rolled my eyes.

    "No, c'mere," he stepped toward my shower and gave me a tight hug under the steam of water.

    "Careful," I told him, "I haven't had sex in a few days so it won't take much to get me hard."

    "Ha! I know what you mean," Rory said, returning to his own shower head.

    "What, Girl Rory not putting out anymore?"

    "You know, it's the weirdest thing," he said, shampooing his hair. "We've been meeting regularly for over a month now, fucking all the time, always me going to her place despite the commute. Then she starts ghosting me, completely, out of the blue."

    "Don't take it personal. She probably met someone else. You know how it is, with Tinder now, people meet someone new and forget about everyone else."

    "Well that fucking sucks!" Rory seemed rightfully outraged. "Makes people seem disposable."

    "Hey, try being gay and going on Grindr, then talk to me about feeling disposable."

    "Speaking of gay, I'm going to Provincetown next week, so you'll be working out alone."

    "Ah yeah. You looking forward to it?" I asked.

    "Yeah, it'll be nice to get away with my brother and Owen. We're sharing a room, so we'll see how that goes. I thought it'd be just the three of us, but it turns out a couple of buddies of mine from college are going as well, so I'll see them there."

    "Anyone we've talked about?"
    "Yeah, remember my suitemate Eric? Well it's him and his boyfriend, and his two dads, and apparently another friend of theirs."

    "Sounds like... a hot time," I smiled, washing and rubbing my dick.

    "Yeah, for everyone but me," Rory chuckled.

    He closed his eyes and turned around, rinsing his hair and enjoying the shower. We'd both just had a hard workout. I was enjoying my shower as well, maybe too much so. Looking at Rory's glutes (which is what we'd been working on today) and feeling as horny as I was, I started to pop a boner.

    "Dude, you need to take care of that before someone comes in," Rory noticed my hard-on. We were alone in the showers but we could hear voices from the locker room; it was only a matter of time before someone came in.

    "Go ahead, bro" Rory encouraged me, grinning mischievously. "I'll keep an eye out for you."

    He moved a couple shower heads down to the very first one, so he could keep an eye out around the corner. 

    "Turn around," I told him, stroking my hard dick under the running water.


    "So I can see your ass," I smirked.

    "You fucker," Rory smiled, but granted me my wish.

    "Fuck man, that's a nice ass."

    "Hurry up and cum before someone comes in."

    "Maybe I need a bit more inspiration," I jerked off faster and faster. "Why don't you shake it for me."

    Rory laughed and wiggled his ass. Watching his big cheeks bounce, water dripping off them, got me even hornier. 

    "Fuck, man," I moaned, enjoying myself as my orgasm drew closer and closer.

    "Okay, stop, there's someone coming!" Rory warned me.

    "Can't stop now. Too close." I sped up my strokes as fast as my arm would go. 

    Then, to my surprise, Rory grabbed each of his ass cheeks. He bent down and spread them wide open so I could see his tight, hairy hole.

    "Fuuuuck, maaaan!" I started to bust my load. Multiple ropes of cum sprayed all over the shower room.

    Two seconds later, two middle-aged men came in, talking to each other. I turned to the wall trying to hide my erection, still dripping cum. My hand was still gripping my cock, enjoying the feeling. Rory and I looked at each other and smiled, and he winked at me.

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[1] Aaron is the main character of Room 141

[2] The Martinez family is featured in "A Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2018)" and "A Martinez Family Thanksgiving (2019)"

Mateo and Mario are the main characters of Hollywood Twins and appear in Model Dad

Miguel appears in It's What Brothers do and "Flight 2F6"

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