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Building a Bond


    Orientation Week was one of the best times I've had in my life, ever! It was when college freshmen like me and new exchange students would arrive at the dorms for a week-long introduction round campus before classes started. The lectures and presentations we had to attend only took one or two hours a day, which left us plenty of time to party and get to know each other.

    For some students, it was their first time having to share a room with someone, which I'm sure must be a weird experience. Me, I grew up sharing a room with my older brother Taylor so it was no big deal. So far during Orientation Week, I had Room 141 all to myself. My roommate hadn't arrived yet but I did meet my suitemate across the hall, a freshman named Jamal. He was in Room 140 and the four of us guys would be sharing the bathroom that was in the suite between the two rooms.

    Jamal seemed nice, maybe a bit shy, but extremely polite. I tried not to be too loud and disturb him, so our suite was usually pretty quiet. However, that all changed the Sunday before classes started, when our roommates arrived. 

    Michael and Eric arrived at the same time and gave each other an ear-splitting cheer. The two hugged and fist-bumped loudly before introducing themselves to us. Michael was a junior I'd be rooming with; Eric was a sophomore in Room 140.

    A year or two of an age difference usually made no difference out in the world. But in college, a year seemed like a decade. Even though he was barely two years older than me, Michael came across as everyone's much older cousin. He was taller and bigger than the rest of us; a proper Texan jock who wore baseball caps backwards and called everyone "bro."

    Eric was in good shape as well, which I got to notice merely minutes after meeting him as the first thing he did was get down to his underwear and say he needed a shower after his long-ass flight. Unlike football player Mike, Eric had more of a swimmer's build. He was skinnier, with blond hair and softer features, but well-defined muscles.

    I was thrilled to have the boys around! Unlike some of my friends who hated their siblings, my brother and I always got along well and I was sad when he moved to New York two years ago. Now, living in this suite, it was like I had three brothers!

    Luckily, I wasn't the only one feeling the brotherly vibes around. Pretty soon we were all very comfortable around each other, especially Mike and I who shared a room. His usual uniform consisted of basketball shorts sagging low to reveal his underwear, a cap, and nothing else. He walked around the room shirtless and barefoot as he ate, studied, watched shows on his computer, or talked to me. Big and muscular, he looked not like a college kid but a full-blown adult.

    Not that Michael walking around half-naked was that unusual, though. The weather was still scorching hot and all of us walked around the suite shirtless, especially Eric who rarely wore anything other than underwear. 

    "Hey, how's it going?" he said walking into the bathroom one morning in a pair of tight white boxer briefs that were well-worn and almost see-through. 

    "Pretty good," I said spitting out toothpaste, holding my toothbrush in one hand and my phone in the other. I myself wore a pair of loose boxers.

    "Checking in on your high school friends?" Eric noticed the photos I was looking at on my phone as he passed me on his way to the toilet.

    "Aha," I confirmed as I heard Eric starting to piss without closing the cubicle door.

    It was so weird to think that just a couple of months ago I saw my friends daily, and now we were finding it so hard to even keep in touch. I wondered how long some of those friendships would last.

    "Do you still talk to your friends from high school?" I asked Eric as I heard him flush the toilet.

    "I didn't go to high school," he walked up to the second sink next to me and started brushing his teeth. "I was homeschooled."

    "Really? Are your parents like, really religious or something?"

    "Nope," he spat. "I just... didn't have a good time in middle school and preferred to stay home."

    I'd known by now that Eric was gay. I was willing to bet he was bullied for that. All of a sudden I felt bad and sorry I'd asked.

    "And how are you finding it round here?" I asked.

    "Oh, this place is great," Eric smiled and I was happy to see he seemed sincere.

    "Good," I said. I checked the time on my phone and realized it was time to head to class. "Listen, I gotta go, but what're you doing for dinner tonight? Wanna order a pizza and eat in my room?"

    "Sounds good," he mumbled, his toothbrush in his mouth.

    "See you later, bro," I smiled and patted him on the back.

    That evening, Michael had class so I was alone in my room watching YouTube when Eric walked in. We usually kept the bedroom doors open.

    "Hey, bro," I got up to give him a hug. "What d'you feel like having?"

    I pulled out a stack of takeout menus from nearby restaurants that thrived off of catering to college students.

    We ordered an XL pizza, large enough for the two of us to share, and kicked back; me on my bed and Eric on the chair next to me.

    "Michael has class, right?" Eric asked, putting his feet on the bed and making himself comfortable.

    "Yeah," I answered. "Did you guys share the suite last year as well?"

    "Yeah, we did. He's really nice."

    I was very happy to hear Eric say that. Mike might look like the stereotypical, homophobic jock but that definitely wasn't the case. It was 2015 and I was happy to see things were changing for the better. Marriage equality had just passed nation-wide and even though I wasn't gay I was thrilled with the progress I was witnessing.

    Just then my phone vibrated.

    "A text from my mom," I told Eric. "Sorry, gotta reply real quick or she'll think I'm dead."

    I took a few seconds to type the text.

    "Do your mom and dad still badger you with daily check-ins?" I asked Eric.

    "Kinda. Except both my parents are men. I got two gay dads."

    "Oh, cool. My older brother just came out."

    As soon as the words left my mouth I realized how silly of a response that was, but Eric didn't seem upset.

    "How old is he?" he wanted to know. 

    "23. It took him moving to New York before he could do it, I guess."

    "Yeah, it ain't easy for everyone."

    "I know. Which sucks! I love my brother. I would've totally been as supportive as possible if he did it while he was home."

    Eric looked me in the eyes and smiled.

    "And Eric..." I continued, "if anyone round here gives you any shit, you just let me know."

    Just then, Eric got up and came to sit next to me on the bed. He put his arm around me and gave me a hug. 

    "You're a nice guy, Rory, you know that?" 

    We made eye contact, our faces inches from each other.

    "Meh, I'm alright," I smiled.

    My phone vibrated again. The pizza was here and I got up to pick it up. When I came back to my room, Eric was still lying on my bed. Instead of sitting somewhere else, I went to sit next to him and brought the pizza with me.

    "A movie?" I asked, turning my laptop to face us.

    "Sounds good," Eric said, putting his arm around me again, as we both made ourselves comfy.



    "Wish you were here," I typed, "so I could bury my cock deep in your pussy."

    "Mmm yeah 💦," the text back said.

    For the past few weeks I'd been texting with a girl in a town nearby. After a couple of years at a college that wasn't that big, I'd pretty much fucked every eligible girl interested in me. And there were plenty of them! Not to sound like a dick, but I looked good and I knew it, and most girls were attracted to it. Problem was, after a couple of times I lost interest in them.

    "Hey, how's it going?" my roommate Rory bust into the room. I was on my bed, going commando in some basketball shorts. I looked down to make sure I wasn't tenting too bad; my cock had started to go hard while looking at the girl's pics.

    "Just chatting with Tameka, that girl off Tinder. Bro, she's so hot," I filled Rory in.

    "Oh yeah?" he smirked.

    "Come see," I invited him. He came to sit next to me on my bed and I started scrolling through the photos and videos she had sent me.

    "Fucking hell, man," Rory said.

    "I know, right? Look at that shit," I said, showing him a video of Tameka fingering herself. My cock stirred.

    "She must be pretty interested to send you vids like that," Rory noted.

    "She is. She's not that close though, so meeting up's a bit complicated."

    "And I won't ask if you're interested, 'cause that's clear to see," my roommate laughed and pointed at my crotch. 

    "Oh shit, man," I tugged on my dick as if to cover it. As if it were possible to hide something so big under just one layer of clothing.

    "I can see why you get so much pussy."

    After only a few weeks of rooming with me, Rory already knew full well how much sex I had.

    "What do you mean?" I acted dumb, when I knew exactly what he meant.

    "That thing's huge," he looked at my crotch again. "I mean, I'm pretty big, but you can give me a run for my money."

    "Oh really?!" I said, surprised. So far I'd seen Rory's dick soft a couple of times, when he was changing or going in and out of the shower, and it seemed perfectly average but nothing more.

    "Yeah. I'm a grower," Rory replied, as if reading my mind.

    "Hold on," I said, looking at the text I'd just gotten. Tameka wanted to video chat. Unable to meet up, she and I had done this a couple of times so far when I had the room to myself.

    "Mind if my roommate watches as well? 😈😈," I asked. "He thinks you're hot."

    "Any photos of him?"

    "Yo, man. This chick wants to video chat. If I send her a photo of you, you can join us."

    "Fuck off," Rory thought I was kidding.

    "For real, bro, check it out."

    I showed him my phone with the text thread.

    "What do you say?"

    The wheels in Rory's head turned. I knew he was sexually active in high school, but so far I don't think he'd gotten laid in college. He must be pretty horny.

    "Let's do it," he agreed finally, taking his shift off and flexing his muscles so I could take a photo.

    "Pull your cock out," I said.


    "You've seen her fully naked! I'm sure she wants to see it. Or what," I grabbed my dick through my shorts and gave it a wag, "you scared you'll look tiny next to me?"

    Rory smirked and looked me in the eyes as if to say "It's on."

    He pulled down his jeans and underwear. He was already starting to get hard; his cock was bigger than other times I'd seen it.

    "Gimme a second," he said and started to stroke his cock. When he was sufficiently fluffed up, I took a photo of him and sent it.

    "👍🏿," was Tameka's reply.

    I opened up my computer to call her. In the few seconds it took for it to fire up, I could see Rory's reflection in the dark screen. He was standing behind me, stroking his dick a bit faster. I pulled down my loose shorts and let them fall to the floor. For a split second I could see him check out my ass which made me smile, so I flexed my glutes show-offishly. 

    "Hey baby," Tameka said flirtatiously as soon as she answered my video call, her long fingernails seductively resting by her lips. Fuck, she was like a pro! She wore sexy lingerie and her curly hair bounced as she took a couple of steps back to show off her bod.

    "Hey there, sexy," I smiled ear-to-ear, starting to touch my cock as well.

    "And who's that behind you?" she giggled. 

    "Oh, a buddy of mine," I said, urging Rory to step forward. He stood next to me and I put my right arm around his shoulder to show how friendly we were. That was the hand I'd been rubbing my cock with, and some precum wiped off on Rory's shoulder.

    "Hey," he smiled at the webcam.

    He had a cute smile and his long brown hair tied up in a man bun looked good on him. I felt like I was showing him off and vouching for him, and so far he was making me proud.

    "You boys are definitely making me wanna come down and see you now," Tameka squeezed her tits through her lacy bra.

    "Oh yeah?" I asked. Rory and I were standing side-by-side, both stroking our cocks now. We were almost fully hard, both of us obviously very horny.

    The conversation went on for a bit, the typical video-sex exchange of who's gonna do what to whom when they see them. I did all of the talking on our end; Rory standing next to me like an obedient little brother, jerking his cock. I took a few glimpses at it and holy shit! He wasn't lying: he was huge when hard.

    Tameka took off her bra and panties and wanted something from us in exchange. 

    "Why don't you put your dicks side-by-side?"

    I grinned at the webcam, then turned to my roommate to see his reaction. He was already taking a step toward me.

    Rory and I faced each other. I was a couple of inches taller, and we made eye contact as we both smiled mischievously. Very, very slowly we inched toward each other, both stroking our cocks. We got to the point where the tips of our cocks were almost touching, then we kept going. 

    The head of my dick was now touching Rory's pubes, dripping precum on them. I felt the wet tip of his cock touch my balls; a very pleasant sensation. 

    I took both of our cocks in my hand, making sure the webcam could see what we were doing. They were too thick for me to wrap my hand around them, but I held them together to see how they compared. As big as Rory was, I was probably just half an inch bigger.

    "Mm, yeah, why don't you jerk off like that?" came Tameka's voice from the computer.

    I looked at the screen. She was now sitting down with her legs spread open, fingering herself. I'd jerked off to lesbian porn hundreds of times, but I had never until now considered that two men might have the same effect on a woman.

    I started stroking my cock faster and faster with my right hand, and Rory did the same. We both looked at the computer, then turned to look at each other. It was so weird: looking at another man's eyes at such an intimate moment of pleasure. It felt... like we were building a bond that made us closer than brothers.

    As I started to get close to cumming, I didn't look at the screen but Rory's dark green eyes instead. Tameka's moans showed she was enjoying herself. By Rory's body language, and the expression on his face, I could tell he was close to cumming as well. I put my left hand on his shoulder and he did the same on mine. 

    "Fuck, I'm about to cum, bro" I said quietly, my right arm shaking faster and faster as Rory's hand squeezed my right shoulder.

    "Go for it, man" he said, nodding.

    "Fuuuck!!!" I yelled a few seconds later, my cum spurting all over my roommate's chest and stomach, and dripping down to his cock. Mere seconds later he shot his load as well, eyes closed in ecstasy and head tilted back, shooting back at me and getting his jizz all over my upper body and some on my face.

    Tameka's screams as she came filled the room through the speaker. Rory and I stood there, hands still on each other's shoulders, breathing deeply and grinning at each other, as cum dripped down our bodies.

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