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Returning a Favor


    "Miiiike. Answer the door," I moaned from bed, as the persistent banging on the suite door continued. 

    I finally opened my eyes, and realized my roommate wasn't even in the room. I checked the time: 8 AM, an ungodly hour when you're in college. Mike only ever got up this early to do one thing: go to the gym.

    I got out of bed and tucked my morning wood in the boxers I slept in. I dragged myself to the door and answered it, hiding my lower body behind it.

    "Mail," the RA on duty said with disinterest and shoved a package in my arms, before continuing on to the next room to wake up the next disgruntled student. 

    "Great," I said to myself out loud, standing at the door, taking a few seconds to wake up. Finally, I closed it and walked back to my room, checking the package which had Mike's name on it.

    I dropped it on his bed, and walked to my own. Too awake to go back to sleep now, I decided to rub one off, since I had the room to myself anyway.

    I lay on my bed, pulling out my hard dick with one hand, and rubbing my bare chest with the other. I played some porn on my phone, a hot scene of a couple fucking. In typical porn fashion, the girl was being way too loud, so I put my headphones on so I don't wake up my suitemates.

    Caught up in the video, I stroked my dick faster and faster for a few minutes. It wouldn't take me long today, I could tell. Then, from the side of my eye, I saw some movement in the room, and realized Mike had come back in without me hearing him.

    "Hey, little bro," I took off my headphones to hear him say. "Although, not so little right now," he smirked, looking at my erect cock at its full size and glory.

    "Hey, big bro. You got mail," I said casually, still jerking off, unfazed that are was in the room.

    "I see that. And you got your hands full."

    "Just one hand," I said, waving at him with my free hand.

    "I think you're big enough for two hands," he commented on the size of my dick, while looking for something to open his package with.

    "You're right," I answered, wrapping my left hand around my cock as well, using both hands to jerk myself off. By now I was completely ignoring the video on my phone. The loud moaning continued, playing out my headphones and echoing in the room.

    "What're you watching?" my roommate walked to my bed and leaned forward to check my phone. 

    And just then, at that very moment, unable to control it, I started to shoot my load. Fuck, I must've been even hornier than I realized! With Mike's face hovering over me, my cum shot out like a rocket and landed right on his cheek.

    "Fuck!" I said out loud, still jerking my cock with both hands, unable to stop.

    "You fucker!" Mike shouted, wiping my jizz off his face and smearing it on my own, his wet fingers grazing my lips as well as my cheek.

    "NO!" I shouted in protest, but laughing about it. I tried to fight Mike off with one hand, while my other hand continued stroking, still enjoying the effect of my orgasm.

    "You need to learn where you're aiming that thing, little bro," my older roommate got on top of me, straddling me, and started wrestling. I'd never in my life thought I'd have to wrestle someone off me while I'm still cumming. Laughing, fighting, and cumming; I tried to multitask while still shooting my load, getting it all over my bed and my body, as well as Mike's.



    "So what's in the box?" Rory asked, after we were done play-wrestling and had both taken a shower. After my work out, I had my sweat as well as my roommate's cum to wash off me.

    "Just some roids and supplements," I answered, unpacking.

    "I didn't know you take steroids."

    "Yeah, bro. Nothing too strong, but I wanna really bulk up. Take that shit next level," I grunted and flexed.

    "You're already huge," Rory reassured me, patting my bare back. Neither of us had bothered putting on any clothes after taking a shower. "Is that shit even legal?"

    "No. But neither is cumming on people without their explicit permission," I smirked his way.

    "Haha," he added sarcastically and smacked my muscled ass loudly.

    "Might cause erection problems and lower sex drive in some OR an increased libido and sexual appetite in others," said the list of possible side effects for the roids I'd ordered. In my case, it was definitely the latter.

    I had a pretty high sex drive as it was, but fucking hell, I was insatiable lately! I left classes to go to the bathroom and rub one out, I did it in bed every single morning, or even while making Thanksgiving plans with my parents on the phone.

    The day before leaving school for the holiday, I woke up early and got down to my usual ritual while my roommate was still asleep. Trying to keep quiet, I pulled out my major morning wood and went to town. 

    As I jerked off with both hands, I thought of my roommate doing it the same way. It brought a smile on my face. I enjoyed calling Rory "little bro," and fooling around with him. We were so chill around each other, and I loved it. Besides, I liked showing off my bod; and as I bulked up more and more, reaching new extremes, I enjoyed walking around the room near naked and sharing with someone who didn't have a problem with it.

    Starting to chafe, I reached to the drawer for some lube.

    "Fuck!" I whispered as I dropped the bottle on the floor with a bang. It was still slippery and wet from yesterday's jack off session.

    "You alright?" I heard my roommate mumble from his bed.

    "Yeah. Just dropped something, sorry."

    I pushed open the cap and squirted a generous amount of lube on my hand, and continued to jerk off. Now that Rory was awake, I didn't feel pressured to keep it down, so I went faster instead, aiming to shoot soon and leave for the gym so he could go back to sleep.

    "You fucking horndog," Rory commented from his bed, obviously aware of what I was doing.

    "You're one to talk," I answered while stroking. "I still rub my face compulsively because of you."

    "That's not the only thing you're rubbing."

    "Speaking of, I never repaid the debt."

    "What debt?" Rory asked.

    With one move, I kicked the cover off me and got out of bed, my dick pointing forward like a signpost. 

    "That little facial you gave me," I said. "I owe you one."

    I took a step toward my roommate, flexing my muscles and feeling my dick pulse as well. Looking at Rory's face, he was smiling in amusement.

    "Fuck off," he laughed.

    "Or are you too… chicken," I dared him.

    We made eye contact and I licked my lips. I put my hand back around my cock and continued jerking off, looking at Rory square in the eye, taking one step after the other toward his bed.

    He didn't say anything, obviously accepting my dare. I continued to walk forward until my dick was hovering on top of his bed. Another step, and it was right over his face.

    I continued to stroke, giving Rory a close view of my taint and balls. From this perspective, my dick looked bigger than his head, which turned me on.

    I licked my lips again, squeezing my dick tighter. I was into all sorts of kinky games with the women I had sex with; some of them high school seniors, some of them married milfs with kids of their own; but I rarely crossed the line with guys. The only time, really, was with my roommate Rory.

    "If you're gonna do this, hurry up, cuz I got a flight to catch," Rory said, trying to sound nonchalant, but I knew this had to be getting to him. He couldn't ignore it, not from this close by.

    "You want it? Huh, little bro?" I asked, looking down and making eye contact with him. "Well, you're gonna get it," I grunted, jacking faster and faster, until I felt my load build up. My toes curled and my balls tightened, inches from my roommate's face. 

    "Fuuuuck, there you go!!" I shouted as I felt my cum spurting out. "Take it!"

    Even with shooting multiple loads every day, I still produced an impressive amount of cum. And this time, it was all landing on my "little bro's" face, returning a favor.

    "Yeah, fucking take it, man!!!" I grunted like a wild beast, the way you only do during the moment of cumming, unable to control your most primal urges. Switching hands, grabbing my dick with my left, I brought my right hand down to Rory's face and started to smear my cum all over it, while still adding more.

    My thick fingers rubbed it all over his cheeks and forehead. Rory closed his eyes and didn't protest. Then, my hand slid down to his lips. To my surprise, Rory opened them just a little, giving me access to his mouth. I scooped up as much cum as I could, and slid it all to Rory's mouth, feeding it to him and watching him swallow.

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