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The Gay Club

    "I can't believe you talked us into this!"

    "Is this really your first time?"


    "Same here."

    "Well, enjoy. Big strong men like you, everyone'll love you. Besides, this is the only club where we know the bouncers so they'd let Owen in."

    I smiled, looking around the dark nightclub, trying to notice as much as I could. I'd been to some high school parties before, but never anything like this!

    Jeff and his boyfriend Mitch had managed to talk my dad and the rest of his friends to go out to a gay club in Manhattan. Dad had never been to one before, and neither have Scott and Mark. Being the free spirit that he was, C.J. surprised no one when he said he went to one with his wife regularly, because, according to him, "the drinks were stronger and the music was better." 

    But more importantly, this was my first time at a gay club! I felt elated. If there was any doubt in my mind at all that I wanted to move to New York after high school, it was completely gone by now. Looking around at all the guys at this place, I felt like I'd found my tribe.

    Mitch was right when he said big strong men like my dad would get plenty of attention here. Dad and his best bud Scott acted coy, but I could tell they were savoring all the looks they were getting. Scott had just learned the term "bear." Big and hairy, he never felt particularly attractive in the straight world, but he was thrilled to find out there was a fetish for guys just like him out there.

    Out of everyone, though, I was pretty sure I was the one getting the most attention. Instead of a beer, I'd opted for a cocktail this time, and I played with the straw in my mouth as I noticed all the men looking at me, some of them trying to be discreet, but others more than happy to show their interest.

    "See anyone you like?" Jeffrey came next to me, shouting in my ear so I could hear him through the thumping music.

    "Umm, maybe, a couple of guys. It's quite overwhelming," I answered honestly.

    "Enjoy it!" Jeff squeezed my shoulder. "It's something I never got at your age."

    I looked at him, feeling sorry that he'd missed out on gay experiences in his youth; and at the same time feeling grateful that I was being afforded that opportunity.

    There wasn't much room to feel sad at this place, however! I turned to Jeff and started dancing with him, imitating the guys around us, many of which were coupled up.

    I'd seen Dad and his buddies goof around plenty of times, but this place seemed to bring out the fun side out of everyone even more! They all started dancing (some more embarrassingly than others), only taking breaks to fight over who'd get the next round of drinks, every man insisting that he would do it.

    The music was way too loud for us to talk to each other, so we danced, fueled by alcohol, giving less and less of a fuck what anyone thinks. Plenty of the men on the dance floor were shirtless, and Dad surprised me when he took off his shirt as well and tucked it in the waistband of his jeans. 

    Pretty soon, Scott, who was dancing with Dad, did the same, revealing his furry torso. The two danced like they were a couple, which I'm pretty sure was the joke they were going for.

    "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" all of their buddies started chanting suddenly. "Kiss! Kiss!" I joined in.

    Dad and Scott laughed and accepted the dare. Hands on each others biceps, they both leaned in and started kissing under the strobe lights.

    "Yaaay!!" the entire group cheered and clapped loudly. 

    From there, the tomfoolery only escalated. Everyone took their shirts off and took turns dancing with each other. Hands started rubbing each other's sweaty bodies. Interestingly, it was the straight men in the group who did the most, under the pretense it was all just a joke. 

    Of course, we attracted the attention of pretty much everyone in our vicinity. Several guys came to dance with us. Dad and Scott started telling everyone they were a couple, rolling with the joke. This led to them spending the entire night with their arms around each other, and to several more kisses.

    As I drank and danced, I looked at the crowd and fantasized what it'd be like when I finally lived here, able to go out to places like this every night. I felt ecstatic, and more than anything: I felt free.

    Even free men aren't immune to a full bladder, though, so I went looking for the restrooms. I found them close to the dance floor, with a long line of men waiting.

    "Is there another restroom round here?" I asked the last guy standing in line.

    "The one upstairs," he said, not sounding overly friendly. ("Guess you can't be everyone's type," I figured.)

    I went exploring, curious to see more of the club, but also eager to take a piss. I didn't even know this place had an upstairs. Finally, I noticed a metal staircase, which looked like a recycled New York fire escape.

    "The upstairs" was mostly a balcony from which you could observe the crowd. It was darker and the music was quieter here. I figured this is where people came to chill out after too much dancing and drinking. I noticed the run-down-looking door to the men's room and rushed in.

    There was no line, but the small room was absolutely packed. Probably smaller than the more popular restroom downstairs; it was almost as loud as the dance floor here, with people talking and using the loud hand dryer. I had to fight my way through the crowd to get to the urinal. Luckily I was fairly big, because some of the guys I was fighting my way through were fucking huge!

    The urinal was a single metal trough, with just enough room for one more person. I whipped out my dick and started to piss, eyes closed, enjoying the sense of  relief. Even the strong smell of the place didn't bother me.

    Halfway through my piss, I opened my eyes. It was then that I realized that the two men on my left weren't even pissing. They were making out, dicks still in hand.

    For a second, I felt too embarrassed to look; then I realized they had their eyes closed anyway. I eyed them up and down and realized they were probably in their 50s, two big, sexy bears, both of them shirtless. They looked like they had both been taking a piss, but then started kissing, probably without exchanging a word.

    Looking down, I noticed they both had semis, which they were casually stroking. Next to them, people kept coming and going, taking a piss and leaving, or chatting to each other, completely ignoring the two horny men.

    The good thing about being so desperate for a piss is that it was a long one, giving me time to look around the restroom. There was definitely a sleazy-sexy vibe going on. Next to the sinks, another couple was making out, going all in (reminding me of the straight couples in school with no sense of propriety and taking their PDA way too far). 

    The two bears at the urinal were quickly sporting full-on boners. As more and more men came to piss, we were now standing shoulder-to-shoulder at the trough. I was absolutely amazed that no one said anything. 

    As the room was getting so busy, the bears realized they were taking up room at the urinal, so they turned around and left without bothering to put away their boners. That's when I realized I wanted to follow them. As nonchalant as I tried to play it, I wanted to see more!

    That's when the loud sound of the hand dryer finally stopped, allowing me to hear more of people's chatter and the sounds of the couple by the sinks making out loudly. I was done pissing, and as I zipped up, I realized there was something else I could hear.

    "NO!" I thought, as I made out the unmistakable sounds of a couple fucking. I looked around, noticing one of the cubicles was occupied by two men, both standing up and both facing the same way.

    "Am I the only one who can see this?!" I wanted to scream out loud. I felt like there was a pink elephant in the room and no one was talking about it. Everyone else just carried on with what they were doing. In the very cubicle right next to the horny couple, a man was taking a piss in the toilet with the door open. When he was done, he just zipped up and left without blinking an eye, unbothered about the two men fucking in such proximity.

    Without even thinking, I rushed to the cubicle the man had just left, and shut and locked the door behind me. 

    I cussed at the sound of the hand dryer going off again. With it on, I couldn't hear the couple; but otherwise, they were being so fucking loud that they didn't even care if anyone could hear them!

    I looked under the divider. Yup, definitely fucking! I wished I could see more than just their feet and shins. I closed the toilet lid and decided to be brave and look from above. My dick hard in my shorts by now, I was too horny to leave without taking a peek.

    Tall as I was, it was easy to see over the divider. I moved slowly, and then…

    HOLY FUCK! It was Jeffrey and Mitchell!!!

    My heart beat like crazy with excitement. Even before I knew who I was spying on, this felt like something "wrong." Now that I knew the top fucker was one of my father's closest friends, it felt extra forbidden!

    And Jeff was one hell of a top alright! I still couldn't believe this side of him, and how different it was from the Jeffrey I'd known my whole life. As he pounded his boyfriend powerfully, Jeff held Mitch's T-shirt in one hand, and in the other hand holding… a digital camera.

    I squinted my eyes, holding onto the divider with my left hand, as my right hand unzipped my pants and pulled out my boner. Yup, it was a camera alright. Jeffrey was taking a video.

    I started to jerk off, insanely turned on by all this. I was so close to them, that I could now hear them fucking even when the hand dryer went off. I couldn't fucking believe it. Just last night, I was praying for a peephole in the wall so I could see them as they were fucking. This was so much more!

    I was close, so close to shooting my cum all over the divider between the two cubicles, when I froze! Going hard on Mitch's ass, Jeff looked up and saw me! We made eye contact and I started to panic… until I realized Jeff had a smile on his face.

    My panic turned into horniness. Before I even knew it, the words were out my mouth:

    "Need a cameraman?" 

    Holy fuck, did I seriously just offer that! Jeff's smile widened.

    "Sure, man," he replied casually, his hips thrusting as he looked up at me.

    I expected him to pass me the camera so I could film them from where I was standing. Instead, I was surprised to see Jeff reach back (his cock still buried in his boyfriend's hole) and unlock the cubicle they were in.

    He wanted me to join them in there! Quickly, I hopped off the toilet and put my dick in my pants, not bothering to zip them up. I rushed to their cubicle, ignoring the dozen or so men in the restroom. I squeezed in, locking the door behind me.

    "Here you go," Jeff handed me the camera, a devilish grin on his face. 

    I couldn't see or film much from where I was standing. Instead, I tried to squeeze past Jeff to get to the front. Maneuvering my way between him and the wall of the cubicle, I found myself stuck, straddling Jeff's right leg. All the while, Jeff continued to fuck, unbothered by anything else. I felt his leg rub against my crotch as he humped Mitch, and I decided this was a good position for me to film from.

    I held the camera, focusing on Mitch's hole with Jeff's hairy dick going back and forth in it. I turned to look at Mitch's face. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be in heaven, being pounded like this.

    Next, I made eye contact with Jeff, who grinned at me again. "Can you believe we're doing this?" we both seemed to say silently to each other. While looking in my eyes, Jeff picked up speed, fucking Mitch faster but also rubbing my dick harder with his own thigh. I have no idea if he could feel what he was doing, but it felt so good!

    Men kept coming and going in and out of the room. We heard them pissing, washing their hands, and talking to each other; the music from the club only a distant noise here. I pictured my father on the dance floor with the rest of the crew, completely oblivious to what his son and his close friend were doing just now.

    Jeff continued to fuck faster and faster. I held the camera closer to his dick, only inches away. The loud hand dryer sounded off again, and Jeff went even harder. I couldn't hear him, but I could read his lips: "I'm gonna cum."

    Just then, the hand dryer stopped. Jeff's loud moans and grunts echoed throughout the entire restroom.

    "Ahhhh, fuck!! FUCK YEAH! Oh, yeah. Fuck!!" Jeff filled up Mitch's hole with his cum.

    "Mmm, fuck," Mitch moaned receptively. 

    "This is fucking incredible. This is fucking incredible!" I kept thinking, as Jeffrey thrusted back and forth in between my legs, shooting his load. I was, I was…

    I pulled out my dick, sensitive after being rubbed for so long. 

    And not a second too soon. As soon as it was out, my cock started shooting cum all over Mitch's ass. I pointed it to the center, aiming for Jeffrey's dick and Mitch's hole. "Fuck yeah!" all three of us grunted loudly. I continued to film everything, as Jeff's hand grabbed my dick, milking it slowly and making it shoot all over his own dick. My dad's college buddy then continued to fuck his boyfriend's hole, using my cum as lube.

    Breathing heavy, I couldn't believe my dad's friend's hand was wrapped around my dick! It took me several seconds to realize the men outside of the cubicle were cheering and clapping. They'd all heard us. I made eye contact with Jeff and we started laughing. Jeff let go of my dick, only to put his arm around me and pull me in for a hug as he was still thrusting back and forth inside Mitch.

    "Oops, I got some cum on your shirt," Jeff apologized.

    I turned to look at his hand on my shoulder, some of my cum still on it. I reached for it and took it in my mouth, sucking my jizz off of Jeffrey's fingers. 

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