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"I've never seen Dad or his buddies act like this."
After he turns 16, Owen asks to join in his dad's annual tradition of going away with his old college buddies for a few days of quality male bonding time. Accompanied by Dad's four best friends, the father and son head to a secluded cabin by a lake.

Chapter 1

After turning 16, Owen asks his dad if he could join him and his buddies in one of their annual get-togethers. Soon, Owen finds himself and his dad's four best friends in a cabin in the woods where everything goes.

Chapter 2

After spending a night sharing a bed with his dad Kevin, Owen is the first person up. At least until he takes a walk by the lake and discovers one of his dad's buddies lying in the sun in the buff.

Chapter 3

A year later, Owen his dad and his buddies for the second time. This time everyone goes to Mark's beach house in New Jersey, where Owen has an intimate moment with one of Dad's buds.

Chapter 4

Unable to get much sleep sharing a bed with two other men, Owen decides to sleep in on their last day by the beach. When he wakes up, he learns he's not alone in the house and pretty soon he has his hands full.

Chapter 5

Owen finally makes it to New York! Staying with Jeffrey, he reconnects with Jeff's partner Mitch and meets Mitch's gorgeous young nephew Ben. After a night out with Ben, Owen returns to the condo and hears some curious noise...

Chapter 6

For the first time, Owen's a gay club with his father and his best buds. The night gets even more interesting when Owen goes to the restroom, and bumps into someone he knows doing something they shouldn't.

Chapter 7

"We're in Vegas, baby!" The whole crew is in Las Vegas, and Scott could use some cheering up. Luckily, it doesn't take long before he gets just what he needs... with Owen right there to witness it.

Series Finale

Scott lets Kev in on his "dirty little secret" concerning his son; but Owen also learns something about his dad and his best friend. The three men share their closest moment yet, as step by step, Owen gets on his knees...

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