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The Suite

    "We're in Vegas, baby! Cheers!!!"

    Six glasses went up and clinked in the back of the limo, even though it wasn't even noon yet.

    "To C.J. Junior," my dad said loudly, already pink in the cheeks.

    "About fucking time," Scott said, patting C.J.'s knee.

    "Guess that's one of the upsides of having a younger wife," Jeffrey added. "You get to become a dad in middle age."

    "Thanks. Still can't believe Kiki talked me into it. Here's to them both," C.J. said, raising a glass to his wife and newborn baby.

    I joined in the drinking, watching C.J. with amusement from the other side of the airport limo. He did not look like anyone's dad. All of my high school friends' dads, including my own, were so… similar. Same kind of hoodies, same kind of sneakers, same kind of dad jeans. With his dreads and earrings and pierced nipple, C.J. looked like one cool dad. 

    I fondly remembered the first summer I spent with Dad's buds. That was the year C.J. "took my virginity" by that lake. And now here he was, married, with a son of his own. He noticed me looking at him and shot me a wink, making me smile.

    "I'm not the only one with a reason to celebrate," C.J. said. "Let's hear it for the graduate!"

    Everyone in the limo cheered loudly and clinked their glasses again. I started to blush, going almost as pink as Dad.

    As of three weeks ago, I was officially a high school graduate. My dad and his buds had planned the Vegas trip so early in the summer just for me, to celebrate my entry to adulthood.

    "Hey, Mark!" Dad snapped his fingers. "No phones during boys' trips. You're breaking the bro code."

    "Just a minute, okay?" Mark replied, checking something on his BlackBerry. "This deal is huge. We're talking millions. So you'll have to bear with me here."

    "And what do we get out of it?" Dad asked cheekily.

    "How 'bout this: if the deal goes through before we leave here, I'm upgrading everyone's flights to first class."

    "Fine by me," Dad laughed and continued to drink. "So, Jeff, how's Mitchell?"

    Everyone turned to look at Jeff, who sat next to me. He was now the only person (other than me) in the group who wasn't a father.

    "Oh, Mitchell's great," Jeff said of his boyfriend of a year and a half. "The move went more smoothly than I thought. We're both officially Brooklynites now."

    "That's how you know things are serious," Dad commented. He and his buddies continued to catch up until the limo pulled up in front of the hotel.

    The hotel was as Vegas as it gets: glitzy, kitschy, and way over the top! We all literally ran from the car to the air-conditioned lobby of the hotel, unable to bear the sweltering heat for longer than a few seconds.

    At the reception desk, we got the keys for our two rooms. As usual, Dad had chosen to room with his best friend Scott, and I was joining them. C.J., Jeff, and Mark would be in the room right next to ours.

    As soon as we walked into the room, which turned out to be a whole suite, my jaw dropped. Even though I got the smallest room in the suite (Scott got the master bedroom with the en-suite bathroom), it was still so much nicer than what I expected.

    "This place is amazing," I said out loud. "Thanks, Dad," I gave him a hug.

    "Enjoy it while you can, kiddo. Starting next year, you're paying for your own trips." 

    "Welp, don't expect to see me until 2020 then," I laughed, jumping on one of the three giant beds. "Finally, a place where I don't have to share a bed with anyone."

    "Unless you pick up some cute boy at the casino," Dad winked at me, dropping his suitcase on the bed in the room next to mine.

    Another memory of three years ago flashed through my mind: sitting in the passenger seat of Dad's car, tears running down my face as I told him I was gay, and him squeezing my leg and telling me it's okay. Back then, it felt like the biggest thing in the world. Now, I thought of myself as silly for worrying so much. Even with no dreads and pierced nipples, my father was definitely a cool dad.

    As we settled into our room, usually-jovial Scott was uncharacteristically quiet. That continued downstairs at the bar, where everyone seemed to be having a good time except for him. 

    "Scott, what's wrong?" Dad finally called him out.

    "Nothing, it's fine," Scott said unconvincingly.

    "Out with. Out!" Dad demanded.

    Scott let out a deep sigh and answered.

    "My life is a waste of time, that's what's wrong. Look at you, you all have reasons to celebrate. Kev, it's your and Lisa's 20th anniversary this year," he said to Dad. "Owen's graduated. C.J. has a baby. Mark with his million-dollar deals. Jeff moving in with his boyfriend. And what do I have?! A divorce that I can't get over for three fucking years!"

    "Scott," C.J. said sympathetically. "Don't worry. There's no set deadline by which you're supposed to be over a divorce."

    "Yes, buddy," Jeff put his hands on Scott's. "Your life's not 'a waste of time.' We love you."

    "It's not a competition, bud," Mark added.

    "Scott," my dad finally said, sounding stricter than everyone else at the table. "You've been there for the highs and lows for each of us. You know some stuff… hell, you know some stuff about Lisa and me that no one else knows."

    Sensing it wasn't the right time, I tried not to react; but I was curious what it was about Mom and Dad that Scott knew.

    "You know it hasn't always been easy, for everyone here," Dad continued, "so don't paint us as the winners and yourself as a loser. I won't have any of that! Your kids still love you, and so does every single person at this table," he pointed an index finger at each of us.

    Scott took a couple of seconds, then he smiled.

    "Thanks, y'all. I've just been having a tough time with women lately. At first it was fun, but now…" he braked. "Fuck, maybe I should go gay," he said, still holding Jeff's hands. "Seems to be a lot more interest in – what did you call me, a bear? – among men than there is among women."

    "Nonsense," Jeff said. "That girl over there has been eyeing you since we walked in."

    "What girl?" Scott turned around, as did everyone else at the table. Behind Scott, a black-haired woman wearing a tight black dress was looking our way. She noticed us all turn to look at her, and raised her glass.

    "How do you even know she's looking at me?" Scott turned back to Jeff.

    "Honestly, straight men are hopeless. Hey, which one of us were you checking out?" Jeff asked loudly enough for the woman to hear.

    She smiled, pointing a manicured finger right at Scott.

    "Is he with you?" she asked Jeff coquettishly. 

    Everyone at our table smiled. Jeffrey and Scott let go of each other's hands.

    "Excuse me, everyone," Scott said, standing up and walking toward the woman. "Can I buy you a drink?" I heard him ask before the noise drowned them out.

    A couple of hours later, Scott was still gone, and everyone else at the table was drunk. Unable to drink in public, I was the only one sober, and starting to get bored.

    "I'll go upstairs for a while," I said. "Let me know when it's time to go for dinner," I told Dad and his buddies, and headed to our suite.

    With not much to do there either, I fired up my laptop and started watching some porn. I took my time, edging myself for half an hour, all of my clothes on the floor. When I needed to stop and take a break for a piss, I walked through Scott's room to get to the bathroom, my boner bopping up and down.

    I did my best not to miss the bowl, pissing with a hard-on. It wasn't until after I'd washed my hands that I realized there were no towels here; they were probably still on Scott's bed.

    Suddenly, I heard the suite door slam shut. Before I could say anything, I heard the clicking of stilettos walking toward Scott's room. 

    I looked through the three-inch gap between the bathroom door and the frame. On Scott's bed, he and the woman from the bar downstairs were fervently making out and ripping each other's clothes off. It was like a scene in a movie.

    I looked around, unsure what to do. If I walk out now, I'll interrupt them; and Scott sounded like he could use some time with a woman earlier. Besides, I was stark naked with a boner, still; and there were no towels in the bathroom to cover up with. I was more than comfortable walking around naked in front of Dad's buds, but not so much a woman I didn't even know.

    "I'm sure they'll be done quick," I thought, considering the way they were going at it. I continued to spy through the gap, in case one of them decided to head to the bathroom. 

    Not that it seemed likely. Scott and the woman were hungrily sucking on each other's tongues, moaning loudly, ripping their clothes off until he had nothing but socks on and she lingerie.

    "He's a bear alright," I thought, looking at Scott's chunky, hairy body. I wasn't an expert on gay slang yet, but that much I was certain of. The woman wasn't particularly petite, but she was skinny, making Scott look like a hairy hulk next to her.

    After having edged for half an hour, I was super turned on. I needed to cum, and I needed to cum soon! I could turn away and do it in the toilet; but I figured why miss out on a free show. My hand still wet after having washed it, I wrapped it around my hard-on and started stroking.

    "Can I fuck you?" I heard Scott's deep voice ask.

    "Not right now. But I wanna suck you off. I love sucking dick."

    "Well then, have I got a surprise for you."

    Scott scooted back, giving me a view of his erect cock. Fuck, he was big! With so much hair around it, it was easy to oversee his dick when he was soft. But fucking hell, he had one nice boner.

    "Mmm, such a nice dick," the woman said, as if reading my mind. She wrapped her hand around it and gave it a few tugs, before lowering herself down to take it in the mouth.

    With her back turned to me, I couldn't see what the woman was doing. Luckily, both she and Scott were very loud. She moaned out loudly as she sucked his cock, and my father's friend verbally encouraged her.

    "That's right, baby, suck it. Mmm, such a good girl. Take that cock," Scott grunted, running his hands through the woman's hair.

    Then suddenly, Scott noticed me! He and I locked eyes, and I froze. I didn't move a muscle, as if that would make me invisible; except for my hand which was still vehemently stroking my hard dick.

    "Yeah, you like that?" Scott said, looking me straight in the eyes. 

    "Mhm," the woman moaned, but I knew the question was directed at me.

    "You like that?!" Scott repeated himself louder, and I nodded, maintaining eye contact with him.

    "Yeah. Enjoy," he said, then looked back down and put both his hands on the woman's face as it bopped up and down on his cock. 

    "Fuck," I whispered quietly, stroking myself faster and faster.

    "Can you take it?" I heard him ask her, as she started to speed up as well. She nodded her head as much as she could, and Scott started to really go to town fucking her face. His big, hairy thighs lifted off the bed, and he held her head in both hands as he thrusted back and forth. 

    As loudly as the woman was moaning, the grunts Scott started to emit were even louder. He roared, sounding like an actual bear.

    "I'm so close," I thought, jerking off at top speed. 

    Just then, my father's best friend made eye contact with me again. Communicating with just looks, we let each other know we were both close. He continued to fuck the woman's face as I jerked myself off. After a couple of minutes, Scott the Bear gave out one final roar, the loudest one yet.

    "Raaahhhh!!!" he yelled out loud as he filled the woman's throat with his cum. I started to shoot my load, a huge amount of it after edging for so long. Good thing Scott was so loud; otherwise you'd probably be able to hear all my cum hitting the floor in his room, shooting heavily at top speed.

    Scott and the woman passed out on his bed as soon as he was done. I continued to stroke my dick gently, enjoying the aftereffect of my powerful orgasm, watching them.

    "Can I use your bathroom?" I heard the girl ask after a couple of minutes.

    "There's something wrong with it, they need to come fix it. Here, I'll walk you to the one at the end of the hallway," Scott reached for two bathrobes for the two of them, and winked at me as they left the suite.

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