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The Balcony

    Over dinner that first evening in Vegas, the whole crew wanted to hear about Scott "scoring" with the woman in the black dress. Sitting at the table with a group of 40-something-year-olds, I felt like I was back in high school, hearing them talk about sex and joke around.

    Scott told them every sordid detail. Everything, except for the fact I was hiding in the bathroom, watching him get his dick sucked. He failed to mention he made eye contact with me, his best friend's son, as we both shot our loads; him inside the woman's mouth, and me all over the floor, jerking off to them.

    While telling his story, Scott kept looking at me with a shit-eating grin on his face. I returned the same exact grin, savoring our dirty little secret. Hearing him tell his story to my dad and their buddies made me hard in my pants again. As I put my hand down in my lap in the middle of the restaurant  no one paid any attention to it; except for Scott, who probably knew very well what I was doing.

    "So, what's next for you?" Jeff turned to me after we'd exhausted the topic of Scott having his cock sucked. I was still hard, and gently rubbing my crotch as I answered.

    "Well, we've been talking about this for a while," I nodded toward my dad, "and I've decided I don't want to go to college."

    "And your parents don't mind?" Mark asked in a tone that revealed he'd very much mind if one of his children decided that.

    "Hey, I got two other kids to put through college," Dad said. "Fine by me!"

    "I really want to go to New York," I looked at Jeffrey almost pleadingly.

    "If that's what you wanna do, you should do it!" he smiled at me. "At least this way you won't have to deal with student debt."

    "There are colleges in the city," Mark insisted, "and New York will still be there after you graduate. Why don't you get a degree first? Then I can see if I can get you a position at my company, or with someone else I know."

    "Thanks, Mark, but that whole corporate gig is not for me," I answered, glimpsing at the BlackBerry that was a permanent fixture in Mark's hand now.

    "Lay off the kid, Mark," Scott chimed in, "if he doesn't wanna get a college degree, he doesn't need one!'

    "College is not just about getting a degree," Mark protested. "It's a great way to make contacts. Hell, it's how all of us met!"

    "Yes. And Owen's now one of us," Scott raised his glass, and we all cheered.

    That night, I had more to drink than I should've. I woke up at the crack of dawn, needing to piss. 

    I got out of bed naked, and threw on whatever underwear was on top in my bag. To get to the bathroom I needed to walk through Scott's room again; I figured best not do it naked just in case he was a woman there again.

    Not only was there no woman in his bed, there was no Scott either. I went to the bathroom and pissed, and on my way back I looked around. I realized the balcony door was open, so I walked toward it to have a look.

    "Morning," Scott greeted me, kicking back on a chair in his boxers, legs propped up on the railing, holding a cup of coffee.

    "Where did you get that?" I asked sleepily.

    "Room service. Told them to be extra quiet when knocking. Want some? I got enough for everyone."

    I was gonna go back to bed, but the smell of coffee, blown my way by the morning breeze, was too tempting.

    "Sure," I said, taking a seat next to Scott on the one other chair there. He turned around to the table behind us and reached for the coffee pot and extra cups.

    "I didn't want to miss this," Scott said, looking out at the view of Vegas, captivating from this high up. "You can only bear to sit outside this early in the morning in this weather."

    I sipped my coffee, still too tired to say anything.

    "Thanks for yesterday, by the way, buddy. I needed that," Scott looked my way and smiled.

    "For what?"

    "For not interrupting us," he winked.

    "Yeah. Sorry if it was awkward," I said.

    "Would you say it was? I thought it was kinda hot?"

    I smirked.

    "I thought so too," I answered truthfully.

    "Reminded me of your dad. You look a lot like him, you know that?"

    "What, he used to spy on you have sex as well?"

    "Let's just say, when we were your age, we saw each other have sex more than a few times. We shared a dorm room, after all."

    I shook my head in amusement and smiled.

    "I'm glad he let you join us on these trips," said Scott.

    "I am too. I feel so much closer to him now. He and I never used to hang out or anything. He was just… a dad. You all were, in my mind. Now I know you're real people, with real lives."

    "Welcome to adulthood, kiddo," he sighed. "It's a real bitch sometimes. But it's got its good sides as well."

    Scott and I sipped in silence after that, appreciating the view and the breeze.

    "This coffee's fucking strong," I said to Scott as I took one last sip, already feeling the buzz.

    "What coffee?!" came a voice behind me.

    I jumped.

    "Dad! You startled me."

    "Somebody said 'coffee'?" Dad stood in the balcony door and looked around like a hungry wolf.

    "It might be cold by now, but help yourself," Scott offered.

    As there were only two chairs, I got up and offered my dad my seat. I stood leaning on the railing as we all chatted. Pretty soon, Dad seemed just as awake as I felt.

    "Hey! Those are mine!" he pointed at me.


    I looked down and realized he was talking about the boxers I was wearing.

    I smiled.

    "Why, yes, yes they are!"

    Without realizing it, I'd put on the boxers Dad left by the lake three years ago. The ones I used as a jizz rag when his buddy C.J. came all over my face. The ones I'd kept ever since and never returned.

    "Give 'em back!" Dad joked.

    "Here!" I surprised everyone by pulling them down right there and putting them in Dad's hand. "I was gonna take a shower anyway."

    But I didn't, not just yet. I stayed at the balcony and continued to talk to my father and his best friend. I couldn't help but flex my muscles occasionally, just a little bit, showing off, feeling more and more comfortable in my skin. 

    Suddenly, Scott decided to share our "dirty little secret" with Dad.

    "I didn't tell you this yesterday, Kev, but when that girl was sucking me off, this son of your watched the whole thing."

    My father looked at me confused, and Scott filled him in on all the details.

    "You little perv," Dad teased me as he heard the whole story.

    "You're one to talk!" I objected. "Apparently you did that shit all the time in college."

    "I don't know what this bullshitter's told you," Dad pointed at Scott, "but he was doing the watching. I was doing the fucking."

    I laughed out loud, as Dad and Scott got into a pissing contest over who did more fucking. They started reciting whole lists of girls' names and counting on their fingers, eventually landing on the same exact number.

    "Tom!" Scott shouted triumphantly all of a sudden.

    "Oh, come on, Tom doesn't count!" Dad protested.

    "Why, 'cause he's a guy? Are you seriously gonna sit here and say in front of your gay son that sex with men isn't as valid?"

    "You didn't even have sex with him, he just sucked you off!"

    "You included blowjobs in your list," Scott said, smirking, confident he'd won the game.

    "Have you ever done it?" I asked my dad.


    "Gotten a blowjob by a guy."


    "Not yet. There's a first time for everything," Scott teased.

    "You know, they say gay guys suck a lot better than women," Dad said, looking at me as if asking for confirmation.

    "Why don't you ask Scott? He's gotten both," I said.

    We both turned to look at Scott.

    "I don't know, it was a long time ago," he brushed us off.

    "Oh come on, I'm sure you remember," I insisted. All this sex talk and unexpected confession had given me a semi, and I didn't want it to end. I could already picture myself in the shower, blowing a load thinking about this.

    "No, really. It's been over twenty years," Scott looked at me as he answered. "I could use a reminder."

    Just then, Scott's hand dropped to his boxers and he "adjusted" his dick very visibly.

    "This fucker's flirting with me," I thought, licking my lips.

    Right there, in front of his best friend and myself, Scott continued to fondle his cock. Pretty soon, it was hard enough to start poking out through the leg of his boxers. As I was standing there completely naked, my semi was even more difficult to conceal.

    "Whoa, whoa, do I need to leave you two alone?" Dad said. 

    "No need. You've seen me get a blowjob plenty of times," Scott turned to him, his shit-eating grin back on his face.

    "Holy-fucking-shit," I thought, getting almost completely hard.

    "You fucker," my father said to Scott in a devilish tone. "Is that a dare?"

    Dad and Scott looked at each other's eyes unblinkingly. It was very much a dare; another one of their pissing contests.

    "Like I said, plenty of times," Scott said. "Besides, the boy seems to be into it."

    He nodded my way, and he and Dad both looked my way, faced with my cock at eye level. By now, it was already hard and dripping precum with anticipation.

    My dad didn't say anything, and neither did I. I just took a step forward, and then another one. Another one, and I was standing between Scott's legs. He spread them open wider for me.

    I liked my lips again, looking down at my dad's best friend; at the mischievous expression on his face, as well as his tempting boner. Scott scooted over and adjusted the chair. I realized he was doing it to give my father a better view of his lap.

    I put my hands on Scott's furry chest, slowly lowering my fingers down to his nipples. Pretty soon, he was sporting a full-on erection as well, and reached inside his boxers to pull it all out.

    I looked at Dad again, before getting down on my knees. From what I gathered, he and Scott were extremely open around each other when they roomed together in college. Even so, I wondered if Dad could ever even image back then, that twenty years later we'd be here: his own son getting ready to suck his roommate off in front of him.

    "We go in as best buds and we leave as best buds. There's no fighting or judging allowed," was one of the rules Dad shared with me three years ago when I joined in their annual trips for the first time. This might well be my last trip for a while, as I was unlikely to be able to afford to join them next year.

    I licked my lips one last time before reaching for the hairy dick right in front of my face. I took it in my mouth, hearing Scott moan out loudly.

    I closed my eyes and started to suck Scott's dick and stroke it with one hand. In my mind, I imagined him and my father at my age, rooming together, being best buds. God only knows what other shenanigans they got up to; I probably didn't even know the half of it.

    I felt Scott put his big hands on my face, just like he'd done to the woman yesterday. I relaxed, and let him guide me. He held my head and made it bounce up and down on his dick, going fast and deep until he hit the back of and throat and made me gag. Then, he'd take a short break and continue, making me salivate all over his dick and balls. 

    "You like that?" Scott asked, and I tried nodding while choking on his dick.

    Just then, I realized: yesterday, the woman nodded as well, when I was the one Scott was talking to. It made me wonder if now, Scott was making eye contact with my dad, addressing him instead of me. "You like that?"

    I relaxed my face and my throat, giving Scott complete control. He felt me relax and really started to face-fuck me with all his power; his hips and ass raised from the chair, making me gag, his long pubes tickling my face.

    I no longer had my hand on Scott's dick; instead, I was using it to jerk myself off, while tugging on my ball sack with my other hand.

    "Fuck, I'm gonna shoot!! I'm gonna cum inside your boy's mouth, Kev!" Scott announced.

    "Do it!" Dad's voice said.

    Hearing that sent me over the edge. I started to cum all over the tiles on the balcony. As I grunted, choking on his dick at the same time as shooting my jizz, Scott started shooting his own load. I felt his warm cum in my mouth before it started to glide down my throat. All in front of Scott's best bud. My dad.

    I was overstimulated; cumming, swallowing, and having my head pressed tight by this strong man all at the same time. The orgasm I had lasted longer than any I could remember. I tried swallowing all of Scott's load, but he was cumming buckets as well, just like me. I started to gag, a mixture of my saliva and his straight-man's cum dripping down my chin.

    A few seconds later, Scott started to slow down. Slowly, very slowly, he pulled out. His cut dick was glistening with spit and cum; as was the entire lower half of my face by now. I was a fucking mess.

    "Here," I heard my father's voice. I turned to him and saw him holding the boxers I'd given him. "Use these."

Owen's story continues in Dad's Best Buds: Summer in New York

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