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Pride & Cum

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Cowritten with: Tom R

   As I walked through the crowd holding my 9-year-old son's hand, I again wondered if this was the right year to change things up. I'd been bringing Rickie to see the San Francisco Pride parade since he was a toddler. It was something he looked forward to every year, and something I loved doing as well. Usually my cousin Ridge would be with us, and the last few years we'd been joined by his parter Hank as well. It had become a family tradition to stake out a good spot on Market Street and wave at all the floats and performers as they passed by.

    This year though, Ridge had convinced me that we could resume going to Civic Center Plaza, where the parade route ended. It was always a big party out on the green in front of City Hall, spilling out into the surrounding streets and intersections. We'd stopped attending that portion of the Pride festivities – or at least I had – once Rickie was in the picture. Things tended to get a little debaucherous after the parade wrapped up and typically there weren't as many kids around.

    It wasn't just that guys walked around nearly or fully naked. That was usually part of the parade too, and nudity wasn't anything I worried about Rickie seeing anyway. But quite often, especially once the alcohol had been flowing, guys got pretty horny, very handsy, and a lot more daring. It wasn't unusual to run across someone getting their dick sucked behind a food tent, or even to see guys doing some low-key fucking on a picnic blanket in the middle of everything. Back in my pre-fatherhood days, I'd had all kinds of fun here, and of course that just got the pump primed for even more adventures once the sun went down and everyone headed to the bars and clubs.

    I still had my fun these days, but I just had to plan things out a little more. I'd arranged for a babysitter tonight so that I could step out and enjoy the fun. But here I would need to keep my more base impulses in check with Rickie in tow. That didn't mean I couldn't look, however. And there was certainly lots to see.

    One particular guy had caught my eye a few minutes ago, as we stepped into a more crowded area and we came up behind him. He was much shorter than me, but extremely muscular and well-proportioned. He didn't seem to have any tan lines, which was easy to see since he was only wearing a jockstrap. His absolutely perfect ass captivated me, and not just because of its shape and the subtle bounce it had as he walked. The guy also had the word CUM written in black ink on his left ass cheek and DUMP on the other.

    My cock had started to get hard the moment I noticed him. Guys like that got me so turned on. Men who were absolute sluts for cock and wanted as much as they could get, and they wanted everyone to know it. I could tell he was that type, just by seeing how he was eyeing the crowd and clearly showing off to anyone who looked his way. He didn't seem to be walking with any friends or have any other stitch of clothing with him besides his sneakers. I wondered if he'd walked here, or had to ride on a train or bus dressed like that. Maybe he was hoping to set a record for loads taken in one day, to celebrate Pride this year. I wondered if he had any loads in him already. All those thoughts were quickly adding up to a full-blown erection in my tight jeans, while I was holding Rickie's hand.

    To make matters worse, the crowd slowed and we ended up right behind the guy for a moment. The dude's ass was just a few feet from me... and from my son's face. I was enjoying the close-up view, but I knew enough about Rickie's keen observational skills that I wasn't too surprised at the question I got a minute later after people started moving again.

    "Daddy, what's a cumdump?" my son asked. Ridge and Hank were walking ahead of us and weren't close enough to hear that, and thankfully the jockstrapped guy wasn't either. I took a moment to consider my response.

    My parenting style had always been to choose openness and honesty whenever possible. I was long past trying to pretend Rickie wasn't aware of sex and what went on in the world. Hell, I was wearing obscenely tight jeans and a leather harness right now, and he probably had some inkling that I was doing that to look sexy. So I answered him as factually and neutrally as I could: "a man who likes to have sex with lots of other men." My son didn't seem too bothered by the answer and went back to people-watching and taking in everything.

    I looked around, wanting one last glance at the self-proclaimed cumdump's hot ass. My eyes found him about 20 feet away, and I was surprised to see him looking right at me. He had a playful expression on his face and gave me a quick eyebrow raise. I smiled back and I'm pretty sure he clenched his glutes just for me. Then, he suddenly headed off toward the edge of the plaza and my cruising instincts – and achingly hard cock – told me that I should follow him.

    Quickly, not leaving time to second-guess myself, I caught up with my cousin and his partner, told them I needed to go take a piss, and put Rickie's hand into Ridge's. Then I was off, hoping I could locate my target again without too much effort. Luckily, even in a sea of shirtless guys, he wasn't too hard to pinpoint. He looked backward again and our eyes met, and he smiled again. We both knew he had me hooked, and just what was coming next.

    I followed him to an area right behind a row of porta-potties, where a small truck was parked. The crowd was mostly avoiding this spot, though at least one other duo was taking advantage of it like we were about to. A muscular guy with a tank top on was enjoying a blowjob from a twink near the front of the truck. They didn't seem to notice me or my new friend.

    The guy in the jockstrap turned around to face me, his smile getting bigger as he saw the erection nearly bursting out of my jeans.

    "You ready?" was all I asked him as he started to massage the pouch of his jock.

    "I'm always ready," the replied, and he reached up to put his hands around my neck. He pulled himself higher, so our faces were level, and I grabbed his thigh with one hand. My other hand went to my zipper and freed my cock.

    The rest seemed to happen fast. My fingers in his crack, at his hole. It was wet, either with lube or fresh cum (it made no difference to me). His legs wrapped around my waist. My cock sliding into him. He was tight enough to feel good but not so much that there was any resistance. His sigh of satisfaction and my moan of pleasure.

    We fucked, but really he was fucking himself up and down onto me. At some point he reached down and freed his own cock from the pouch of his jock. I felt the stiffness rubbing against my stomach, the hairs no doubt teasing his sensitive head. There was some wetness there too. This guy loved getting fucked and loved doing it in such a public spot. We made out a little but his face was mostly on my shoulder, his gasps of pleasure confirming this was exactly what he needed.

    I was so horny, it only took about a minute of this intense fucking before I was feeling ready to shoot. I didn't feel the need to announce what was happening to this cumdump – this was exactly what he was after, of course. So I just let myself roll right into an incredible climax and started filling him with my seed.

    The bottom started moaning loudly when he felt my cock shooting deep inside him, which just made me grab him tighter to ensure I was as deep as possible. I became aware of a wet feeling on my stomach and chest, and realized this dude was shooting his load, hands-free, all over me. Cumming just from getting fucked, like a true cum dump. Damn, this was hot!

    When we had both finished, I loosened my hold on him and he pulled himself off my cock and got his feet back on the ground. Both our eyes went to my chest to see his load slowly dripping down. He'd shot almost all the way to my chin. I moved to wipe it off, thinking I might lick it up and maybe feed him some of it. But he grabbed my wrist to stop me, and instead proceeded to lick it up himself. As he finished up, I put my softening cock back into my jeans and zipped up.

    The stranger looked up at me, his lips still wet with his own load, and just said "thanks, Daddy," and then disappeared around the back of the truck. I wondered if he'd be trying to keep my load inside him or if he'd let it seep out for anyone to see. And again, I considered the possibility that mine might not have been the first load he got that day. It probably wasn't. But I was pretty sure that was his first cum of the day, and I felt a surge of pride at having fucked a load out of a very dedicated cumdump.

    I finished collecting myself and then went back in search of my family. I found them not far from where I had left them, greeting them all silently with a smile. Hank seemed amused as he looked me up and down, and I wondered if he could somehow tell what I'd been doing. 

    A music act had started playing on the stage in front of City Hall, and Rickie suddenly wanted to see what was happening.

    "Pick me up on your shoulders, Dad!" he shouted. That made me smile, since it was something we hadn't done in quite a while. I reached down and swept him up onto me, eliciting a short cry of "wheee!" which also made me a little nostalgic for my son's younger days. I stood there facing the show as he looked out over the crowd, excited to be so high up. I'd had a few beers at this point, and after the release with Mr. Jockstrap I was feeling relaxed and very happy.

    After a few minutes, I felt my son lean forward a little and reach down to touch my chest with his fingers, right along my collarbone.

    "Daddy, what's this stuff on you?" Rickie asked, and I glanced over at his hand which was now level with my eyes. I was both amused and horrified to see a huge glob of cum sitting on the end of my son's index finger. That cumdump had missed getting a bit of his load off me.

    "Nothing!" I quickly said in panic. Before thinking about it too much, I leaned my head forward and quickly licked the semen off my son's finger. I couldn't see if he had any reaction since he was on my shoulders, but I didn't say anything more and we proceeded to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.



    Pride was always amazing, but I had to admit it felt extra special being here with a boyfriend for the very first time. Our group was making our way down Market Street, sometimes stopping to watch the parade, and other times standing still to just take in the crowd. There were tons of hot guys all around in various states of undress and self-exposure. But today it felt like I only had eyes for one guy: Dylan. We held hands a lot as we walked around. I wanted to make sure Dad got some time with him today as well, though right now my father seemed content to be a little ahead of us talking with Uncle Ridge, Hank, and Bill. I think he might have understood what it meant for me to be here with Dylan today, and he was giving us some time on our own.

    This was the first time I'd been to Pride with Dad in a few years, since I'd been more into coming with friends recently. I knew he didn't mind either way, but I also suspected he was happy to have me along again this time. It had been our family tradition since I could remember, coming to the parade, and I had to admit it felt good to be here with him again. And with our shared boyfriend, an idea that I'd gotten used to surprisingly fast. Unlikely as it seemed, the past few months had been working incredibly well and the three of us were all extremely happy.

    As always, there were guys making out in the doorways of the office buildings nearby, or leaning against trees, or even just standing still in the middle of the crowd. There were hands going down pants and plenty of groping happening. Seeing it all was getting me turned on, and I found myself slipping my fingers under the waistband of Dylan's shorts as we walked. He just pulled me in closer to make my job easier, and before I knew it I had one of his ass cheeks in my hand. We'd all removed our shirts in the warm sun of the late morning, like many of the other men around us. The collective exposure and the general erotic charge of the whole setting had kept me horny all morning, and I found myself getting eager for a chance to have some fun.

    "We should find a spot to mess around," my boyfriend said to me, giving voice to my own thoughts. I knew we'd be able to get away with something once we got to the end of the parade route, but that was still about half a mile away. And the idea of ducking into some barely-concealed location as the crowd passed by was getting me hard.

    "I'm keeping an eye out for a good spot," I said, squeezing Dylan's butt cheek. "Maybe they'll give us some cover?" I suggested, cocking my head toward Dad, Ridge, Hank, and Bill who were about ten feet ahead of us.

    "Do you think so?" Dylan asked, sounding a little unsure. By now, I'm sure he didn't question my father's willingness to get busy in public places, and we knew enough about Ridge and his boyfriends not to doubt that they would support our endeavor. But trying something here, with the hordes of people all around us, might be a little much even for them. But then again...

    My mind flashed back to a memory I hadn't thought about in years. The first time we'd gone to the plaza in front of City Hall, after the parade. Dad had dashed off somewhere and when he'd come back I'd gotten up on his shoulders to see above the crowd. I'd noticed something wet on his neck and asked him what it was. He hadn't really answered and just licked it off my finger.

    It was only years later, in my teens, that I had realized it had been cum that I'd swiped from his skin that day. That moment was something that helped me understand my father was a lot kinkier than I thought, even if he didn't share his adventures with me at the time. I remembered jerking off after that realization, wondering if it had been my dad's own cum or some other guy's, thinking about what they might have been doing. And belatedly wishing that I had just kept quiet and licked it from my finger myself.

    So even as Dylan's question hung between us – would my dad be cool with giving us cover while we had some fun? – I felt like I knew the answer. My arm still around his waist, I pulled my boyfriend along with me as I moved to catch up with the rest of our group.



    I'm not sure what Brody said to Thorne and Ridge after we caught up to them. The noise from the parade floats and the crowd was so deafening. I watched some amusement and disbelief move across both their faces. Then Ridge got a big grin and turned to Hank and Bill, presumably to fill them in on... whatever the plan was. Thorne turned to look at me, smiling and shaking his head with sarcastic disbelief. Brody looked excited as he stepped back over to where I was standing.

    "Let's go over there by the stairs," he said, gesturing over toward one of the entrances to the subway that ran under Market Street. The stairs and escalator were surrounded on three sides by a chest-height concrete wall. On the side closer to the street, a few fearless people had chosen to sit on the wall to get a better view of the crowd. I joined up with the others as we all headed around to the far side, where only a few people were walking past at any given time, trying to move more quickly than they could in the crowded area closer to the street.

    Brody and I stood next to the wall. I felt a little nervous, but we'd all smoked a joint before leaving to come to the parade and that helped me quell any lingering anxiety about doing something so bold. My boyfriend just looked excited. When I looked over at Throne who was standing close now, he was still smiling. He pulled me in for a quick kiss and then whispered into my ear:

    "I want you to suck my son's cock like the cum whore that you are." He pulled gently on my left nipple as he said that.

    My dick shot to full hardness. I had pictured Brody sucking me off while his dad and the rest of our group stood around us, but I realized I was more than happy to do what Thorne was suggesting. I stepped back and then looked at Brody as I slowly crouched down.

    Brody looked surprised for a moment; I think he'd been imagining this going the same way I had been. But he didn't miss a beat as he stepped in front of me and unbuttoned the tight shorts he had on. Like me (and probably the rest of the men with us) he didn't have any underwear on today.

    Thorne stood up against the wall right next to me, facing out toward the street. To anyone walking past it would seem like he was just watching the parade like everyone else. But I knew he wanted a front row seat to glance down and watch the action. The fact that he was going to be standing right there, watching me blow his son... my cock was throbbing already.

    Ridge, Hank and Bill moved in to complete a semi-circle around us, obscuring us from anyone who might be walking past on this side of the stairs. The sound of the parade and the crowd seemed even louder somehow, and it was incredibly thrilling knowing what we were about to do right here in the middle of all this.

    Brody pushed his cockhead to my lips, and I gave it a few eager licks before opening my mouth wider to let him slide inside. I brought my hand up to stroke him while I sucked, quickly coating his whole shaft with my saliva. I thought I heard him moan but it was hard to tell with all the noise. Pretty soon, I was getting all of him, deep throating him for long stretches, like I loved to do. Like I'd done just the night before with his father's cock. While not identical, their cocks were a similar length and girth, which was something that was an endless turn-on for me.

    I glanced my eyes up at Thorne as his son's balls were hitting my chin. He was looking down at me, transfixed by what he was seeing. And I noticed his hand on the bulging crotch of his own shorts. The fact that this was turning him on was getting me even more into it.

    I closed my eyes and let myself get lost in what I was doing for a little while. I loved all kinds of sex but there was just something magical and perfect about sucking a cock, and the thrill of doing it out on the sidewalk was intoxicating. At one point, I pulled off to take a breath, switching to stroking Brody's wet cock during the short break. With my eyes still closed, I was startled to feel another cockhead press against the side of my face.

    Reflexively opening my mouth along with my eyes, I looked up to see Thorne staring down at me, his dick slowly sliding into my mouth as I continued to jerk off his son who was standing right next to him. Brody moved a little to the side so they could both have equal access to me, and I felt his hand on the back of my head, very gently pushing me down further on his father's cock.

    I'd been dreaming about something like this pretty much since that day after Brody's birthday when I chatted with Bill about our experiences with fathers and sons, but I never dared to think it might actually happen. I hoped Bill was watching, but I was far too busy to look.

    Settling into a rhythm that had only existed in my fantasies before now, I had one hand on Thorne's cock and the other on Brody's, jerking one while I sucked the other, moving back and forth. They were standing hip-to-hip at this point, and I could tell they had arms around one another's waists. Eventually, their cocks were close enough together that I had to go for it. I assumed they wouldn't mind and hoped they would love it.

    I positioned myself directing in between the two of them and brought both their cockheads to my lips at the same time. I tasted the precum oozing from both father and son as I ran my tongue across both piss slits, one after the other. And then, I pressed the heads together and opened as wide as I could, getting my lips around both.

    Despite the roar of the crowd, this time I clearly heard both of them moan, right at the same moment. Their cocks were touching as I pleasured them both together, and I knew this must be an intense moment for my boyfriends, having this kind of experience together, with one another, for the first time. The multiple levels of taboo happening right now: a father and son, cocks rubbing up against one another, as the boyfriend they shared worked hard to get a load from both of them, right in the middle of the biggest thoroughfare in the city, surrounded by people who were totally unaware! Part of me wished I could be jerking myself off at this moment as well, but I also knew this would be a memory I'd be masturbating to for the rest of my life.

    They were both close, and I knew exactly what I wanted to happen. To make this the ultimate in public debauchery. When I heard Brody start to moan in that way I knew so well, I picked up the pace of stroking him and went down on Thorne fully. I had the father deep in my throat as I felt his son's load start blasting onto my face.

    Both their hands went to the back of my head at the same moment, and I felt their fingers intertwine. There might have been a moment of hesitation, but neither of them pulled back, and for a second I had to envy the level of connection they must be feeling with one another at this moment.

    Maybe that was what sent Thorne over the edge, or perhaps it was just where he'd been headed already. But I felt his cock start to pulse and I pulled off, determined to have his load coating my face as well.

    As Brody's spurts began to taper off, his dad's began, and I heard a string of curse words coming from both of them. The hands got closer together on the back of my head. I kept Brody's cockhead close to my face, and I made sure to give them a few more moments of contact between their most sensitive areas as we brought this to a conclusion. As Thorne finished up, I gave both their cocks some final licks, making sure to get every drop. Whatever wasn't on my face, I wanted it in my mouth.

    Eventually they both stepped back from me slightly and their hands left the back of my head and each grabbed one of mine to help me stand up slowly. Carefully opening my eyes, I was treated to the sight of both my boyfriends looking incredibly pleased and slightly amazed at what just happened. I'm sure the expression on my face mirrored theirs, though it was of course covered with the seed of both the father and son.

    They both seemed to have the same thought at the same moment. Thorne leaned toward one side of my face and Brody did the same on the other side, and I felt their tongues eagerly cleaning up the mess they had made. I'd made sure both their loads stayed across my entire face, and there was no way for either of them to know whose cum they were lapping up. But it seemed like, at least at this moment, they were long past caring about that.

    I looked around and saw a few people glancing at us as they walked by. My face was covered with jizz and that was probably obvious to some of them, but that only made me smile more.

    Bill was staring at me and when he caught my eye, he just gave me a wink and an approving nod. He knew, perhaps more than anyone else, what this moment meant to me. And I think all of us wondered what else the future held in store for me and the father and son I was in love with.

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