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Sex Sandwich

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Cowritten with: Tom R

2007 | THORNE:

    I woke up slowly, in that way that you do after a long night of drinking and partying. There's that haze, and then you remember where you are and who you're with. In this case, I was at my own apartment and in my own bed. Two other men were in the bed with me – my cousin Ridge and his longtime boyfriend Hank. As the memories of the previous night started to come back to me, I had to laugh out loud and the way things had snowballed.

    Ridge and I had grown up almost like brothers for the first ten years of our lives, being born just two months apart. His family lived down the street from mine and we often spent afternoons, weekends, and summer days together. When his parents – my aunt and uncle – moved to France, it was a difficult time for both of us. We missed one another terribly, writing letters often for the first few years. Eventually that trailed off and we both built friendships with people at our schools and local neighborhoods. We didn't reconnect in a meaningful way until the two of us ended up moving in together in San Francisco when we were 18.

    My cousin and I had come out of the closet the year before, independent of one another and equally accepted by our family. So once we were settled in San Francisco, it felt like the world was at our fingertips. We were young, dumb and full of cum, as the saying goes. We frequented the bars and clubs where we could get in despite being under 21, and there seemed to be an endless supply of available sexual partners waiting to have fun.

    Needless to say, we got pretty used to seeing one another in all kinds of entanglements at home (and at bathhouses, in backrooms of bars, in cruisy parks... we didn't care too much about where we fucked or who we did it with). But perhaps surprisingly, my cousin and I didn't end up doing sexual things with one another very often, beyond the "two-man circle jerks" that happened on the rare nights that neither of us had something lined up. Our dynamic was very open and fraternal, but we just didn't feel especially drawn to one another in that way.

    We weren't necessarily opposed to that kind of fun, though. If we ended up in a threesome (or more-some), oftentimes the other guy would want to watch us kiss or play with one another's cocks. And we were happy to oblige as long as the guy was equally accommodating to us both. The taboo of messing around with my cousin in front of someone else – someone who was getting off on watching it – did make it exciting; especially in any kind of public venue where people had no idea who we were.

    As we got older, those occasions were fewer, partly because we both tried to keep our drinking, drug use, and promiscuity under control; and partly because I decided to become a father. And when Ridge started getting serious with his boyfriend Hank, they decided to be monogamous, so things like that were pretty much off the table (though we still did our two-man circle jerks now and then, for old time's sake). That's why waking up in bed with them this morning was so hilarious.

    Last night at dinner, Ridge and Hank informed me that they were opening up their relationship after nine years together. We'd already planned to go out for drinks after eating, and since they were eager to find their inaugural third party, we headed to one of the more cruisy bars. It turned out that neither of them was especially good at enticing a stranger into a threeway. It might have been that they were a little too honest, informing their potential paramours that it would be their first time doing this as a couple. Or maybe it was just because it was a Wednesday night; or the fact that we were now in our 30s and no longer the youngest guys on a night out. In any case, at the end of the night all three of us were walking toward home without having had any luck. I personally hadn't set out to bring anyone home, so I wasn't especially disappointed, but I could tell that Ridge and Hank were disheartened by how the night had turned out.

    My apartment was closer and I invited them in for a last drink. Ridge had obtained some hash from a guy who'd rejected his advances, and so we indulged in some of that as well. At one point, my cousin got up to use the bathroom and before I knew it, Hank was straddling me on the couch and we were making out. I didn't push him away and when Ridge returned he was clearly intrigued by what he saw. One thing led to another… and Hank ended up getting spit-roasted twice over in my bedroom.
   Even after so many years together, the chemistry between Ridge and Hank when they fucked was crazy strong! It was hot for me to witness their intense dynamic, and even hotter to be a part of it. Locking eyes with my cousin as we were both balls-deep in his boyfriend was electrifying, a level of bonding that we hadn't ever experienced, even back in the wilder days. In my more lucid moments, I did wonder if it would ever happen again, but I figured we'd cross those bridges as they came. From what I recalled, there had been plenty of cumming by the time we all passed out in my bed.

    My cycle of sleep and half-awake reminiscing was interrupted by a soft knock on the bedroom door and the sound of it opening a moment later.

    "Dad...?" I heard my 7-year-old son Rickie say quietly. I hadn't looked at the time and I realized it was probably already close to 10 AM. I usually make us pancakes on Sunday mornings so he was probably hungry by now. I sat up and saw that he was stepping into the room, still in the Spider-Man briefs that he loved to sleep in.

    "Hey, honey," I said in, clearing my throat and hoping my son couldn't hear the alcohol and drug use in my parched voice. "Sorry, we... I slept in late. Can you get yourself some cereal and we'll do pancakes for lunch today?"

    "Okay," he said, glancing over at the other side of my bed before cheerfully adding, "Oh, hi Uncle Ridge!"

    "Hey, Rickie," my cousin replied, sitting up in bed and running a hand through his messy hair. There was no way my son didn't notice Hank in bed in between us, though since his other "uncle" was clearly still asleep, Rickie didn't offer him any greeting. But my son didn't move to leave my room either, even as Ridge got out of bed and walked over to the en-suite bathroom, mussing Rickie's hair as he walked past him.

    My son wasn't fazed by Ridge's nakedness; my cousin and I had never been modest around one another and that attitude was extended to my son when he came along. But I could see that he was curious about the fact that the three of us were all in my bed, something which had never happened before. I knew I needed to give a little thought to how I would answer that, so I stood up and walked over to my son, to gently usher him back out into the hallway.

    "How about you give us all a moment to wake up, okay honey?" I said gently. "Go have some cereal and see if there's any cartoons on that you like. I'll be out in just a bit."

    Rickie smiled at the thought of having his cereal in front of the TV and dashed off. I shut the door and went to join Ridge in the shower.

    Thirty minutes later, I sat down next to Rickie on the couch, holding my own bowl of cereal. Ridge and Hank had just left, Hank still half-asleep and looking exhausted. They'd offered my son a quick farewell as they walked past, which he'd barely acknowledged being so caught up in his TV show.

    "Did you and Mrs. Ramsay have a nice time last night?" I asked him. Our retired neighbor always came over to watch Rickie when I needed someone. I had a vague memory of being teased by her when I drunkenly stumbled in last night, Rickie having long since been put to bed.

    "Yeah, we played rummy for a long time and I even won a few games," he said, turning his attention to me and looking pleased. "Did you guys have a good time last night?" His tone surprised me, as did the look on his face. It seemed like he was both teasing me and luridly questioning me, something I would have expected from a same-age friend, but not from my young son. These "older than his years" moments always caught me off guard.

    "Uh... yeah. We had a really good time," I replied truthfully. "We went dancing and celebrated... that your uncles are happy together."

    "Cool," he said, smiling. "I guess they were so tired that they spent the night here?"

    "Yeah," I said, pleased that I might not have to explain much after all. I occasionally had overnight guests and my son understood that I had "special friends" and we did private things together. But apparently it hadn't occurred to him that Ridge and Hank and I might have been engaged in the same kind of private "activities."

    "It looked crowded in there," my son said with some amusement in his voice, as he turned back to the TV. "Heh... you guys were like an Uncle Hank sandwich." He looked pleased with his innocent joke and I couldn't help but chuckle as well.

    "Yep, that's exactly what it was, son."





    We all stumbled back into Thorne and Brody's apartment, giggling like little kids. Partly because we'd drawn some stares outside the building due to our near-nakedness. And partly because the three of us were totally wasted.

    The Pride afternoon had been wild – or rather, the stuff we'd done there had been. I'd unexpectedly gotten to live out one of my biggest fantasies, getting to service both my boyfriends' cocks at the same time as they stood next to each other. The fact that it happened with people walking by and an actual parade just a few steps away was mind-blowing. Thorne's cousin Ridge and his two partners had stood around us to mostly obscure our activities, but during the brief moments when I wasn't staring at the cocks I was sucking, I definitely noticed a few passers-by smiling when they caught a glimpse of me on my knees in front of two hot guys.

    And beyond mind-blowing was the fact that the father and son had both blasted their loads all over my face and then proceeded to lick up all the cum. There was no question that they had both consumed one another's semen when doing that. Just thinking about it again as we all collapsed on the couch was enough to get me hard.

    "Holy shit, that was like the best Pride ever!" Brody exclaimed from his corner of the couch.

    "You mean you don't do stuff like that with your friends at Pride?" Thorne said from the other side of me, with sarcasm in his voice. "That's not how I raised you!" That prompted another round of laughter.

    "That was fucking crazy... and SO fucking hot!" I said, groping at my crotch. We were all freeballing and still shirtless, with me having literally lost my shirt at some point after all our fun. I couldn't have cared in the slightest. I was ecstatic to be walking through a crowd with the dried cum of a father and son on my chest. I'd confessed my threesome fantasy to both Thorne and Brody, separately, in the recent past. Both times it had been during sex with each of them. Neither one had reacted in a negative way, though they both didn't give any indication about what they thought of the idea.

    "That gets you off so hard, doesn't it?" had been Brody's response when I first brought it up, before he'd resumed sucking my cock. I came shortly after that, partly from the thrill of confessing my dirty fantasy to him. But he had never mentioned it since.

    When I'd told Thorne, he turned it into dirty talk, really getting me going. "Yeah, you wanna fuck my boy while I'm deep in your ass?" Hearing him say that and a few similar things had sent me over the edge. And like he usually did, Thorne blew his own load after my ass started tightening up around his cock as I came. But he'd also not brought up what I'd said since then.

    I hoped that I'd at least planted a seed, but I also didn't want to assume it was something that would ever happen. What we had now was amazing and I had no desire to spoil it by making the father and son – my boyfriends – do anything they were uncomfortable with. Today at the parade had been a major step toward that, though. "They ate each other's cum!! Their cocks touched while I sucked them both!!" my mind shouted, but I tucked that thought away for now. 

    I could see they were both getting hard on the couch now as well, probably also thinking back on the earlier fun. Feeling bold, I reached out with both hands and grabbed their crotches at the same time. Thorne and Brody both let out a satisfied moan. The son lolled his head back on the couch, and the father leaned in to make out with me as I continued to massage the two bulges.

    When Thorne pulled back and let me catch my breath, Brody swooped in and took his turn. My lips and tongue were wet with his father's saliva as Brody kissed me deeply, and my cock was straining the limits of my shorts. I felt Thorne's hand move to stroke me through the thin fabric, and then Brody's fingers were at one of my nipples. This felt like the dreams I had some nights, and I couldn't quite believe it was real as they took turns kissing me.

    After a few minutes of that, we slowed down and I just sank back into the sofa, my head buzzing from both the alcohol and raw lust.

    "I think Dylan's clearly going to get it from both of us tonight, Dad," Brody said playfully, as he moved to undo the button on my shorts. "The question is, who's going first?" Thorne chuckled a little and ran his fingers through my hair, tugging on it gently like I loved. I looked up at him and he had a crafty look on his face.

    "Son... are you hungry?" Thorne said, with a "dad joke" tone that I'd heard before.

    "Um... I don't know," Brody said, sounding puzzled. His hand had been rubbing under my waistband, and it stopped as he looked at his father with a funny expression. "Maybe a little? Why?"

    "Well, then..." Thorne began. "How about we head into my room and make ourselves a Dylan sandwich?"

    My heart may have actually stopped at that moment.



    After an amazing Pride, the fun was just getting started at home. After some making out on the couch, we decided to move the party to Dad's room. Moving from the living room to my father's bedroom, the three of us got naked. I was the first to get onto my dad's bed and then Dylan joined me. He and I faced one another and embraced, making out for a little while and playing with one another's nipples and cocks. This wasn't the first time my dad had seen Dylan and me in a naked tangle of arms and legs, but that was usually a quick thing; like Dad coming into my room to wake us up, or getting home early and walking in on us in the living room having fun. But this was definitely the first time he was actually watching us. And I had to admit it was fucking hot! I loved doing stuff in front of other guys and it had always been a thrill when my dad "caught" me with a dude. The fact that he was about to join us... in my drunken state I wasn't even ready to process that yet, so I just focused on the other man right in front of me.

    Dylan's hands both wandered to my ass, one around my hip and the other between my legs. I felt his fingers at my hole and relaxed to let them slip inside easily, first two and then a third. I was so ready to get fucked after the thrills of the day. I spread my legs more and lifted one to rest my thigh on Dylan's hip. Fucking face-to-face on our sides wasn't one of our usual positions since he couldn't get quite as deep from that angle, but there was no way I was going to let all this go down and be looking at a wall the whole time.

    I let out a loud moan when I felt the head of Dylan's cock push into me. Even when I was open and ready, it was always amazing to feel him sliding into me. Something about the flare of his cockhead and the specific thickness of his shaft. The pleasure was intense no matter how many times we fucked, and it was one of the many reasons I was deeply in love with this man.

    "Fuck," I heard my father whisper, and I opened my eyes to see him standing at the edge of the bed behind Dylan, stroking his cock. I'd seen my dad hard a few times in my life and seen him drunk more than a few times, but never at the same time. He had a look on his face that was sexy as fuck, probably something Dylan got to see often. But it was new for me, and it unexpectedly made my cock throb. I was already leaking precum onto Dylan's stomach and I know that made some more ooze out.

    If I was sober, I would be overthinking what was happening and probably a little cautious about what my father was comfortable with. But with both of us pretty inebriated and uninhibited, I let myself say what came into my mind without worrying about things.

    "Do you like watching me get fucked, Dad?" I asked, doing my best to sound sexy.

    "Oh god..." I heard Dylan whisper, and I smiled, knowing how much he would LOVE hearing us talk like this. He thrust all the way into me right after that, and I let out a breathless grunt.

    "You boys look hot as fuck right now," came Dad's reply. I noticed he didn't quite answer the question and decided to go another route with the dirty talk.

    "Fuck, Dad... our boyfriend's cock feels sooo good buried in my tight ass," I moaned, locking eyes with my father as I spoke. Dad just responded with a low groan, almost a growl. The sound got me even more turned on, and Dylan responded to it as well, shifting our position to fuck me a little deeper. I closed my eyes and made more sounds of pleasure.

    The move must have shown off Dylan's ass to Dad a little more, because a moment later I felt his weight on the other side of the bed and I heard him groan again with anticipation. A moment later Dylan stopped thrusting, with his cock most of the way inside me. I felt him grip me tighter, his fingers digging into my shoulder.

    "Oh, fuck fuck fuck...!" he shouted and then trailed off as he breathed out slowly. I knew Dad was pushing his thick cock into our man. Completing our sandwich, and making Dylan's fantasy come true. When I felt my father's hand on my hip, it sent shivers up my spine.



    When my hand touched Brody's hip, I nearly pulled it back. Not because it felt wrong. It was the opposite, like the passion between us all was multiplied. It felt powerful. I wondered if it was just me who felt it. Then I felt my son's hand move from Dylan's shoulder to mine. Brody moved his palm down my upper arm slowly and then back up, gripping tightly. I squeezed his hip with equal intensity. And then we all started moving as one.

    There wasn't any struggling to find the right rhythm or the proper time to thrust in or pull out. We all knew one another so well, and the different kinds of love we shared blended together in sensual harmony. I could feel it every time Dylan thrust into Brody. And I knew my son felt it every time I slid fully into Dylan. We repeated the movements over and over. I could hear Dylan getting lost in the pleasures he was experiencing, moaning in an uncontrolled and primal way.

    I buried my face in Dylan's neck, just behind his ear, and then felt Brody move his head close and begin kissing our mutual lover. Their bond was so charged, their younger bodies rippling with that carnal drive that all men have during that time in our lives. My connection with Dylan was on a different wavelength. A combination of mentor, father, and soulmate. Not so different from the way I felt about Brody, a realization that made my mind reel. The emotions were all spilling out and mixing together now.

    Brody's hand moved to my ribs and mine went to the back of his neck, and we were pulling closer together, forcing me deeper into Dylan and Dylan deeper into my son. It made both of them gasp and I could just feel Dylan's dick digging deeper into my boy's hole. 

    "Oh my god," Dylan cried out and tilted his head forward, burying his face in Brody's shoulder. "I fucking love you," he exclaimed, and I knew he was talking to both of us. I looked forward and found myself staring into my son's eyes. Those beautiful eyes that were similar to mine, that had laid claim to my heart since the first day I saw them.

    "I love you," I whispered, speaking to both of them.

    "I love you," Brody said, our eyes still locked. Somehow we all pulled together even tighter. My fingers found some of Brody's hair and I pulled on it, and I felt my son's hand on my lower back.

    Dylan's sounds changed, and from the way his ass twitched around the length of my cock, I knew he was seconds away from cumming. And I also knew that, like usual, feeling his orgasm from the inside would put me right at the edge myself.

    "Fucking breed me, right now," Brody said rapidly as he exhaled. "Fill my fucking ass, Dylan." Hearing my son talk like that, to the man we were both fucking, nearly made me cum on its own. And when I felt the seed leaving Dylan and shooting into my boy, I let my load go too, shouting out in a wordless moan of passion.

    As my balls pumped spurt after spurt into Dylan's ass, my hand moved from Brody's neck down to Dylan's stomach. His skin was wet with sweat and precum. My son's precum. And a second later, I felt Brody's cockhead slide under my flattened palm as I pressed my hand into Dylan. It happened again, and then another time, before my son realized what he was feeling.

    "Oh fuck!" my son shouted, and then his cum began to fill the space between my hand and Dylan's skin. Feeling Brody's cockhead pulse and throb as he came was incredible. I looked at his face and his eyes were closed tightly as the pleasure rocked his body. Then suddenly they opened and we held one another's gaze again, both of us mid-climax. It was electric, and the three of us all made that circuit together, the charge passing through us over and over.

    As things began to slow down, I moved my hand slowly up Dylan's body, carefully keeping its contents from spilling out. I opened my palm in front of my boyfriend's face and he immediately began to lap up my son's load from my hand. My cock throbbed inside Dylan when I felt Brody's tongue on my hand as well, licking up his cum just as eagerly as Dylan was. Before they could get it all, I pulled my hand back and got some licks in for myself, tasting my boy's load for the second time that day.

    The three of us were exhausted, satisfied and out of breath. I felt sleep creeping over me and hoped we could wake up in this same embrace. I felt happy in a way I'd never known before today.

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