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Museum Date

Category:  FATHER-SON  |  PUBLIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R


    The idea of a "museum date" with Rickie had seemed to hold the potential for disaster, just because as a typical 9-year-old he always had so much energy and loved to run around big spaces. I wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep his cool in the sedate environment of the de Young. The latest exhibit was work by an artist his third grade class had studied, and it had seemed like a good way to get him back in the school groove for this next academic year.

    It turned out to be a great experience, he was really taken with everything and we were now enjoying wandering around to find everything we hadn't seen yet. It had been a few hours and I was getting a little tired, though Rickie's energy still seemed boundless but was now just more focused.

    "We didn't even go in this room yet!" my son said in the loudest whisper possible. We were at one of the farther corners of the museum, the opposite end from the tall observation tower where all the crowds usually were. It was pretty quiet with only a few people around, which is why I noticed the tall gentleman in the tight jeans – a guy who seemed to have crossed into my view a few times as we'd been making our way through the museum. Each time, he'd flashed me a smile and I'd returned it. I knew when I was being cruised and I had to give him credit for boldness, since I obviously had my kid with me.

    But now as our eyes met across the length of a long hallway, I saw him glance at the restroom doors, look back at me for a quick second and then head into the men's room. There was no mistaking the invitation, at least not on my part. Rickie was blissfully unaware, already entranced by the new exhibit hall he'd entered.

    "Son, I'm gonna go use the restroom," I said quietly as I walked up behind him. "I might... be a few minutes," I added, wanting to give myself some cover if the guy and I had to wait for someone to clear out of there before having our fun.

    "Okay, Dad," Rickie said, waving me off. "I'll stay right here, I know not to wander off."

    I strolled over to the door my flirty friend had entered a moment before, giving a final glance back toward my son before heading in. The restroom was small, two stalls and two urinals. Not like the larger facility near the entrance. This part of the museum saw less action, it seemed. Though today it was going to see a little more, judging by the hunger in this guy's eyes. He was immediately down on his knees, working to undo my jeans with one hand and his own with another. I half-turned to see that there was no lock on the main door. I was usually a fan of some higher-risk fun, and the idea of getting my cock sucked right in front of the sinks, where anyone might come in and see us, would usually have been thrilling. But not today, when that "anyone" might be my nine-year-old son.

    I motioned to the guy that we should go into the larger of the two stalls and he offered no debate, standing up and quickly following me. With the stall door latched, I was ready to help him unfasten and unzip, and a moment later he was swallowing my entire cock. Not quite prepared for the onslaught of pleasure, I gave a quick shout of "fuck!" that echoed in the small room, and I saw the dude look up and me and give a smile that was obvious even around his mouthful of dick.

    I leaned back against the stall wall and enjoyed the blowjob, my first in about two months. I'd never regretted the slowdown in my sex life that parenting had brought, but I did get antsy for some adult fun now and then. The rarity did make these surprise moments more exciting. I grabbed my cocksucker by the sides of his head and got going a little harder, which he took in perfect stride. After a few minutes he pulled back, and I did as well, figuring he needed to catch his breath. To my surprise, he stood up, quickly turned around, and started backing himself up onto my wet cock.

    He must have pulled off his pants when he stood; I noticed them kicked over past the corner of the stall, halfway to the sink wall. The guy's ass was as hungry as his expression had been when we came in. Three-fourths of my cock went into him right off the bat, more than most guys usually took on the first plunge. Shortly after that I was balls-deep and feeling the strong urge to pound this guy's ass hard. I could tell he'd take it, and that he probably even needed it. As I started going faster, his groans of pleasure confirmed my suspicion. I wondered if this was a chance meeting or if this guy liked to cruise the museum specifically. He might get fucked in this bathroom weekly, for all I knew. A hidden perk of a museum membership, perhaps.

    I pulled him up to me by his shoulder, pressing my chest into his broad back as he turned his head around to one side so we could kiss. After we made out for a little bit, I reached around and pulled his T-shirt off, tossing it over by his pants, and then used both my hands to work his nipples. He moaned again, and I got even harder now that I had this stud stripped naked in a bathroom stall, while I was fully dressed, with my cock sticking out through my fly.

    The guy's ass felt great and I hoped he was enjoying it as much as I was. The sounds he was making and the lusty look on his face confirmed that for me, and I fell into a fuck-trance myself, slowly feeling the load in my balls brewing up and getting ready. When I shifted my stance a little, I felt the head of my cock start to hit right on the guy's prostate, which forced a sound out of him that was more a squeal than a moan.

    "Oh shit shit, I'm coming..." he said, louder than I would have liked. "Oh fuck!" he added, louder still. Acting instinctively, when I heard the bathroom door open I reached up and covered the guy's mouth, though still nailing him just as hard as I had been.

    "Dad?" I heard my son's voice echo in the small room, and that made me slow my pounding down substantially, though I was too far along to fully stop. Apparently so was the bottom. I felt him inhale sharply through my fingers, and then it felt like there was a vice gripping my cock more tightly than I had ever felt before. I knew he was cumming, and if the sensation hadn't been clear enough, when I glanced down over his shoulder I saw him jerking his decent-sized dick in a frantic haze, and had already blasted the stall wall with two globs of cum before more joined it.

    "Rickie!" I said, louder than I needed to. "Um... give me a few more ... uh... minutes okay?"

    There was no other sound for a moment, so I thought he might have left, never having fully closed the door after entering. Just as I was about to get back into things, I heard my son say, "Dad, look, someone left their clothes in here!" I heard the soft sound of fabric being handled and wondered if the guy I was fucking was having regrets about not keeping his clothes in the stall with us. I did feel a gasp of concern through my hand, as my son spoke again.

    "Should I go take them to the lost and found?" Rickie asked, innocently. The guy, now in his-post orgasm clarity, was having a vision of himself stranded naked in the small museum bathroom. Likely not the thrill he'd come in here for. I let the question sit for a few seconds, and I felt him tense up with more anxiety. That tension translated into some nice ripple effects along the shaft of my cock, his ass surrounding and massaging me.

    "No, son, I..." Words left me right then as my own climax began and I started dumping my sperm deep inside this dude. "I'll be done in just a minute!" I said, trying to sound somewhat normal. But filling a guy's guts with my load and talking to my son were not things I normally did right at the same time. "Leave the clothes," I added for the dude's benefit, making sure that he didn't have a heart attack or something.

    "Okay," Rickie said, sounding a little despondent. He probably just wanted to make the trip to the lost and found on his own. I heard the clothes hit the floor, probably the same spot they had been before. Then the door opened and shut.

    "Mmmmmm," I finally let out, as the last of my cum emptied into this man. I also removed my hand from his mouth, hearing him whisper "Fuck!" as I slowed down my thrusting. I pulled out quickly and noticed that his ass squeezed shut immediately. A second later, he was stepping out of the stall to grab his jeans, shoving his legs in and pulling them up fast. I knew it was because he didn't want any of my cum to leak out. Maybe he had a boyfriend (or girlfriend?) at home who would lick it out for him later. He took a lot longer putting his shirt on, leaning in to suck one of my nipples a little as I did up my own jeans. 

    I patted the friendly guy on the ass as I moved to leave, tossing him a quick "thanks" and a smile.

    "Bye, Daddy," I heard him say softly right before the door swung closed. I went off to find Rickie, since it was getting close to dinnertime and I knew he'd get surly before too much longer. 



    The summer had started off wonderfully, with my boyfriends and I enjoying the (slightly) warmer SF weather, the fact that Brody and I were out of school for a few months, and the general bliss of being in love. Then Pride had come, and things had moved into a whole new definition of "summer fun."

    The parade itself would have been memorable enough on its own. Or rather, what we'd done just a few feet away from the parade. I'd sucked off my father-and-son boyfriends simultaneously and had my face coated with their family sperm with hundreds of people around us. But then we'd made our way back to their apartment and...

    Fuck. I still got hard from just thinking about it. How easily it had happened, without any second guessing or apprehension. The three of us had walked into Thorne's bedroom, each of my hands holding one of theirs. Standing at the foot of the bed, the dad and son took turns kissing me deeply, one locking lips with me while the other stripped off what little clothing he had on. Then they both were pressed up on either side of me, Brody with one hand on my dick and the other on the back of my neck, holding me tightly in a deep kiss. Thorne had one hand at my nipples and the other one in between my ass cheeks. One of them must have slipped my shorts off, I didn't even remember when it had happened. I'd felt like I was floating in that moment, high from more than just the alcohol and weed we'd consumed over the course of the day.

    I might have fallen backward onto the bed, or maybe Brody had lowered me down, but one way or another I had ended up in his arms. Kissing, touching, and then fucking him. All with Thorne right there watching us. Even though I'd known what was coming next, anticipating it had been too much for my mind to handle. I was letting myself get lost in the moment, and I barely managed to keep my load back when I heard Brody ask Thorne if he liked watching his son get fucked.

    And then Thorne had been there, behind me. His big arms around me and the heat of his body pressed close against me. His cock pushing into me. Next, I was with them both, fucking them both at the same time. I'd had fingers and toys in my ass before while fucking a guy, but this hadn't even been on the same spectrum. The sensation and tightness of being inside Brody, and then feeling his father's cock open me up… It was like every nerve in my lower body being stimulated at the same time.

    We'd all fucked in a sweaty rhythm — thrusts and squeezes, groans and gasps, everything blended together. I remembered noticing that their arms crossed over me at times, and could even feel them pulling one another closer to me. Never quite squeezing the breath from my body but still leaving me gasping. Such an intense mix of emotions and sensations. Fucking and being fucked. Thrusting in and sliding out in two directions.

    And then cumming, all of us together it seemed like. In my ass, around my cock, on my stomach. These men who I'd give myself over to, leaving their seed everywhere, their cum that tasted so similar. The cum that we'd all tasted today, and then we were tasting it again. It felt like it belonged to all of us. I'd passed out after that. More than just falling asleep, both my body and brain were overloaded with pleasure.

    The next day I'd wondered if nights like that were going to be my sex life going forward. Unfortunately… that hadn't turned out to be the case, though. Neither Brody nor Thorne suggested that we should jump in bed again, all three of us. And while there were moments when I longed for that experience again and wondered when I might get another chance, I found that the three of us continued to explore boundaries in other ways.

    Prior to that Pride weekend, there had been an almost formal politeness to how we operated at Thorne and Brody's place. When it was my night to be with one of them, the other would either turn in early or make it a point to be out late. If I decided to slip from one bedroom to the other during the night, I always waited until the man I went to bed with was asleep. Brody stayed at my apartment a fair amount, but Thorne rarely did. And I made sure to let them have days and nights to themselves, which I knew they sometimes spent together, hanging out like any other father and son might.

    But after Pride, as the summer went on, there was a new comfort among the three of us. More three-man cuddles on the couch when watching a movie. More nudity around the apartment, though I realized that was a bigger deal for me than it was for them. I'd previously assumed that my being naked around them both together would somehow be overtly sexual in a way that might make them uncomfortable. But it turned out to be more relaxing than anything, since they'd never been especially modest around one another.

    More nudity did lead to more erections, and not just on my part. I got the sense that it hadn't been as common in the past for them to be hard in front of one another for extended periods. Something about the three of us having sex that night had broken down a few barriers, and I was titillated to see them not only eyeing one another's cocks now and then, but also trading little looks and smirks. Their father-son bond was clearly stronger than ever, and I found it fascinating.

    There was also more openness in terms of what I'd do with one of them sexually while the other was around. I'd sometimes be cuddled up naked with Thorne on the couch, watching a movie, with Brody in the chair nearby, and have two of my older boyfriend's fingers slowly and casually working their way in and out of my hole. Brody would watch us and play with his cock, which then prompted Throne and me to start making out, him often slipping a third finger into me. Usually Brody would go to bed at that point and leave us to our fun, but always stepping in close to get goodnight kisses from us both.

    Brody was more brazen as well, and I got used to his father seeing us when my cock was buried in my younger boyfriend's throat. After a while I noticed that Brody would often be blowing me in the living room at the time his father got home from work or returned from the tennis club. He was doing it on purpose, but there was no complaint from Thorne (and certainly not from me).

    They were both open to me mentioning the other one during sex as well. Now and then I'd tell Throne how hot his son's ass was as he was fucking me hard and fast. And I'd tell Brody how his dad's cum felt on my face and running down my neck, at the moment I was blasting my own load onto the younger man's face.

    But today, we were doing something a bit different: a date at a museum, the de Young in Golden Gate Park. There was a visiting exhibit we'd all been interested to see, and after wandering through some of the permanent collection we found ourselves at a far corner of the building, staring out a large window at some striking landscaping, with the dense park foliage in the background.

    Thorne laughed noticeably, out of the blue. Brody and I both turned and looked at him, amused and puzzled. He was looking over at the end of the hallway, at the restrooms and drinking fountains.

    "Something funny, Dad?" Brody asked.

    "Remember when we came here right when you were starting fourth grade?" Thorne asked, looking at Rickie and then shifting his eyes to me quickly, smiling after he finished speaking.

    "Sure," Brody said, "That was the first time I ever visited this place. What are you remembering?" He looked like he was racking his own brain, trying to recall why his father might have laughed at a memory of that visit.

    "I'm remembering you behaving really well when we were here," Thorne replied. "And me behaving... not quite as well," he added with a suggestive tone.

    "Why, what happened, babe?" I asked Thorne. "Did you do something naughty while you were here?" I playfully put my arm around Brody and we both looked at Thorne with curious expressions.

    My older boyfriend proceeded to tell us about how he got cruised and followed a guy into the restrooms right down the hall, while young Brody was enraptured by the nearby exhibit hall. The guy blew Throne and then took his cock up his ass. He fucked himself to a good cum and Thorne was trying to bust a nut too, right when his son walked into the bathroom looking for him. He managed to play it off, and Brody never knew there was another guy in there with his father. Until just now.

    "Holy shit, Dad!" Brody exclaimed in a quiet voice. "Yes, I remember finding some clothes in the bathroom and thinking how random that is. And you were in there getting some ass?! Good on you." 

    We all chuckled.

    Upon looking around, I realized the three of us were nearly alone in this part of the museum. An idea started to form in my head, and I started walking over to the restrooms. I looked back and gestured for my boyfriends to follow me. It was a short hallway with two doors. The men's room had a sign on it, apologizing that these restrooms were closed and directing interested parties to the larger ones near the gift shop. Across the hall, the women's room had an identical sign.

    Thorne and Brody had of course realized what I had planned, and probably saw the let-down look on my face. We had passed the gift shop area earlier and we knew those restrooms were way too busy to hook up in them.

    "Well..." Brody began, looming around a little and stepping closer to me. "Maybe we don't need any restrooms to have a little fun."

    He turned around and reached behind himself with both hands. One groped at my crotch and the other pulled down the back of his track pants, revealing that (like Thorne and me) he was freeballing today.

    By the time I freed my cock from my pants a few seconds later, the blood was already rushing to it and I was able to push my swelling head inside of Brody's hole.

    "Damn boys," Thorne whispered, moving to give us what cover he could while still remaining able to watch. "Didn't think my little story would inspire you quite this much. But I ain't complainin'." 

    Thorne leaned in to make out with me as I slid my cock inside his son. We kissed for a moment and then he returned to his nominal sentry duties as Brody and I kept going.

    Knowing we shouldn't take too long, Brody and I were both giving it our all. Having Thorne there helped, so we could refrain from worrying about keeping watch for passers-by. But we never saw one, and it really got me going to see Throne's eyes repeatedly drift back to my cock sliding in and out of his son's ass. I reached down and pulled Brody's cheeks apart more, so that his father had a clear look at his hole stretched around my shaft. I saw Thorne squeeze at the bulge filling out one side of his pants.

    Sharing moments like this with a father and son was still something that set off fireworks in my head. I found my mind wandering back to the first time I had a sexual experience with a father-and-son duo: Ben and Sam, the two tourists staying in SF for the summer last year. Just then, I remembered one particular sex act I did with the two of them, and I wondered if I might get to redo it with my two boyfriends.

    Feeling extra horny, I beckoned Thorne to get closer to us, until he was close enough to touch. I reached down and unzipped Thorne's fly, taking out his cock and stroking it to full erection, which didn't take long since he was mostly hard already.

    I leaned in and whispered my idea into Thorne's ear, which made him grin with a devilish spark in his eyes. Next, Thorne stepped up even closer, his cock slapping around on both Brody's and my hips.

    "What's he doing?" Brody asked me in a whimper, looking at his dad jerking off right next to us.

    "He's gonna add some lube into the mix," was my cryptic response. A second later, I saw Brody's eyes get bigger and he looked back at me, his face a mix of shock and extreme arousal.

    In record time, perhaps because what we were doing was so incredibly risky, Throne was ready to cum. I pulled almost all the way out of Brody's hole slowly and I held my dick still, my cockhead resting comfortably just inside of Brody's sphincter. Then Thorne gave a grunt and began unloading on my cock, coating it with his sperm, and the visual nearly drove me to bust my own nut.

    Today, Thorne's load was especially thick and viscous, pouring out of his piss slit and clinging onto my shaft, very little sliding off down to the floor. Once he was done, Throne took a deep breath and half a step back, still able to watch what was happening. I slowly slid back inside Brody and began fucking him again. This time, it was more slippery, as my cock shoved some of Thorne's seed into his son's ass.

    After about thirty more seconds, I was blowing my load inside Brody, mixing it with Thorne's jizz in there. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," the three of us panted as I continued to thrust back and forth in my younger boyfriend's hole, breeding him with my sperm as well as his dad's.

    Seconds later, we heard footsteps approaching this wing of the museum. We quickly zipped up just in time and continued our casual stroll. Nobody was none the wiser that Brody was walking around with two loads up his ass… one of them belonging to his own father.

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