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Folsom Street Fair 2021

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Cowritten with: Tom R


    The conference was off to a slow start, and I was already tired of standing around in my suit talking to people I barely knew. Monday wasn't even over and this was shaping up to be a long week. My job obligated me to attend this conference, but at least the annual event was in San Francisco this year, so I could still sleep in my own apartment and didn't have to be away from my son.

    Someone across the large room caught my eye, not for the first time that day. A guy who looked to be around my age and who filled out his dress shirt and slacks very nicely. He was clearly a gym rat, maybe even an actual bodybuilder. He was also handsome as fuck, and staring right at me. When he knew he had my eye, he smiled. Just then, a colleague approached and started to introduce me to yet another new face. By the time I glanced back to where the stud had been, he'd wandered off.

    At the end of the day, I was grabbing a bottle of water from the refreshment table and wondering if I could make a low-key exit without having to say too many goodbyes. Everyone was going to be here again tomorrow, after all. When I turned around, the handsome muscle man was right behind me.

    "You look like you're planning your escape," he said with a smile.

    "Is it that obvious?" I replied. "It's been kind of exhausting and I just need to clear my head a little bit."

    "Yeah, everyone's trying to make new connections on the first day," he said, looking around at the chattering crowd. "It can all seem so forced, sometimes."

    "So did you make any good connections today?" I asked, purposely sounding a little flirty. Picking up on that easily, he looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

    "Seems like I might have made one," he responded with a similar tone. "I'm Brian," he continued, sticking out his hand.

    "Thorne," I said, clasping his hand with mine and giving him a firm shake. We breezed through a bit of professional conversation and established that we were both single. Brian was from the East Coast, in town for the conference. As the Moscone Center started to clear out, he asked if there was a place we could go get a drink. It was a short walk to one of the bars on Folsom Street, a definite dive but one with some character.

    With our suit jackets off and shirts with several buttons undone, Brian and I relaxed and continued getting to know one another at the bar. I'd initially thought this might turn into a quick hookup to give this tedious Monday a happy ending. And while it still felt like it was heading that way, I was surprised at how well Brian and I were clicking, personalty-wise. He was fascinating guy, and when the conversation moved to the subject of sexual interests, I was even more intrigued.

    With no inhibitions, Brian described himself as having a hungry, insatiable hole and said he tried to take at least one load up his ass every day. Given his forwardness, how big he was physically, and the size of the bulge in his pants, I'd figured him for a dom top. So I was delighted to hear he was much more compatible with my own preferences. Though that thick tube, hardly concealed by his slacks and snaking down one of his inner thighs, remained of great interest to me too. There were lots of possibilities to be explored.

    "If you're looking to take a load every day," I stated as our legs brushed up against one another under the table, "then you're probably prepared to go for it any time, right?"

    "I like to stay ready, yeah," Brian said with a smirk. "Know somewhere around here I could find one?"

    "The bathroom over there is a pretty good spot, from what I've heard," I said, cocking my head to a door in the back corner of the bar. A few minutes later we were in a toilet stall, my tongue in his mouth and his hands unbuckling my belt. I took some care unbuttoning his shirt since it was so tight across his chest, it felt like the buttons would pop right off if I pulled things the wrong way. His body was magnificent: chiseled muscle everywhere I could see. As his pants came off, I noticed that he was totally smooth from the neck down, including his massive cock and ball sack. Fuck, it was even bigger than it had looked in his trousers!

    I was about to get down and do a closer inspection, but he beat me to the punch and was on his knees, devouring my cock as soon as he'd freed it from my pants. He proceeded to give me some incredible head which I could have enjoyed for hours, but after a few minutes he wanted to move on to his main agenda item. Brian stood up and turned around, showing off an ass worthy of a marble statue. I was determined to do some closer appreciation this time, and I crouched down and used my hands to spread his cheeks.

    "Oh, fuck," I whispered as I got my first look at his hole. It was smooth, like the rest of him, and it looked like it had seen more than its share of cocks, fists and assorted other objects. It was the kind of man-cunt that always looked a little wrecked even when it wasn't freshly fucked or punched. The lips of his ass were meaty and very prominent, and I eagerly dove in to explore all of it with my mouth and tongue. My intent had been to get him ready for my cock, but after seeing what he had to offer I knew I wanted to spend some time down here.

    Brian moaned and sighed as I worked his fuckhole over, with the side of his face pressed up against the stall wall. I moved my fingers inward to tug at the small folds of skin at the edge of his opening, knowing how sensitive it probably was. He responded with louder sounds of pleasure, paying no mind to the occasional entrances and exits of other men in the restroom. Sex in these stalls wasn't uncommon, I knew, and on busier nights there'd be action nearly constantly in this restroom, and in the back corners of the bar as well.

    When I finally stood up and slid my cock into his well-prepared ass, I was shocked at how tight it was on the inside. Given how much action his hole got, I figured it might feel more-than-a-little loose. But Brian had excellent control of his muscles and he wasn't one to just let himself be nailed. His insides squeezed and massaged my cock and he backed up against me at every thrust, fucking himself onto me like the power bottom he'd told me he was. I didn't last long and before I knew it I was blasting a huge load deep inside him.

    When we opened the stall door we found that a small audience had gathered, a few guys who'd been jerking off listening to us fuck. They offered words and gropes of appreciation as we moved, half-dressed, back into the main part of the bar. I put on my shirt but didn't button it, and Brian didn't seem inclined to put his back on at all. After settling up for the drinks, we started walking together down Folsom Street and I surprised myself by inviting him back to my apartment.

    Maybe it was the good connection I felt, or maybe it was that we worked in the same industry (or maybe I just wanted a chance to suck his huge cock) but I wasn't as reticent about introducing him to Rickie as I normally would be with a guy I'd just met. I did want to prepare Brian for that meeting though, so I let him know I was a single father and lived with my 11-year-old son, something I'd left out of the conversation up to this point. His face brightened up and he told me he was a dad too, something I hadn't expected to hear. Then again, he'd seemed just as surprised to learn that about me.

    Turns out, Brian had a 14-year-old son back home. Like me, he'd gone it alone and used a surrogate, and suddenly we had a whole new area of commonalty to dive into; including how difficult it was at times to maintain an active sex life while trying to be a responsible parent. We walked and talked for quite a while, before noticing how late it was getting. I flagged down an available cab that was driving by, and a few minutes later we were entering my apartment.

    I'd nearly forgotten that Brian was still shirtless, reminded only by my son's amused expression as I introduced the two of them. Rickie had finished his homework and had dinner with Mrs. Ramsey, his babysitter, who left the apartment soon after we arrived. My son, Brian, and I stayed up and chatted for a short while. Eventually, Brian and I made our way to my bedroom, and my son tossed me a knowing grin as I looked back at him settling down in front of the TV.

    The rest of my night was filled with some mind-blowing sex. I got my wish and spent a while sucking on Brian's impressive cock, getting a load down my throat pretty quickly. He mentioned still being worked up from the good fucking I'd given him at the bar, and then proceeded to tell me he was ready for another load from me. So I filled his well-used ass again, giving him another injection of my fertile DNA before we drifted off to sleep, my cock softening inside him.

    The morning brought one more fuck, just as hot as the ones the previous evening. Afterward, I went to take a shower and I just stood in it for a while, realizing I was slightly exhausted from it all. I enjoyed the relaxation of the hot water for a good while – a bit too long, I realized, as I checked the time while drying off. I hadn't even gone in to wake up Rickie, let alone get him breakfast before school. The conference schedule didn't start until ten, so I'd have time to get myself ready afterward, but my son needed to be out the door within the next thirty minutes.

    I walked back into my bedroom to find the bed empty. As I stepped out into the hallway, I smelled bacon and eggs cooking. I realized Brian was probably at work in the kitchen. Turning the corner, I saw that my son was already awake as well, though still in the briefs and tank top that he slept in. He sat at the kitchen table with a placemat and glass of orange juice in front of him, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Looking up, I was surprised to be faced with Brian's ass in the kitchen. His naked ass.

    Brian hadn't brought a change of clothes, of course. So my overnight guest had elected to cook breakfast in the buff, except for an apron he'd found in the kitchen. It was a sight to see, his exposed muscular back, ass and legs covered only by the thin apron string tied just above his glutes. Rickie was no stranger to the naked male body, so he didn't seem too fazed by it. As for me, my cock immediately started to stir. I was fully naked and it would be a really unfortunate time for me to pop a boner, but I couldn't help it with the prime example of chiseled perfection on display in my kitchen.

    Brian plated some eggs and bacon and turned around to slide the dish in front of my son in a graceful motion. Noticing me, he smiled and asked me how I liked my eggs.

    "Scrambled," I answered, and added, "You didn't have to go to all this trouble, you know. I appreciate it, and I know Rickie does too." My son offered his agreement and thanks through a mouthful of the breakfast he'd already half-devoured.

    "Hey, it's no trouble," Brian replied. "I love cooking and I hate how the hotel puts out some bagels and croissants and calls that breakfast. So it's me who should be thanking you... for a few things." He got a mischievous look as he said those last words, and I felt my cock swell even further as I remembered the load I'd left in him less than half an hour earlier, the third in the last twelve hours.

    "Whoa!" Brian suddenly said in surprise as he lost his grip and the spatula clattered to the floor and slid partway under the fridge. Making a frustrated sound, he moved the frying pan to a cool burner and got down to retrieve the utensil. As he got onto his hands and knees, his muscular glutes stretched and parted, putting his asshole on full display. I was again entranced at how well-used his hole looked, feeling a small surge of pride knowing that I'd contributed to that most recently, but knowing that many men before me had probed and pounded it into the permanently roughed-up state it was in. I caught my breath as I saw a rivulet of cum ooze from his opening, probably squeezed out due to his body's position as he reached for the spatula on the floor. Half a second later, an even larger glob of my jizz slipped out and began slowly running down the back of his large, smooth nut sack.

    It was official: my cock was throbbing at peak arousal ! I quickly grabbed a chair and sat down as to hide my erection under the table. Brian stood up and continued his cooking, joining us at the table when we was finished. After we ate, feeling somewhat confident that this would not be the only morning this week that Brian might be here, I loaned him some sweats for his journey back to his hotel. They were almost too small for him, stretching like spandex across his frame and displaying every muscle. He bid us farewell when his cab arrived, though I'd be seeing him again in a few hours for day two of the conference. With Brian only in town for the week, I knew not to get too attached, but I had to admit that I was already looking forward to the end of the day and the possibility of more fun between us.



    The Folsom Street Fair was wonderfully familiar, yet always a different experience every time I'd gone. I'd never attended with a boyfriend before, let alone two, so this year was more notably different than past ones. I'd also never worn anything quite so revealing in the past. Anywhere else it might have been a little nerve-wracking, but amid all the other outlandish getups – as well as plenty of people wearing nothing at all – it didn't stand out that starkly.

     Brody's outfit was almost identical to mine, something fun that we'd decided on a few weeks ago. We both had jockstraps on, and each of us had a slightly cropped T-shirt, cut to show off the flat stomachs we worked hard to maintain. The shirts both had the words "Daddy's Boy" written across the chest area, and the outfits were completed by leather collars around both our necks. Aside from socks, sneakers and sunglasses, that was the extent of our clothing.

    We'd purposely surprised Thorne with the outfits, knowing he'd be sticking to his standard look for Folsom — tight jeans and a leather, studded harness. I'd seen a few photos of him at past fairs but seeing him dressed like that in person this morning, ready to go out and show off, started to get me hard in my jock. I had a cockring on of course, as did Brody and his father, so my erection quickly reached full status, and it had taken most of the cab ride to go down. We'd walked the last few blocks to where the streets were blocked off, and enjoyed the stares and catcalls from the tourists and non-attendees we passed along the way.

    Thorne's reaction to our outfits had been shock, initially. We all loved having our fun and daring moments in public, but this was a lot of exposure to be rocking at a daylong event. And I don't think Thorne had seen his son be quite so bold before, though I knew Brody wasn't a stranger to this type of display. I was pleased to see the barriers continue to come down for my father-and-son boyfriends, and I was proud at the way we all continued to explore our unconventional dynamic.

    A few hours and more than a few beers later, we'd made the rounds and seen plenty of arousing sights. A short time ago we'd stood and watched three men jerking off with their cocks positioned above the face of a guy who couldn't have been more than nineteen. He was naked, on his knees, with his hands tied behind his back. The men standing above him were talking dirty to one another and egging each other on, taking turns slapping the boy in the face with their thick erections. Their goal was to blow their loads on his face right at the same time, all three of them. I had the sense that this was part of some larger contest, but the details weren't clear and I didn't care much about them anyway. The men had pulled it off, coating their little cum whore's face simultaneously with three thick loads that went running down his chin and neck. We'd resumed walking shortly after that.

    "Thorne! Hey, Thorne!" we heard someone shout, though it was hard to tell which direction the voice was coming from with the noise of the crowd all around us. Eventually I saw a man approaching from one of the sidewalks, smiling big and looking very excited to see one of the men at my side. This guy looked like a model or a porn star, with seemingly every muscle defined clearly and no trace of body fat in sight. And there wasn't much of him that wasn't in sight, since he was only wearing a camouflage jockstrap and a matching cap. I was immediately intrigued and very interested to hear how Thorne was acquainted with this magnificent specimen. As it turned out, he was someone Thorne and Brody both knew.

    "Brian! Holy shit, I can't believe it" Thorne exclaimed, embracing the other man and seeming genuinely thrilled to see him. They hugged tightly for a moment and continued to marvel at running into one another. Then they separated and Brian's eyes shifted to Brody as his face lit up in surprise.

    "Rickie! Is that you?" the older man said with disbelief. "Look at you, all grown up now and... damn, boy. You're really showing it all off with this look. I can't believe this." Then his gaze fixed on me and he smiled, asking "So who's the other daddy's boy here?"

    "Oh yeah... Brian," Thorne said, taking a step to be at one side of me, with Brody on my other side. "This is Dylan... our boyfriend." Introductions were always a little tricky when the three of us were out together and ran into someone unexpectedly. While we didn't have any shame about our unique relationship, not every acquaintance needed to be told the whole story. Brian seemed both surprised and pleased to understand our situation, and perhaps even a little impressed.

    They all spent a few minutes catching up, with Brody noting that he no longer went by "Rickie," and then they filled me in on the backstory. Thorne had met Brian at a work event ten years ago, and they'd spent a fun week together before Brian retuned home to the East Coast. Brody had once made a passing reference to Thorne having a weeklong fling with an "extremely buff bottom daddy" as he'd put it, and I realized this was the man he'd referred to. After that week, Thorne and Brian had kept in contact for a while. Brian had changed job fields so he never crossed paths with Thorne again professionally. To hear them talk, I couldn't help but wonder if Brian and Thorne would've ended up together, as a couple, ten years ago if they lived in the same city. I guess, luckily for me they didn't. Now Brian was finally back in SF for a visit, traveling solo, and he'd seized upon the chance to attend the Folsom Street Fair for the first time.

    As the two older men caught up, I was enjoying ogling Brian's body, particularly the pouch of his jock which seemed to be barely containing its cargo. As Thorne and Brian drifted into work talk for a few minutes, I noticed Brody's eyes lingering on Brian's obscene bulge as well.

    The four of us walked around the fair together for a while, and Brody and I strolled behind the older men, also taking the opportunity to admire the shape and bounciness of Brian's perfect ass framed in the green straps of the jock. 

    "Brian's got a really nice ass," I said to Brody as we walked.

    "You should see his hole," said Brody. "It's absolutely wrecked. Literally hanging loose."

    "Wait, how do you know?" I asked Brody, but just then we'd reached the portable restrooms and we all headed to them for some much-needed relief. As we all gathered together again, we moved to a quieter area on the other side of the trucks that had transported the portapotties. It was a little quieter there, and though not especially secluded, it wasn't in the field of view for most of the fair attendees that were walking past.

    We were all feeling refreshed, relaxed and horny. That last fact was obvious and no one saw any need to be cagey about it. Brian had definitely noticed Brody and me drooling over his package, and we'd observed Thorne's hand wander to Brian's ass a few times as we'd been walking, his fingers disappearing in between the two muscular globes. I figured one way or another this was going to turn into some fun, and I was getting excited. With two men keeping me satisfied for much of the past year, I'd hadn't been motivated to try and add yet another person into the mix. But Throne and Brody had some history with this stud, and we were at a giant celebration of sexual exploration and adventure. It seemed ideal.

    "Your boys seem real interested in what I've got tucked away in here, Thorne," Brian said, glancing between the three of us and then looking down at his jockstrap.

    Thorne looked around at where we were, tucked away from the throngs of people but not especially concealed. We'd seen guys fucking and sucking cocks all up and down the streets as we'd walked around. There wasn't any need to be discreet. But these days, any action happening at the fair was inevitably captured on video by passers-by, and in our out-of-the-way spot we might be able to avoid that to some degree.

    "Well Brian, why don't you let them have a good look," Thorne replied, grinning devilishly. The two men held eye contact for a moment, and I understood that Brian had still been feeling out how far things could go with both the father and son present. The knowledge that they shared a boyfriend coupled with Thorne's green-light response was all Brian needed, and before I knew it his giant dick was unfurling right in front of Brody and me.

    Brody and I locked eyes and without words, we both knew what we wanted. Dropping to our knees on either side of the monster cock, we both leaned in and began using our mouths and tongues to explore every inch of it. Brian gasped and then laughed a little, maybe in disbelief, before shifting into some moans and utterances of "Oh yeah" and "Fuck, that's nice."

    He quieted down after that and I glanced up to see him and Thorne locked in a deep kiss. It had become clear that Thorne had had some great experiences with this guy, and I was happy that he was getting to revisit those as well as make some new memories. I already knew that this day was going to stand out in my own memory for years to come.

    Brody and I worshipped Brian's cock vigorously, using our hands to stroke the slick shaft and play with his balls as we worked. We traded off taking the head and the first six inches of it down our throats, neither of us quite able to get the thickness of it any further. We'd also periodically make out with one another, with Brian's cockhead placed between our mouths, our lips and tongues finding their way together around the swollen knob. The intense stimulation also meant we'd be treated to surges of salty precum when we did that, and that drove us both wild. Soon, each of us was using one hand to continue working on Brian's cock and balls, and the other was reaching across and down to one another's crotch. We stroked each another slowly as we enjoyed that slab of meat together.

    Brian's hand was undoing Thorne's jeans and soon my other boyfriend was getting his cock stroked as well. Thorne was standing on the same side of Brian that Brody was on, and my heart raced a little when I saw just how close Thorne's cock was to his son's face. Brody continued to eagerly work on Brian's cock, but I saw his eyes drift over to his father's stiff member a few times, and at those moments I could swear I felt his cock throb a little more strongly in my hand.

    Soon though, Thorne moved to stand behind Brian and I was reminded of Brody's comment that Brian was a bottom, regardless of how huge his cock was. Thorne was going to fuck this dude as we worshipped his dick, with a huge crowd of people all around us. This reminded me of Pride this past summer but somehow even more outlandish. A public four-way with a father and son, and a guy who they'd known since Brody was a kid.

    Brian's cock swelled even more as he started to get fucked. It was wild being able to tell the precise moments Thorne would push into Brian's prostate. There would be a noticeable throb and then Brody and I would be treated to more of that sticky nectar, the two of us almost fighting with each other to get it. It was obvious that Brian loved having a cock inside him. He was grinding back onto Thorne in a steady motion, letting Brody and me follow along and keep the pleasure on his cock going strong.

    Thorne reached around Brian's waist with one hand and grabbed the base of the thick shaft. He pulled it to one side, in my direction, and I took the cue to go down on it as much as I could, getting closer than before to taking it all but still nowhere near achieving that. Brian's hand moved to the back of my head to keep me down on it as long as I could take it, and then I had to pull off and take a moment to catch my breath.

    When I did that, Thorne moved Brian's cock in the other direction so that his son could have another go at swallowing it. Brian's hand grabbed Brody's head to help him go as far as he could, and I took a moment to enjoy that sight. Thorne fucking this stud while helping to feed the guy's cock to his own son, watching his boy's head shoved as far onto that slick pole as it could go. I shot my load right then, coating Brody's hand with my cum as I watched all of that happening before my eyes.

    I'm not sure if Brody just relaxed more or if something else changed, but suddenly he was getting more of Brian's cock down his throat than before. Brian let out a long moan as my young boyfriend started almost fully deep-throating him. I kept watching and I reached up to play with Brian's balls, realizing that Thorne's hand was no longer at the base of Brian's cock. It had moved to Brody's neck, not gripping it tightly but resting his palm there, no doubt feeling the massive dick stretching his son's throat.

    Brian's balls suddenly tightened up in my hand, and I knew he was about to dump a huge load of sperm directly down into Brody's stomach. I heard a familiar groan from Thorne a moment later and I knew he was beginning to unload as well. The heat of the moment was intense, even out there under the hot sun.  I had still been stroking Brody this entire time and now it was my turn to get coated with cum as Brody released his load. I'm not sure if it was the cock blasting down his gullet or his father's hand on his throat that did the trick, and decided it was probably the combination of the two.

    As their orgasms all subsided, the four of us slowly separated and Brody and I stood up. We all moved into a sweaty hug with Brian in the middle, which seemed to be a place he liked. I could certainly understand that. After a moment of enjoying that, we all tucked our dripping cocks back in and made our way back to the crowd. Brody and I held hands and walked in front of Thorne and Brian, and I could hear them chatting giddily. Brian was looking at us and commented that we both had cute asses, and Throne agreed. Then I heard Brian say that Thorne would need to come visit sometime, adding that maybe his son could return the favor and suck Thorne's cock. I just shook my head in amazement, unsure if that was a joke or a real proposal, and in awe of the magic of the Folsom Street Fair.

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