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New Year, New Possibilities

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Cowritten with: Tom R

DEC. 31, 2021 | DYLAN:

    The night sky was clear, the air cold but not frigid, and the fog hadn't yet penetrated this far into the city, so I was able to enjoy looking up at the stars as I walked to my boyfriends' apartment. I was excited for tonight, not just because it was New Year's Eve, but because I'd finally have the chance to spend an evening with both Brody and Thorne. It had been far too long – more than a month – since the three of us had had any kind of extended time together.

    My trip home for Thanksgiving had been unexpectedly extended when my mother had to be rushed to the hospital to have her appendix removed. Her recovery meant that she and my dad needed some help around the house and I would miss a week of classes because of it. They finally insisted that I return home and when I did, catching up in time for finals felt like a Sisyphean task. 

    I managed to make some time for the two men I loved, but not as much as any of us would have liked. Brody brought me food from the diner on several occasions and he stayed over at my apartment those nights, often falling asleep after we fucked, while I stayed up to do a few more hours of studying. Thorne was usually the one who made me take sanity breaks, and we'd go on a walk through the park or get lunch somewhere. Those outings were refreshing since I got both fresh air and a fresh load deposited in my ass. It somehow always happened that our walks took us through a cruisy area, or the spot where we got food would have a restroom perfect for some quick fun. Then again, maybe it was just us and we were good at making the most of wherever we were.

    When my exams were finally done, Christmas immediately followed and I was back in Sacramento with my family. I'd hoped to spend the holiday with my boyfriends, but a number of relatives had decided to come visit this year and my parents guilted me into coming home to see everyone. Since I hadn't figured out how to explain my romantic situation to my family yet, I couldn't counter their insistence by saying I wanted to spend the day with a boyfriend (Let alone two of them! Who also happened to be a father and son!!) I would have to sit my parents down for a long talk about things pretty soon, but a holiday family reunion wasn't the time. I had to settle for a video call with Thorne and Brody on Christmas Eve as they celebrated with Ridge, Hank and Bill.

    I'd managed to return to San Francisco a few days ago, and my first night back included a joyous, ass-pounding reunion with Thorne in his bedroom (and in the living room, and on the kitchen table). Brody was working a late shift that night, but he got the same treatment from me the following morning. I'd awakened before Thorne and I crept into Brody's room, eager to get my tongue down his throat and my cock up his ass. We fucked loudly and passionately, and after I finished breeding him, we were both a surprised to see his father standing in the doorway naked, stroking his cock.

    The three of us all smiled, and I shifted position so that I was on my hands and knees with my face in Brody's crotch and my ass pointed at Thorne. He got the message and as I took the son's throbbing cock in my mouth, the father's slid right into my well-used hole. Despite having left three loads in there the night before, Thorne quickly got to the edge and was moaning and telling me he was going to fill my ass up one more time. Brody hadn't even cum once yet, and hearing his dad start to unload was all it took for him to flood my throat with his seed.

    When Thorne remarked that he was going to be late for work and needed to jump in the shower, I stood up to kiss him goodbye, fully aware that some of Brody's cum was still in my mouth. His father definitely tasted it as we made out and he just flashed me a devilish grin when he pulled back from the kiss, before making a show of licking his lips, winking at Brody, and leaving the room.

    When I plopped back down on the bed next to my younger boyfriend, he immediately slid himself down to the end of the bed and grabbed my legs. Spreading them apart and pushing them up, Brody dove between my cheeks and started lapping at my freshly-fucked hole with his tongue. He licked his father's load out of me as I moaned and squirmed my way to another orgasm while stroking myself. Feeling Brody's stubble on the raw and sensitive skin and knowing that he was gleefully swallowing his little brothers and sisters was all it took to get me off.

    That all happened the day before yesterday and I hadn't seen either of them since, but tonight we were all going to a New Year's Eve party at a club in SoMa together. I was finally caught up on sleep and ready to have fun. The father and son were ready to go when I arrived at their apartment, both looking devastatingly handsome in tight jeans and skintight dress shirts under their winter coats. I spent the Uber ride to the party sitting in between them, taking turns making out with them as I turned my head from one side to the other. The driver looked very amused every time I glanced at him staring at us in the rear-view mirror, and he wished us a fun night as we got out in front of the venue.

    We'd picked this party because all three of us liked the featured DJ and it proved to be a really fun evening. We didn't know anyone else there but it didn't matter much since we only had eyes for one another. I'm not sure if it was the drinks or just the excitement of us being out together… but Thorne and Brody seemed extra cozy with one another the whole night. 

    On previous occasions when we'd all been out to a club together, I was usually the one in the middle, enjoying both my boyfriends grinding on me from either side on the dance floor. But tonight, I was surprised when Brody wedged himself in between Thorne and me in the packed area in front of the stage. The music was far too loud for us to exchange any words, but after Brody made out with me, with his father right behind him, I threw him an expression that let him know I was intrigued by his positioning. Brody just grinned, kissed me again, and then turned around to let me grind my denim-covered hard-on into his ass. Of course, that meant that he was face-to-face – and crotch-to-crotch – with his dad, and that turned me on even more. No matter which way Brody was facing, Thorne's hands were usually on his son's waist and I managed to press my bulge up against the older man's fingers while we all danced close, which prompted Thorne to grope my cock. Sometimes he would lean over Brody's shoulder and make out with me. It was all so mind-blowingly hot, my cock was dripping in my jeans the entire time. I was already thinking about the fun we were going to have once we got back to their place.

    Suddenly, the music stopped and the lighting changed as the screens switched to a countdown of the year's final minute. I was faced with a dilemma that I should have seen coming: who would I kiss first at midnight? I could certainly lock lips with them one after the other, but I couldn't help but feel like I would be showing preference that way. As everyone in the club started shouting out the final ten seconds of the countdown, I looked at both of my boyfriends with uncertainty. In return, they just smiled big and exchanged a quick glance with one another.

    "Three... two... ONE!!!" echoed through the large space, and I felt two hands at the back of my head, pulling me in. Before I knew it, I was in a threeway kiss with both Thorne and Brody, something I'd fantasized about for the past year but never thought would actually happen. I wasn't just going back and forth between their mouths as I'd done on past occasions: all of us were truly kissing one another right now, lips and tongues sliding around and pressing together passionately. I had an arm around each of them and they each had one around me, and I knew they were embracing one another in the same way. There was no hesitation from them, just eagerness and love, and I nearly creamed my jeans right then.

    There was a brief moment where I moved my face slightly and I was mostly kissing the side of Thorne's mouth. I could feel the mutual kiss continuing, but now it was primarily the two of them making out with each other, the moans and wet sounds just as loud as they had been the whole time. I knew it had to be the drinks and the heat of the moment at work, but I made sure to etch the memory in my mind, knowing that I'd be replaying it during many future jack-off sessions throughout my life.

    As we pulled apart, the kissing gave way to more general embracing, and then back to dancing as the techno beats resumed. Balloons were falling all around us but we hadn't even noticed. I'm not sure which one of us had the biggest smile on his face. Though we'd stopped drinking just before midnight, the rest of the time the club was a bit of a blur, and before I knew it I found myself once again sitting in between my lovers in the backseat of a car that was taking us home.

    By the time we were entering their apartment, I had sobered up a bit. We all shed our coats and drank some water, enjoying a moment of quiet after the raucous night. I actually felt a bit tired, though there was no way I was going to crash before we had some cum-soaked fun. My cock had been hard most of the night and I knew we all needed some release. I stepped into the bathroom for a piss and when I emerged, Brody and Thorne were sitting next to one another on the couch, both stark naked. Immediately intrigued, I headed toward them while unbuttoning my shirt, picturing myself on my knees and going back and forth between their tantalizingly similar cocks. However, when I got closer, Thorne sternly ordered me to sit down in the chair across from the sofa.

    "We've got a special treat for you, Dylan," he said seductively, "one we've been waiting a while to give you. Get those pants off so we can see that sexy ass of yours."

    Even more excited now, and curious about what they had planned, I complied and made a quick show of sliding my jeans down and shaking my backside at them. Brody did a wolf whistle in appreciation and I took my place in the chair across from the father and son. All three of us were hard by this point, and my hand drifted to my cock almost on its own.

    My two boyfriends started stroking their cocks while looking at me, and it was a gorgeous sight watching a dad and son jerk off while sitting next to one another. They really did seem more comfortable than ever, and my dick throbbed in my hand as I thought back to the sensual kiss at midnight.

    The three of us had slick cocks in no time, with precum flowing freely from all our piss slits. The wet jerking sounds and the smiles on their faces as they looked at me were getting me more worked up by the second. For a moment, I felt a slight tinge of disappointment thinking the father-son jack-off show might be the extent of their "special treat." As hot as it was to see, I was hoping to get at least one load in both my holes before going to sleep. But I quickly pushed the thought aside, realizing that watching them cum right next to each other would be amazing, and I'd be able to lick up both their loads after.

    "Don't cum yet, babe," Brody said to me, "we're just getting started." A second later, they each removed their hands from their own cocks and grabbed one another's, resuming stroking at the same pace as before.

    "Oh my god..." I moaned, almost unable to believe what I was seeing. Brody had his hand on his dad's erection like it was the most natural thing in the world for him to be doing. And Thorne was stroking his son's dick as if it was his own. They both were still staring right at me, smiling at my reaction and loving every second. I realized they'd planned this, and they seemed way too cavalier for it to be their first time touching one another like this. "They've done this at least once before!" I thought to myself. I had a whole bunch of questions, but they would have to wait for tomorrow. For now, I was enjoying the hottest show I'd ever seen in my life!

    As the session went on, I did notice Brody looking a little nervous, though he did a good job playing it cool. I could almost hear his heart pounding; this was obviously a thrill for him. Thorne was more focused, keeping his gaze locked on me, but Brody's eyes kept shifting from looking at me to staring at his hand on his dad's thick dick. Maybe this wasn't the first time this had happened, but it was still clearly an incredibly new and exciting thing for him. 

    "You like seeing us jerk each other off, Dylan?" Thorne asked, and there was no need for me to state the obvious answer.

    "Fuck! It's incredible. I can't believe this is really happening," was all I could blurt out. My hand was now flying up and down my shaft. I was eager to cum to the sight before me, looking attentively and barely blinking. I didn't want to miss a second of this, and I wondered if I'd be able to hold out long enough to see them milk a load out of each other.

    "We both fuckin' love you, you know?" Brody said, sounding a little breathless. "We knew this would get you going. We figured we should start the year off right."

    "I love you guys too," I moaned, my heart melting even as it nearly pounded through my chest. "I wish I could live in this moment forever."
   "Don't be hasty now," Brody said, somehow sounding both confident and nervous as he looked at his father and then back at me. Then, the young man took a deep breath, leaned over… and took Thorne's cock in his mouth.

    If I hadn't been so turned on, I might have laughed at Thorne's expression, since it rapidly changed from one of seductive assuredness to complete surprise. It was immediately clear that this had NOT been part of their plan. Thorne looked just as surprised as I was, which made this a hundred times hotter to witness! When Brody leaned over, Thorne reflexively pulled his own arm away from his son's cock, to get it out of the way. He slowly brought it back down along Brody's side, gently rubbing along his son's ribs as he looked down at what was happening.

    Brody began moaning softly shortly after he'd started sucking his father's tool, and he continued to stroke Thorne as he worked more and more of his shaft into his mouth. Brody's other hand went to his own cock to pick up where his father had left off, and at that point I knew that all three of us would be cumming shortly. The only question was: who would blow his load first?

    "Oh, Son... oh fuck," Thorne whispered. "That feels so amazing." My older boyfriend leaned his head back for a second, then seemed to change his mind, realizing that he wanted to keep watching his cock disappear down the throat of the boy that it had created. From where I sat, I could see that Brody was sometimes opening his eyes to look up at his father. I couldn't fathom the intensity of this moment for the two of them. I knew that all this was all for my sake as much as it was for theirs, and that made my love for these two men grow even stronger.

    "Oh fuck, fuck... I'm gonna cum!" Thorne suddenly exclaimed, and I felt myself get closer to the edge when I saw Thorne's hand move to the back of Brody's head, as if to keep him from pulling away. Not that there was any danger of that happening: there was no way this boy was going to let his father's load go anywhere else but his cocksucking throat. As Thorne's cum started flowing, I saw the base of his dick throbbing, the only part of it that was visible to me. He was pumping his seed into his son's eager mouth, and Brody was moaning hungrily as he swallowed it down.

    When I saw the cum begin to spew from Brody's cock while his fist flew rapidly up and down his own shaft, I couldn't hold myself back any longer. I felt myself slide forward off the chair, onto my knees, and I began to shoot. I was close enough to hit both father and son with my cum. Brody was jizzing all over himself and his father's hairy leg. I only spotted one rivulet of Thorne's cum escaping his son's lips and sliding down to his balls, an image that would be frozen in my mind for the rest of my days.

    I wasn't sure who was loudest in the throes of our mutual pleasure. Thorne seemed to stop cumming first but, like a good son, Brody continued to nurse on his daddy's cock, determined to get every last drop of the seed that had given him life. Thorne's hand was lovingly caressing his son's head, his fingers running through the dark hair as he let out a deep breath. Thorne's eyes met mine and without saying any words I knew he was beckoning me into his arms. I was there in a flash, kissing him deeply as my dripping cock pressed against his side.

    A second later, there was a third pair of lips in the kiss and then a third tongue, bringing with it the taste of Thorne's cum that I knew so well. We repeated our threeway kiss from midnight but it was a thousand times more sensual. Hands wandered wherever they needed to, rubbing a mix of cum and sweat into our skin and stroking sensitive, softening cocks tenderly. I knew I was moaning but couldn't tell which sounds were mine and which belonged to my lovers. That kiss seemed to last forever, but eventually it ended and we all held each other there on the couch, hearts full of love and new possibilities.

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