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You're Thinking About Sucking Your Dad's Cock, Aren't You?

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Cowritten with: Tom R

JAN. 1, 2019 | BRODY:

    I entered the dark apartment with a smile on my face. This New Year's Eve had turned out even better than I had hoped. I'd planned to sleep over at my buddy's place, a friend with benefits who got us an invitation to a gay house party in the Sunset District. But at the party, we met a hot older guy and the three of us ducked into one of the bedrooms together.

    For the first time in my life, I had serviced two guys at once, and it was amazing! On my knees in front of them, a dick in each hand, going back and forth. I'd swallowed both their loads one after the other. Then, they repaid me for my hard work by pushing me back on the bed and treating me to a double blowjob, which was another first for me. Feeling two mouths and tongues on my cock felt so wild and intense, that I came after only a few minutes of enjoyment. The three of us actually missed the countdown to midnight and got teased by everyone when we strolled back into the main part of the house, no doubt looking very satisfied.

    After that whole experience, I didn't think the night would get any better so I decided to come home and crash in my own bed. However, thinking about everything on the way home had me horny all over again. As I walked through the darkened living room, I didn't even bother to turn any lights on. I got to my room, stripped down to sleep naked like usual, and I crawled in between the sheets. My hand immediately slid down to my hard cock and I slowly began to stroke, replaying the whole hot night in my brain.

    About five minutes after I got going, I heard the front door opening and three voices laughing and hooting as my father and uncles came stumbling in. They'd been out at another party; I wasn't sure where, but by the sound of things it was someplace with plenty of alcohol flowing. I smiled to myself in the dark bedroom, realizing they didn't know I was home, since I'd told Dad I was spending the night at my buddy's. I listened in for a while, not able to make out everything but still amused by their drunken banter.

    "I need some water!" I heard my Uncle Ridge shouting.

    "Get it yourself, I just sat down," Dad replied in a teasing tone.

    "Fuck you, you were sitting down all night making out with that twink," Ridge retorted. "Is your lap tired from him grinding on you so much? Or is it that your hands are tired from being shoved down the back of his pants?" I heard my father make a growling sound in response.

    "More like my balls are blue. I made that little shit cum in his jeans from fingering him and then he disappeared two minutes later!" my father lamented. I resumed stroking my cock in bed, feeling turned on by the thought of my father fingering some guy's ass in the middle of a party. Over the years I'd picked up hints that Dad got off on doing stuff with others watching, or playing around in public spots. And lately, I'd started to see the appeal based on some of my own experiences. Even tonight, part of the thrill was that anyone at the party could have walked in on us at any moment. The thought of getting caught by a stranger (or even a friend) blowing two dudes at the same time made my cock throb in my hand.

    "Well, it's not like we did much better," I heard Uncle Hank interject. "I was sure that couple from Sausalito was going to invite us back to their place. The one with the beard had a huge cock, and I barely got to suck it out in the alley." 

    I always knew my uncles were in an open relationship, even when I was too young to truly understand what an "open relationship" meant. They were happy to go out and pick up other guys or couples when they wanted some extra fun, but tonight it sounded like they had struck out for whatever reason. There was a moment of quiet in the living room and I wondered if they'd started whispering, when I heard Uncle Ridge speaking in a low, seductive tone.

    "Well, there's two cocks over here to suck if you're still looking."

    My whole body froze, my hand mid-stroke and gripping my shaft. Whoa! Did Ridge really just say that, in reference to him and my father? A few times, I'd picked up on some vague comments that had made me wonder if Dad ever had three-ways with Ridge and Hank. I'd never been sure though, and since my "Uncle" Ridge was actually my father's cousin, it seemed unlikely. The two of them had grown up together like brothers, but maybe Dad and Hank got it on sometimes? It wouldn't surprise me, knowing what horndogs they all were.

    Their voices again went silent, but I heard a pair of footsteps crossing the hard floor in the kitchen, and I pictured Hank walking over to my father and uncle who were probably sitting on the couch. Was he getting down on his knees right now? My horniness and curiosity got the best of me, and I quietly stood up and crept over to my bedroom door, hand still on my hard cock. Taking care to avoid making any kind of sound, I slowly turned the knob and opened the door a crack.

    With low light out there and no lights on inside my room, they were unlikely to notice the door being slightly open, even if they glanced down the hallway. On the other hand, I had a clear view of the couch and I could make out plenty of detail courtesy of the kitchen light. The scene was almost exactly as I had imagined: Hank was in front of Dad and Ridge and had already pulled out both their hard-ons through their flies. I'd caught them right as Hank was leaning over to take his partner's cock in his mouth.

    Seeing the two of them mess around wasn't exactly a new thrill. Hell, they'd fucked a few feet away from me at the Folsom Street Fair when I was only 15. But it was still rare enough to feel exciting and taboo, and right now with my father involved, the naughtiness factor was ratcheted up quite a bit. I watched and kept jerking myself slowly as Hank applied his expert oral skills and Ridge moaned with pleasure. I noticed Hank's other hand never left my dad's dick, stroking it and keeping it hard for what I assumed was going to happen next. And then I saw it.

    Hank pulled off Ridge, shifted position, and then swallowed my father's cock. This was so wild! I'd never seen Dad get his dick sucked before and I couldn't have stopped watching if I'd tried. Hank worked on him for several minutes and then went back to Ridge. My cock got even harder in my hand as I realized he was doing the same thing I'd done earlier tonight: sucking two cocks side-by-side. The thought made me stroke myself even faster.

    I watched Uncle Hank switch back and forth a few times, continuing to elicit moans from both men he was blowing. Suddenly, Ridge grabbed Hank's head and held it firmly in place.

    "Fuck, fuck!" Ridge yelled, breathing fast, and I could tell he was shooting a load down his partner's throat. Hank was the one doing the moaning now, clearly turned on by swallowing cum – a feeling that was familiar to me.

    Hank's stroking of my father had paused while his attention was on the cock shooting in his mouth, but he never let go of Dad's dick. He'd barely released Ridge from his lips before he jumped back to sucking Dad, even more eagerly than before. Once Uncle Hank had a taste of cum, he clearly wanted more. I thought it might be fun to try and blow my load at the same time my father did, so I picked up my own pace a little.

    I wasn't at all prepared to see Ridge slide off the couch and join Hank in front of my father, and my jaw dropped as I watched them start to share the cocksucking duties. My father was getting a double blowjob just like I had a few hours before, and one of the men doing it was his own cousin! The shock and perverse thrill of what I was seeing caused me to start shooting my load right then, which I hadn't been prepared for. I couldn't catch my cum in my hand as I'd planned, but I didn't care about my carpet right now. The sight before my eyes was too hot to look away from.

    Dad didn't last long, though I noticed he didn't seem at all surprised or averse to what Ridge had decided to do. This obviously wasn't the first time for them. My orgasm subsided just as my father's was beginning, and I marveled at what I'd managed to observe. I had a voyeuristic streak as well, and catching family members making one another cum felt like an all-time high score.

    After hearing Dad moan out the words "Fuck yeah, both of you get some of that load," I eased the door shut and crept back to my bed, hoping tonight was a sign of a fun year to come. 

JAN. 1, 2022 | THORNE:

    I woke up slowly and with a smile. The last thing I'd seen before falling asleep was Dylan's handsome face on the pillow next to me, and it was also the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes. Even as he slept, he seemed to have a slight grin of his own and I thought with some amusement that it had probably been there all night long. After all, last night my son and I had made one of Dylan's biggest fantasies come true. As we'd planned, Brody and I jerked each other off, putting on a hot father-son show for our kinky boyfriend. What hadn't been part of the plan was my son leaning over, sucking my cock, and swallowing my load.

    I hadn't stopped him, being so turned on and shocked by what was happening. All I could do was grab my boy's head with my hand and feed him the cum that had created him. Brody's action hadn't come as a complete surprise. In fact, I figured that it would happen sooner or later, given that we'd already jerked one another off a few times. But I honestly thought that we'd talk about it first.

    Thinking back though, I wouldn't change a thing. The surprise of it was such a rush, and I knew my son felt the same. Since our talk on Thanksgiving which was followed by our first mutual masturbation session, Brody and I had begun to push the limits of what we were open to do together, going further than I'd ever expected, even given the fact that we'd been sharing a boyfriend for nearly a year.

    Spit-roasting Dylan with my son and having him in the middle of a three-way fuck was some of the hottest sex I'd ever had. Plus the cumplay the three of us indulged in was a massive and perverse thrill. Tasting my son's spunk and seeing him savor mine was something that would probably never get old. But taking things further had opened up another level of emotion and pleasure, and it felt both intense and oddly comfortable. In a way, it reminded me of when my cousin Ridge and I played around occasionally – the layers of connection at work made it so special and exhilarating.

    On Christmas Day, my son and I had spent the day at home smoking weed and watching movies, since Dylan was with his family. Some stoned joking around and shotgunning hits from the pipe had (somewhat predictably and probably intentionally) led to an amazing father-son makeout session. After a breathless separation and a fit of giggling, followed by a few more minutes of kissing, we had made one another cum while our tongues were intertwined. It had been pretty mind-blowing and I think we both had to take a little time to process things afterward.

    After somewhat sobering up, my son and I had had a frank conversation and decided that the kissing – amazing as it was – should be something we saved for when Dylan was with us. I suspected that at some point in the future, Brody might be open to revisiting that, but I was in no rush to push things further than they would go naturally. After all, he was my son and he would be in my life forever. We had plenty of time to explore, and this was extremely uncharted territory.

    And now here I was, waking up on New Year's Day with both Dylan as well as Brody in my bed. After a few minutes, I noticed Brody waking up. My son's face popped up from behind Dylan's and made eye contact with me. I could tell he was having that post-awakening moment when things were all rushing back to him.

    I wanted to say something but I wasn't sure what. "Good morning, Son. That was a great blowjob you gave me last night?" So I remained quiet and just smiled, continuing to make intimate eye contact with my son. 

    Finally, Dylan's eyes opened and he eased into consciousness like someone floating on a cloud. Looking pleased as punch, he looked at both of us and just said, "Good morning."

    Brody leaned in for a kiss with Dylan, and after they were done Dylan and I did the same. As Dylan and I kissed, my son's face was so close to us that we just fell into a hot three-way kiss, like we had at the club the previous night. We enjoyed that for a minute or two and then Dylan shifted position and sat up, separating the three of us. He seemed out of breath and a little overwhelmed.

    "Oh my god... Oh my god, you guys," he stammered, "I can't even... when did this happen? I mean, when did you... decide that this was... a thing?" Our boyfriend was at a loss for words, and all I could do was chuckle. Brody and I sat up as well, and as our hands drifted to different spots on Dylan's naked body, we told him about what we'd been up to since Thanksgiving. He didn't ask any questions while we spoke, he just kept inhaling sharply and we both could see and feel his cock reacting to our story.

    I was the one who recounted the Christmas kissing, managing to only get a little flustered while speaking about making out with my own son. Dylan's jaw was slack as he took it all in.

    "So you guys have been doing that for the past week?" he asked, eyes wide in surprise.

    "No... last night was the first time since then," Brody said. "We decided to hold off until we could be with you again." Dylan looked like he was touched by hearing that.

    "And last night was the first time you... sucked his dick?" Dylan asked, looking at my son.

    "Yeah," was all Brody replied with, glancing down at Dylan's cock, which my son and I had been taking turns stroking as we talked. By this point it was slick with precum and rock hard, no doubt from what we were saying as much as what we were doing. "I think I need to suck this one right now, though."

    Without waiting for a response, Brody leaned over and slurped Dylan's cock into his mouth. I relaxed back and reached for my own dick as I enjoyed the sight of my son servicing our boyfriend. Brody truly was an excellent cocksucker, a fact I could now attest to firsthand. Dylan had already been extremely worked up and in no time he was flooding my boy's throat with his load.

    With a mouthful of sperm, Brody raised his head back up and leaned in to kiss Dylan, and I could see that they were passing cum back and forth with their tongues. My cock oozed out more precum seeing that, and I slowed my stroking a bit. Even as they kissed, I noticed Brody's eyes were open and he was glancing at me, or more specifically: at my dick. This wasn't lost on Dylan either and his hand went up to my son's chin to direct his gaze back to his eyes.

    "You're thinking about sucking your dad's cock, aren't you?" Dylan asked in a sexy voice, sounding more commanding than usual.

    "Mhm," Brody moaned softly in affirmation, staring into our boyfriend's eyes.

    "So am I," Dylan said, "and I can't think of anything hotter than doing it alongside you." They kissed once more and then both slid further down the bed, Dylan moving to the other side of me. I let go of my hardon and for a second it wobbled as we all stared at it. Then, my two hungry boys got to work.

    Just like last night, the feeling was so intense that I felt like closing my eyes and leaning my head back to get lost in all the sensations. But what I was seeing was still far too new and I didn't want to miss a second of it. Brody and Dylan each had a hand at work, either stroking part of my shaft or tugging at my balls. They switched back and forth doing that as their lips and tongues bathed my cock in their saliva. They were both letting out small moans of eager pleasure as their tongues managed to meet in various places up and down my dick. The best moments were when they were both at the head and were more or less making out with my cockhead enveloped in their mouths. I knew they were being treated to a fuck-ton of juice as it poured out of my piss slit, and both sets of eyes were glazed over as they got lost in what they were doing.

    It was beautiful, and I wondered if I would ever stop being amazed at the sight of my cock disappearing between my son's lips. Part of me wished that Brody and I had pushed past these boundaries earlier – the things I was feeling were so intense, it was like I was retroactively craving them. But I also knew that I would never have wanted it to happen any other way. It was Dylan that had brought us to this place, the three of us together. 

    I let them know that they were about to get a load of daddy cum, and I thought they might try to keep both their mouths sealed at the end of my cock and see who could get more. But at the last second, Dylan pulled back and brought a hand to Brody's head, pushing my son down and causing my cock to slide deep into his throat.

    "Oh fuck!" I cried out as I felt the added tightness. My shaft squeezed through my son's throat and my cockhead swelled as the first jet of jizz spurted down my son's cum-guzzling gullet. I saw that Dylan's other hand was at Brody's neck, and I realized I could feel him squeezing my cock through my son's throat. It was a subtle pressure but the sensation sent me to new levels of arousal even as I was cumming.

    As my son deep-throated the cock that made him, I could see his own dick shooting too. He'd barely touched it with his other hand. For everything I was feeling, I knew this was probably even more intense for Brody. My hand moved to his jaw and I held his face while he continued to swallow my seed. When he felt sure he'd gotten every drop, he slowly let my cock slide out. He took in a deep breath as the cockhead passed his lips, and he looked up at me with so much love and lust in his eyes.

    I reached both my arms out and pulled my two cocksuckers up to me, kissing Brody and then Dylan before they each rested their heads on my shoulder. The three of us dozed off again, full of excitement and anticipation of what this new year would bring.

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