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Cum Stains and Public Sex

Category:  FATHER-SON  |  PUBLIC 

Cowritten with: Tom R

Read Chapter 1: "Dylan's Lucky Day"



    It had been a great few weeks, and I felt like every part of my life was right where I wanted it to be. School was a great mix of classes this term, and all my professors had offered compliments about the work I was doing so far. Work was... work, but the tips had been good lately, and the current crew at the diner all got along well.

    The biggest highlight had definitely been Dylan, however. Ever since high school I've had buddies that I occasionally messed around with, and a few good recurring hookups. But Dylan had quickly become my favorite person to have sex and hang out with! I went over to his place a couple of days a week after classes. He was the only young person I knew who lived by himself, and his apartment seemed like the coolest place in the city to me. We'd fuck, then smoke a joint, order dinner, maybe watch a movie or play video games. We just had so much in common. The last few times, I'd spent the night there and we would go for another round in the morning, so I went to school with his cum in my ass. As the weeks went by, our bond got stronger and I really started to... imagine us together, if it came to that.

    And the sex was... phenomenal! I loved how Dylan worked my ass when he fucked me. A lot of the boys I'd had sex with in the past were too gentle, too... vanilla. Dylan knew how to keep it slow and sensual, but he also got rough when I wanted it. I felt safe with him, and I couldn't wait to explore more. As I got older, I found myself wanting to experiment more and more when it came to sex. 

    Just recently, thanks to Dylan, I got to experience my first threesome. Last week, we were hanging out with one of Dylan's friends from undergrad. The dude was a tall jock, the same age as Dylan, really built and packing almost nine inches. He'd fucked me first, getting deeper than anyone had been in a long time. It felt amazing, and Dylan was sucking my cock during most of it, which really took things to a mind-blowing place. After I lost my load and got my ass filled with what felt like a liter of cum, we took a short break. But the jock dude was quickly ready to go again, and that time I made out with Dylan while he got his own ass pounded by his buddy. I jerked Dylan off while we kissed, and I even moved my hand back and slid a finger into his stretched hole, feeling the big cock slamming in and out. It was so much fun! 

    That whole experience had me wondering what we might do next. I had a few things I wanted to try out, and I was already making some devious plans for Dylan and me... 

    Meanwhile, my father must have noticed that I was feeling on top of my game recently. One night, as we ate dinner, he commented on how upbeat I seemed.

    "Do you have anything special going on lately?" he asked, as we both enjoyed the pasta I'd made for us. "You seem to be all smiles these days. I love seeing it, just wondering if there's any good news you haven't shared."

    "No, no major news," I said. Even though things were moving quickly between Dylan and me, we weren't technically "together" yet, so it felt premature to tell my dad about it.

    "Okay. So the Grindr guys have been really giving you what you need, is that it?" Dad laughed. He was trying to embarrass me, but it wasn't so easy.

    "Yup. Everyone within a five-mile radius," I joked. Conversations like this were pretty common at our house. Even though we both usually kept the actual details of our sex lives to ourselves, we joked about sex quite frequently. Since my father and most of his friends were gay, I'd grown up listening to banter like this all my life.

    "I'm actually running out of guys here," I continued. "I'm moving on to Oakland."

    "That explains all the cum stains I've been finding on the back of your underwear."

    I almost choked on my food when I heard my dad say that. There had been several days recently where I'd gotten dressed immediately after getting loaded up by Dylan and walked out with his cum still in my ass, possibly leaking out. I had no idea if my dad was joking or not, but either way I had to think of a funny retort quickly.

    "Then maybe you should stop sniffing my underwear, you perv!" I teased my father.

    "Well, Rickie, if you don't want me commenting on your dirty underwear, maybe you should start doing your own laundry once in a while."

    "Or I can just stop wearing underwear," I shot back quickly, already over my mild embarrassment. Dad laughed as he stood up and took his plate over to the sink. He loved to tease me, and I loved to try and outdo him. Sometimes he even let me, though he was pretty unflappable most of the time.

    When I started having sex at 16, I told Dad about it but he didn't ask for too many details. He told me I could always come to him with questions, but he didn't want to pry into my business. It was just as well, since I'd lost my virginity to a 25-year-old guy, and Dad might have been a little weirded out by the age gap. I'd only ended up seeing that dude a few more times anyway. Dad had met a few overnight guests I'd had, but I didn't bring guys home very often. I wasn't ashamed that I still lived with my father, but it wasn't exactly sexy to have to tell someone to keep the noise down so my dad wouldn't hear us. Sometimes, that request made guys try and make me moan louder, which was a little irritating. Plus, Dad would inevitably call me "Rickie" in front of them, which I didn't like. That felt like a childish nickname to me and I now introduced myself as Brody, even though it wasn't catching on with my dad. 

    Dad's personal life was a bit of a mystery to me as well. Just as he didn't grill me about who was getting into my pants, I was happy to be spared the mental images that came from knowing the details of his conquests. It had been years since he'd had a boyfriend, but I also knew he was a fixture on Scruff during the weekends. After I turned 18 and was allowed to download hookup apps, Dad and I quickly realized that it was a little awkward seeing each other "0 feet away" all the time. So we'd decided: I get Grindr, and he gets Scruff. I'm sure he was getting plenty of ass on there, but I rarely met any of them.

    The last guy who'd spent the night was keen on talking to me over breakfast the following day. It was last year, when I was 19, and they'd been dating for about a month by that point. The guy, who was around my dad's age, kept asking me about what kind of men I was into and what my kinks were. Dad would change the subject, but by the end of the meal it was a little uncomfortable. That was the first and last time I met the man. A while later, when I asked Dad what happened to him, he just rolled his eyes and said "he got weird."



    I waited on Divisadero Street, not sure which direction Brody would be coming from. I had a vague notion of where he lived, "sort of in Fillmore" he'd said. Close enough to walk home from my apartment, though usually when he arrived at my place he was coming from school. He'd mentioned early on that he lived with his father, but didn't offer many more details. Since he was sort of mum on the subject, I decided not to push it. You never know what kind of relationship someone has with their parents, and it was better not to go probing unless they offered the information themself. I knew plenty of college kids who hated still having to live with their parents, and I had no problem with hosting Brody at my apartment every time we met.

    Besides, Brody and I had a lot to talk about that didn't involve our families. We'd recently established we had a similar taste in music, which led to him suggesting we go see a band that we both liked. They were playing at The Independent the following week on a night when Brody wasn't working, and the show was 18 & Over, which meant Brody could go. It seemed like kismet, so here I was, waiting for him outside the venue in the brisk October weather. 

    "Hey, Dylan!" Brody said from right behind me. He laughed when I jumped in surprise, and then apologized. He leaned in quickly to kiss me on the lips, which also took me by surprise. Kissing in public was new for us. I'd been thinking of this as a night out with a buddy, but suddenly it started to feel like a date. Which wasn't a bad thing at all. In fact, it made me feel a little lighter as we entered the dark and noisy music club, and I took Brody's hand in mine as we walked in.

    Patrons twenty-one and over got a hand stamp which needed to be shown at the bar to order alcohol. Luckily, there was very little oversight on who was drinking what out in the club, so it was very easy for me to order a coke for Brody and a rum and coke for myself and do a little mixing on the sly. The overhead music was loud, but low enough where we could still talk as long as we stood close to one another. That added to the more cozy feeling of the night, and as more people arrived, the crowd pushed Brody and me even closer together. Before the first band started, we stepped outside and vaped a little. I'd gotten a high-THC cartridge on the way here and we didn't need too much to be feeling nice and buzzed as the live music got started.

    The band we'd come to see was the second act, and it was a great show. Several times I caught myself unconsciously mouthing the lyrics along with the lead singer, and when I noticed I was doing it, I'd glance over and see Brody doing the same thing. He'd always look right back at me, and then smile big as he kept right on silently singing. He was having a really good time, and looking cute as fuck while doing it. I couldn't wait to get him back to my place and nail his tight ass.

    As if on cue, he turned away from me a bit and showed off his backside. The pants he had on clung to his cheeks in a way that was almost obscene. And he totally knew that, of course. I wondered if he had on a jock underneath. Or maybe tonight there was nothing at all?

    The band ended their set, and I was amused to note that even though the last song they played was one of my favorites, I'd stopped paying attention while staring at Brody's ass. The lights came up a little and some recorded music came on at a much lower volume than the live music had been.

    "One more drink?" Brody asked, doing his best to look charming. Even though I wanted to get into his pants as soon as possible, I reminded myself that he rarely got to go out and drink like this. So I went and got us another round. The bartenders were super busy and when I ordered two rum and cokes, no one asked to see the second person's handstamp, which made me glad I'd taken the chance. Brody would be turning twenty-one pretty soon, and I found myself looking forward to "properly" going out with him after that.

    The atmosphere at the club was still lots of fun. Between the rum and the vaping, we were both feeling pretty intoxicated, and there was a lot more touching and bumping up against one another, even though we were all the way at the back of the club and there wasn't a huge crowd around us.

    Suddenly, the lights went down and everyone started cheering. The headline act was coming out. It wasn't anyone either of us especially liked, but they were alright. I was feeling horny, but we were also having a great time here and there was no rush to leave. I was leaning against the back wall of the club and Brody was standing in front of me, facing me as we talked. When the band emerged from backstage, the crowd went wild and Brody turned around to watch. He stood on tiptoe to see a little better, and then he wobbled a bit and stumbled backward right into me. Instinctively, I caught him with my arms, and then I pulled him the rest of the way into me.

    It was as if Brody had been waiting for this this whole night. He started to press his ass right against my crotch, which felt very enjoyable. Even stronger than before, the evening seemed to have moved into date territory now, something I was perfectly happy with. I leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the back on Brody's neck. I was happy to see it gave him goosebumps, so I went and did it again.

    We stayed like that through the first song, and when the second one started with more of a pop-sounding rhythm, I felt Brody start subtly moving his body to the beat, rubbing his ass against my bulge. One thing I quickly noticed was that he was clenching and unclenching his glutes in time with the music. This had a rapid effect on my cock, and before long I was fully erect as we were grinding into one another. I'd decided to freeball tonight and so it was only two thin layers of fabric separating my cock from the smooth skin of his ass.

    It was dark in the back corner of the club where we were standing, and there wasn't anyone super close by. Two guys a few feet in front of us, both with drinks in their hand. Further away, a few more couples, some also getting cozy like we were. And everyone had their eyes on the stage. So I didn't think twice about moving my hands from Brody's midsection down to his asscheeks, and starting to knead them in time with the music and his flexing. Brody started to move his ass up and down and I felt it stroking the shaft of my hard cock through my pants.

    I leaned forward and put my chin on Brody's shoulder.

    "I'm gonna need to fuck this ass really soon, just so you know," I whispered into his ear.

    Brody responded with a smirk, and then backed his ass even further into my crotch.

    "Okay," he shouted back to me.

    "You ready?" I asked, thinking that he had agreed to leave now. I started to look around for the nearest exit.

    "Yeah," he said with an even more mischievous smirk on his face. Then, I felt some small motions, and I realized Brody was undoing his pants discreetly. Before long, I felt the back of his pants sliding down, the motion and the sudden feeling of Brody's bare ass causing my cock to throb.

    "What is he doing?!" I thought to myself in shock, even though I was already reinterpreting his "okay" from a few seconds before. He wasn't saying okay to leaving; he was saying okay to fucking right here!

    I felt his hands suddenly join mine and he briefly teamed up with me in caressing his bare ass cheeks. But then, I felt his fingers deftly undoing my button fly and that confirmed to me what he was after. 

    Since I didn't have any underwear on, my hard cock pretty much burst out of my pants once the fly was open enough, and Brody's hand immediately started stroking it. I was really turned on at this point – from working his ass, feeling his hand on my cock, and the fact that this was happening in the back corner of a music venue filled with hundreds of people!

    "Are we... Are we really gonna do this?" I spoke in Brody's ear (though I still had to talk loudly due to the music). I was definitely drunk and just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

    "Yes. Fuck me. Right here," was his confirmation. My cock had already pumped out a good amount of precum, mostly in the last thirty seconds. Brody's hand was making sure the slick fluid was covering everything, and I felt him squeezing out a bit more to rub on his hole. These were all small motions. Even someone standing fairly closely might not know what was happening. My arms were wrapped around Brody and we could easily be just another couple enjoying the mood and the music.

    "Ready?" he asked me.

    "Oh my god. Yes," I replied. "Yes!" This was well beyond anything I had done in a public place before; never in a location like this (it wasn't even a gay club!) and certainly never with this many people around.

    I felt Brody stand up as tall as he could, and I bent my knees slightly to adjust for our height difference. My arms stayed wrapped around his upper body, so he was moving everything into position, and going by touch alone. Touches which already felt amazing on my wet cock. I felt the head of my dick bump up against his hole, like it had so many times before. He backed up into me more and pushed my cock down slightly, and then I felt the familiar tightness around the tip. I was inside him! We both let out a breath, and once again I leaned my head forward and gently kissed the back of his neck.

    But neither of us were going to be content with just this little bit of penetration. This was going all the way. With some coordinated motion and a few pushes from me at the right moments, I was all the way inside him.

    "Holy shit..." I heard him say softly, barely audible with all the noise. He moved his hands away from the action in the back, their work complete. Next, he put his hands on my own, clasped across the front of his chest. He squeezed my hands with his just as he squeezed my cock with his ass. As I started to thrust back-and-forth inside him, I wondered if this had been his plan all along.

    "Is this why you suggested coming here tonight?" I said in his ear while fucking him, biting his earlobe playfully.

    "I mean, I do like the band. But I also have a thing for fucking in public. I've always wanted to try it out," he winked at me with his head tilted back.

    I continued to fuck Brody, happy to engage in his fetish. With every thrust, I cared less and less about the crowd all around us. This boy was so fucking hot! So young, barely past his teenage years, and he'd already had a threesome with me and now here we were doing this! 

    The beat of the music got faster, as did our fucking. I started nailing Brody more vigorously, eager to dump a load inside of him soon. Brody loved being a cumdump and begged for loads inside his ass every chance he got. We got lost in the moment, and as his torso leaned further forward I put my hands on his shoulders and started humping his ass like a dog in heat.

    Just like Brody, this was my first time fucking in public. I'd done some other risky things before, both by myself and with other guys, but never a full-on fuck. We were obviously getting too cocky, however. A moment later, we got caught! One of the two guys in front of us noticed what we were doing, and he nudged his buddy so they both turned to look at us.

    For a second, I started to freak out! I thought they might start looking around for security, or otherwise draw more attention to us. Luckily, a moment later they both smiled and gave us the thumbs-up. One of them stuck out his tongue while doing so. They both seemed to be in their early 30s, laid back guys who were obviously cool with stuff like this, regardless of whether they were gay or not themselves.

    "I love this city!" I thought to myself and started to fuck Brody even faster. I felt a renewed burst of confidence, and being noticed only made Brody hornier as well. I could hear him moaning over the sound of the music, and he backed his ass up into me to the beat of the song. 

    "Fucking cum inside me!" he turned around and shouted.

    "Grrrr," I grunted and started to nail him faster. The lead singer on stage was shouting, ready to belt out the long, final note of the song. The entire club cheered, and it felt like they were cheering for Brady and me. 

    "FUCK YEAH!" I started to dump my load inside Brody's ass just as the crowd burst into fits of applause and supportive shouts. The two guys in front of us must've noticed I was cumming, because they raised their cups at us. Although I couldn't hear them through all the cheering, I could read their lips and see that one of them was shouting "Well done!" while his buddy was saying "Good job, man!"

    Brody turned his head around while I was still dumping my last few shots inside him. This time instead of the back of his neck, I kissed his lips. The crowd was still cheering the band, and I slowly started to pull my dick out of Brody. He pulled his pants up and we both buttoned up. Throughout it all, we never broke apart our kiss, and I realized I couldn't wait to see what this kid had in store for me next.

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