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Cowritten with: Tom R


    Another Friday night, and another dinner out with Dylan. It had become a standing date, even though we weren't necessarily "dating," and I was really enjoying having something like this in my life. It had been two months since that first Friday night we'd hooked up and then gone out for a late meal. Since then, we'd always done dinner first, sex after; and it became something I looked forward to all week long. Dylan had recently said something similar, that seeing me was one of the highlights of his week, which made me feel good.

    We never seemed to run out of things to talk about, and I didn't worry that he was just humoring me for the hot sex and nice meals. He'd even offered to pay for dinner several times, but I typically insisted on footing the bill. We always went back to my apartment after that and spent hours fucking. We mostly did it in my bedroom, but since my son always worked late on Friday nights, we had the whole place to ourselves. So sometimes, we'd go for it on the sofa or he'd ride me while I sat in a chair in the living room. Last week, he'd asked me to fuck him on the kitchen counter, something I hadn't done with anyone in years. Dylan seemed to have many layers to him, and I was always finding out new and interesting things.

    "You played tennis all through high school?" I asked him as we finished up dinner at an upscale sushi place we both had been wanting to try. He had just mentioned winning championships his sophomore and junior years, and sports wasn't a topic we'd ever discussed before.

    "Yeah, pretty much," Dylan said. "I lost interest my senior year, which bummed my parents out a little. They'd been hoping I could get a scholarship, but I was a little burned out. I... stopped enjoying it after the competition became the main focus." It sounded like there was more to the story, but I didn't want to pry into anything he didn't want to discuss.

    "Do you ever still play, just for fun?" I asked instead.

    "Yeah, now and then," he replied with a smile. "It's probably been about a year though. Why, do you play?"

    "All the time," I said, feeling excited to discover something else we had in common. "At the Bay Club over on Drumm Street, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Just casual usually, but I've done a few tournaments there in the past."

    "Nice," Dylan said, looking pleased as well. "I bet it's nice to play over there, right by the water. I've thought about checking it out but... well, my budget for gym membership's not quite at that point yet." He laughed, but it was true that the Bay Club was pretty pricey. 

    "Well, how about we go over there tomorrow morning and see if we can play a match?" I suggested. "You can come in as a guest of mine." I paused for a moment, before adding in a flirtatious tone, "I hope I'm not being too presumptuous, thinking you'll be spending the night."

    He returned my sly smile. He'd stayed over the last two Friday nights, and it had been really nice waking up with someone as sexy as Dylan. He loved to cuddle too, which was a huge plus.

    "Not any more presumptuous than me tossing a toothbrush and clean socks in my bag before meeting you here," he said, sounding pleased. "I've got sneakers on now, but I don't have any shorts to wear. I guess I can run home and grab some."

    "Don't bother, I'm sure I've got something that will work," I said, dismissing his concern. "This'll be really fun. Seeing a former champion return to the court."

    Dylan rolled his eyes and laughed, and I felt a butterfly or two in my stomach. This kid was so charming and easy to talk to. Dating had been tough for me the last few years, since most of the guys my age seemed exclusively interested in younger men. I'd felt bitter about it at times, but now... I had to confess, maybe they were onto something. But Dylan was much more interesting than most of the vapid twinks I saw my friends toting around to parties. He had certainly been a nice break from the quick and mostly anonymous hookups that had become the norm for me lately.

    Now, with our plans to play tennis, we'd be branching out beyond just meals, sex, and good conversation. I couldn't help but wonder (not for the first time) what it might be like to have something more serious with Dylan, a guy not much older than my son Rickie.

    Dylan knew I had a son, of course. I mentioned Rickie now and then, though I tried not to be one of those parents who talks about their kid all the time, especially when with someone who didn't have children. To be fair, Dylan didn't ask about my family life at all. I didn't take any offense to that, because I could tell he genuinely enjoyed my company and our Fridays together. And I admit, it was nice not to get a bunch of questions about my parenting story as I got to know someone.

    Like a lot gay parents, I was often asked by new acquaintances (and even total strangers) how I'd come to be Rickie's father. Divorce? Surrogate? Public or private adoption? People felt entitled to know, and often seemed bothered if I didn't want to share every detail. Since my son looked clearly Latin and nothing like my English-and-Swedish self, people often assumed he was adopted. If it was someone who didn't matter to me, I usually let them keep thinking that. Whenever I'd say I worked with an egg donor and surrogate, that would bring on a whole new set of tedious questions.

    For now, I was happy to compartmentalize Dylan and Rickie in two separate parts of my brain. Truth be told, I was also a little nervous about how my son might react to me dating a guy just three years older than him. "More like two years," I corrected myself. "Rickie is going to be 21 shortly." Sure, I'd hooked up with much younger guys before, but since Rickie rarely met any of my one-night stands or fuck buddies, it was never an issue. Ultimately, I felt like Dylan and Rickie would both be pretty chill about it, like they were with most things. They might really get along, when the time came for them to meet. If the time came.

    After having dinner at the sushi place, Dylan and I were back at my apartment, and he was quickly stripped down and on all fours, right in the middle of the living room.

    "Fuck my ass, Daddy," he said, turning his head to look back at me. "I've been waiting all week for that cock."

    I pounded him for a good thirty minutes like that, only stopping when he wanted to flip over onto his back so we could kiss. When I came, I was balls-deep in his ass and he was moaning steadily. Just as we both caught our breath, I wrapped my arms around him and picked him up, my cock still buried inside him. He held onto me with his arms and legs as we fuck-walked to my bathroom and stepped into the shower. Once in there, we finally disengaged and set about washing one another's bodies, and I treated my boy to a nice blowjob as the warm water softly rained down on us both.

    Satisfied and exhausted, we fell into my bed together, naked and cuddled up. Neither of us were sleepy yet and we chatted about various things. Dylan mentioned that he loved sex in the shower and that we should do that more often. I was secretly pleased to hear him talk about the future in that open-ended way.

    "What's the wildest place you've ever had sex?" I asked him. He chuckled in response but didn't answer right away, and I wondered if he was mentally reviewing his entire history. "Recently, at least," I added.

    "Well," he said, smiling as he thought back on the memory, "not that long ago I went to a music show with a friend, and we fucked at the club."

    "That's hot," I responded. "Like, in the bathroom?"

    "Nope," Dylan said, getting a mischievous look on his face. "We were at the back of the club watching the show, he stood in front of me and pulled down the back of his pants and I fucked him right there."

    "Fuck! That's amazing," I said, genuinely impressed. "Did anyone see you?"

    Dylan shrugged, like it was no big deal, though I could tell it was something he was excited to be sharing with me.

    "A couple of dudes a few feet in front of us," he said. "They basically cheered us on. It was... it was really hot. Definitely the most public thing I've done in a long time."

    "So it was your friend who initiated it?" I asked, and Dylan nodded. "He sounds like fun. Does he have a nice ass?"

    "Oh, he has an incredible ass," Dylan responded. "I'll have to show you a picture sometime."

    But this was no time for phones in bed; it was naked cuddle time. Dylan snuggled up to my chest and I wrapped an arm around him. I was imagining Dylan's music hall adventure even after he fell asleep. The thought of him fucking another guy in public like that turned me on. Public sex had been a kink of mine for many years, and I was excited to know that Dylan was open to that kind of thing. The musings got me hard again, and I played with my cock for a while as I listened to the rhythm of Dylan's breathing. When I heard Rickie coming home from work, I realized how late it was and I finally cleared my head and drifted off to sleep.



    I usually wake up pretty early, and this morning was no exception. Thorne's bed was much more luxurious than mine though, and I didn't mind enjoying the quiet while we cuddled and he slept in a bit. "I could get used to this," I caught myself thinking. But I didn't want to get too caught up in ideas like that. At least not yet. Even though we were having a lovely time together – and there was clearly some emotional attachment on both ends – we'd never discussed being exclusive and I was happy to let things move at their own pace.

    Plus, Thorne had his own stuff going on and I didn't want to assume there was more room for me in his life. I'd never even met his son, who was always asleep in his own room when I'd wake up in Thorne's bed and then stealthily sneak out. Just like meeting a guy's parents, meeting his kid felt like a big deal; probably even bigger. It seemed best to save it for when things got serious.

    Besides, I was still hooking up with a couple of other guys, and I was in no particular rush to put an end to that either. When I first moved to my new apartment I got a TON of new sex offers, and accepted quite a few of them. Over the past couple of months, I'd weeded through the bunch, and now I was mostly down to my two favorites: Thorne and Brody. Luckily, Brody usually wanted to hook up mornings during the week, and Thorne was free on weekends, which was a perfect match in my fuck calendar.

    After a few minutes of lying awake in Thorne's bed, he started to stir awake as well. It led to a short makeout session, which threatened to become full-on morning sex, until he noticed the time and said that we'd better get going soon if we wanted to get any time on the tennis court. I reminded him that I still needed some shorts, and he got up and pulled a few things out of a drawer for me to try on.

    I knew before I stepped into any of them that they would be too big. Even the ones that had a drawstring waist looked too comical for me to wear out. I was about to suggest that we just stop by my apartment on the way, when Thorne got a new idea. 

    "Hold on a sec," he said, and he left the bedroom, still naked and with a semi. From inside his room, I could hear him knock softly and then open one of the other bedroom doors in the apartment.

    "Hey," I heard Thorne say, "my friend and I are going to play tennis and he needs some shorts. Can I grab those ones you never wear?"

    His son Rickie must have given an affirmative response in the form of a sleepy nod, because Thorne came back smiling and holding a pair of white tennis shorts.

    "I got these for Rickie last year when he said he was interested in playing," he said. "But that lasted all of two weeks. I think he only wore them a few times."

    He handed me the shorts and went about getting dressed himself, like it was no big deal to lend his son's clothes to the guy he was fucking. I also noticed his cock was still half-hard, and that put all sorts of ideas in my head. Did Rickie just see that? Or was he asleep in his bed? Was this kind of thing unusual for the father and son, or did they just dismiss it as a "morning glory" moment between guys? Was Rickie so used to it from growing up around it that he didn't even notice it anymore? I totally got off on thoughts like that, but I knew I couldn't share them with Thorne. Instead, I just took the shorts and tossed them into my backpack. Thorne grabbed us a couple protein bars from the kitchen and we headed down to the building garage where his car was parked.

    At the sports club, Thorne got me signed in as a guest, and we headed to the posh locker room to change. With great appreciation, I watched as Thorne got fully nude before putting on any of his tennis clothes. I wondered if he always changed that way or if it was for my benefit. An older guy walked by, fresh from the showers, and I saw him not-so-subtly check out Thorne's ass. I smiled at the older guy and he smiled back, not seeming to care that I caught him looking.

    Rickie's shorts fit me pretty well, though they were a little tight in the rear. I checked myself out in the mirror. It was nothing that would restrict my movement, but I was definitely glad I had some quality boxer briefs on, giving me clean lines and a little extra bounce. I was on a tennis date, after all. Gotta look my best.

    It was a busy Saturday and Thorne hadn't reserved a court, so in order to play we had to get on a list for doubles, and would be randomly paired with another twosome. Our number came up quickly, and we faced off against a straight couple who looked to be in their mid-thirties. The woman was laser-focused on the game and a really serious player, which hadn't been the vibe Thorne and I were hoping for. Luckily, her husband was a lot looser and was joking around a little, though his wife's impatient glances kept that in check. We did well, but they ended up winning the match, and we congratulated them as we gathered our things and relinquished the court to the next players.

    "You and your son are quite a team," the dark-haired man said, after a bit of small talk. "I guess the skill runs in the family?"

    Thorne and I were both speechless. I suppose we should have expected it to happen at some point, but despite our "daddy talk" during sex, it had never crossed my mind that people seeing us out and about might assume we were father and son. I immediately wished it had occurred to me sooner, because the notion rapidly got my cock hard, and I had to hold my racquet in front of my shorts. I was certainly aware of my big dad/son kink, and this unlikely situation was surprisingly pushing that button for me. It was being pushed quite firmly, in fact.

    "Uh... something like that," Thorne said after an awkward pause. I was surprised that he didn't correct the man, but I think he didn't want to prolong the conversation. We quickly said our goodbyes and headed to the lounge area for some water. Thorne laughed about the error, and I made a show of being amused by it all as well, but my erection lingered until we were back at the lockers and stripping down. I pulled off my sweaty shirt and then slid off the shorts, along with my underwear. Standing there naked and more than half-hard, I turned to Thorne and handed him the shorts.

    "Here," I said, "let me give you these now so I don't forget."

    "Eh, just keep them," Thorne replied. "He hasn't worn them in a year and he told me he's over tennis recently, so it's no big deal." I wanted to protest, but he'd said it so casually, it felt almost silly to worry about it. So I shoved his son's shorts into my backpack, and with my erection pointing forward, I started to walk to the wet area without a towel wrapped around my waist.

    "Are you trying to point the way?" Thorne whispered to me teasingly. I probably should have been a little more careful, but then again the locker room was almost empty, and I was sure Thorne would tell me to "put it away" if he thought this was too risky. He and I seemed to be on the same page, however, and we both enjoyed my moment of exhibitionism as I walked to the showers with Thorne's hand squeezing my ass.

    We showered in adjacent stalls and then Thorne suggested we relax in the sauna. It was empty when we entered, and he quickly flipped the light switch off which darkened the room considerably. I spread my towel on the bench and sat down, relaxing into the hot air and stretching some muscles. I sensed Thorne doing the same thing, and a moment later when I looked over at him, I saw that he was playing with his rock-hard cock. Guess I wasn't the only exhibitionist. 

    "Wanna come take a taste of this?" he asked seductively, wagging his boner toward me.

    "Fuck yes, Daddy," I replied, standing up to move in front of him. "As long as you think it's safe to do this in here."

    "It's no big deal," he said. "You can hear people coming toward the door so there's a few seconds of warning."

    As I got on my knees, I thought about how confidently and casually he'd said that. I could tell he'd been turned on last night hearing my story about fucking Brody at the concert, and I realized I might have another guy on my hands who was into doing stuff in risky places. It was a boundary I'd been wanting to push for a while now, and it seemed like I would have plenty of opportunity to do just that.

    I took Thorne's cock in my mouth and used our mutual sweat to help me pleasure his shaft and balls with my hand. He was moaning softly as I worked, and he surprised me a few minutes later by leaning forward and reaching down my back to play with my ass. The sheen of perspiration on my body was excellent lube, and pretty quickly he had two fingers moving in and out of me. I found myself getting excited to swallow his load right here in the sauna. I didn't want to rush through it but I knew that our time might be limited.

    Sure enough, a moment later we heard someone approaching the door. I reluctantly pulled myself off and stood up. We quickly covered up our erections with our towels, and I moved to sit down a few feet away from Thorne. The door opened and our male tennis opponent entered the sauna, holding a towel loosely around his waist.

    "Oh, hey guys," he said in a friendly tone. "Nothing like hitting the sauna after a game, right?"

    We offered him token greetings and agreed with his statement. While I didn't want to be rude, I hoped that he wouldn't try to make conversation with us. Thorne's fingers had felt amazing in my ass for a few seconds, so my hole already felt achingly empty and my cock was still a rod of steel under my towel. My brain was totally focused on getting off, but I closed my eyes and just tried to relax.

    A minute of silence passed and then I heard Thorne let out a deep sigh. I glanced over and his head was tipped all the way backward. He was relaxing into the heat, and also showing off his hairy, firm pecs and flat stomach. 

    Next, I glanced over at the tennis dude. He was looking right at me, and suddenly I knew. Sometimes you wonder and it takes a while to figure it out, and sometimes you never feel sure enough to make a move. But with him, I just knew. He was cruising! When Thorne started to pull his head back forward, the other guy looked away, but there was no question in my mind.

    I wondered what the options were. Thorne was no prude, but this was his regular gym, and so I hoped he would take the lead. I was also very aware that the guy thought we were father and son, which certainly added another layer to the situation. I decided it was my turn to close my eyes and lean my head back. And while my hardon was probably somewhat visible under my towel, it was easy to play off if needed. 

    After a moment, I heard Thorne clear his throat, and when I opened my eyes again, both men had their towels open and were slowly stroking their hardening cocks. Thorne was watching the other man with friendly interest. Tennis guy, on the other hand, looked like he was about to have a heart attack. His eyes were huge, almost to the point of being comical, and then somehow they got even bigger as I tossed my towel open and started playing with my now-leaking cock.

    "Holy shit!" the guy said softly, and continued to work his own hand up and down his shaft slowly. His dick was nice, nothing extraordinary but probably enough to keep his wife happy. Though based on what was happening, it seemed like she might not be enough to keep his dick happy.

    "You like my friend's cock?" Thorne asked the other man. I was a little disappointed to have the misunderstanding spoiled, since it turned me on, but I also understood that Thorne probably didn't want to get a reputation at his gym as someone who fucks his son in the sauna. Especially since he actually has a son! I briefly wondered how often Thorne messed around with guys at this place, and if he also brought Rickie here sometimes.

    "Yeah..." the tennis guy replied, trailing off and somehow looking surprised and relieved at the same time. He got over it quickly, realizing he still had a hot (and probably now less intimidating) opportunity in front of him. "Yeah, he's a hot boy. That's a great cock, and I noticed his ass out on the court too." He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. I stood up and turned around, letting him check me out as I continued to stroke.

    Now facing Thorne more fully, I made eye contact with him and his devious look brought a smile to my face. He was loving this!

    "Wanna hop on, son?" he said, emphasizing the last word in a sarcastic tone, clearly for the other man's amusement. The idea of getting fucked in a gym sauna might have given me pause any other time, but Thorne's fingers had already awakened the need for something in my ass, so I decided to go for it. I was going to sit down on Thorne's cock while facing him, which was a position we often fucked in at his apartment. But remembering we had an audience, I decided to face outward instead.

    Our companion's eyes got big again as I realized what we were doing, and he started stroking his cock even faster as he watched me slide down on Thorne's thick eight inches. The situation was turning me on like crazy, and feeling the pressure on my prostate almost put me over the edge right then, but I kept my hands off my cock and managed to hold back.

    When I settled into Thorne's lap, his cock fully inside me, I let out a soft moan and then began to slowly move up and down. I was closing my eyes for short periods of time, but when they were open I kept them locked with the tennis guy's eyes. He was furiously stroking by this point, and in a flash I knew what I wanted.

    I leaned backward into Thorne's muscular chest, and I felt his hands move from my waist to further up my torso. He held me more tightly to him and began moving his fingers along my chest and stomach in a very sensual way. My cock was jutting out into the hot air now as I leaned back, and I could feel the precum dripping down my shaft and mixing with the sweat that covered every inch of my skin.

    "Cum on me," I said to the man watching us. He didn't need to be told twice, and a second later he was looming over me, standing between our spread legs.

    I expected our tennis opponent to cum first, but to my surprise I heard Thorne groan loudly and felt his cock start to throb inside me. Since I was leaning back so much, he was only about halfway in, and I could feel the added wetness at the edge of my hole. His load was oozing out around his cock as he continued to push into me. I can only imagine how hot that looked to the other guy, and it seemed to do the trick for him too.

    "Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck..." he whispered softly as his body contorted a bit, and I felt warm spurts of cum landing on me. Most of it went onto my stomach but I felt at least one splatter onto my balls and another right on my shaft.

    The heat of the sauna, one load filling my ass and another spraying across my body — it was all overwhelming. All I could do was gasp as I felt myself start to shoot, without anyone laying a hand on my cock. My load must have just shot straight up in the air and then splattered back down onto me, but at that point my eyes were closed and I was letting Thorne bear most of my weight as I let loose. I had never had a hands-free cum before and the sensation was truly incredible.

    Time got fuzzy for a moment and I felt Thorne holding me tightly as he moved back up into a sitting position. That pushed his cock back up inside me all the way, which made me gasp again. I looked at the man in front of me, who was still in awe at what had just happened. He looked us up and down and I knew he probably saw quite a bit of cum, both his and mine, sliding down my wet body.

    He took a deep breath and then stepped over to grab his towel from the bench, wiping his face quickly before wrapping it around his waist. He headed toward the sauna door, turning back to us as he opened it.

    "Good game, guys," he said with a smile. "Let's play again sometime."

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